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Friends, I'm thinking of buying Tyranny. But, as it is the first time I will buy a game with Paradox's Eula, I want to be sure of two things.

1) Like the rest of GOG games, can offline installer files be downloaded directly without the use of GOG Galaxy?
2) Can Tyranny be played without registering on the Paradox page?

Thanks in advance
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1) Yes. I recommend you use at least the GOG downloader, if you don't currently use anything else other than a web browser to download the files (it's a big download, even with a fast connection).

2) Yes.


One more thing you probably would like to know, since you were already concerned enough to ask these things, is that you can block the executable of Tyranny from all network access using a firewall, and it will still work without problems.
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Thanks, links, for the answers and the extra information. I will buy Tyranny, then, as soon as it is on sale again.