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CHANGELOG Patch 1.6.6 "Vaulted!" (13 January 2020)

*Madness mode starts with more gold and HP. But don't worry you'll die anyway
*Fixed (perhaps) some perma-ressource loss due to sustained talents
*Worldmap ambushes npcs and graveyard coffin npcs are now of rank rare instead of elite, which they already were in all but name
*Right click on the inventory icon on the toolbar will bring up the ingredients list
*Reduce Blink Rune cooldown
*Unflinching Resolve now cleanses in a set priority order and works on disarms instead of wounds
*Ranged Arcane Vortex proc scales with material level
*Increase base damage on Shadow Combat but reduced high end damage
*Reduce scaling on Total Thuggery
*Feed no longer prevents entering the world map
*Fix Tentacle Totem always adding to player party
*Reduce duration of Primal Infusion by 1
*Clarify Gloom tooltip
*Fix weapon damage display on Actor tooltips
*Fixed a few bugs with Cursed Sentry
*Any error now dumps a copy of the log into TENGINEHOME/4.0/tome/error-logs/'date'.txt
*Reduce AI chase accuracy during Burrow and Movement Infusion
*Daikara meteors do not remove special features (like weird pedestals) anymore
*Reduce Howl rank on Gorbat
*Fixed Mitosis not worked with negative life
*Prevent Shriek and Howl from scaling with difficulty
*Coup de Grace correctly restricted in range
*Crystaline Half of Stone Wardens will only cast Rain of Spikes when a target is available
*Spacial Tether correctly works with duration increase/reduction of the effect
*Simplified main menu's new game option, with dev mode on it always shows a list of modules, without it only shows if more than one is installed
*NPCs don't pass target if they haven't seen it for 7 turns (down from 10)
*NPCs only pass aggro if they have had their target in their actual FOV at least once
*Improve drops from pride uniques
*Buff Summoner's Pheromones to increase damage received from their summons
*Mindstars now randomly roll either as nature or mind damage (except for fixed artifacts) and give an Attune Mindstar talent to swap them to the other damage type
*Tinker switching is now correctly affected by Switf Hands prodigy
*Added vauls contest submissions! Several new and redesigned funky vaults for you to find and die in! Thanks to *Helminthauge, Nsrr, Orange, Razakai, Recaiden and Starsapphire!
*Add failsafe for if one of the Pride's orbs of command somehow didn't spawn
*New artifact: The Far-Hand with teleport immunity and ability to teleport yourself away, or a foe
*Brawler rares now use the same base unarmed damage as a player, instead of the one from the base NPC type; to prevent problems arising on some npcs taht have very strong base melee
*Banned Predator talents from random NPCs
*Disruption Shield correctly explodes once your mana dips below 50%, for whatever reason
*Teleport and Phase Door now become less accurate with distance to target when used by the AI
*Slightly increase numbers for Combat Accuracy
*Target passing between NPCs is now based on rank, the lower the rank the less likely to alert
*Savefiles now contain a "last_log.txt" which contains the last 2000 lines of well .. log. This is the actual game log, not the ingame message log.
*Resistance penetration is capped at 70%
*Halved the experience penalty on all races
*Nerfed Freeze a little to prevent high level oneshoots
*Trying to put a tinker in an object that refuses it will not add a few stats anyway (fixing Galvanic Retributor for example)
*Spells cast by items (like on spell effects) will not trigger Aether Avatar penalty
*Increase save rewards from escorts
*Updates to visuals and sounds of some talents
*Remove linear scaling from Spell Shield
*Combat:attackTarget() returns total damage done
*New hook "Actor:tooltip"
*Add an ActorTalent.deactivate_on property for things that disable at various events
*Add Actor:getCombatStats to get weapon properties for a given object
*New method game.state:dynamicZoneEntry() to easily make new dynamic zones in events, vaults, ...
*Dynamic zones can now be set to reload lists instead of saving them, using zone.embed_lists
*In developer mode all generated maps' entities are now checked for upvalues. Beware evil code! Beware!
*Developer mode: ctrl+shift+alt+right click on an NPC to move it around

