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Changelog for Patch 3.30 (30 July 2020 / added 03 August 2020) - Part II:

- Fixed station storage display in Info menu if station storage is empty.
- Fixed all module categories being collapsed when editing module loadout in Station Build menu.
- Fixed Behaviour and Individual Instruction menus jumping to top row after scrolling on right side.
- Fixed sliders for order parameters in Behaviour menu not working correctly with mouse.
- Fixed overlapping texts for station accounts in Object Info menu.
- Fixed Loadout Info tab with high UI scale settings.
- Fixed missing guidance to target station in Split story End of Terrorism mission.
- Fixed missing Dal lines in Split story End of Oppression/Terrorism missions.
- Fixed incorrect mission guidance when objective is to dock at ship that is itself docked.
- Fixed cases of missing guidance to mission targets in space after taking control of ship.
- Fixed inventory trader not showing new stock levels if initial value was zero.
- Fixed dock request not aborting previous assignment when done from menu.
- Fixed role selection in Crew Info menu not working.
- Fixed Ship Overview menu for ships in construction.
- Fixed crew info context menu referring to manager when interacting with ship trader.
- Fixed subordinate and docked ship categories ignoring Object List and Property Owned sort settings.
- Fixed undo step not being added when adding new modules in station editor.
- Fixed button hints not being displayed for buttons on secondary controller or joystick.
- Fixed Crew and Loadout Info menus getting stuck when selecting a station in construction.
- Fixed setting buy/sell amount handling of trade ware back to automatic also turning off offers.
- Fixed renamed sectors showing their original name in Blacklist settings.
- Fixed Object Info not available for stations in construction.
- Fixed ship crew tab not updating when hiring bulk crew.
- Fixed Show Tooltips option having no effect until new session is started.
- Fixed selecting hologram on Split capital ship bridge resulting in player taking control of ship.
- Fixed multiple minor glitches related to mouse click handling, e.g. clicks on NPCs sometimes immediately selecting dialog menu option.
- Fixed visual hole in bridge on large Argon ships.
- Fixed positional lights on Argon defence tube appearing in wrong position in upgrade menu.
- Fixed small Mass Driver Mk1 and Mk2 appearing visually disconnected in upgrade menu.
- Fixed Split defence module details being disconnected in upgrade menu.
- Fixed floating and intersecting turrets on Teladi defence platform.
- Fixed slightly offset guns on Tuatara.
- Fixed gun on Jaguar not being properly visually attached to ship hull.
- Fixed shields on Wyvern not protecting surface elements.
- Fixed misplaced rear turrets and shield generator on Rattlesnake.
- Fixed wrongly rotated shield generator on Raptor.
- Fixed player logos on Raptor not being properly visible.
- Fixed Boso Ta head rotation.
- Fixed cause of graphical corruption on very busy zoomed-out map.
- Fixed UI animations sometimes appearing to be running at very low FPS.
- Fixed poor performance with loadout display in certain situations.
- Fixed excessive stuttering of engine sound especially on ships flying in formations.
- Fixed ships stopping as if hitting something very massive when colliding with XS laser towers.
- Fixed getting stuck in transporter room on Jaguar.
- Fixed several causes of crashes.

Standalone installers updated 03 August 2020:
- Game: Windows & Linux (all languages), and DLC: Windows (all languages) & Linux (En only): 3.20 ⇒ 3.30.
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Version 3.30 HF1 (414400) - October 14th 2020

Fixed faction representatives still being missing under certain circumstances.
Fixed necessary briefing information being missing for certain missions in French and German localisations.
Fixed missing guidance to passenger in Split story mission.
Fixed success criteria in Sabotage mission.
Fixed display corruption on 5600 XT graphics card with Glow enabled.
Fixed several causes of game freezes and UI crashes.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline also updated.
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Version 3.30 HF2 (416228) - 3rd of November 2020

-- Fixed autosaves not cycling slots in Linux version.
-- Fixed game not starting with certain hardware, OS and driver configurations.
-- Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline also updated for both Linux and Windows.
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Version 4.00 (432831) - 16th of March 2021

"Gameplay changes include completely new features such as Terraforming, new options for managing hostilities, improved fleet control, and a new emergency eject feature. On the technical side, the 4.00 update brings volumetric fog effects, improves the fading-in of asteroids, and adds a visual shield impact effect. But that's only a fraction of the many new features - be sure to check out the packed changelog."

Massive changelog:
Sorry, not listing 400* items here.

Also, new DLC X4: Cradle of Humanity

*with the DLC, I counted
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Version: 4.00 HF1 (433264) - 19th of March 2021

Fixed sometimes not entering superhighways during travel mode.
Fixed not being able to claim abandoned Rapier.
Fixed Solborn Militia Outpost not respawning when destroyed.
Fixed ship Silverback in Defenders of Sol mission getting stuck.
Fixed Wartime Economics mission getting stuck in dialog cutscene when entering Savage Spur II with map open.
Fixed ship delivery objective in Towards Distant Shores mission failing unintentionally.
Fixed rescue ship in Terran gamestart Displaced mission sometimes being very far away.
Fixed missing Argon dock blueprint for player during Displaced mission in Terran gamestarts.
Fixed ship to escort in Escape Plan mission sometimes not moving to station.
Fixed missions sometimes not continuing when saved and loaded during dialogue.
Fixed Wartime Economics mission getting stuck if last Xenon flees instead of being destroyed.
Fixed missing Preferred Build Method option for resupply ships.
Fixed order icons in Object List and Property Owned menus not showing correct order when using Repeat Orders
Fixed wrong station construction state in Station Build menu under certain circumstances.
Fixed Encyclopedia errors if no engines are known.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline also updated for both Linux and Windows.
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Version: 4.00 Hotfix 2 (433914) - 24th of March 2021

Fixed certain ship models not being claimable in person.
Fixed population information from terraforming getting lost when loading savegame.
Fixed missing description for Sealed Vacuum Tubes.
Fixed Terran Fleet Delivery Missions requesting impossible ship setup.
Fixed Defenders of Sol mission getting stuck on Approach: Erratic Miner objective under specific circumstances.
Fixed Final Debrief mission issues with mission relevant characters potentially dying too soon.
Fixed War of Intervention mission guidance breaking under specific circumstances.
Fixed End of Terrorism objective pointing to station instead of signal leaks.
Fixed various issues in Covert Operations mission.
Fixed War of Intervention mission not containing reward.
Fixed A Pirate's Trail mission getting stuck if enemy ships are defeated before player arrives.
Fixed data leaks sometimes spawning in centre of station during Pioneer gamestart mission.
Fixed target ship in Mutually Assured Destruction mission staying invincible after getting attacked by player.
Fixed Astronauts, Champions, Truth Seekers mission getting stuck if hidden ship is captured before objective is set.
Fixed objective guidance sometimes not appearing for The Meeting mission.
Fixed player getting stuck inside Silverback during Defenders of Sol mission.
Fixed Operation Hyena not progressing when player already owns station in specified Argon space.
Fixed Wartime Economics mission getting stuck in Savage Spur II under specific circumstances.
Fixed cases of Second Assistant mission getting stuck when placing Nav Beacons in hazardous region.
Fixed story getting stuck when escaping out of conversations with Rick Feynman during Double Assistant mission.
Fixed What is Best in Life achievement not being unlocked for players who completed Make War not Peace mission during beta.
Fixed sector trade offer graph in Encyclopedia showing Sell instead of Buy for buy offers in mouse-over texts.
Fixed broken shopping list in Ship Configuration menu after returning from Encyclopedia.
Fixed broken mouse picking on Map after setting trade ware filter.
Fixed Energy Cell production module efficiency claiming sunlight effect as workforce.
Fixed ships of wrong size offered when requesting ships at ship consoles.
Fixed covered ships not showing up in Undock menu.
Fixed Crew Transfer menu for player-owned shipyards.
