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Changelog for Patch 2.50 (added 28th May 2019) - Part I

* New Feature: Resupply ships are now available and carriers can also resupply their fighters.
* New Feature: Sector blacklist settings to prevent ships entering certain areas.
* New Feature: Inventory management with lockboxes in space and inventory storage at player HQ.
* New Feature: Tobii eye-tracking support (Windows only).
* Added information about missing licence for buying blueprints.
* Added basic set of blueprints to Hatikvah and Scaleplate faction representatives.
* Added wanted ware amounts to trade context menu.
* Added images and background information relating to star systems and planets in encyclopedia.
* Added logbook entries for NPC ships being built, restocked or repaired at player shipyards.
* Added note/hint while mouse direct steering mode is active.
* Added more variations for Build Station, Rescue Ship and Scan missions.
* Added new global orders section in player information menu.
* Added options for ware transfer and trade with build storage to docked menu.
* Added inventory information to player-owned ships.
* Added categories to object list and property owned in the map.
* Added options to sort the object list and property owned menus by name, size or hull.
* Added warning in trade menu if a ship cannot transport a ware.
* Added possibility to cancel builder ship assignments before ship deploys at station.
* Added current build progress information to the module type summary lines of station entries in the map.
* Added option to configure autosave interval (and prevented autosave immediately after a manual save).
* Added information about hacked research module to research menu.
* Added information about hacked production modules to info menu and Logical Station Overview.
* Added ability to configure Logical Station Overview graph data for each station individually.
* Added wreck filter option to map.
* Added interior sounds to rooms, shops and ship bridges.
* Added mining and resupply tutorials.
* Improved cockpit glass transparency.
* Improved fight-or-flight decision-making to only call for help if help is to be expected.
* Improved behaviour of ships docking at busy locations.
* Improved guidance for the find crate missions.
* Improved station mining subordinate behaviour when station resource requirements increase.
* Improved storage capacity of carriers to help them fulfil their supply function.
* Improved faction logic to attempt to rebuild shipyards after their destruction.
* Improved information menu presentation of cargo storage on ships.
* Improved collision avoidance in specific situations.
* Improved CollectLockbox order behaviour.
* Improved selection of multiple wares for behaviours and map filters.
* Improved out-of-sector firepower calculations.
* Improved resource preview in the ship build/upgrade menu.
* Improved satellite deployment tutorial.
* Improved performance of loading and saving.
* Improved interface for dropping player inventory.
* Improved map object list performance when looking at many player stations.
* Improved faction behaviour when dealing with ware shortages.
* Improved ship formation behaviour when flying in travel mode.
* Improved controller support for initial ship type selection in ship build menu.
* Improved ship docking and undocking movement in certain cases.
* Improved behaviour of free-flying police.
* Improved defence drone handling by capital ships in combat.
* Improved mission reward text for paint mods.
* Improved updating of wares to be traded or harvested by station-based trading ships and mining ships.
* Improved Logical Station Overview graph data selection.
* Improved AI station generation logic to make selection of large habitation modules more likely where appropriate.
* Updated external links to wiki and manual.
* Changed faction representative menu to still show owned blueprints.
* Removed Fly To objective from Build Station missions.
* Removed ability to load construction plans that contain more venture modules than the player has available.
* Removed ability to move an empty station plot after paying a cheap licence to a location with an expensive licence without repercussions.
* Fixed mouse-over text not being updated in certain cases when scrolling a table.
* Fixed resource display showing amounts up to 100x too high when removing station modules.
* Fixed moving of station plots potentially resulting in incorrectly placed build storage.
* Fixed faction representatives selling ship blueprints of other factions of the same race.
* Fixed ware exchange between capital ships getting stuck.
* Fixed shield generator obscuring space suit docking bay on Behemoth for existing ships (was * Fixed for new ships in 2.20).
* Fixed deployables launching from ship getting stuck when boarding operation against that ship succeeds.
* Fixed doors on docked ships sometimes not opening when the player is nearby.
* Fixed getting stuck in elevators that are going up.
* Fixed ships getting stuck during flight in certain circumstances.
* Fixed Kha'ak stations offering missions.
* Fixed Hatikvah and Scaleplate ships being unavailable from their shipyards.
* Fixed Xenon being unable to repair or build certain station modules.
* Fixed supply information in Logical Station Overview not updating.
* Fixed research menu not showing completed research if it finished while menu was not displayed.
* Fixed capital ships undocking from each other potentially failing without recovery.
* Fixed being able to Board abandoned ships.
* Fixed being able to Claim ships that are currently being boarded.
* Fixed lasertowers being allowed to receive orders that they cannot complete.
* Fixed station drone removal when target amount is zero.
* Fixed wrong interact menu options for lasertowers.
* Fixed inability to Comm carriers and resupply ships from map.
* Fixed interactions on docking bays of capital ships that are themselves docked.
* Fixed certain research activities being cancelled when loading a savegame.
* Fixed missing resources for station module loadouts sometimes not being listed in menus.
* Fixed build storage not correctly taking future module and loadout resources into account while a module is being recycled.
* Fixed incorrect requirement to own at least one ship blueprint of a certain ship size before this ship size can be upgraded at player-owned shipyards.
* Fixed ships not upgrading/repairing if piloted by player with unrelated orders on order queue.
* Fixed trade/equip orders being ignored if assuming direct control of a ship with such orders.
* Fixed sending ship to repair multiple components only repairing the first queued component.
* Fixed planned loadout changes on station modules marking all following modules as changed.
* Fixed repair menu showing completely wrecked surface elements on ships as having no damage.
* Fixed stations with workforce of multiple races not ordering all resources to feed them.
* Fixed trade context menu not working if no player ship is available.
* Fixed ship being teleported when disabling Flight Assist from the quick menu while near a station.
* Fixed traders that are subordinates of stations sometimes purchasing wares that are not required by their commander.
* Fixed newly constructed shipyards and defence stations not being named correctly.
* Fixed ammo/units not being added to Encyclopedia when included in loadout on player-owned ship.
* Fixed wrong text displayed for police faction in encyclopedia.
* Fixed station modules sometimes being constructed and recycled in a loop.
* Fixed stations potentially building turrets and shields on modules being recycled.
* Fixed station modules which were destroyed appearing as operational while recycling.
* Fixed Teladi Trading Station not being able to repair its modules.
* Fixed XS deployables launched from some capital ships getting spawned away from ship that launched them.
* Fixed some capital ships having too much S ship storage.
* Fixed some capital ships being unable to store docked M ships in internal storage.
* Fixed player being stuck in wrong position when getting up while external view is active.
* Fixed bullets not hitting when viewing a remote battle in external view.
* Fixed ships launched from launch tubes not immediately folding up their landing gear.
* Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck while docking.
* Fixed several cases of formation wingmen going through geometry.
* Fixed ware exchange failing in some cases when involving one ship docked at another.
* Fixed free traders preferring low-volume wares.
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Changelog for Patch 2.50 (added 28th May 2019) - Part II

* Fixed rare case of free traders choosing a now-disadvantageous trade over a trade that had improved over time.
* Fixed station module search not being localized.
* Fixed freeze when there is a police ship belonging to a faction that no longer controls any space.
* Fixed non-factory stations gifted to other factions not updating their name correctly.
* Fixed laser towers displaying a ship icon as their target element in the HUD.
* Fixed weapon aim indicators being displayed when a menu is open.
* Fixed interact menu not working in certain situations.
* Fixed issues with moving station plots during Build Station missions.
* Fixed Rescue Ship mission potentially creating unowned ships which don't get cleaned up.
* Fixed Rescue Ship mission reward calculation in the variant where the ship must be delivered.
* Fixed warping to a different sector when getting up during specific stage of HQ mission.
* Fixed missile range calculation for dumbfire missiles.
* Fixed very slow mission offer display if many offers are known.
* Fixed menu errors when opening information menu for ship under construction.
* Fixed huge player-owned stations not displaying all stored wares in information menu.
* Fixed encyclopedia links to ships not working correctly.
* Fixed NPC buy/sell orders not honouring minimum amounts.
* Fixed ships stuck waiting for upgrades.
* Fixed error messages when attempting to unlock EMP-induced data leaks on ships.
* Fixed dock speed limits being applied when travel mode is active.
* Fixed ships docking at moving objects appearing to strafe very quickly at certain times.
* Fixed police ships remaining in space where they no longer have police authority.
* Fixed some factions' police ships not being named as police.
* Fixed defence drones belonging to Teladi Trading Stations not docking after completing their tasks.
* Fixed stations potentially trying to trade with other stations when they no longer have any available cargo drones.
* Fixed ships built for invasions sometimes not performing their intended orders.
* Fixed subordinates not responding to attacks in some cases.
* Fixed ships attacking targets outside their engagement area when on their way to their engagement area.
* Fixed squadron subordinates getting distracted by hostile targets encountered while on their way to join their commander.
* Fixed subordinates of carriers waiting for the player's permission before undocking to attack if player is on board the carrier.
* Fixed station-based miners and traders not updating their range when they or their manager improve in skill.
* Fixed construction vessels not always being unassigned when a station is destroyed.
* Fixed NPC ships not firing their weapons when attacking under certain circumstances.
* Fixed turrets set to Fire on my current target only firing sporadically when current target is a station.
* Fixed turrets set to Attack my current target periodically stopping firing.
* Fixed player-flown ships with turrets set to mining mode only acquiring asteroids 3km away regardless of mining turret range.
* Fixed mass traffic sometimes using the wrong ships directly after loading a savegame.
* Fixed asteroids in certain regions sometimes ending up with negative mineral yields.
* Fixed incorrectly-scaled rendering of paint mods when redesigning certain ships.
* Fixed promotion of crew to pilots removing existing pilot from ship.
* Fixed object selection failing in the map when switching between tabs.
* Fixed cases where map continued panning/rotating even after having released all mouse buttons.
* Fixed station building menu asking to confirm loss of changes if nothing was changed.
* Fixed station building menu not updating when a module build finishes.
* Fixed returning venture ships sometimes being displayed in an incorrect location on the map.
* Fixed map object list not showing the correct player logo for player-owned sectors.
* Fixed supply settings for Drones and Missiles in Logical Station Overview.
* Fixed workforce information in Logical Station Overview being greyed-out
* Fixed player map icon being very large in certain situations.
* Fixed external view on surface elements.
* Fixed targeting while in spacesuit.
* Fixed loot-magnet sound stuck after auto-save.
* Fixed tooltip text getting stuck in the station build menu when using the controller mouse emulation.
* Fixed various NPC pathing issues on platforms.
* Fixed NPC rubber-banding when talked to while walking.
* Fixed detached habitation modules during AI station construction (existing station layouts are not affected).
* Fixed factions building more defence stations than they should.
* Fixed situation where ships could appear stuck in internal storage.
* Fixed missing localisation of several texts in menus.
* Fixed several localisation issues in mission texts.
* Fixed being able to fly into planets.
* Fixed NPCs walking in front of pilot in Demeter and Hermes.
* Fixed Pulsar's right weapon being visually disconnected from hull.
* Fixed Nodan lights not turning on.
* Fixed missing mode visualisation in Nodan cockpit.
* Fixed Xenon capital ship engines not having animated exhaust flames.
* Fixed duplicate display on panel in Kestrel cockpit.
* Fixed missing geometry on side of Discoverer Vanguard.
* Fixed missing external geometry when standing on Incarcatura bridge.
* Fixed Incarcatura bridge location.
* Fixed missing ID code panel on Odysseus.
* Fixed being able to walk through desks in engineering section.
* Fixed menu crash when opening the map legend in certain cases.
* Fixed menu crash when upgrading a damaged ship and then trying to select a different ship.
* Fixed Empire Menu breaking if menu attempts to display other menus.
* Fixed game freeze in certain situations.
* Fixed case of player falling through floor of flying ships.
* Fixed not being able to use the joystick POV for cockpit camera movement.
* Fixed some Teladi NPCs not moving their mouths when speaking.
* Fixed Split female eye blink animation.
* Fixed inability to remap some camera controls.
* Fixed incorrect carriage return in version number in start/options menu (Linux only).
* Fixed possible system memory leak when low on graphics memory.
* Fixed several causes of crashes.
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X4: Foundations