Embers of Rage

*Add Steampower to Actor tooltips
*Change Automated Defenses Boltgun/Flamethrower to be PBAOEs instead of asking for targets
*Fix Shockstaff object cloning
*Heavy Weapons deactivate when leaving combat, running, or resting
*Link turret weapon mastery to the summon talent level
*Increase steam cost of all turrets
*Remove armor penetration from Incendiary Rounds
*Cap and reduce fear chance on Incendiary Powder
*Increase Rocket Pod steam drain
*Reduce armor penetration on steamguns
*Limit Rocket Pod to 2 missiles
*Ban Heavy Weapons and Artillery from NPCs
*Fixed an error in a lore note of the pocket of time
*Remove Weapon Automaton tinker (pending its upgrade to be actually working, likely in next update)
*Change turrets to hardcode their physical power, accuracy, and steampower to the casters at time of summon
*Turrets die when their summoner dies
*Reduce the base life and life rating of turrets
*Add icon overlay display for Stormstrike
*Increase Grenade Launcher cooldown from 6 to 9
*Add Magical to Boltgun Safety Overload effects
*Fix Safety Override doing friendly fire
*Change Weapon Expertise Boltgun to fire 4 attacks and disarm
*Fix some no_energy tags
*Fix Automated Defenses Shockstaff occuring at the start of next turn
*Fix Shockstaff automated defense counting more than the weapon damage dealt
*Allow Shockstaff Automated Defense to work at melee range
*Schematics will not transmog anymore
*Buffed Flashpoint
*Halved the experience penalty on all races
*Update the steamgun ego pool to load the base ranged pool and add a few new egos on top of it
*Gauss Cannon always targets the farthest enemy
*Fix Mecharachnid remembering the wrong weapon type to reequip on chassis change
*Fix Mecharachnid not always teleporting when its summoner leaves combat
*Mecharachnid will almost never use basic attacks
*Mecharachnid will only escape via talents
*Mecharachnid targets enemies that damage its summoner if it has no target
*Remove the Mecharachnid on unlearn
*Heavy Weapons now attack as part of their activation
*Boltgun now generates steam on hit instead of reducing saves
*Remove steam cost from Heavy Weapon basic attacks
*Remove Taunt from Flame Turrets
*Fix AED tooltip
*Demolition nerfs

Forbidden Cults

*Writhing One's Worm that Walks can now be renamed (use the orders menu)
*Shoes of Moving Slowly correctly combine with Shoes of Moving Quickly even with curses (requires a new pair of both after the patch)
*Light of Revelation only works on foes
*Somewhat reduced the rarity of most Forbidden Tomes
*Halved the experience penalty on all races

Ashes of Urh'Rok

*Halved the experience penalty on all races
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Changelog for Patch 1.6.7 "This Is Not A Dinosaur" (28 February 2020):

Tales of Maj'Eyal
- Fix Antimagic Zone targeting
- Fix Reaver NPCs trying to attack before they're fully on the map via Command Staff
- Improve Blade of Distorted Time
- Fix Out of Phase merging
- Slightly reduce Insane talent and class level scaling
- Cap Rush range at 14
- Add slow subtype to Cripple
- Move Corrupted Negation damage to after the dispel
- Fix Shield Slam block occuring before the attacks
- Fix Guidance antimagic bonus
- Fix Marauder and Skirmisher power_source tags
- Allow Elemental weapon ego to proc on kills
- Disable bandit fortress vault, until it can be reworked as it causes more problems than it's worth
- Added a visual effect for Inner Demon debuff
- Add a decimal to ancestral life turn gain description
- Reduce spawn rate of living weapons vault in halfling ruins
- Prevent randbosses with a fixed class from rolling that class a second time
- Modify collapsed tower vault to make it more interesting
- Add Vile Life locked for Reaver at 1.0
- Increase Reaver Plague mastery to 1.3
- Ban Vile Life from NPCs
- Increase Vile Transplant cooldown from 10 to 15
- Replace damage and healing on Vile Transplant with a vim cost per effect
- Improve Healing Inversion radius and cooldown
- Restructure Unflinching Resolve cleanse tiers (buff)
- Give grushnak pride orcs -30% damage when randbosses
- Remove Probability Travel from some NPCs as the spell has been set to no NPC use
- Add minimum damage to some proc egos
- Nerf Prismatic Slash weapon damage
- Improve Endless Woes tooltip
- Add some new vaults to the Prides
- Fix Dominant Will and Dom Hex preventing healing on level change
- Reduce number of vaults in prides
- Make worms vault more reasonable
- Add AI pathfinding protection to Wraithform
- Increase armor randart power max
- Unified all anti-crit mechanisms from a chance of ignoring crit into an always on reduction of crit damage. Overall this is the same damage reduction but without spikes.
- Fixed a bug when a level is scraped during level generation that forced escorting NPCs of the discarded level to appear on the new one
- Fixed Pheromones talent

