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I can see only Mac and Windows downloads after purchasing the game. Hopefully the Linux version will get uploaded soon. Could somebody please let us know if Linux version is still planned?
Thank you in advance for responding.
Yeah, I picked it up and was surprised it wasn't available for download on Linux. I'm hoping it's not something silly like a Steam exclusive version, because I didn't check here on GoG.

I'm hoping it's just an oversight, because Steam lists an active Linux version, but I'd rarher use GOG when I can.
When I purchased the game, linux was listed as a compatible OS. I just wanted to download the installer right now and noticed, that it had been removed.
So I guess, we have add this to the list of games not fully supported on GOG :/
I double checked last night and saw it said it did support Linux, and today that's been removed, and they say it onky supports Windows and Mac.

I guess I'll contact GoG and ask for a timeline ot a refund. I'd be willing to wait a bit, but it they removed the product entirely, that's different.
I saw it yesterday and was waffling on it, until today I see that the Linux version has disappeared. I'm assuming that just a mistake, since the Steam page still lists a Linux version.

I'll wishlist it I guess, we'll see.
Got a reply from GOG Customer service. They have no ETA for the Linux version or can say if it will ever be available. So I guess it won't come to gog. However, they immediately offered a refund.
Any news?
i_ni: Any news?
The steam version says its linux compatible...
They even included it in the GOG Linux sale today. :D
But no, still no Linux download on GOG
At Game Backups & Goodies the base game appears available for Linux but not the Heretek expansion.

Maybe it is the expansion that misses Linux support??
I see there is no linux version, but does anyone know if this game will run in wine?
So, is there a Linux version available here on GOG?
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus has (64-bit) Linux version, Heretek doesn't because reasons, I guess.
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Can confirm that Heretek does not have linux installer.
Something called setup_arc_scourge_weapon_1.3.8.0_(64bit)_(36584).exe doesn't either.
Really disappointing.
Heretek now has a linux installer, both the game and the extension are on version