Fixed dropdown selections appearing to reset to initial value after scrolling.
Fixed main weapon on Asgard being destroyed.
Fixed Terran medium turrets vanishing when destroyed.
Fixed freeze when using Go To Ship on ship belonging to another faction that is docked at object also belonging to another faction.
Fixed freeze when doing Long Range Scan near extremely complex station.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline installers for Windows and Linux available.
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v4.00 HF3 (434806) - 1st of April 2021

Improved collision detection, especially at high speeds.
Fixed re-tasked NPC traders sometimes holding on to reservations for trades they are not going to complete.
Fixed not seeing assigned trainees on HQ after relocating it to sector without training capabilities.
Fixed player being able to easily board ships they've just sold.
Fixed missile launchers not being available to Terran and Pioneer factions.
Fixed license requirements for missile launchers and turrets.
Fixed automatic buy/sell threshold calculation for intermediate wares with manual storage allocation.
Fixed blacklist entries for certain sectors not being loaded after saving.
Fixed incorrect Torus airlock state if players teleports unexpectedly.
Fixed cases of mission ship being stuck in hazardous region during Second Assistant mission.
Fixed target ship in Mutually Assured Destruction mission stopping for no apparent reason.
Fixed Advanced Satellite deployment not registering in The Meeting story mission.
Fixed From the Ashes mission not accepting Terran ship fabrication modules.
Fixed Save Them From Themselves mission not ending if important character is no longer available when objective is completed.
Fixed Hatikvah mission getting stuck when interrupting Dal during Teladi meeting.
Fixed Operation Hyena Station construction failing to complete.
Fixed Falx asking for impossible equipment loadout in Terran Deliver Fleet missions.
Fixed Oberth not accepting antimatter cells in specific circumstances.
Fixed Final Debrief not continuing when defending Saman from Pirates under specific circumstances.
Fixed issues with Undercover Trader in Zyarth's Coffin story mission.
Fixed NPC in Treacherous Shallows mission getting killed if station is destroyed before player starts conversation.
Fixed Moreya gained in Astronauts, Champions, Truth Seekers mission remaining locked from pilot assignment after end of plot.
Fixed missing reputation reward for A Heart for Pirates mission.
Fixed encyclopedia entry selection when opening sector entries.
Fixed targeting capital ships not unlocking weapon and thruster information in Encyclopedia.
Fixed missing option to resume production if production module is marked for recycling or is hacked.
Fixed Yaki station sometimes having no icon.
Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline installers for Windows and Linux available.
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Update 4.10 (13 Sep. 2021):

- New Feature: Custom game starts.
- Added Deliver Fleet mission variants that ask for specific ship type but let player choose exact ship and equipment.
- Added two new terraforming projects to directly increase or reduce air pressure.
- Added storage information to active terraforming projects.
- Added player access to some paint mods belonging to allied factions.
- Added more ship system indicators to crosshairs, including flight assist, aim assist and others.
- Added ware reservation information to trade menu.
- Added option to cancel ware reservations at player-owned stations.
- Added option to assign ships directly to subordinate group in Object List and Property Owned menus.
- Added status info about insufficient funds to Account node in Logical Station Overview.
- Added ware volume info to storage nodes in Logical Station Overview
- Added Show Upkeep Missions option to Interact menu.
- Added mission ship loadouts to Ship Configuration menu.
- Added option to reset station module rotation in Station Build menu.
- Added HQ account info to Research menu.
- Added mass crew transfer for group trainees with player HQ.
- Added module set filters to Station Build menu.
- Added station module context menu to module list in Station Build menu.
- Added option to hide module plan and loadout details in Station Build menu.
- Added settings to Station Build menu.
- Added option to prevent Tobii head-tracking hardware from being initialised using "-forcehmd disable" command line parameter.
- Added Polish localisation.
- Improved Build Station and Deliver Fleet mission rewards to give return on investment instead of flat reward.
- Improved Deliver Fleet mission variants to ask for varying loadouts.
- Improved consistency of Xenon fleet strength in Mutually Assured Destruction mission.
