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I turned off compatibility mode, reduced colour, which brought back the cutscenes.
I got the game to run and the FMV are running in fullscreen, but when I try to play the game windowed, the cutscenes don't play. I can however hear them. Any fix for that?
The steps from Vordant worked for me, on one extra condition.
If you have a WideScreen monitor, do not select a native resolution. 16:9 does work.
Thanks for these fixes, I haven't played TR2 for ages and even GOG support said to me that TR2 has issues running on Windows 10. Maybe they should point people here.
Another thanks from me for the fixes.

EDIT: Realised I could do the button mapping from the controls game interface, so silly question :)

I have got TR2 to run now, not full screen yet but my main problem now is sorting out controller mapping for it. I did it for TR1 (from Steam) using the dos box mapping but can't get into it for TR2 or see dosbox referenced in the files. Please could someone confirm or not if TR2 from GOG uses dosbox?

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When i use the wraper the fps drop to 5 cant use the game

When i use the wraper i got low fps
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