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults
- New tile & doll tile for the Helm of Knowledge
- Add a very clear message indicating a Searing Horror reflect is up
- Fix Forbidden Tome: "A View From The Gallery" NPCs spawning with item egos
- Fix Writing One pet not always returning on combat exit
- Add power source display to Font of Sacrifice ego tooltip
- Change Font of Sacrifice cost to increase by 1000 gold for greater/500 gold for lesser each time the same item is modified (cheaper)
- Change Font of Sacrifice ego count to 5 from 3
- Fixed the epilogue lore of the book The Day It Came
- Mutated Hand weapon mastery works now with the same numbers as all other masteries

Tales of Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage
- Reduce level requirement of Medic turret
- Add display of current ingredient amount to Tinkers
- Remove APR on Steamsaws
- Actually fix Mecharachnid running away
- Add inherent accuracy scaling to Mecharachnid
- Add block to Lightning Web tooltip
- Reduce Lightning Web damage
- Change Lightning Web duration to always be 4
- Nerf Capacitator Discharge damage
- Fix shockstaff tooltip
- Reduce Shockstaff damage
- Reduce Flame Turret damage
- Reduce Flame and Steamgun Turret life rating
- Reduce Grenade Launcher damage
- Mecharachnid can now be renamed by the orders menu
- Actually ban Heavy Weapons and Artillery from NPCs

Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated: 1.6.6 ⇒ 1.6.7.
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Changelog for Patch 1.7.0 "Necrotic Translations" (29. October 2020)
As with any major updates savefiles are not compatible.
If you want to finish a character, do not upgrade until you have done so, and make sure you disable addons auto-updating.
And if you use addons, make sure they have a version for 1.7 or disable them.

* Tales of Maj'Eyal *
- New stuff, cool & shiny:
o Full and total rewrite of the Necromancer class, no point in a list of "changes" as 95% of it is new or deeply altered :)
o Lich is now a race evolution for Necromancers, with its own (obviously awesome) racial talent tree
o New class evolution for Archmages: High Thaumaturgist, that focuses on using and enhancing beam spells
o New class evolution for Sun Paladin: Fallen! Thanks to Recaiden!
o Add language localization support, with simplified and traditional chinese as the first supported languages
o Add a fun mechanic to prevent farming of ruined dungeon orbs to get alchemy ingredients
o Add revamped bandit fortress vault
o Add uniques to rak'shor pride, similar to the ones already showing in all other prides. Uniques are randomly chosen between necromancers or corruptors with either a necromatic mass or sanguine horror pet.
o Add worms vault to dry lake of nur
o Added 2 more rows of hotkeys for the mad people :)
o Added Energy Alteration in the newly freed Meta tree that allows to change damage spells types dynamically, hopefully enabling some fun multi-elements builds
o After resting for a few turns, if a party member has a lower life regen than the main character, it will use the main character's regen instead to avoid super long pointless waiting
o Burb now has his own tile! All hail Burb the snow giant champion!
o Change how rares and randbosses are generated to be tree based instead of individual talent based thus making them focus on trees more and increasing chance to see tier 3 and 4 talents while also making rares easier to evaluate at a glance
o Changed Adept to instead grant a flat +1.5 to all talent levels
o Cleansing Flames is now an active that sets yourself on fire to activate the cleansing flames efefcts for yourself and all burning wake/inferno damage as before. This makes it work with Spellcraft
o Eldritch Infusion now also provides a spellpower and mindpower bonus based on shields tiers
o Enabled "WASD" movement (with an option to turn it off, and keybinds anyway). The big difference to normal movement is that it responds to key *release* and can combine directions. So you can do diagonal movement with just 4 keys by pressing two at the same time. Keeping them pressed also works
o Focused Wrath now also resets the cooldown of Mind Storm at talent level 5
o Give all melee classes that don't currently start with a point in weapon mastery at birth a point in weapon mastery at birth; this also serves to make sure randbosses have the weapon mastery they need
o Malevolent Dimensional Jelly finally got its own tile! Now MORE malevolence!
o Melinda has a new haircut (also available to players after unlocking redhair)
o Merged Quicken Spells and Spellcraft
o Moved the default binding for 'w'ield to 'e'quip and the old 'e' binding to 'E' (not that this matters as this was just and alias for 'i'nventory anyway). Those are the DEFAULT binds, if you want the old ones, you can rebind to whatever you prefer :)
o New minor demon, the onilug
o Pressing x on the levelup dialog can toggle between the current display and a new one were every value of talents over 5 levels is shown at once (just try it's harder to explain than it really is ;) )
o Prodigies screen splits out evolutions from prodigies to better see them
o Rework of the Phantasm tree, Illuminate is more useful, Phantasmal Shield remade, Invisibility is not a sustain anymore and has no damage penalty and a new Mirror Image spell
o Reworked Swift Hands to provide 4 "ready" slots
o Rewrote Aether Permeation to be a dispel protection and a spellpower boost
o Stone Fortress now applies half the effect when it is not activated by the racial ability
o Stone Vines now correctly check for mindpower instead of just willpower to apply debuff
o Stone Warden's Shard is not affected by counterstrike
o When there is possible negative life the player's healthbar will now account for it and add a visual marker at the "0" health point too