- Improved Reflective Cloud Particles and Black Dust terraforming projects by making them repeatable.
- Improved Emergency Eject feature.
- Improved travel speed of formations.
- Improved behaviour of station-based mining ships working for stations that require multiple resources.
- Improved behaviour of police ships to sometimes allow player-owned objects to skip inspection if relations with police faction are good enough.
- Improved behaviour of ships attacking targets distant enough to require use of travel mode.
- Improved station-based traders to prevent them prioritising resources that are produced by their station even when those resources are in shortage.
- Improved selling behaviour of station-based miners assigned to stations that require more than one mineable resource.
- Improved faction logic to prevent construction of excessive numbers of stations.
- Improved how factions deal with ware shortages and make decisions about new production.
- Improved hazardous regions to also work when player is not nearby.
- Improved AI pathing to fly around hazardous regions where possible.
- Improved flight pathing for small ships docking at Tokyo.
- Improved range and force of container magnet for M, L and XL ships.
- Improved scanning movement of recon ships and resource scouts.
- Improved balancing of relation penalty for destroying stations.
- Improved balancing of price and resource cost for advanced satellites.
- Improved low attention combat involving multiple capital ships.
- Improved choice of positioning for newly constructed NPC stations.
- Improved docking of non-capital ships.
- Improved undocking movement of S and M ships to look smoother.
- Improved movement of capital ships clearing jump gates after transition.
- Improved capital ship combat movement when pursuing fleeing targets.
- Improved behaviour of deep-level subordinates whose top-level commander is carrier.
- Improved transfer of products from station to own build storage.
- Improved resource probe detection range.
- Improved laser tower response to attacks.
- Improved Collect Drop(s) orders to also pick up ammunition containers.
- Improved launch of defence drones set to Attack my Current Target.
- Improved target acquisition for defence drones when switching to Attack all Enemies mode.
- Improved auto aim against certain objects, especially data leaks.
- Improved speed display in crosshairs.
- Improved Gravidar update rate.
- Improved visibility of save-related messages.
- Improved visibility of turrets in scan mode.
- Improved visibility of hull and shield bars on Map against colourful backgrounds.
- Improved target icons for squad leaders.
- Improved Map by allowing it to remember its previous state when opened again.
- Improved readability of filtered wares in remaining cargo list in Map menu.
- Improved info box of selected object on Map by making it transparent when cursor is over it.
- Improved behaviour of Map info boxes for ships and stations.
- Improved Map display of information gathered by resource probes.
- Improved Map icons to display related upkeep missions on mouseover.
- Improved Map behaviour to show highlighted wares even if filters would otherwise exclude them.
- Improved legibility of info box of selected object on Map by making it much more opaque.
- Improved handling of icons representing subordinates to fade out early when zooming out on Map.
- Improved display of player-owned and allied ships on Map to show icon and info text for current order.
- Improved blueprint lists in Encyclopedia.
- Improved workforce information in Logical Station Overview.
- Improved Station Editor by showing actual sector background and relevant objects for context.
- Improved Station Editor by disabling connection snapping while pressing Control.
- Improved Station Editor by allowing module rotation around all axes.
- Improved Station Build menu by adding option to remove module sequences.
- Improved visibility of station modules in Station Build menu.
- Improved zoom sensitivity when using mouse wheel in Station Build menu.
- Improved snapping to connections in Station Build menu.
- Improved menu layouts for Hire and Reassign crew.
- Improved interface for selecting sector order parameters.
- Improved manual trade offer settings to allow buy amount that is higher than sell amount.
- Improved Ship Configuration menu layout if no engines are available.
- Improved Ship Behaviour by adding error messages for failed orders.
- Improved loadout editor for station modules by showing other modules in construction plan for context.
- Improved Confirm/Cancel buttons for ware filter selection to be always visible.
- Improved New Game and Extension menus by adding more information.
- Improved variety of factions seen on dock areas.
- Improved appearance of Argon characters.
- Improved lighting on Argon L bridge.
