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I have the same problem as MwarriorHiei.

I purchased this game at the latest sale. Could not wait for a console release.
But it has the same issue with the inability to read the memory. I tried compatibility mode and running as an admin.
I can hear the FMV from the Intro then the screen is splitted in half (one beige the other black) and i can hear the game but get nothing beside these 2 coloured "columns"... Really unhappy about it. I want to play TUROK! :/
Post edited November 16, 2016 by nukem999
quick reply. I can now play the game.
I have updated my display drivers (Raedon hd 4850) and now i can finally enjoy turok again!
Maybe somebody finds it helpfull
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I haven't been able to play it. Said that I was missing some files and I'm not very good with computers so there is no need in trying for now.