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Is there a list of game controllers supported by Victor Vran for MacOS?

Officially Victor Vran only works with XInput controllers—which are completely unsupported on the Mac (excluding a few third-party drivers).

This is specifically a GOG/Mac question, as Steam has additional controller management built-in.

I borrowed and tested a few controllers over the last few days. The only positive result so far was with an old Logitech Dual Action—a DirectInput controller which is no longer in production.

Oddly, the Sony DualShock 4 also uses DirectInput (when connected via USB), but unlike the Logitech, it is not detected in-game. So if DirectInput is not directly supported, perhaps the game itself contains an internal list of recognized non-xinput controllers? Or perhaps Mac's HID driver is performing a supported translation for old Logitech controllers?

The devs have chimed in here before, so maybe I'll get lucky? :)

Note: This question correlates to another thread, [Victor Vran] Local Co-Op on Mac?, which would be solved with a recognized controller.
This question / problem has been solved by Krasimir2.0image
Hi, just saw this discussion, I answered in your other one. But as you have found out already, only XInput controllers are supported, the DS4 PlayStation Controller uses DirectInput, which is not the same and is not supported by the game without some wrapper like but that is sadly Windows only.

The game has support only for XInput, Mac doesn't have official drivers for the controller, so people use these the most

Unfortunately playing with a generic controller might not be very easy to accomplish.
Krasimir2.0: ...
Well thanks for the reply, even if it's not what I was hoping for ;)

It would be beneficial for the community to note that only XInput controllers are supported on the Victor Vran page, in the game's description or requirements section.

Shame it's so hard to get your hands on an old wired 360 controller these days.

Dev Note: I think I read somewhere that you guys run a custom engine. It might be worth considering linking in SDL2 for controller support—

• Already in-use industry wide—even Steam uses SDL for their controller support
• Fully cross-platform
• XInput + DirectInput (or just about any HID device)
• Dead simple C API with bindings in every major language
• Commercially permissive license (zlib)
• Small (~1.1MB)—can be statically or dynamically linked

—just a thought from one dev to another ;)