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any idea how to report this so it gets taken care of? I wouldn't want to start a new game if this is going to be fixed...

(edit) this is not a location issue, downloading a couple of different saves off the internet makes the import work just fine, I wonder if it's an issue with the save being from the steam version :(
Post edited May 18, 2011 by karmadharma
I have the Steam version of The Witcher 2 but GOG of Witcher 1 (which I bought this morning SPECIFICALLY so I could load my old saves into it, make new ones so that Witcher 2 would detect...
Just so no one says it's Win 7 x64 that's at fault, I have Win 7 x64 and had no issues with importing saves.

My Witcher 1 was also a Steam copy (whereas I've got the GoG Witcher 2), so let's not blame that either. :p