- Improved asset pre-loading and streaming on GPUs with high memory capacity.
- Improved handling of out-of-GPU-memory conditions.
- Changed default setting for Alerts in Map to Low for new players
- Changed size difference for fleet leader icons from 50% to 25% larger than other objects.
- Removed resource yield requirement from mining ship upkeep missions.
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- Removed ability to drag order lines away from inter-sector connections as they often happened accidentally.
- Removed XS dock capacity from Docked Ships info on map.
- Removed visualisation of module connections in Build Menu while not dragging module.
- Fixed relations in Terran gamestart.
- Fixed advanced gamestarts not being unlocked when playing certain other gamestarts.
- Fixed HQ warping to wrong position during first encounter.
- Fixed Boso Ta dialog not playing when browsing research menu.
- Fixed Terran and Pioneer introduction missions to HQ being stalled by research ship being destroyed.
- Fixed Hatikvah story sometimes getting stuck if dialogs are interrupted.
- Fixed player not being able to take control of freighter because it was put into internal storage during Hatikvah story.
- Fixed data vault mission not being completable with Cradle of Humanity expansion active.
- Fixed rare situation in which Escape Plan mission cannot be completed.
- Fixed players getting trapped in Boneyard during Tax Evasion 101 Split story mission.
- Fixed Rebellious Thralls Split story mission being stuck if player has bad faction relations towards FRF when asked to dock at Slave Trader 3.
- Fixed Rebellious Thralls Split story mission being stuck at undefined Scan guidance.
- Fixed Coffin Ship sometimes not undocking during To the Other Side mission in Split Story.
- Fixed Fires of Fate mission in Split story not progressing when sabotaging Ravenous Wight.
- Fixed objects in Abandoned Asteroid Base in Astronauts, Champions, Truth Seekers mission disappearing while player is absent.
- Fixed Astronauts, Champions, Truth Seekers mission getting stuck if conversation with Ellipsis Trouble is started before story dialog could finish.
- Fixed indestructible Sweet Jack ship remaining after Covert Operations storyline is completed.
- Fixed Covert Operations story stalling if Antigone does not own any system.
- Fixed A Matter of Respect mission getting stuck if Helianthus tries to launch too many drones at once.
- Fixed Torus switch riddle to reset all switches on leaving sector.
- Fixed Torus switch riddle not behaving correctly if switches are repaired/damaged too quickly.
- Fixed Operation Smoke and Mirrors mission not activating properly under certain circumstances.
- Fixed A Heart for Pirates mission not getting - Removed from Mission Manager when aborted by player.
- Fixed The Smoking Gun mission not triggering if Amplifier Station is destroyed too quickly.
- Fixed Defenders of Sol mission getting stuck if Silverback is destroyed before player arrives at rally point.
- Fixed Patrol Missions pausing when player docks on player-owned ships.
- Fixed The Mediators and The Insurgence missions accepting ships delivered with minimal equipment.
- Fixed Build Station missions that ask for Administrative Centre not enforcing that requirement.
- Fixed certain mission stations remaining invulnerable in case of failed Split story passenger transport.
- Fixed certain Rescue Ship missions accepting transfer of ship with modified equipment.
- Fixed inaccurately displayed reward in trade guild Deliver Fleet missions.
- Fixed conversation option when hiring crew and immediately assigning them to Deliver Crew mission station.
- Fixed Amplifier Station in Save Them From Themselves mission not leaving behind wreck.
- Fixed story characters getting random names when becoming passengers.
- Fixed some story missions being abortable.
- Fixed mission lockboxes not rotating.
- Fixed being unable to complete ship mod research mission if it was previously aborted.
- Fixed advanced terraforming projects not being available if Cradle of Humanity is enabled after terraforming is unlocked.
- Fixed adding gases increasing air pressure on worlds where that stat is not relevant.
- Fixed player-owned subordinates sometimes not trading with other player property due to lack of funds when they don't actually need to pay.
- Fixed looped trade orders not accounting for discounts when looking for trades with matching price thresholds.