- Misc stuff that other categories did not want: ~
o A few UI visual tweaks (buttons & frames)
o Actors are cleaned of temporary effects upon death even if they do not resurrect, to prevent some effects from lingering after their deaths
o Actors with inventory access disabled can not access stores either. Sorry!
o Add cost to crude iron battle axe of kroll, rungof's fang, mummified egg sac and razorblade
o Adjust formula for Dominate resistance penetration and change cap to 70%
o Aether Avatar correctly removes physical and magical effects
o Aether Avatar penalty only triggers for spells
o Allow cancelling Temporal Form's anomaly talents
o Altered Essence of Speed formula to be less punishing on high level NPCs and reduced its mana cost

- Evil bugs being squashed:
o Correctly sort savefiles in the load menu
o Curse of Shrouds movement bonus now triggers when swapping places with an ally
o Derth arena quest is now resilient to clones! BEGONE CLONES! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
o Disruption Shield correctly respects the radius increase from Aether Avatar
o Effects that should be removed on level change will be removed even if they can't be removed. This requires no further explanation :)
o Eyal's Wrath have correct duration
o Fix (more) Possessors memory leaks
o Fix a bug with Beyond the Flesh
o Fix a bug with force using a talent at a specified level
o Fix a couple of memory leaks.
o Fix a possible recursion in damage type changing code
o Fix a savefile bloating bug
o Fix a small memory leak when visual hotkey feedback is enabled
o Fix absolute resistance display in tooltips
o Fix accuracy bonuses matching their effects

- Code, stuff for addons makers:
o IMPORTANT: removeEffectsSustainsTable, removeEffectsSustainsTable, removeEffectsSustainsTable and removeEffectsSustainsTable now take a first src parameter. Addons need updating or will explode!.
o Added a framework to know how a talent got activated (by action, forceuse, callback, ...) along with passing this into to the damage projectors
o Chat files can now use <<>> to make said text into italic green and **some text** to make it bold. Because I'm lazy.
o New "callbackOnResurrect", "callbackOnDispelled", "callbackOnDispel", "callbackOnSummonHit"
o New Actor:udpateSustains() to force sustains to turn off and on again
o New dispel framework, from now on do dispel effects as target:dispel(eff_or_t_id, source)
o New hooks "Game:changeLevel" and "PartyIngredients:collectIngredient", "Zone:InfiniteDungeon:loadNPCs", "Combat:attackTargetWith:beforeArmor", "PartyOrder:define", "PartyOrder:execute"
o New Map:removeEffect() method
o New resolvers.register_callbacks to place callback directly onto actors
o The damDesc talents function can now take a list of damage types and aggregate damage types can themselves define this list too
o Updated the way escorts are coded to make them easier to mod. To avoid stuff exploding too much in addons, the old hooks are disabled and now two new ones took their place "EscortRewards:givers" and "EscortRewards:rewards"

