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asmodeus_dhoine: Well, that sucks. Why would they do this? This is just like Fallout 3's cap on levels, which they had to raise in DLC. Goddamit.
aimlessgun: Just like Fallout 3? You mean just like most RPGs ever made?

Operating within limits is good for creativity. If you could get every talent, it would be boring. There would be no fun at all in figuring out your character build. That's why most RPGs have level caps.

Further, on one path of the game, you can't even hit the level cap playing normally. On the other path, you'll probably have like 30 minutes left of gameplay when you hit the level cap. So really it doesn't matter at all :D
Perhaps you're right :) I was under impression that there's still a lot of gameplay left, but I was told but there's about, as you said, 30 minutes :)) So OK then.
Don't know what the big deal with the cap is anyways. I played on Normal, so I don't know the difference with hard, but the game is very easier at the last 8-10 levels it's really irrelevant to play. You run out of story, so do you really care if you go up more levels?
Seriously, level cap has its point as does the fact you cant start game again with the same character.

The first is because of specialization (great if you asked me - you can mix builds a little bit but not too much and its more interesting that way)

The second is because there is no level scaling. Again - I am sure level scaling was a design choice and I am happy with this one.

Not that I dont have my quarrels with TW2 and some of its design choices, but char development and RPG elements IMHO work fabulously (extremely simple, but encourage specialization and every point COUNTS)!