- Fixed incorrect trade offer price calculation for certain shipyards.
- Fixed rebuilt build modules remaining inoperable after being wrecked before hack expired.
- Fixed ships undergoing recycling disappearing when stored resulting in no recycled resources being gained.
- Fixed modules under construction which are then destroyed not being recycled properly.
- Fixed build storage of destroyed stations sometimes remaining in longer than intended.
- Fixed more resources being returned to build storage when recycling station loadout upgrades.
- Fixed very rare case resulting in broken ship movement when teleporting between ships in same highway.
- Fixed automatic storage allocation breaking for stations with extremely large number of production modules.
- Fixed subordinate traders sometimes buying then immediately re-selling same wares at commanding station.
- Fixed boarding ships not trying to keep their boarding target alive while moving to engage.
- Fixed turret control of boarding ships sometimes reacquiring target after target hull is below safe threshold.
- Fixed player-owned mining ships finding resources in undiscovered areas of known sectors.
- Fixed mining ships not firing on asteroids if any turrets are set to Attack All Enemies.
- Fixed ships with turrets set to Attack Capital Ships or Attack Fighters not firing unless at least one turret is also set to Attack all Enemies.
- Fixed turrets set to Missile Defence not working.
- Fixed ships sometimes not uncovering areas hidden by fog of war.
- Fixed player-owned ships finding paths through undiscovered sectors.
- Fixed auto-traders not correctly updating when loading certain older savegames.
- Fixed some buttons and doors not working after teleporting to station.
- Fixed autopilot not working if guidance target is unknown and/or inactive gate or accelerator.
- Fixed autopilot not using travel mode when approaching gate or accelerator.
- Fixed not being able to call ship from storage if its cover faction is hostile to owner of object at which it is docked.
- Fixed ships sometimes starting final dock movement many kilometers from dock.
- Fixed never getting docking permission under certain rare circumstances.
- Fixed fleeing ships repeatedly docking and undocking.
- Fixed cases of ships being permanently unable to undock.
- Fixed explosions of large objects not doing damage.
- Fixed cases of duplicated HQ research modules.
- Fixed Terran solar panels costing more resources than intended.
- Fixed Kha'ak weapon platforms sometimes being unarmed.
- Fixed Kha'ak outposts no longer appearing over time in certain situations.
- Fixed pirate ships plundering objects belonging to friendly factions.
- Fixed attacking capital ships staying outside weapon range.
- Fixed weapons not shooting under certain circumstances.
- Fixed being able to collide with hidden bridge geometry.
- Fixed broken collision detection when flying certain ships near large objects.
- Fixed ship turrets sometimes damaging their own ship under certain circumstances.
- Fixed issues with cargo drones docking when many of them try to dock at same time.
- Fixed entering ship not removing attached boarding pods.
- Fixed wrong movement orientation when approaching dock in some situations.
- Fixed newly constructed Terran Solar Power Plants constructing storage last resulting in delayed production.
- Fixed some homeless workers remaining on station after their habitation has gone.
- Fixed AI ships flying too slowly in travel mode while in formation.
- Fixed spacesuit in Split gamestart sometimes being very slow.
- Fixed being able to place station modules in invalid locations.
- Fixed group trainees sometimes remaining in-transit on Headquarters.
- Fixed carriers or fleet auxiliary ships subordinate to stations failing to get supplies.
- Fixed player-owned ships set to explore or update trade offers sometimes traveling to sectors outside their target space.
- Fixed ships assigned to protect stations continuing to patrol their area after their assigned station is destroyed.
- Fixed subordinates of subordinates not docking if assigned while their intermediate superior is already docked.
- Fixed missile-armed ships and stations with no ammunition doing damage when player is not present.
- Fixed Segaris Pioneer ships being crewed by people in Terran Protectorate uniforms.
- Fixed ships operating in vicinity of one-way superhighways going to work in sectors they might not be able to return from.
- Fixed ships forced to bail sometimes retaining their old default behaviour.
- Fixed missing item trader on stations.