* Forbidden Cults *
o Applying Zero Point Energy on Temporal Vortexes will udpate their visual effect range
o Atrophy will fade if source is dead
o Digest effect from Slow Death does not losoe duration outside of combat, but does not provide insanity regen either
o Fatebreaker can no longer self-target
o Fix a case where the Godfeaster exit won't spawn/will be deleted and players will be trapped
o Fix Font of Sacrifice tooltip and cost
o Fix Shoes of Moving Slowly buff fade when you Bump Attack
o Fix tentacled wings being able to hit more than once
o Fix unsolvable illusory castle map generation

* Embers of Rage *
o Add a limit of 65% projectile deflection to automated cloak tessellation
o Add appropriate power sources to tinker classes, notably technique_ranged so that psyshot and gunslinger will be restricted from appearing as rares on base types archer and skirm are
o Adjust radius scaling for Sawfield
o Adjust scaling for Blacksmith to modern scaling conventions
o Arcane Amplification Drone disappears upon level change and deals slightly less damage
o Autoloader gives Shoot talent
o Changing Chassis will unwear tail weapon if there is no available candidate
o Correctly show non-tiered ingredient amount in Create Tinker UI

* Ashes of Urh'Rok *
o Added Onilug statue
o Adjusted Demonologists and Doombringers masteries to be more in line with the base game
o Bind Demon can now summon from seed in either the equipment or inventory
o Bind Demon list is now sorted by demon tier and level
o Blackice no longer requires being in melee and reduces both fire and physical resistance
o Blighted Path damage now works at range and offers a third option to create a reflective shield
o Buffed Acidic Bath a little
o Buffed Champion of Urh'Rok body effect
o Buffed Doom Tendrils damage

=> For complete list see:

Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated: 1.6.7 => 1.7.0 (42419|42309) on Linux|macOS - Windows not updated yet.
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Two additions concerning the new TOME 1.7.0 release:

The Windows version has just arrived ... and as Linux-er it is nice to see this order also happening for games. ;)

The prior version 1.6.7 (36467) was done differently - so installed game with all 3 DLCs consumed:
    5654812 kB (similar sized 32 and 64 trees, several `game' subdirectories and a lot of duplicated files for 1.6.x),
while the current version 1.7.0 (42419) is done by TOME Dev using GOG automated tools and now consumes:
      985552 kB (to give the words of the Dev who kindly and directly answered my question:
      "<1GB is indeed a much more correct size for the game than 5.6 GB :)" ... with 5.6 GB being the number I gave in the mail.
      I just corrected it here ... got late yesterday).

So this version is on GOG an even larger step further - concerning smaller size: 5.4 GB -> 0.94 GB (both for full game incl. all three DLCs) and all the great changes listed in the changelog.

A last note concerning the changelog in the former post:
I chose to make one post given the structure and the first topics of the original changelog and indicating missing topics by "....".
I could not add further topics to the post, unfortunately - an invisible GOG forum post limit.
Further changes are just not taken into account - the post stays just the same.
I hope this format is OK to get an idea of the changes - and one can go to the original posting for the entire picture.
My experience with changelogs divided in several posts was not that good - and I hope others may see it similarly.
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Changelog for Patch 1.7.1 "Ghoulish Evaporation" (06. Nov. 2020)

This is a simple bugfix release to squash 'em evil bugs!

