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QuietusPlus: For anyone interested, I have posted a new mod over on Nexus called "Enhanced Mod Compilation". It basically changes some things that annoyed me during my playthrough(s). It contains both existing mods and completely new features like Auto-loot and Level 2 descriptions on unacquired skills. Feedback is always welcome.

Can't seem to post any links due to amount of posts made (if someone else would, thanks).
Hey, I was looking at your mod, it sounds good. I'm particularly interested in the autoloot and 0 weight for herbs and plants, and glowing containers. I can get these with the minimal version of your mod. Do you know if the minimal version will work with the FCR mod?

Hello all,

I've just started a game of TW2. I'm not interested in playing a 2nd time round so I'm looking at installing some mods to make the game the best experience from the start. My least favourite part of a game is repetition and grind, so anything that speeds up the pointless stuff (auto-looting!), or makes combat feel fast and tactical rather than repetitive would be really appreciated.

What do people think about the FCR and "minimal enhanced mod compilation" mods?
I've heard conflicting things about the FCR combat. I've also heard about lots of bugs. I like the idea of less equipment and junk, with fewer but more meaningful upgrades. Likewise, fast tactical combat sounds fun, but I'd like an up to date opinion as a fair chunk I've found on web relate to the old version of FCR.
The minimal enhanced compilation auto-loots items with 0 weight, and reduces ingredients to 0 weight so I don't have to run around picking plants. Not sure if it will work with the FCRmod though.

Any other mods? How about post-game quest mods of quality?

I want to play the game, enjoy the story, have some fights requiring higher skill and lower repetition, then move onto another game.
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I wrote a guide om GamingBoulevard, with a lot of mods (and a quick explanation) , their installation order and a guide to install a ENB. Can't link directly to that site (just yet), but google should help you.

I hope this can help some guys of you to mod The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. I have also made one for The Witcher Enhanced Edition. Please, do contact me if you have any problems.
nice game :)
what are you all thanking for lol
very nice game
Witcher Nexus seems to be dead. Is there somewhere else I can get these mods?
posfan12: Witcher Nexus seems to be dead. Is there somewhere else I can get these mods?
The Witcher Nexus site seems to running OK now - this link - - will take you straight to the 'Enhanced Mod Compilation' mod.

And this link - will take you to the 'FCR' mod.

Hope this helps.
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