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- Fixed being able to jump out of bounds in shops on docking areas.
- Fixed being able to assign one extra service crew or marine to ships in certain cases.
- Fixed subordinates of stations failing to recover if their commander is destroyed while they are searching for trades.
- Fixed boarding pods not being able to fly and attach on boarding operations.
- Fixed capital-class mining ships sometimes not firing on asteroids.
- Fixed station supply settings not working without manager.
- Fixed autopilot getting stuck in loop on highway ring if full path to destination is not known.
- Fixed jumping between highways on autopilot.
- Fixed police authority menu not working if too many sectors are player-owned.
- Fixed Collision Avoidance not working even if game setting is set.
- Fixed ships not firing at stations even if target directly in front of barrel.
- Fixed defence drones set to Attack my Current Target docking without engaging shortly after launch.
- Fixed ware transfer sometimes stalling with one ship locked in critical state.
- Fixed subordinates sometimes docking at their respective commanders indefinitely.
- Fixed ships sometimes not been able to dock in enclosed docks.
- Fixed NPC station managers sometimes giving double rewards.
- Fixed excessive damage when missiles hit certain targets.
- Fixed lasertowers sometimes locking on to distant targets when hostile targets are within firing range.
- Fixed Split factions not rebuilding trading stations.
- Fixed Map icons of docked ships flickering between two positions under certain circumstances.
- Fixed position of icons next to trade offers on Map when view is rotated.
- Fixed object select mode in Map not working in gamepad mode.
- Fixed certain Xenon stations being invisible in Savage Spur.
- Fixed cargo display in ware exchange menu for stations owning mining ships.
- Fixed inaccurate text for manual buy/sell offer amount settings in Logical Station Overview.
- Fixed several issues with ammo and drone quantities in Logical Station Overview.
- Fixed future station construction resources not appearing in Station Configuration menu if build is already in progress.
- Fixed Ware Transfer options when docked at another ship.
- Fixed Request dock at option not being disabled when already docked at that object.
- Fixed option to change Default Behaviour not being disabled under certain circumstances.
- Fixed planned Default Behaviour changes getting stuck when changing to another menu tab.
- Fixed ships retaining previous Default Behaviour when being set to Repeat Orders.
- Fixed station-wide loadout level resetting every time Station Build menu is closed.
- Fixed problems with Personnel Management menu if ships get destroyed.
- Fixed Sell Ships menu not being displayed or not being scrollable under certain circumstances.
- Fixed loadout presets being available for ships with installed equipment mods
- Fixed inconsistency between player ship and other player-owned objects regarding whether default orders of subordinates can be - Changed.
- Fixed medium ships incorrectly showing missile turret compatibility in menus.
- Fixed missing title text in Interact menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed missing interactions in Crew Info tab for player employees on stations.
- Fixed mismatched construction budget estimates in several locations.
- Fixed traders adding logbook entries describing purchase after having sold ware.
- Fixed Terraforming Expenses stat being too high by factor of 100.
- Fixed Terraforming projects showing invalid resources if more was delivered than needed.
- Fixed overlapping text in Ship Configuration menu.
- Fixed input mapping conflict not being detected when assigning axis.
- Fixed lost HUD target if mission guidance changes under certain circumstances.
- Fixed missing automatic storage allocation option in Logical Station Overview under certain circumstances.
- Fixed blank context menus in Station Build menu under certain circumstances.
- Fixed blank terraforming nodes under certain circumstances.
- Fixed inactive dropdown options seeming to be interactive when clicked.
- Fixed name of Station Cargo map filter to correctly indicate that it also works for ships.
- Fixed inconsistent sorting in Mission Offers and Mission Manager menus.
- Fixed matching icons not being visible at some zoom levels when text filter is applied.
- Fixed selected ships and stations not showing full cargo on map if filter is active.
- Fixed rare fog of war issues when opening Map right after long range scan.
- Fixed jumpgate and superhighway connections on Map becoming misaligned.
- Fixed flickering target elements if target is moving close to crosshair.