* Tales of Maj'Eyal *
o Add a way for the game to try and load (and fix) savefiles with errors (usually due to data that should not have been saved). It is likely to work in many instances, but not guaranted.
o Clarify corpselight description
o Correctly report talents cooldown in the log when stunned in some cases
o Disable gamma settings from being applied if shaders are disabled, hopefully this should prevent desktop-wide gamma alteration
o Display Crepuscule range
o Disruption Shield visually changes when it is into the mana eating phase
o Fix AMD display weirdness
o Fix a bug with some rare NPCs with Blurred Mortality
o Fix a very rare issue in Reknor that could prevent the stairs to level 2 from appearing
o Fix an issue where a huge number of disabled addons could make the game crash on start
o Fix Aura of Undeath, Surge of Undeath and Chill of the Tomb to work even if Through The Crowd is active
o Fix blond and redhead bears naming for female dwarves
o Fix Bombardment to not spam the log when out of ammo
o Fix Bone Grab not always using a turn
o Fix Frigid Plunge to correctly heal minions
o Fix Rak'Shor's Cunning ghoul form to correctly benefit from the speed increase when waddling in your own retch
o Fix Reaping to correctly remove effect upon unsustaining it
o Fix talents that should not give warning to not give warning
o Fix the Malevolent Dimensional Jelly to be correctly Malevolent
o Fix Throwing Knifes stats mod display
o Fix Track radius
o Gives Heavy Armour Training 1 to bowman thought-forms to ensure they can wear equipment they generate with
o Hiemal Shield now displays the usual shielded lifebar
o Minimize use of raw talent level where effective should be used and has precedent for use
o Multiple stacks of Retch on the ground have diminishing returns on the healing; to alleviate NPC necromancers summoning lots of ghouls and being basically on infinite regen mode :)
o Ravage works on more sustains
o Recall Minions will only put minions inside walls if they can move in them (Dreads)
o Reduce the frequency at which rares take talents in the Combat Techniques tree, potentially alleviating a concern that rares have too high accuracy in 1.7
o Reduce number of ghouls summoned by very high levels of Call of the Mausoleum
o Shadow's Path now has diminishing returns
o Somewhat lower level of enemies in bandit fortress vault
o Surge of Undeath provides a small passive regen to all minions
o Swap Pure Aether cooldown reduction to happen after items reductions
o Temporal Hounds are petable, show the love!

* Forbidden Cults *
o Fix a bad interaction between the staff of bones and some player names (yes weird uh!)
o Fix a bug where the Ring of the Hunter could hunt your savefile to death
o Fix a bug with Prophecy of Madness
o Fix Controlled Chaos at level 1
o Hypostasis of Entropy is harder

* Embers of Rage *
o Annihilators tagged as range for the purpose of rares
o Fix Boltgun to correctly not use normal ammo
o Fix Grenade Launcher to work with heavy weapons
o Fix Master of Disasters
o Fix Superconduction and Condensate radius
o Make sure that Furnace Vent cant trigger more than once per turn from Melting Point
o Many, many, artifacts have gotten a unique doll image! Ready to shimmer? 3 .. 2 .. 1 ... SHIMMER!
o Sawtree. Need I say more?

* Ashes of Urh'Rok *
o Added Onilug statue lore
o Demon seed sustains will not unsustain when auto upgraded
o Fix Dark Reign description
o Fix Fetid Breath
o Fixed Cursed Arm seed
o Fixed dual link of pain

This version was missed to GOG offline installer - but no loss - one day later there was a small update ... see below.

###    ###    ###    ###    ## #

Changelog for Patch 1.7.2 "Evaporating Ghouls" is released!

This is a very simple bugfix release to squash a nasty bug that slipped in 1.7.1, very sorry :(

* Tales of Maj'Eyal *
o Fix for Rocket Pod in Embers of Rage
o Fix a bug where sometimes the world explodes when necrotic minions are healed. Boom.

* Ashes of Urh'Rok *
o Fix Ominous Shadow to correctly grant darkness damage conversion

Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated: 1.7.0 => 1.7.2 (42760|42528) on Linux|macOS&Windows.

Have fun in Eyal!
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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.3 "Creepy Crawlies" is released!
# ->
Submitted by darkgod on Fri, 2021-05-21 17:18

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.3 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

This release adds support for japanese & korean translations, and many fixes, balancing and support
for addons stuff. Amongst them a solution (hopefully) to the slowness some people experienced
in the previous version.

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) or on Patreon !

