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Changelog for Update 6.0 (added 14 August 2019):

- a possibility to skip intro and flashback moments
- if Anja was extremely starved during the last day, the game couldn't be finished and that has been fixed
- Ruben no longer will appear in the Farewell if he earlier leaves after giving away the Sefer Ha Zohar
- no more save loop in the case of fail ending
- fixed Ruben stuck in bed while standing
- fixed translation mistakes

Linux standalone installer not updated yet, Windows and Mac OS updated to 6.0.0.s3798.a10751: 16 August 2019.

EDIT: Linux was also updated later that day.
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Changelog for Update 6.0.5 (added 30 August 2019):

This War of Mine
- modding tools are working properly now and will not let the game go crashing
- Citizens from your group now return home after being sent to help neighbours
- Fixed an inability to build improvements in your shelter (like bed or metal workshop) in places where piles of rubble was

Fading Embers
- Now the display time of the endlog in the Fading Embers is longer,
- Now you can also skip the endlog with a mouse click or by hitting proper keyboard button.

All DLC were also updated.
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This War of Mine & DLCs

Update 6.0.6:

Message from Steam:
Hi there, This War of Mine Community!

We've just released a bunch of fixes for the game and its DLCs!

List of changes:
- Bandits during raids will steal your shelter again (Classic This War of Mine)
- After skipping the retrospection speeches will no longer be visible on the screen to the end of the day (Fading Embers DLC)
- Fixed blurred screen corners bug after skipping the cutscenes (Fading Embers DLC)
- Camera stuck while coming back from the church with Adem - fixed (The Last Broadcast DLC)

11 bit studios
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Final Cut Update (14 November 2019)
(will update this post if/when a proper changelog gets released)

Details here.

More details not-on-GOG.

Windows and Mac standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated: 6.0.6 ⇒ 6.0.7.
Linux-Update 6.0.7 => 6.0.8

No Changelog
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