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Oksoy: Update: Hurray, New DLCs! We now have 15 out of the 16 DLCs in the program, the newest is:
15. New Finisher Animations
Pictures in the guide will be updated when the final DLC comes out.
How do you access the Store Page for the free DLC if you've already purchased it? I see no links for it anywhere and the link in the library just displays a list of titles for the DLC, no overall description of the Free DLC Pack is available anymore...

On GOG Galaxy, the title list of DLC is displayed as gray font on a gray background making it practically impossible for me to read any of it, I assume this is because the game is still downloading. On the GOG website it lists them as black font on gray background.

But yeah, no way to access the store page for the free DLC pack once you've bought it.
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Well I just went searching to find out when DLC 14 was coming out as I thought it strange no updates in GOG Galaxy which I have been checking every day since DLC 13.
Discovered both 14 and 15 have been released.

Not sure if this has been reported by anybody else but for some reason only the first 13 DLC's are showing in my GOG Galaxy Witcher 3 extras page and 14 and 15 are no where to be seen.

Is GOG aware of this, is there a fix for it?

I realise I can go to the site and get them, but it's nice to have the GOGG client working properly so I can get all my related files in the one place.
Looks like in the future I should check the internets for release information related to newer games sold by GOG until I know such things will not be an issue.

Edit: Update
HA, I kid you not. As soon as I made that post the DLC's showed up on the page, along with Patch 1.07 which it seems was also not appearing.

I went back to the page after my last post when I saw on a web search page I had open that there was a version 1.07 which I also had no idea was out, and the client was still showing me as only having 1.06 as an option up until this point.

Very weird that. I hope I do not have to make forum posts to make sure my games content is up to date lol.
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i got my 14th DLC 3 days ago, when i updated to 1.07.
Lirown: i got my 14th DLC 3 days ago, when i updated to 1.07.
The 15th DLC has also been released.
Hey fellow witchers, so i thought that geralt's beard wasnt growing like it should, then i noticed that people were saying that if u download the beard dlc it stops beard growth.. then someone said if u go clean shaven it resets it.. so i went clean shaven and travelled a few times and it didnt grow, maybe i was impatient, lol but i then uninstalled the beard dlc, but could not load up my save game, so then of course i tried to download and reinstall, and OF COURSE i cannot install it for some reason and CANNOT play my game since every single one of my 50 savegames has the stupid beard dlc.. can anyone help me figure out how to reinstall the dlc, and also give me some clarity on the beard growth? I would like to play witcher 3 again, and have a dynamically growing beard.. whats my best course of action?
If you install using Galaxy will the dlc be added automatcally?
DazBoots: If you install using Galaxy will the dlc be added automatcally?
Yes. Some DLCs can be toggled from the in game options menu.
I've patched to 1.08, and when I try to activate the DLC it says I can't install it due to the version being wrong :I

I'm pretty sure the patches didn't add the dlc or anything since I have no DLC option menu,
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