~*** Tales of Maj'Eyal ***~
   o Abyssal Shield now has a log line
   o Actor:canBe now checks for an additive "all_bad_immune" flag, for those that need it
   o Add Japanese and Korean translations
   o Add "no_sustain_autocast" for talents that should not auto-sustain on NPCs (like River of Souls)
   o Add a tutorial popup when the hotkeys page is switched for the first time
   o Add tile transition from marble floor to water (mainly for Last Hope)
   o Adjusts invisibility-granting talents and effects to prevent a floating point error
   o Adjusts tooltips to not display zero-valued properties
   o AI now tries to break iceblock
   o An other Darkvision fix
   o Blight eldritch eye from headless horror gains Drain, as Virulent Disease is now passive
   o Caldera/Sludgenest/Conclave vaults (and Scoure Pits in Forbidden Cults) are now mutualy exclusive,
      only one will exist per game. But one will always exist. In addition the racial 100% chance will
      only exist until the relevant unlock is gained
   o Change Re-assemble to check talent level instead of raw talent level for extra life
   o Change Sand Breath to use Mindpower
   o Change the color of Bone Shield overlay text for clarity.
   o Change Worldly Knowledge to use actual escort rewards
   o Chats will now correctly call your race/class/.. name by their actual display name instead of internal ids
   o Clarified the descriptions of the Cursed/Punishments talentsGesture of Malice's debuff
      now displays its icon properly
   o Clarify Cornac cat point is only at birth (not also every 10 levels)
   o Devourer Frenzy now checks if the target knows Gnashing Bite, not if their name is "Devourer"
   o Fix bone shield resting forever on world map.
   o Fix callbackOnArcheryHit on Chant Radiant
   o Fix Celestial Surge so that it doesn't require an actor standing in the center to deal damage
   o Fix clones of self resurrecting NPCs to not self resurrect themselves
   o Fix Deeprock Form to always remove levels in Volcano and Throw Boulder
   o Fix description of gale force torque
   o Fix description of Harass Prey
   o Fix Dirge of Conquest having no effect
   o Fix Fearscape validating the requirement for "planetary orbit"
   o Fix Judgement self hurt
   o Fix many typos
   o Fix a slowdown that happened in the previous version for some GPUs
   o Fix Nightmare description
   o Fix oversized Splatter Sigils
   o Fix range display for Wave of Power
   o Fix Shadow Simulacrum AI
   o Fix the description of lich's shadows' spells
   o Fix Un'fezan's Cap
   o Fix Through the Crowd conflict with Lich last talent
   o Fix a bug where the WASD keys could get "stuck" if a dialog poped while pressing them in combo
   o Fix some missing sound effects
   o Fix Vimsense to correctly reduce mental save
   o Fix a bug between cloning, removing effects, and Corrosive Worm
   o Game's window title now changes to reflect the current campaign
   o Hook "DamageProjector:base" now receives the target
   o Increase positive/negative regen in rest
   o Increase range on Ungolmor's poison hit
   o Make random sentient staff able to actually spawn
   o Make wrathful ego on-block damage friendly-fire safe as the description implies
   o Monster pits now have their doors always on the sides, never on corners
   o New actor:combatBestpower() to get the best of spell/mind/physical power
      (useful for some items or very generic talents)
   o New callbackOnTalentPre (return true to cancel cast)
   o New chat format support along with an experimental visual editor
      (look for Remote Designer in the debug menu)
   o New hook "Actor:updateModdableTile:skin", before tatoos and after base skin
   o New hook "Player:winnerDescs"
   o Non-necromancers can gain the Lich quest if they spend 5 points in Blurred Mortality
   o Object:canAttachTinker now checks for a "forbid_tinkers" property to prevent items from receiving tinkers
   o Promote some remaining fake-rare elite enemies to rare, for they are basically a rare
   o Probability Travel mana cost reduced
   o Reduce the rate at which rares and randbosses learn new talent trees
   o Renamed Open Palm Block's block effect to "Open Palm Block" to differentiate it from Blocking
   o Self-reloading ammo doesn't break at values above 6
   o Telekinetic wielded weapons are now displayed as floating behind the character doll
   o Thorn Grab, Unseen Force now have a visual effect
   o Throwing knife can't garrote
   o Update demonfire damage check for fiery torment when determining if it should hurt or heal demons
   o Updated the worldmap seen from orbit to be more correct
   o Wintry ego on shield now uses mindcrit

~=*= Ashes of Urh'Rok =*=~
   o Add Japanese and Korean translations
   o Fix Reckless Strike
   o Fix Dolleg mainhand seed description
   o Fix Doom Concordat not reviving seeds
   o Fix Hexed Shield to cast with the correct level
   o Updating a seed with a sustain talent will not sustain it if it was not sustained
      (And I hereby win the medal of saying "sustain" as much as possible in a single sentence!)

