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Hello there !
Strange thing - The Witcher can not download,not by big file with GOG d-loader,not with 6 chanks (i get a parts 3 and 5 bad).
Should i try to d/l using Explorer,as suggested ?
Or is the a faster server ?
I've experienced pretty much all the problems you guys have.
Nothing but issues with this. I should have went with Steam. I'm very dissapointed.
My download has stopped at 6gb with another 2gb's to go. I pause and resume and its just waiting

*I am now getting "Cannot fetch game details"
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The download reached about 2GB, then restarted again from scratch.
The what may be happening? I am using "GOG Downloader".
Two years later I have also download Problems with this game. My download stops at 8.34 (out of 8.4GB) using the GOG-Downloader.

Could someone from GOG please look into this?
i was almost finished downloading when the download stopped and read Checksum error on chunk 127,please contact support.
I have the same problem but mine wasnt 10% yet when i got the checksum error
I'm getting halfway before progress just stops. I'm not using the GOG downloader though, so maybe I should try that.
Three years later and this downloading problem still persists? That's a little ridiculous!!! This is the first game I am downloading here. It does not want to d/l more than 1.2gb. Has anybody figured out how to fix it?
I've always been able to download GOG games without any problems, but I do hear about others having problems sometimes. Usually the solution is to try the GOG downloader if you haven't tried that, and if that doesn't work then try using different web browsers to do the download. The Witcher is a very large download so it can sometimes have problems. Failing that, repeated tries will often do the trick.

One nice thing about downloading with the browser is that it's split up into several chunks, so you can get some of them to finish properly and then just re-download the ones that didn't, rather than having to download the whole game again.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that some internet provides may throttle you after you've downloaded enough stuff. This is annoying, but it's usually done per month so if you start your download at the beginning of a cycle it will hopefully work. Then, since GOG games are DRM-free, you can just keep the installer files somewhere and reinstall from them as many times as you like without having to download anything again.
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Just saw this thread in the Witcher 2 forums, maybe it will help with downloading problems:
i downloaded all seven parts and put them in their own folder on me desktop and the game still wont download....
ShepardxTali: i downloaded all seven parts and put them in their own folder on me desktop and the game still wont download....
So you have 1 .exe file & 6 with the extension .bin
Can you see the file extension, and are they still .bin files ?
What message do you get when you run setup_the_witcher_enhanced_edition_2.0.0.12.exe ?
Not really a solution but I had a couple of issues.

I had to actually use 'save as' to see a file being generated in my folder;
secondly, anytime my computer went to sleep, the download would screw up.