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What does “Unable to find path to stop” mean in terms of preventing it or fixing it?

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Some/most tracks only go in one direction. You can turn the vehicle on the track once it is stopped and it may find its path again.

This is usually prevented by clever signaling.
Are you getting this message when assigning a tram / train to a line?
In case it is a tram, check is the tram depot connected to tramway.
In case it is a train, see if the train can go to any station in the assigned line without flipping the train.
A new train will not leave depot unless it has a direct route to its assigned line.
OK: Depot > assigned station
NG: Depot > any not assigned station and make a U-turn > assigned station
If you have layed new track or changed the track it could be that you many have a tiny break in the line. It has happened to me a couple of times. Follow the track from start to finish to see it this is the problem.