- Fixed order parameter sliders resetting while being used.
- Fixed displayed of per-quadrant DPS information.
- Fixed Station Construction entries in Account Management menu showing station account values while using slider.
- Fixed mouse-over texts for Interact menu build storage options referencing station.
- Fixed order parameter position selection interacting with order lines.
- Fixed changing radius parameter of default behaviours resetting position parameter.
- Fixed Mission Manager and Mission Offers menus keeping expanded sections in sync.
- Fixed menu crash when cancelling ship orders under certain circumstances.
- Fixed save name not being immediately changeable if there is no save yet.
- Fixed long range scan getting stuck when triggered while menu is open.
- Fixed missing countermeasure blueprints in encyclopedia.
- Fixed flight assist and auto-pilot control messages not being shown after loading saves.
- Fixed storage nodes in Logical Station Overview not marked restricted under certain circumstances.
- Fixed Shuffle Modules option in Station Editor when modules include Terran solar panels.
- Fixed map sometimes zooming sectors out too far.
- Fixed various localisation issues
- Fixed Terraforming menu crash.
- Fixed Paranid head clipping through cockpit roof in Cerberus.
- Fixed NPCs walking over furniture in Faction Representative office and Secret Service Bureau.
- Fixed cockpit crew sometimes not interacting with terminals.
- Fixed visiting NPCs behaving as though they are local crew.
- Fixed Split and Terran NPCs neglecting their air marshalling duties.
- Fixed pilots and ship crew from player-owned shipyards being random races instead of workforce races.
- Fixed defenders in boarding operation earning experience when boarding attempt is cancelled or fails before marines even breach hull.
- Fixed marines on stations running out of sight soon after docking.
- Fixed Yaki appearing on dock areas where they shouldn't.
- Fixed jump effect sometimes not coinciding with destination position on sector transition.
- Fixed rare cases where Venture Dock would still appear as if venture was running after ship returned.
- Fixed scaling problems in station editor when copying sequences repeatedly.
- Fixed looped animations stuttering at very large time values.
- Fixed brief incorrect image display in several menus.
- Fixed weapon effects being visible in upgrade menu.
- Fixed floating turrets on small Terran Liquid Storage module.
- Fixed turrets being rotated wrongly on Argon Defence Disk.
- Fixed visual glitch in Microchip production module.
- Fixed build modules being offset when wrecked.
- Fixed turrets being located on top of player logo on Nomad.
- Fixed turrets on Tokyo clipping inside ship hull.
- Fixed floating geometry in Manorina gas miner ship.
- Fixed misaligned Cerberus spacesuit dock.
- Fixed wrong texture on Okinawa bridge window.
- Fixed missing holo-instruments on Argon XL bridge.
- Fixed mirrored decals in Argon L bridge.
- Fixed excessive number of positional lights on Osprey.
- Fixed rotating flack bullets.
- Fixed holographic ship controls for NPCs not being enabled when NPC sits in chair.
- Fixed comm cameras not working when in external view.
- Fixed pink faces on male Argon NPCs.
- Fixed effect at dock persisting after touchdown if ship docked backwards.
- Fixed Mercury faction logo missing on right side.
- Fixed incorrect grouping of turrets on Advanced Electronics production module.
- Fixed sharp line on Katana cockpit glass.
- Fixed Nimcha landing gear not being attached properly.
- Fixed cockpit glass on Falcon not registering collisions.
- Fixed floating light and mirrored faction logo on Jian.
- Fixed inverted panel texture in security office.
- Fixed permanently missing texts in menus.
- Fixed graphical assets failing to load during long game-sessions.
- Fixed game freeze with mods containing invalid assets.
- Fixed several causes of crashes.

Offline Installer updated (4.00 Hotfix 3 ⇒ 4.10) on 2021-09-13
Offline Installer updated (4.10 ⇒ 4.10(a)) on 2021-09-23
Linux Offline Installer updated (4.00 Hotfix 3 ⇒ 4.10-lang) on 2021-09-21