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R_K: Heretek now has a linux installer, both the game and the extension are on version
Have not tried yet, but dlc downloads seems to be available.
Store page for Omnissiah Edition still says only windows and mac versions...
EDIT : This is fixed as of 21/10/2020; I opened a support ticket and now Mechanicus is listed for Linux. But the Heretek extension is not listed for Linux while you can download it and it work flawlessly on Linux.

Yeah, I came here because I bought it for its Linux support, and indeed have Linux download for all content, including DLCs.
But I am checking back the store page and indeed it only list Windows and Mac, which is a shame since GOG will miss sales and Linux guys won't have a good Linux game on GOG :(

Please correct this GOG !
Post edited October 21, 2020 by plaplar