Changelog for Patch 2.50 Hotfix 1 (04 June 2019):

- Fixed aim ahead indicator no longer being displayed and some other minor targeting glitches (problem introduced in 2.50).

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Changelog for Patch 2.60 (17 October 2019) - Part I:

- Improved balancing and robustness of in-game economy (including prices, volume and production rates of Engine Parts, Hull Parts and Smart Chips).
- Improved Logical Station Overview (added storage allocation, buy/sell limits, module state, production module grouping).
- Improved station Info menu (added intermediate wares, filled storage capacities by type).
- Improved station-based traders (coordination between traders, selection of stations to trade at, use of cargo that is excess or needed by their station).
- Improved pirate behaviour by increasing variety of wares that pirates are interested in.
- Improved trader deal selection and cargo space utilisation logic.
- Improved automatic resupply by preventing player-owned ships from automatically getting deployables.
- Improved ships rearming at resupply ships by only ordering what the resupply ship can build.
- Improved upkeep mission priority for ship pilot and station manager vacancies from medium priority to high.
- Improved ship combat AI by reducing use of boost to avoid completely draining shields.
- Improved ship AI by allowing pilots to target, and be able to destroy, stations that are under construction.
- Improved aggressiveness of NPC ships in response to attack when on their way to combat.
- Improved range of high-tech wares stocked at most Trading Stations.
- Improved capital ships docking at stations and movement through gates.
- Improved shipyard build queue processing so newer ships are less likely to jump the queue.
- Improved shipyard build queue handling when all docks are full.
- Improved loadouts of small fighters by reducing chances of them using missiles, especially torpedo launchers.
- Improved mining yield by increasing cargo capacity of mining ships by 100%.
- Improved coordination between multiple mining ships assigned to the same station.
- Improved behaviour of laser towers attacking stations.
- Improved station AI by reassigning mining ships told to mine if they no longer need mineable wares when station configuration changes.
- Improved carrier combat if carrier has direct subordinates and is directly attacking a target.
- Improved ship movement in various situations (including moving through a gate, leaving a local highway in the middle, moving to distant objects).
- Improved travel mode handling while going through gates and into highways.
- Improved autopilot travel mode usage.
- Improved damage applied to shields and turrets in out-of-sector combat to better match in-sector observations.
- Improved info menu for station build storage to show amounts and display resources even if build storage currently doesn't have any.
- Improved map to allow trade wares without current valid trade offers to be shown on the map.
- Improved "ping" effect to be less obtrusive if multiple mission targets are present.
- Improved Russian font.
- Added Russian voice recordings.
- Added consumption and production numbers to storage nodes in Logical Station Overview.
- Added ability to assign ships to trade for resources for a station's build storage to assist in station construction.
- Added Anchor space for orders AutoTrade, Sector AutoMine, AdvancedAutoMine and Expert AutoMine to the order queue menu.
- Added possibility to sell resources and buy products and trade wares.
- Added new resource region to Cardinal's Redress to help with Holy Order resource shortage.
- Removed Tobii options if no Tobii device is detected.
- Fixed stations under construction not being killable when out of sector.
- Fixed Xenon asteroid stations not being killable in certain situations.
- Fixed target speed matching not working when in relative movement to the target or after having pressed Full Stop.
- Fixed destroying pirates that are showing their true colours sometimes resulting in a reputation penalty with the sector's police faction.
- Fixed pirates attacking ships even if they are not interested in them.
- Fixed pirates sometimes fleeing before attacking after just saying that they will attack.
- Fixed space suit not undocking correctly from moving ships.
- Fixed fleet auxiliary ships with behaviour to Supply Fleets in a space rather than as part of a fleet not enabling trade offers.
- Fixed fleet auxiliary ships not advertising trade offers when subordinate to a station.
- Fixed fleet auxiliary ships wanting to dock at themselves to get supplies and repairs.
- Fixed resupply orders sometimes resulting in incorrect ammo and units.
- Fixed resupply ships told to Get Supplies sometimes trying to purchase more than they can afford.
- Fixed ship state breaking if player takes over a ship that is in the process of getting repairs or supplies at a fleet auxiliary ship.
- Fixed Get Supplies order trying to purchase more wares than the ship has cargo space for.
- Fixed ships attempting to collect crates with countermeasures although they have no space for them.
- Fixed ships being unable to transfer deployables via ware exchange in certain situations.
- Fixed ships trying to get equipment at equipment docks they cannot dock at.
- Fixed pirate capital ships repeatedly trying to get equipment.
- Fixed ships sometimes fleeing after getting ammunition.
- Fixed player-owned ships that need ammo and/or drones in addition to repairs not going to get repairs if they couldn't find a resupply ship that can supply everything they need.
- Fixed player-owned ships getting repairs at resupply ships when automatic resupply is Off.
- Fixed ships that need ammunition to fight not considering fleet auxiliary ships assigned to supply ships in their sector.
- Fixed docked ships given an order to trade or exchange wares with the object they are docked at undocking and docking again.
- Fixed ships assigned to mine for stations ignoring blacklist if blacklisted sector is in the same cluster as their station.
- Fixed ships pursuing targets to beyond their operational range when not authorised to do so in certain situations.
- Fixed various cases of ships trying to do things with objects in other sectors.
- Fixed docking ships not being responsive to attacks when their order is not critical.
- Fixed ships waiting to dock at a resupply ship that is currently busy waiting indefinitely.
- Fixed ships getting stuck waiting for an undock clearance that may never come.
- Fixed capital ships getting stuck while docking.
- Fixed station-based traders sometimes buying at a loss.
- Fixed capital ships sometimes moving too close to their targets when attacking.
- Fixed capital ships attempting to park at docked fleet auxiliary ships.
- Fixed ships trying to fly through station geometry in certain situations.
- Fixed ships sometimes not finishing their movement.
- Fixed specified formation not being applied to fleet auxiliary ships.
- Fixed wings set to use formation Circle or Semicircle changing to Line Abreast or Line Astern.
- Fixed incorrect entry movement of ships in Accelerators and, in some cases, Jump Gates.
- Fixed carriers ordering subordinates to attack targets that were once hostile when they no longer are.
- Fixed wing leaders fighting over orphaned wingmen when taking control of them.
- Fixed police ships ignoring illegal wares dropped in lockboxes in response to an inspection.
- Fixed ships deciding to open a lockbox when explicitly told not to.
- Fixed non-smuggling traders trading wares in areas where those wares are illegal.
- Fixed smugglers only trading with non-hostile factions.
- Fixed missing restriction for trading with current player ship while docked.
- Fixed ships sometimes flying excessively large turns.
- Fixed pilots sometimes aborting travel mode without good reason.
- Fixed autopilot aborting while still tens of kilometres from the target.
- Fixed autopilot aborting when transitioning through a ring highway gate.
- Fixed ships entering jump gates and accelerators from the side.
- Fixed ships sometimes jumping by many kilometres when the player comes near.
- Fixed rare situation that could leave ships docked at wrecked platforms.
- Fixed station-based traders trying to sell more than they will have.
- Fixed station-based traders getting stuck addressing resource shortages that the player has explicitly set to not be purchased.
- Fixed station-based traders selling off existing cargo ignoring faction restriction set on their commander.
- Fixed traders subordinate to a station sometimes all becoming dormant when they get a new manager who was transferred from a different station.
- Fixed station-based drones not docking at station when Recall Subordinates is issued on the station.
- Fixed stations missing opportunities to trade with other stations for lack of cargo drones (improves previous fix).
- Fixed NPC-owned stations permanently selling off resources which were only meant to be sold temporarily.
- Fixed NPC-owned trading capital ships attempting to trade while not having transport drones.
- Fixed player being able to change assignments of drones thereby making the drones unrecoverable.
- Fixed multiple cases that led to defence drones being docked without being collected.
- Fixed Xenon installations not having enough defences.
- Fixed wharves and equipment docks not being rebuilt by factions.
- Fixed non-factory stations potentially being expanded with production modules.
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X4: Foundations

Changelog for Patch 2.60 (17 October 2019) - Part II:

- Fixed estimated build time for ships not taking state of shipyard into account.
- Fixed station module recycling not aborting if module was destroyed.
- Fixed wrecked station modules being recycled too early.
- Fixed low-attention mining of capital ships not accounting for ore collector drones.
- Fixed player- and visitor-owned ships ordered to Distribute Wares only selling to shipyards and wharves.
- Fixed blueprints for 8M Standard Dock Area not being obtainable.
- Fixed fired NPCs not leaving their post.
- Fixed XP gain calculations for combat incorrectly determining force strength of allies and enemies.
- Fixed falling through floor when returning from external view.
- Fixed problem with re-assigning crew at the ship trader.
- Fixed safe deposit box not working if the player has no or little money.
- Fixed ware exchange failing if it involves a ship having to dock at another ship.
- Fixed guild missions stalling if the mission station was destroyed at certain times.
- Fixed money exploit involving build station missions.
- Fixed venture platform exploit.
- Fixed player being blamed for attacks they were not involved in.
- Fixed some cases where dock guidance splines always went through station geometry.
- Fixed inactive orders not being greyed out on the map if they are the first order in the queue.
- Fixed order queue menu not showing the assignment for fleet auxiliary ships assigned to supply a fleet.
- Fixed Object List and Property Owned sections in the map not being collapsible if any child is selected.
- Fixed incorrect map centring when opening it while having a superhighway selected.
- Fixed start position of map when assigning a construction vessel.
- Fixed "Are you sure?" question in station build menu showing up when closing an empty plot.
- Fixed large number of orders breaking the behaviour tab in the map (corrects previous fix).
- Fixed DPS calculations shown in Encyclopedia and used for low-attention combat calculations.
- Fixed missing shield info for S and M ships in Encyclopedia.
- Fixed selection mismatch in menus with multi-selection when scrolling with keyboard or controller.
- Fixed station build menu being unusable due to constant refreshes in certain situations.
- Fixed station build menu not retaining the selected module category after returning from selecting a construction vessel or the encyclopedia.
- Fixed unusable blacklist drop-downs for some resolution and UI scale combinations.
- Fixed Remove Assignment button in order queue menu not functioning.
- Fixed UI issues if trade wares are turned into resources or products by adding new production module.
- Fixed mission context menu in the map sometimes being cut-off.
- Fixed being able to open an invisible menu with Object Info hotkey when HUD and menus are disabled.
- Fixed slider input in the station build menu being interrupted by the menu refreshing.
- Fixed menu crash when restoring a minimised menu.
- Fixed menu crash when interacting with the target monitor while it shows a collectable or a crate.
- Fixed menu crash in the plot placement section of the map under certain circumstances.
- Fixed Radar Display game option not always working correctly.
- Fixed Boost Toggle game option not working at all.
- Fixed suspense music triggering around enemy build storage for destroyed stations.
- Fixed broken voice playback when closing Timeline menu.
- Fixed game becoming unresponsive if a ship in a superhighway moves to another ship in a superhighway.
- Fixed game freezing if commander of a wing is sent on a venture.
- Fixed rare freeze in a certain type of mission.
- Fixed several performance issues in specific situations.
- Fixed several causes of memory leaks.
- Fixed several causes of crashes.
- Worked around known issue with NVIDIA Ansel to prevent troubleshooting page appearing when quitting the game.
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X4: Foundations

Changelog for Patch 2.60 (30 October 2019):

- Fixed construction drones on shipyards becoming permanently unavailable.
- Fixed build time estimates not correctly taking available units into account.
- Fixed medium mining ships sometimes moving back and forth without mining anything if the player is close by.
- Fixed medium mining ships sometimes not using their turrets to break down asteroids.
- Fixed some savegames failing to load (problem introduced in 2.60).
- Fixed specific startup issues on Linux (problem introduced in 2.60).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Changelog for Patch 2.60 Hotfix 2 (12 November 2019):

- Fixed some causes of rare crashes.
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X4: Foundations

Changelog for Patch 3.00 (31 March 2020) - Part I:

- New Feature: New storyline, introducing diplomatic missions "A Lever to Move the World".
- New Feature: New unlockable game start.
- New Feature: Standalone tutorial game starts including a flight school.
- New Feature: New systems, ships and weapons.
- New Feature: Improved graphics engine to support new visual effects.
- New Feature: Better sound effects.
- New Feature: Virtual seminars and quicker skill progression for crew training.
- New Feature: Configurable alert system.
- New Feature: Individual and group crew transfer.
- New Feature: Policing options for player-owned space.
- New Feature: Ability to dock using a spacesuit directly.
- New Feature: More control over drones and turrets.
- New Feature: Improvements to menus including Map, Encyclopedia, Logical Station Overview and Logbook.
- New Feature: Improved target display and mission guidance.
- New Feature: Oxygen display when player is in spacesuit.
- New Feature: Alternative steering methods including head tracking systems and X3 retro mode.
- New Feature: Search facility for Logbook.
- New Feature: French voice recordings.
- Added groups for organisation of squad subordinates.
- Added new assignments for fleet subordinates.
- Added Trade assignment for subordinates of fleet auxiliary ships.
- Added resource requirements for research.
- Added skill gains for crews opening lockboxes, exploring ships discovering stations and gates, and returning from ventures.
- Added Distress Drones sent from ships attacked in friendly territory but far away from any stations, to report attacks to the police.
- Added weapon mods that increase damage done to surface elements.
- Added new paint themes for player ships.
- Added race-based engine trail colours.
- Added new missions and more variations to existing missions.
- Added Destroy Station and Destroy Station Turret missions to War Subscriptions.
- Added mission offers to some NPCs on stations.
- Added notification if new mission is interrupting existing important mission.
- Added character images to some mission briefings.
- Added order parameter to forbid attacking ships from boosting.
- Added order to collect player-owned deployables.
- Added drone modes to specify when defence drones launch.
- Added Attack Capital Ships and Attack Fighters weapon modes.
- Added Start Guidance to Object option to interact menu of drops.
- Added shortcut to scan ships in scan mode.
- Added some speed control while speed matching is active.
- Added NPC skills and post/role to target monitor.
- Added information about pilot's current command to Behaviour menu.
- Added new Info tabs in map and updated layout.
- Added ship type to Info menu for ships.
- Added subordinate list to Info menu for ships and stations.
- Added surface element hull status to loadout Info tab.
- Added currently-active weapon groups to Info menu including option to change them.
- Added information about which factions produce ship to Info menu and Encyclopedia.
- Added known production module overview per sector to Encyclopedia.
- Added list of all known blueprints (and whether they are owned) to Encyclopedia.
- Added list of known illegal wares to the Encyclopedia entries of factions with police forces.
- Added new-entry marker to individual Encyclopedia and Timeline entries.
- Added information on which inventory items are obtainable via crafting to Encyclopedia.
- Added ship statistics for turret and engine group shields, and turret damage output.
- Added separate Encyclopedia category for paint mods.
- Added consumption and production numbers to storage nodes in Logical Station Overview.
- Added Accept Estimate options to Station Info menu and Logical Station Overview.
- Added Alert and News categories to Logbook.
- Added new mission bar pointing to changed mission objective.
- Added discount and commission information to Trade menu.
- Added weapon group shortcuts to Controls Option menu.
- Added display of craftable amount of equipment mods in the mod overview
- Added more information about crew availability when purchasing or upgrading ships.
- Added hint information showing reason when docking request is not possible.
- Added icon distinguishing ware filters from text searches in Map.
- Added station icons to Object List and Property Owned menus.
- Added icon next to supply-related trade offers.
- Added new icon for stations under construction.
- Added HUD icons to show what kind of missile is loaded in missile launcher.
- Added more suitable icons for service crew and marines.
- Added visible capital ship geometry on map when zoomed in sufficiently.
- Added Request Docking Permission option to the interact menu of docking bays.
- Added option to arm/disarm turrets in ship interaction menu.
- Added option to call stored ships to dock via its console.
- Added option to activate/deactivate multiple deployables at once.
- Added option to install weapon mods on turret groups.
- Added option to control the turret modes on stations.
- Added option to focus map on object currently viewed in Info or Behaviour menu.
- Added Remove All Assignments option when multiple ships are selected on map.
- Added Flee option to interact menu of player-owned ships.
- Added options to Flee or Attack to conversation when acknowledging ship coming under attack.
- Added Undo/Redo options to Ship Configuration menu.
- Added option to hide statistics section in Logical Station Overview.
- Added option to hide statistics in Ship Configuration menu.
- Added option to move order positions up and down on map.
- Added support for dragging positions of all orders which show position information on map.
- Added option to filter player-owned trade offers on map.
- Added option to show faction colours instead of relation colours on map.
- Added option to give orders to currently-occupied player-owned ship in external view when not controlling that ship.
- Added Interact menu option to collect individual deployables.
- Added option to disable highlighting of other visiting players in map and radar.
- Added option to map shortcuts to toggle turret arming and drone launching.
- Added option to set up default loadout levels for station modules per station.
- Added possibility to confirm second ship upgrade if first upgrade finished while Ship Config menu was open.
- Added possibility to restrict individual factions from buying ships at player-owned shipyards and wharves.
- Added option to rename ships in Ship Config menu when building/upgrading.
- Added option to rename player-owned stations.
- Added option to rename fleets (formerly known as wings).
- Added option to change player organisation name independently from player name.
- Added option to export Logbook as tab-separated text file (use "/exportlogbook example.txt" in chat window, exports to game sub-folder of documents folder).
- Added support for showing pages in Logbook thereby removing limit of 1000 entries that can be shown.
- Added tooltips for cut-off ware names in Inventory menu.
- Added options to invert emulated mouse cursor axes and mouse steering controls.
- Added cursor movement, selection and delete features to text edit boxes.
- Added 'station' keyword to map search.
- Added input icons in Controls menu and several other menus.
- Added 'forcehmd' command line parameter for head tracking systems.
- Added confirmation when entering space suit.
- Added confirmation when remapping controls for which there are conflicts.
- Added mouse-over text for ship order icons in Object List and Property Owned.
- Added option to opt out of some confirmation messages.
- Added medium quality option for Screen Space Reflections.
- Added chromatic aberration option.
- Added new sector-specific music.
- Added music to Player Headquarters reveal.
- Added sound effect when setting missions to active.
- Added sound device selection option.
- Changed Bomber ship type designation to Gunboat.
- Changed faction colours to make them easier to distinguish.
- Changed timeline Encyclopedia entries to remain known across different games.
- Changed relation threshold for invasions to start.
- Changed two standard player logos.
- Changed effect of UI scale slider to result in better UI scale behaviour at common resolutions, especially with wide resolutions.
- Changed glass properties to avoid excessive glare.
- Removed loadout options from ship configuration menu at resupply ships.
- Removed possibility to give new orders to ships without a pilot.
- Removed restrictions for reassigning crew (via comm) on a single ship in space.
- Removed 500m restriction for activating/deactivating deployables.
- Removed Squad category from Logbook (merged with Upkeep category).
- Removed countermeasure display in crosshair when player is in spacesuit.
- Removed option to deploy consumables in highways.
- Improved some gate positions and orientations.
- Improved faction mine placement.
- Improved behaviour of fleeing ships.
- Improved chances of morale gain.
- Improved low attention combat calculations.
- Improved trader deal selection and cargo space utilisation logic.
- Improved fighter behaviour by preventing them using boost in combat if they have less than 50% shields.
- Improved cargo drone handling of crates that get destroyed.
- Improved smuggler behaviour by adjusting wares traded in depending on what is illegal in their area of operation.
- Improved Explore order behaviour and parameters.
- Improved AI/autopilot collision avoidance when flying through asteroid fields.
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Changelog for Patch 3.00 (31 March 2020) - Part II:

- Improved fleet coordination when moving through gates.
- Improved handling of capital ships with no cargo drones trying to Get Supplies.
- Improved stability of drones undocking from capital ships.
- Improved encounters by increasing distance from sector centre that system considers deep-space.
- Improved character pathing on large dock areas to better take elevator distances into account.
- Improved behaviour of undocking ships waiting for the player to get off to proceed if told to do so.
- Improved ammunition usage of stations when player is not present.
- Improved transition from travel mode to docking by allowing ships to approach closer with travel mode active.
- Improved automatic storage allocation when multiple different storage types (container, solid, liquid) are available.
- Improved detection of gravidar contacts in remote sectors.
- Improved Protect Station order to include protection of station construction sites.
- Improved Attack capital ships turret mode to also fire on stations.
- Improved combat movement of capital ships with forward-mounted weapons.
- Improved fighters attacking S or M ships in low attention.
- Improved stations firing on targets in low attention.
- Improved behaviour of formations flying in travel mode.
- Improved weapon distribution among NPC ships.
- Improved distribution of drones for loadout presets.
- Improved missile variety in use by NPC ships.
- Improved engine characteristics of capital ships.
- Improved balancing of defence modules by increasing hull value.
- Improved balancing of weapons and ships.
- Improved pirate balancing by reducing number of Scale Plate pirates.
- Improved crystal collection balancing by limiting number of valuable crystals on asteroids.
- Improved decision-making on responding to distress calls.
- Improved skill gain for ships trading with their own stations.
- Improved weapon aiming stability when time is accelerated and/or frame-rate is low.
- Improved aiming accuracy of weapons and turrets.
- Improved several cases of shakiness when flying on autopilot.
- Improved in-game tutorials.
- Improved mission reward scaling with faction relation.
- Improved chance of mission rewards including mod parts or seminars at high faction relation levels.
- Improved trigger conditions for station budget transfer upkeep missions.
- Improved layout of full crew list in Crew Info menu with sorting and context menu.
- Improved information about licence requirements at blueprint trader and in Encyclopedia.
- Improved visual consistency of building and recycling station modules.
- Improved station construction display to only show lines to two closest compatible connections.
- Improved presentation of already-built modules in station Build menu by grouping by type.
- Improved shopping list in ship Build menu.
- Improved logbook to show entries for player-owned ships being attacked or destroyed in red.
- Improved log message for received surplus, stating location instead of trader name.
- Improved sorting of objects by name in Map.
- Improved categorisation of missions and mission offers in map.
- Improved order UI to better show and manage override orders (e.g. a response to a pirate attack or telling a ship to flee)
- Improved layout of Object List and Property Owned menus in Map to reduce text cut-off.
- Improved display of active and total drone amounts in Object Info menu.
- Improved visualisation of modes with charge time such as Travel Mode or SETA.
- Improved Logbook timestamps to show how much time has passed since logbook entry.
- Improved Save and Load menus.
- Improved target monitor display for construction sites and resource probes.
- Improved context menu header when using context menu while having other ships selected.
- Improved menu navigation with controller/keyboard in Player Information menu.
- Improved precision of weapon range values in Encyclopedia.
- Improved visibility of current order icon in Object List and Property Owned menus.
- Improved custom savegame naming behaviour.
- Improved subtitles by making them wider and preventing last lines from having only one word.
- Improved map visualisation indicating whether filter layers are active or not.
- Improved layout of various menus in ultra-wide resolutions.
- Improved performance in Accepted Missions menu with many missions.
- Improved support for gamepad text input overlay for Steam Big Picture mode.
- Improved visibility of game hints.
- Improved player appearance (in-game!).
- Improved brightness of lowlighted trade offer text to make it actually readable.
- Improved glow effect for ship and station lights.
- Improved suspense music behaviour to reduce interruptions to normal music.
- Improved sector-specific music behaviour to play more often.
- Improved performance in a number of situations.
- Improved Tobii support.
- Fixed some cases where autopilot aborted prematurely.
- Fixed AI ships and autopilot sometimes aborting travel mode for no reason at all.
- Fixed NPC-owned ships attached to fleets with resupply ship not preferring their designated resupply ship.
- Fixed laser towers not being able to aim correctly against player ship.
- Fixed ships failing to disengage when attacking target whose ownership changes due to being abandoned.
- Fixed fighters continuing to fire forward-mounted guns while firing forward-mounted missiles.
- Fixed docked ships firing their forward-mounted weapons.
- Fixed rare case resulting in ships docked at wrecked platforms.
- Fixed player-owned ships sometimes pursuing targets acquired while on long-distance movement to beyond their engagement area.
- Fixed boarding ships with turrets continuing to fire on boarding target below hull threshold in retaliation to being fired upon.
- Fixed long-term deadlock caused by capital ships restocking at fleet auxiliary ships that do not have enough resources.
- Fixed ships waiting a very long time for subordinates to dock when they have already done so.
- Fixed assigned ships not being able to be manually ordered to trade with build storage of new stations.
- Fixed non-player-owned ships never trying to shoot at missiles.
- Fixed undocking ships finding themselves far from the thing they were undocking from.
- Fixed ships ordered to stop by police stopping even if they had previously received a preceding order that took them to a different sector.
- Fixed ships docking at stations always moving towards station's icon before moving to dock with some station setups.
- Fixed ships' captains saying Awaiting Orders after attacking if their default order potentially leads to attack.
- Fixed ships with turrets not stopping firing if they change ownership and their targets are no longer hostile.
- Fixed ships no longer attacking after losing their commander while in formation.
- Fixed player-owned ships executing Explore order ignoring player-set policy in response to finding lockboxes.
- Fixed turrets sometimes shooting at targets that are not valid for their mode.
- Fixed another case of station-based drones not being recovered.
- Fixed ships in combat not consuming ammunition when player is not present.
- Fixed ships being able to be set to protect stations or ships that are hostile to them.
- Fixed pirates inadvertently causing limited wars between NPC factions.
- Fixed pirates trying to steal from other pirates belonging to the same faction.
- Fixed sector patrols only patrolling small area within sector.
- Fixed police ships responding to their own distress calls.
- Fixed escape pods attempting to look for stations in a highway.
- Fixed escape pod behaviour to be consistent whether player is present or not.
- Fixed pods used to claim abandoned ships sometimes not being cleaned up.
- Fixed mining ships mining in hostile territory.
- Fixed stations with automatic unit settings sometimes dismantling units and working with a reduced amount.
- Fixed ships sometimes ignoring certain highways for in-sector travel.
- Fixed displayed speed being too low in some highways.
- Fixed weapons not properly activating or deactivating when assigned to both primary and secondary groups.
- Fixed ships doing damage with forward-mounted weapons to targets not in front of them when in low attention.
- Fixed ships with turrets being able to shoot docked ships in low attention.
- Fixed disarmed turrets doing damage in low attention.
- Fixed Ion weapons doing damage to hull when player is not present.
- Fixed attacking capital ships getting distracted by attacking fighters.
- Fixed excessive delays when ordering a ship to deploy deployables at a location.
- Fixed boarding pods sometimes flying to random location before moving to their target.
- Fixed Match Speed remaining enabled when activating travel mode.
- Fixed weapons not properly activating or deactivating when assigned to both primary and secondary groups.
- Fixed ships failing to collect drones in crates.
- Fixed behaviour of transport drones collecting crates for capital ships.
- Fixed drones fleeing when attacked.
- Fixed orphaned defence drones getting orders to patrol sector.
- Fixed cargo drones failing to transfer inventory items in collected crates to their drone commander's captain.
- Fixed inactive satellites still uncovering space.
- Fixed lasertowers launched by fleeing ships not shooting at their attacker.
- Fixed dropped inventory/cargo crates that cannot be picked up by ship that dropped them due to missing collisions.
- Fixed docked ship that player just relinquished control of waiting for player to tell it to proceed even if ship's current order does not require it to undock.
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Changelog for Patch 3.00 (31 March 2020) - Part III:

- Fixed potential cause of friendly NPC factions attacking each other due to accidental friendly fire.
- Fixed player-owned ships claiming credit for finding lockboxes that the player had directed other player-owned ships to collect.
- Fixed stations sometimes reporting friendly ships attacking hostile ships.
- Fixed ships fleeing from pirate or police ships sometimes fleeing towards their attacker.
- Fixed visitor ships sometimes already having enemies when they only just arrived.
- Fixed some Argon and Antigone ships not having crews.
- Fixed EMP missile effects on travel mode and boost.
- Fixed being able to claim ships by using EMP and repairing signal leak.
- Fixed Ion weapons requiring only general use equipment licence.
- Fixed being able to unlock trade subscriptions at enemy stations.
- Fixed very long stations (usually those whose station icon is at one end) sometimes not firing upon targets.
- Fixed item traders on player-owned stations sometimes not appearing or always being Scale Plate Pact.
- Fixed pirates hacking station storage not reacting to cover being blown or station being destroyed.
- Fixed capital ships doing little or no damage in low attention under certain conditions.
- Fixed ships doing no damage to targets that have just started boosting in low attention.
- Fixed some ships not uncovering map.
- Fixed station modules sometimes not repairing to 100%.
- Fixed Trading Stations not being rebuilt.
- Fixed build processes taking longer than they should.
- Fixed stations not ordering components to build turrets if no other module changes are made.
- Fixed shipyards and equipment docks repairing all damaged components if only hull repairs are ordered.
- Fixed shipyards and equipment docks failing to repair wrecked surface elements.
- Fixed shipyards not processing queue if they are unable to build first queued ship.
- Fixed player-owned Builder ships not being selectable if missing funds.
- Fixed being able to hire enemy Builder ships.
- Fixed NPC subordinate ships not being built as often as they should.
- Fixed ships not restocking wanted units and ammo reliably.
- Fixed ships and stations with turrets sometimes not firing on targets they are attacking.
- Fixed cancellation of Dock order clearing associated Dock and Wait behaviour.
- Fixed being able to equip additional turrets of types that are unknown to shipyard/wharf/equipment dock.
- Fixed some mass traffic not appearing around stations of certain factions.
- Fixed missing criminal traffic in Destroy Criminal Traffic missions.
- Fixed workforce providing full efficiency bonus when workforce capacity was maxed out regardless of optimal workforce requirements.
- Fixed discrepancies in boarding strength and marine numbers when ships marines are launched from are destroyed or removed from an ongoing boarding operation.
- Fixed signal leaks appearing on Kha'ak/Xenon stations.
- Fixed best marines of a specified rank sometimes not being selected for boarding operations.
- Fixed ships in fleets whose fleet commander is fleet auxiliary ship or carrier not resupplying at their fleet commander.
- Fixed fleet subordinates sometimes failing to dock at their fleet commander.
- Fixed patrolling ships getting distracted by empty station plots.
- Fixed trading ships blocking docking bay they just undocked from while working out which trades to do next.
- Fixed ships docking at ships that change ownership to hostile not always aborting dock attempt.
- Fixed subordinates of ships with docking facilities sometimes not responding to external events for excessive periods after having docked.
- Fixed subordinates potentially waiting a long time if their commander moves into highway or through gate to different sector while in formation.
- Fixed fighter escorts flying in formation not doing damage to their commander's target in combat when player is not present.
- Fixed ships remaining subordinate to sold ships.
- Fixed crew of ship that is personally piloted by player not getting skill gains.
- Fixed mission to retrieve item from target ship not having an objective to return it.
- Fixed mismatch between upkeep mission to give station managers more money and corresponding notification in message ticker.
- Fixed budgets of player-owned stations changing when funds are transferred to or from station build storage.
- Fixed player-owned stations seeming to transfer 0 Credits to player account.
- Fixed player-owned shipyards and equipment docks that make no money from trades not sending surplus funds to player account.
- Fixed station budget being incorrectly set when taking money from stations using Account Management menu.
- Fixed funds on build storage and station accounts not being transferred back to player when objects are destroyed or removed.
- Fixed managers being mysteriously removed.
- Fixed cases where NPCs assigned to objects do not arrive and remain missing.
- Fixed fired NPCs not disembarking their previous ship if able.
- Fixed station rooms changing doors when revisiting.
- Fixed Xenon wharves not being able to rebuild their build modules.
- Fixed frozen build modules that are otherwise fully operational.
- Fixed player-owned build storage no longer functioning because of missing manager.
- Fixed Muon Charger doing full damage even if not fully charged.
- Fixed crew sometimes bailing with every bullet hit.
- Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck after undocking.
- Fixed pirates pretending to be ships on ventures.
- Fixed being able to hire pilots with unintentionally high skill ratings.
- Fixed being able to teleport to ships that are docked at ships that are themselves in internal storage.
- Fixed ships with very unskilled crews never deciding to flee.
- Fixed ship crews not gaining experience for opening lockboxes in low attention.
- Fixed ships with turrets continuing to fire on targets that they are trying to disable although targets are below hull threshold.
- Fixed ships recalling subordinates while in combat.
- Fixed boarding ships sometimes not launching boarding pods when they should.
- Fixed XS laser towers getting stuck on deployment.
- Fixed data vaults not visibly retaining their state when returned to later.
- Fixed unlocking signal leaks sometimes not having an effect.
- Fixed cases of large red walls appearing inside some corridors.
- Fixed some interior doors opening into empty space.
- Fixed doors sometimes staying open when they should close.
- Fixed teleporter cabin door not opening reliably.
- Fixed sometimes not being able to target an NPC by pointing at the body.
- Fixed inability to re-scan previously-scanned ships that have returned to a covered state.
- Fixed turrets from generated presets not being applied.
- Fixed repair laser causing shield recharge to reset.
- Fixed player facing wall after teleporting.
- Fixed managers and ship traders on player-owned stations sometimes being missing from rooms.
- Fixed pilots being visible outside of boarding pods and certain mass traffic ships.
- Fixed case of invisible NPCs on stations.
- Fixed floating or missing NPC icons in rooms.
- Fixed spontaneously jumping to a different sector while flying around.
- Fixed ships sometimes warping to extreme distances when accidentally entering gate.
- Fixed more cases of ships ending up very far from the centre of their sector.
- Fixed case where player ship could suddenly change rotation when opening map.
- Fixed equipment mods gaining extra properties when saving and reloading.
- Fixed laser towers and mines deployed by player as part of mission not changing ownership.
- Fixed upkeep missions to assign crew not completing until crew take control.
- Fixed possible duplicate rewards for board ship mission.
- Fixed game starts not being unlocked when they should.
- Fixed excessive sector zoom on map.
- Fixed ability to sell mandatory software upgrades.
- Fixed shield and hull values in Selected Objects section of map being calculated incorrectly.
- Fixed station icons or mission guidance sometimes ending up outside the sector hex on map.
- Fixed selecting similar objects with double-clicks on the map.
- Fixed radius display of some orders and mission objectives on map being scaled incorrectly.
- Fixed newly-added resource regions not being reflected by hex colour on map.
- Fixed Promote best crewmember to Pilot button crewmember in a state where they can't be reassigned.
- Fixed default order not being shown on map if there are no other orders.
- Fixed undamaged hull values on ships with hull mods sometimes showing as 99%.
- Fixed wrecked stations being listed in Object List and Property Owned.
- Fixed Info menu failing to load if viewing a ship that has more cargo stored than it has storage space for.
- Fixed wrong blueprint error in Ship Build menu after returning from Encyclopedia.
- Fixed station plan menu sometimes not showing resources for surface elements.
- Fixed inconsistent Interact menu when selecting objects which you cannot give orders to on map.
- Fixed positioning of blinking question mark icons on map.
- Fixed incorrect text sizes on map when using aspect ratios other than 16:9.
- Fixed missile turrets listed in Turret category of the encyclopedia.
- Fixed broken Ship Interactions menu in rare circumstances.
- Fixed docking UI staying on screen if docking is no longer possible due to relation loss.
- Fixed all ships in Encyclopedia showing minimum ship capacity of 10.
- Fixed certain orders such as Hold Position not being shown as map icons.
- Fixed missing drop-down elements in Ship Interactions menu.
- Fixed warnings not updating for different offers in full-screen Trade menu.
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Changelog for Patch 3.00 (31 March 2020) - Part IV:

- Fixed Info menu in map for ships under construction.
- Fixed signal leak hints sometimes missing and the first hint only being displayed for 2 seconds.
- Fixed broken Ship Interactions menu in rare circumstances.
- Fixed Ship Interactions menu not working in certain circumstances.
- Fixed floating capital ship bridges in Ship Configuration menu.
- Fixed wrong missile capacity calculation when upgrading ships with destroyed missile turrets.
- Fixed station module custom loadout presets not being able to be applied twice in a row.
- Fixed Ship Configuration menu sometimes showing upgrades in wrong slots.
- Fixed Ship Configuration menu not working any more after opening another menu via shortcut while its save loadout dialog was open.
- Fixed missing menu elements in Ship Configuration menu in certain resolutions.
- Fixed Show Ship Details comm option not showing Info menu when conversation was started from map.
- Fixed double-clicking object in internal storage not correctly panning map to it.
- Fixed missing Interact menu when new mode text is very short (e.g. in non-alphabetic languages).
- Fixed incorrect options on Interact menu for player-owned ships without a pilot.
- Fixed empty Ship Request menu in certain situations e.g. all external docks occupied.
- Fixed ships showing empty holes instead of docking bays in Ship Configuration menu.
- Fixed internally-stored subordinates sometimes not being listed in Object List.
- Fixed Ship Interactions menu not working in ultra-wide resolutions.
- Fixed Mission Briefing layout in ultra-wide resolutions.
- Fixed Location and Object not being displayed in the Order Queue menu for one partner of a ware exchange.
- Fixed Manage Funds option not opening correct information tab.
- Fixed Manage Plot menu not working after opening map with superhighway as current target.
- Fixed message about missing Builder ship from Station Build menu if no Builder ship actually needed.
- Fixed missing error message while trading if both trade partners are missing cargo drones.
- Fixed missing station module info in Station Build menu.
- Fixed missing option to confirm trades if using Ctrl-RMB to initiate a trade.
- Fixed wrong tool tip for buy offer amounts in Logical Station Overview.
- Fixed incorrect number of owned ships in Statistics menu.
- Fixed missing text when hiring builder with insufficient funds.
- Fixed incorrect buy/sell amounts for products and resources that used to be trade wares.
- Fixed incorrect results and menu crashes when using sliders for crew tiers when upgrading ships.
- Fixed changing assignments in order queue menu not changing behaviour.
- Fixed trade context menu missing elements in certain situations.
- Fixed new-entry marker on certain items in Encyclopedia not being removed when entry is read.
- Fixed weapons in weapon panel being displayed as active in both weapon sets, while weapon is only active in either primary or secondary set.
- Fixed build progress display for station modules that are being rebuilt.
- Fixed missing objective progress visualisation in mission briefing context menu.
-- Fixed conversation with manager working for player not displaying correct options.
- Fixed missing shield info for S and M ships in Encyclopedia.
- Fixed Encyclopedia entries for star systems not showing description texts.
- Fixed wrong inventory wares being marked as read.
- Fixed appearance of pending upgrade warning.
- Fixed turret mode dropdown options not being in intended order.
- Fixed order of ships in the undock menu.
- Fixed jumping column selection in order queue.
- Fixed player name reverting to default if aborting renaming process.
- Fixed cases of NPC occupation name not matching crew gender (e.g. Crewman vs Crewwoman).
- Fixed formatting error in construction-related Logbook messages.
- Fixed Numpad key bindings not working for first-person movement on platforms.
- Fixed mouse cursor remaining visible after saving game in first-person mode.
- Fixed rare cases of target elements not being displayed while they should and vice-versa.
- Fixed several cases of missing mission target element.
- Fixed mission guidance for inactive missions being shown in white on map.
- Fixed various issues with mission guidance.
- Fixed mission guidance to docked capital ship.
- Fixed several cases of docking guidance going through station geometry.
- Fixed docking guidance not being visible when loading a savegame.
- Fixed some cases of ships or docking guidance going through geometry.
- Fixed guidance to ships inside local highways while the player is on capital ship.
- Fixed non-working subtitles during intro scenes when starting a new game through Start menu.
- Fixed missing target arrow if object is directly behind player.
- Fixed target monitor occasionally getting stuck.
- Fixed physics not working correctly in certain rooms until player enters.
- Fixed very rare situation where ships could rapidly flicker between two positions.
- Fixed Boost Toggle game option not working at all.
- Fixed Pause key not working during text input.
- Fixed issues when looking straight up or down in first person.
- Fixed external target view sometimes incorrectly returning to cockpit.
- Fixed savegame names not auto-generating correct location name after overwriting a save once (existing savegames will not be fixed automatically).
- Fixed cases where text could be stuck on screen in first person mode.
- Fixed cases where crosshair was missing in first person person mode.
- Fixed broken docking UI when flying a capital ship that has dock connection on side.
- Fixed cases where the interaction text shown in crosshair did not match available actions.
- Fixed short freeze when opening the station build menu in some cases.
- Fixed missing Initialising message when using quick-load.
- Fixed several cases of menu selection jumping when switching between controller/joystick and mouse.
- Fixed map search strings not being removed in certain resolutions and UI scale settings.
- Fixed menu crash when accessing some context menus in ultra-wide resolutions.
- Fixed menu crash in Logical Station Overview when building production for wares that used to be trade wares.
- Fixed menu crash in Ship Configuration menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed menu crash in the Ship Behaviour menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed camera problems when talking to an NPC while the framerate is very low.
- Fixed UI shaking when in first person.
- Fixed weapon aim indicators not being visible when cockpit rendering is turned off.
- Fixed weapon aim indicators sometimes being much too large.
- Fixed Behemoth not being able to equip L-sized missile turrets.
- Fixed shield position on Behemoth.
- Fixed launch tubes of Nomad resupply ship.
- Fixed missing windshield collision on Buzzard.
- Fixed alignment of docks on Atlas in ship upgrade menu.
- Fixed missing texture on Argon Trading Station wreck.
- Fixed engines on Condor and Stork not being protected by shield generators (new ships only, fix for existing ships will be added in an upcoming build).
- Fixed incorrect turret position on Magnetar.
- Fixed missing faction logo and missing lights in transporter room on Nodan.
- Fixed mirrored ID text on Plutus.
- Fixed landing gear not being visible on Nodan and Quasar.
- Fixed spotlights on Quasar not turning off after landing.
- Fixed Nodan not reliably being able to pick up creates or be hit by enemies.
- Fixed Atlas dock being in a wrong position in ship buy/upgrade menu.
- Fixed flickering monitors in Nemesis cockpit.
- Fixed asymmetric turret layout on Odysseus.
- Fixed L-sized turrets firing bullets belonging to destroyer primary weapons.
- Fixed some S-sized fighters not having any weapons.
- Fixed war rooms or guild offices sometimes using incorrect corridor for race.
- Fixed visible spacesuit wreckage.
- Fixed broken voice playback when closing Timeline menu.
- Fixed characters greeting the player repeatedly during a conversation.
- Fixed sounds of M Bolt Repeaters lasting too long.
- Fixed sounds of some weapons starting too early if fired after overheating.
- Fixed sound problems with beam weapons.
- Fixed AI ships often being too loud.
- Fixed some sounds not being audible.
- Fixed intermittent short sounds in space.
- Fixed silent failure when saving very large savegames.
- Fixed causes of several performance issues in specific circumstances.
- Fixed regular pauses under certain Linux configurations.
- Fixed very rare freeze condition.
- Fixed several causes of minor memory leaks.
- Fixed several causes of crashes.

Standalone installers updated (2.60 Hotfix 2 ⇒ 3.00): 31 March 2020.
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X4:Foundations 3.00 HF1 and the Split Vendetta DLC (same version) 2nd of April 2020

Added tooltips for cut-off research resource text.
Improved subordinate group auto-expanding in Object List and Property Owned menus.
Fixed turreted ships continuing to fire upon targets that have docked.
Fixed Split S shield generators being destructible.
Fixed Split factions not selling blueprints for L and XL construction modules.
Fixed missing default paint themes in Split game starts.
Fixed not being able to assign crew to start ship in Fires of Defeat gamestart.
Fixed Achieve Coverage mission being excessively difficult to complete.
Fixed Split gate discovery event ship (Argon Expedition or Escaped Slave Ship) not moving.
Fixed some mission objective texts not being localised.
Fixed mission briefing text for ship mod research mission.
Fixed platform guidance lines going haywire when in certain interiors, e.g. on Teladi trade stations.
Fixed stuck tooltips in certain situations.
Fixed several missing or incorrect English language voice recordings.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline too for both Windows and Linux.
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X4:Foundations 3.10 and the Split Vendetta DLC (same version) 8th of April 2020

Added mission to expand HQ if selected research requires excessive resources.
Removed Dal Busta dialog option after Split story is completed.
Changed New Game menu to show tutorials at top.
Improved balance and pricing of recruitable personnel on station docks.
Improved performance for games where player owns very large number of ships and stations.
Improved colour differentiation between racial Construction Vessel ships.
Improved storage capacity of Split mining ships.
Improved mastering of legacy music tracks.
Fixed certain hazardous regions giving massive numbers of crystal drops.
Fixed wrong faction sometimes being blamed when ships or stations are destroyed.
Fixed mining drones not launching to collect broken-down asteroids they had earlier marked for collection but didn't collect due to cancellation.
Fixed cases of defence drones docking before all are launched sometimes preventing any further defence drones from being launched.
Fixed male Split characters sometimes having female voices with Split Vendetta installed.
Fixed HQ laboratory being removed when reconfiguring station.
Fixed AI ships attacking indestructible objects indefinitely.
Fixed player account balance potentially going below zero.
Fixed being completely unable to manually dock Drill without docking software.
Fixed hatch on Gorgon closing too soon when leaving in spacesuit.
Fixed high loadout presets not favouring Docking Computer Mk2 if compatible.
Fixed Elephant sometimes being equipped with Spacesuit Scanner.
Fixed Raptor not being able to mount large missile turrets.
Fixed build times for station modules taking much longer than they should.
Fixed spacesuit oxygen replenishing after saving and loading.
Fixed certain drops being repelled by container magnet.
Fixed lasertowers deployed by player in Hatikvah mission not changing owner
Fixed wrong player-owned ship sometimes being destroyed during HQ story.
Fixed invulnerable ship during Split plot.
Fixed Dal Busta not offering Split story at HQ after player rejects story offer until save and reload.
Fixed Dal Busta not offering Paranid/Split storyline when starting from Accomplished Scientist gamestart.
Fixed Dal Busta calling to talk about multiple plot opportunities at same time.
Fixed signal leaks not being generated in Accomplished Scientist gamestart
Fixed Paranid plot mission Prophetic Mission stalling because of missing dock.
Fixed Paranid plot getting stuck at Remain Vigilant objective.
Fixed excessive delay between HQ plot related signal leaks if one was previously missed.
Fixed missing equipment for multiple factions when starting Paranid plot with older saves.
Fixed Paranid plot battle taking place in wrong sector under rare circumstances.
Fixed excessive ware amounts required for final stage of Paranid plot.
Fixed Fires of Defeat gamestart long-term mission getting stuck because of captured ships.
Fixed Hatikvah story getting stuck in rare situations during bomb-placing mission.
Fixed various missions being offered by incorrect faction.
Fixed player ship not coming to stop during certain cutscenes.
Fixed missions offered by NPCs on dock areas incorrectly appearing in Mission Offers menu.
Fixed mismatched ships and loadouts when editing shopping list entries in Ship Configuration menu.
Fixed missile turret capacities not being included in loadout information.
Fixed lasertower engines and weapons being shown in Encyclopedia.
Fixed missing images for some objects in Encyclopedia.
Fixed missing option to delete incompatible saves in Load Game.
Fixed missing Dock Interactions menu in certain situations.
Fixed missing mouse picking on map after closing Mission Briefing in certain situations.
Fixed missing tabs in Property Owned menu in certain situations.
Fixed rectangular target elements being displayed in first person in certain situations.
Fixed further cases of NPCs not being targetable on platforms.
Fixed menu crash in Info menu in certain situations.
Fixed long but rare freeze on Map.
Fixed several cases of Split storage modules appearing offset in station build menu.
Fixed lower front windscreen not being transparent when looking from outside on Kestrel.
Fixed turret group assignment and position of some turrets on Rattlesnake, Monitor and Odysseus.
Fixed paint mods on Raptor not being aligned correctly.
Fixed Split flak turrets not using correct barrel geometry.
Fixed weapon positions on Mamba.
Fixed player logo not being properly visible on Monitor.
Fixed some missing voice recordings in German, French and Russian localisations.
Fixed engine sound problems under specific circumstances.
Fixed suspense music playing while on station.
Fixed graphical artefacts for AMD Navi GPUs (5600/5700).
Fixed rare problem with platform guidance causing performance to drop.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline installers are available now for both Windows and Linux.
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X4:Foundations 3.10 HF1 and the Split Vendetta DLC (same version) 16th of April 2020

Fixed savegames stuck during bomb section of Hatikvah plot.
Fixed Dal Busta not being in correct story location in certain savegames based on Accomplished Scientist gamestart.
Fixed missing NPC in Premium Nividium mission.
Fixed Split Plot not progressing during Suspicious Split transport mission when destination is destroyed.
Fixed excessive wares required for final stage of Split plot.
Fixed By Invitation Only mission getting stuck in certain cases.
Fixed Paranid plot missions Supreme Interior Design and A Fearsome Flagship getting stuck under certain circumstances.
Fixed Hall of Justice station not repairing damaged modules.
Fixed station wrecks starting to rotate when fully destroyed.
Fixed ships warping thousands of kilometres after going through a gate.
Fixed fog of war not being uncovered reliably.
Fixed Explore order not working correctly.
Fixed non-working interactions in first person.
Fixed stuck map panning in certain situations.
Fixed third party mods combined with Split Vendetta resulting in ever-growing savegames with increasing numbers of stations.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline installers are available for both Windows and Linux.
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X4: Foundations

Changelog for Patch 3.20 (05 June 2020) - Part I:

- New Feature: Trade Rules enable improved control over station trade offers, station supply offers and sale of ships.
- Added links to "What is X4: Foundations?" video series to External Resources menu.
- Added option to import and export individual construction plans to share with community.
- Added information about original gamestart to Load and Save menus.
- Added missile storage capacity information to missile turrets in Encyclopedia.
- Added additional Object Information tab to Map menu.
- Added Mark All as Read option to Encyclopedia.
- Added icons to order options in Interact Menu.
- Added button in info tabs to focus objects in map.
- Added behaviour icons to Map legend.
- Added ship type icons to ship selection in Ship Configuration menu.
- Added faction abbreviations to Factions and Relations menu.
- Added option to select Trade Wares directly in Logical Station Overview
- Added Start Guidance option to Interact menu of data vaults.
- Added Fly To option to Interact menu of deployables and drops.
- Added details about mission duration and involved ships to Venture Results menu.
- Added match speed indicator to crosshair (default hotkey Shift+X).
- Added mouse over info in Object Info menus showing full commander name if name is truncated.
- Added error message when attempting to trade with stations that do not have docking facilities for current ship.
- Removed use of cargo drones for direct trade between nearby stations.
- Removed ability to install unsuitable equipment mods for certain types of shields, weapons, turrets and ships.
- Removed Explore order from list of available behaviours (Explore still available as general order).
- Removed irrelevant information for unmanned vessels from Object Info menus.
- Removed Opposing Faction line in mission briefings if it is empty.
- Removed duplicate inventory and station account management from Empire Overview.
- Removed ships and stations lists from Empire Overview.
- Removed hull and shield bars from wreck icons on map.
- Changed Explore order to end when all map hexes in its search radius have been discovered.
- Changed location of mission offer map filter to Think section.
- Improved names of Xenon weapons.
- Improved target selection for pirates.
- Improved turret accuracy against large targets.
- Improved weapon and turret accuracy against fast targets.
- Improved chance of AI pilots opening lockboxes when player not nearby.
- Improved efficiency of subordinate traders looking for trades.
- Improved behaviour of combat ships attempting to disable capital ship.
- Improved trade assignment speed if many subordinates try to trade same ware for their commander.
- Improved guidance during Paranid plot maze section.
- Improved "Work somewhere else for me" conversation to open map at employee's location instead of player's.
- Improved turret behaviour settings in station Loadout menus when all turrets are under construction.
- Improved visibility of target speed indicator in speed-bar against bright background elements.
- Improved order and designation for equipment slots in Ship and Station Build menus
- Improved presentation of player-owned ships on ventures in Property Owned menu.
- Improved balancing of Patrol missions by increasing enemy presence.
- Improved map performance in certain situations.
- Fixed Split wharves missing Pier.
- Fixed Fallen Families faction not building new ships.
- Fixed Duke's Haven sometimes not selling any, or only random, equipment/ships.
- Fixed Free Families granting police licences; players who have already purchased this licence will be reimbursed.
- Fixed stations built for NPC factions sometimes still using player account.
- Fixed stations not posting public buy offers for supply resources.
- Fixed stations operating as pure trade stations only using fraction of their funds for buying wares.
- Fixed stations sometimes creating trade offers with zero amounts for wares that are required for production.
- Fixed another case of Teladi Trade Stations not rebuilding modules.
- Fixed NPC stations disabling some of their production modules indefinitely under rare circumstances.
- Fixed crews of mining ships not gaining experience when player not nearby during mining operations.
- Fixed ships refusing explicitly given orders to trade with a station that is blacklisted.
- Fixed Recall Subordinates command not disarming drones.
- Fixed pirate ships not attacking NPC-owned ships that refuse to drop their cargo or comply with inspection protocols.
- Fixed ships assigned to Trade for Build Storage using station manager account instead of construction account.
- Fixed construction plan Shuffle option using connection modules that are not available.
- Fixed accidental friendly fire from turrets on player ship being treated as intentional.
- Fixed distress drones being launched prematurely.
- Fixed ships not doing damage when player not nearby if they were originally built with neither weapons nor turrets.
- Fixed player-owned capital ships not doing damage to non-hostile targets designated explicitly by player.
- Fixed ships sometimes repeatedly getting supplies at fleet auxiliary ships.
- Fixed NPC-owned ships paying for ammunition, deployables and drones that they already have when resupplying at player-owned equipment docks.
- Fixed some cases of ships not flying correctly around capital ships, specially when docking.
- Fixed ships not able to catch and dock on moving Raptor.
- Fixed station-based traders buying resources that their station isn't currently buying.
- Fixed Update Trade Offers command not visiting all known stations when multiple such orders are queued.
- Fixed Update Trade Offers ending immediately when new order is queued.
- Fixed queued-up Explore orders completing without having explored.
- Fixed Construction Vessels not clearing previous orders when assigned for building.
- Fixed Construction Vessels disengaging while modules are recycling before new build starts.
- Fixed non-capital ships refusing to attack military capital ships and some stations at relations between -20 and -25.
- Fixed automated trading ships ignoring travel blacklists when executing trades.
- Fixed subordinate traders not respecting trade rule that is denying specific factions.
- Fixed subordinate traders loading extra wares from their home base into storage even under conditions where they shouldn't.
- Fixed direct subordinates of player with assignment Attack not attacking unless themselves attacked.
- Fixed subordinates sometimes detaching themselves from their fleet.
- Fixed missing Trader assignment for trade ships that are subordinate to resupply ship.
- Fixed build orders on player-piloted ship not processing on docking at shipyard under some circumstances.
- Fixed free-flying police and recon ships sometimes getting stuck while scanning something.
- Fixed comm response by police when non-player ships are scanned and no illegal wares are found.
- Fixed asteroids accumulating when repeatedly saving and loading in same location.
- Fixed relative movement stopping when getting up from pilot seat.
- Fixed speed matching not turning off when changing target.
- Fixed aiming reaction time not using skills of pilot or manager.
- Fixed turrets sometimes not firing on valid targets.
- Fixed weapons firing into empty space if target is large object.
- Fixed turrets on ships repeatedly deploying and folding back when valid targets are in sight but not in range.
- Fixed autopilot aborting travel mode either too late or much too early.
- Fixed crew transfer resulting in unending escape pods in very rare circumstances.
- Fixed one case of crew transfer failing.
- Fixed one cause of traffic jams at gates.
- Fixed missing faction representatives in rare cases.
- Fixed pilots and crews on venturing ships losing morale due to inactivity.
- Fixed distance calculations for teleportation range limits.
- Fixed exploit allowing unlimited small ships to be stored.
- Fixed exploit allowing crew members to be cloned in certain situations.
- Fixed exploit allowing additional equipment that is not available at ship's current shipyard/wharf/equipment dock to be installed.
- Fixed being able to teleport to docked ships sent on venture.
- Fixed returned venture ships stranded in void after rebuilding venture dock.
- Fixed incorrect unpaid plot licences under certain circumstances.
- Fixed losing faction reputation from illegal station plots although licence was paid.
- Fixed not being able to autopilot to targets that are under construction.
- Fixed not being able to request docking at build storage when piloting capital ship.
- Fixed rare case of weapons firing under player control when player is no longer controlling ship.
- Fixed ship capacity mods not being taken into account when adding missiles, countermeasures and deployables to ships.
- Fixed deployables deployed via command Deploy at Position sometimes drifting past designated position.
- Fixed incorrect resource amounts for Paranid and Teladi M Mk2 shields.
- Fixed sector sunlight property not affecting Energy Cell production as intended.
- Fixed missing dock functionality on 4th arm of Split 4-Dock T Pier.
- Fixed missing XS ship docks on 3M6S luxury Dock Area.
- Fixed several hints getting stuck during Flight School tutorial.
- Fixed some missions not correctly displaying opposing faction in briefing.
- Fixed missing Court faction representative.
- Fixed Paranid plot mission A Small Errand getting stuck on objective Await: Further Instructions under specific circumstances.
- Fixed conversation option to pay credits in Paranid plot missions Unfolded Potential and An Ethical Challenge only appearing once.
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Changelog for Patch 3.20 (05 June 2020) - Part II:

- Fixed getaway ship not being recalled from internal storage if it was stored away during Split storyline at Hall of Judgement.
- Fixed missing prisoners at Hall of Judgement in Split story.
- Fixed plot not proceeding during cutscene to sabotage Scale Plate trade run.
- Fixed ships encountered in war subscription missions sometimes being invisible.
- Fixed Hatikvah story not always being re-offered when initial station was destroyed.
- Fixed Split story getting stuck in Suspicious Split mission if Passenger Ship was lost.
- Fixed mission conversation option for passenger to return to Passenger Ship in Suspicious Split Mission.
- Fixed End of Oppression/End of Terrorism missions getting stuck at payment stage if ship NPC contact was on was destroyed.
- Fixed game freeze during Suspicious Split mission if no stations belonging to given faction can be found.
- Fixed Split story getting stuck when tasked to place bombs on cargo drones during Report To Slave Trader 2 mission.
- Fixed Split Suspicious mission in Split story potentially missing guidance to character.
- Fixed End of Oppression mission in Split story accepting multiple payments from player and not progressing.
- Fixed End of Terrorism mission in Split story getting stuck if story character was on ship that was later destroyed.
- Fixed Path of Vengeance mission not completing in certain cases.
- Fixed discovering Jump Gate to Split space sometimes not triggering event cutscene.
- Fixed Split prisoner characters being duplicated when reassigned, which could lead to issues controlling objects.
- Fixed Paranid plot mission A Small Errand getting stuck if lockboxes are opened or destroyed before player enters sector.
- Fixed HQ Research Module not being named correctly in certain gamestarts.
- Fixed HQ Research Module being removed when loading construction plan.
- Fixed fleets not being sorted by fleet name in Object List and Property Owned menus.
- Fixed trade wares missing in Logical Station Overview if not currently stored.
- Fixed turret groups not being highlighted on ship in Ship Configuration menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed inconsistent selection and highlight of shield and turret groups in Ship Modification menu.
- Fixed equipment mod category availability if no equipment is installed.
- Fixed rounding issues for equipment mod effects.
- Fixed station hull percentage not being shown in Info menu unless scan level was at least 80%.
- Fixed ship docks being listed as station dock modules in Encyclopedia.
- Fixed missing "+" on buttons in Ship Configuration and Player Information menus.
- Fixed Trade menu not being visible in certain situations.
- Fixed sector map sometimes being broken by deployables ending up in invalid positions.
- Fixed Arm/Disarm Turrets option in Interact menu being inconsistent when multiple ships are selected.
- Fixed some map controls not working after quick-loading with map open.
- Fixed Property Owned jumping to top row after returning from Object Information tab.
- Fixed missing pre-selection of certain equipment entries in Encyclopedia when opened from Ship Configuration menu.
- Fixed turret slots not available in Ship Configuration menu for certain ships when using controller.
- Fixed missing trade offer updates after changing station accounts, especially when paused.
- Fixed shuffle function in Station Build menu not updating list of modules.
- Fixed construction resources not being listed immediately after acquiring blueprint for player-owned shipyards.
- Fixed production/hour value for production modules not taking into account effect of production efficiency in Logical Station Overview.
- Fixed missing workforce information in Logical Station Overview under certain circumstances.
- Fixed incorrect trade rule or blacklist display/usage when assigned trade rule or blacklist is deleted.
- Fixed incorrect order lines on map when blacklists are set up.
- Fixed target monitor sometimes getting stuck during comms.
- Fixed fog of war sometimes not being rendered up to edge of sector.
- Fixed another case of stuck map panning in certain situations.
- Fixed object selection in map not changing object in Info menu if Info menu is not displayed.
- Fixed ware transfer options in Interact menu not requiring pilots.
- Fixed incorrect shadows for objects during construction.
- Fixed returning venture ships causing performance issues until sent away again.
- Fixed issue causing savegames to become larger with every save/load cycle.
- Fixed excessive sound volume in logo video.
- Fixed issue where sounds could be missing or delayed.
- Fixed further startup issues on Linux.
- Fixed game generating two crash dumps per crash instead of one.
- Fixed several causes of crashes.

Standalone installers updated:
- Game: Windows & Linux (all languages), and DLC: Windows (all languages) & Linux (En only): 3.10 Hotfix 1 ⇒ 3.20.
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Changelog for Patch 3.30 (30 July 2020 / added 03 August 2020) - Part I:

- New Feature: Improved personnel management and crew transfer system.
- Added new upkeep missions.
- Added Hold Position override order as reaction to attack, to prevent ships from leaving area.
- Added option to put docked ships into internal storage.
- Added ability to enter space suit from docked capital ships.
- Added ability to define multiple sectors for player alerts.
- Added ticker notification for player-owned ships and stations coming under attack.
- Added logbook entry for player-owned stations being attacked.
- Added notification and logbook entry for player-owned stations getting destroyed.
- Added option to fire unassigned crew members in Crew Info menu.
- Added option to pause production in Logical Station Overview.
- Added information about station supply resources to Logical Station Overview.
- Added captions to columns in Logical Station Overview.
- Added ship type icons to blueprint trade and Fast Travel menus.
- Added ship code to ship entry in shopping list section of Ship Configuration menu.
- Added map filter options for enemy offers and gate connections.
- Added map background opacity option.
- Added new input bindings for diagonal steering and strafing.
- Added new input bindings for toggling auto-roll and aim assist options.
- Added option to select GPU in-game (requires restart).
- Removed ability of Cerberus to be equipped with mining lasers.
- Removed redundant Manage funds Interact menu option (use Information option instead).
- Removed non-functional options to change equipment while modifying/redesigning ships.
- Improved docking process to allow S and M sized ships to be docked in reverse direction.
- Improved Defence subordinate behaviour by reducing engagement range to 20km.
- Improved resource handling to move surplus resources for Drones and Ammo to cargo bay if station has use for them.
- Improved balancing of seminars (increased effectiveness, increased price, reduced quantity available).
- Improved subordinate traders by changing priority to favour demand over distance.
- Improved AutoMiners to make use of their factions' resource probes.
- Improved selection of sectors for order parameters in Behaviour menu.
- Improved wording of ship role assignments in Interact menu.
- Improved container magnet to also attract deactivated player-owned deployables.
- Improved cargo space allocation for workforce resources.
- Improved trade rule settings to keep current trade rule in effect when disabling Use Global/Station setting.
- Improved performance of Distribute Wares order in cases where blacklists result in it having significantly smaller operating range.
- Improved performance of mission guidance rendering on map.
- Fixed certain plot stations being recycled due to economic issues.
- Fixed Paranid plot mission A Small Errand getting stuck at objective Follow: Dead Drop Signal under specific late game circumstances.
- Fixed guidance wrongly jumping back from docking to scanning when creating new Signal Leaks on coffin ship in Split story mission To the Other Side.
- Fixed relation to Duke's Buccaneers getting locked again after having been unlocked in The Insurgence mission.
- Fixed not being able to talk to Split prisoners after they are assigned to you.
- Fixed blueprints being obtainable from data leaks on ships.
- Fixed rebuilt build modules remaining in an inoperable state if they were wrecked before existing hack expired.
- Fixed ships having lingering links to inoperable build modules resulting in them not being able to upgrade elsewhere.
- Fixed ships executing order Distribute Wares sometimes finding trades in blacklisted sectors.
- Fixed ships belonging to Godrealm of the Paranid in Split space persisting when they shouldn't.
- Fixed AI-controlled ships sometimes jumping ahead on path after going through accelerator or gate.
- Fixed certain ships not being able to dock manually without docking computer.
- Fixed mass traffic ships not flying correctly when returning to dock.
- Fixed ships getting very large number of Attack orders if they have Attack assignment and their commander engages many targets.
- Fixed promoted subordinates sometimes inheriting an assignment that they cannot fulfil.
- Fixed newly promoted subordinates inheriting their former commander's assignment but not updating their behaviour.
- Fixed boarding ships sometimes not launching pods.
- Fixed turrets in Attack my current target mode sometimes not shooting when targeting station.
- Fixed turrets on certain stations consistently missing capital ships.
- Fixed weapon aiming problems when shooter rotates or moves laterally to target.
- Fixed transport or build drones remaining unavailable under certain conditions.
- Fixed venture ship being lost due to destroyed/moved venture docks when free venture dock is available.
- Fixed defence modules not getting turrets on some stations where they should.
- Fixed Split storage modules missing shields and turrets.
- Fixed stuck trades between stations and build storage.
- Fixed ships getting stuck in docking bay.
- Fixed wrecks triggering player alerts.
- Fixed getting notifications and logbook entries for player-owned drones and laser towers getting destroyed.
- Fixed laser towers stuck in highways.
- Fixed asteroids accumulating when repeatedly saving and loading in same location (corrects previous fix).
- Fixed ships armed only with missile launchers sometimes not firing when attacking capital ships or stations.
- Fixed ships incorrectly staying assigned to docks, blocking them forever.
- Fixed pilots unable to control their ship after being promoted in certain cases.
- Fixed player looking at floor when speaking to crewman in back of current ship.
- Fixed inability to use spacesuit hatch after crew transfer pod arrived.
- Fixed exploit when selling crew at shipyard.
- Fixed crew not leaving the bridge after being sold at shipyard.
- Fixed player being charged when shipyard was unable to provide agreed crew.
- Fixed miners staying in completely depleted area when other areas with resources are available.
- Fixed police and reconnaissance ships investigating areas that once contained stations long after they have been destroyed.
- Fixed turrets not firing on stations under construction close to player.
- Fixed crew moving around on bridges more often than intended.
- Fixed pilots unable to control their ship after being promoted in certain cases.
- Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned XS ships getting destroyed.
- Fixed docking guidance lights leading to incorrect position when piloting capital ship.
- Fixed higher trade ranks and associated achievements being somewhat too difficult to achieve.
- Fixed higher fight ranks and associated achievements being much too difficult to achieve.
- Fixed fight rank not increasing when player destroys station modules.
- Fixed transporter doors on M ships not closing when NPCs use them.
- Fixed exploit allowing crew members to be cloned in certain situations.
- Fixed exploit involving selling ship equipment by transferring credits when build process is complete.
- Fixed exploit allowing licence and blueprint purchases to be made with insufficient funds.
- Fixed incorrectly scaled satellite ranges on map.
- Fixed discrepancies in information presented by boarding menu during operations.
- Fixed loadout statistics not taking equipment mods on grouped turrets into account.
- Fixed empty Import Construction Plans context menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed Ship Configuration menu not working when accessed at resupply ship under certain circumstances.