~=*= Embers of Rage =*=~
   o All artifacts should now have special doll tiles
   o Fix Assault Chassis Tail Weapon
   o Fix Craftsman's Eye not getting blind fight
   o Add Japanese and Korean translations
   o Fix mecharachnid unequipping armor
   o Fix the display of Mind Injector
   o Fix Dazzling Jump
   o Fix the scaling of many talents after the 1.7 update
   o Giant alligator is now taller
   o Lower Fumigate APR
   o More sanity check for innovation
   o Remove exp value of AAAs
   o Update psi-machine categories to match current escorts

~=*= Forbidden Cults =*=~
   o Add combat training to Cultist of Entropy
   o Fix bonestaff chat appearing on other staves
   o Fix Cacophony effect description
   o Fix daze check for Lash Out
   o Add Japanese and Korean translations
   o Fix range in Accelerate description
   o Fix Revelation for Prophecy of Madness and Prophecy of Treason
   o Fix Split's wrong formula
   o Hypostasis achievement is correctly labelled as important
   o Update the Sourced Pits to work in the same framework as the caldera, conclave vault and sludgenest of vanilla

Have fun in Eyal!

# GOG Offline Installer Update (main game+ all 3 DLCs): 1.7.2 (42760|42528) -> 1.7.3 (47224|47221)
# arrived 21.-25.05.2021 on Lin|Win&Mac
Tome4 1.7.4 arrived.
high rated
Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 "Wandering Star" is released!
# ->
Submitted by darkgod on Mon, 2021-06-28 19:11

My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.4 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

This release adds a new class and a new class evolution, amongst other updates, fixes and balances !

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) or on Patreon !

~*** Tales of Maj'Eyal ***~
   o Add a new hook/callback, ActorAI:aiTalentTactics/callbackOnAITalentTactics
   o Add chat portraits to many things
   o Add zone max level to tooltip and adjust levels for difficulty (if applicable)
   o Allow Steady Shot triggered via Shoot to apply Marked
   o Dirges update mastery correctly
   o Feed and Fed Upon properly ignore absolute resistance
   o Fix a bug with Garrote
   o Fix AI targeting of friendly actors, preventing them once again from toasting their friends
   o Fix alt tier1 zones having a different level range than non-alt tier1 zones
   o Fix Assasinate
   o Fix bone shield having non-integer cooldowns
   o Fix Brawler Attack Speed
   o Fix Cleansing Flames's tactical table
   o Fix description for Animate Blade
   o Fix Disengage being able to move through walls
   o Fix Energy Absorption
   o Fix Hymn Nocturnalist description
   o Fix Minotaur's Grand Arrival
   o Fix Shadows not Fading once they are immune to their summoner's damage
   o Fix Shattering Charge double crits
   o Fix talent level of chants & hymns boosted by difficulty twice
   o Fix Trap Priming
   o Fix twist the knife extending debuffs by non-integer amounts
   o Fix value displayed in damage log for Guardian Unity
   o Fix Vile Transplant effect limit
   o Fix wintry ego on shield not criting
   o forceUseTalent will not break things like movement infusion and won't be disturbed by confusion
   o It is now possible to recall out of the Temporal Rift
   o It is now safe to digest a cursed shadow
   o Mirror images are removed on death
   o New chat dialog interface
   o New gfx for the Rune of Reflection
   o New skeleton's damage shield visuals
   o New Sun Paladin evolution: Avatar of a Distant Sun
   o New Wanderer class. It's akin to adventurer but more chaotic! Instead of choosing talent trees
      you get a random set as you levelup! The set is determined by a seed that you
      can share with others to have friendly random competitions, or just share cool combos ;)
   o New Webs of Fate visual effect
   o Prevent clicking multiple times on hotkeys while the targeting interface is running (prevents
      infinite resource bug)
   o Prevent exploit where you could increase and decrease talent mastery at the same time you learned
      Fallen prodigy
   o Prevent player from infinitely stacking Pestilence shield with enough action speed
   o Remove digging from a few more vaults
   o Slightly nerf pace yourself
   o Some UI updates (buttons, and such)
   o Split the effect of Brutalized and Stunned
   o Support inconstant resource drain, fixing the Fearscape and a few other talents
   o Take Down respects pin if the target is more than 1 tile away
   o Tentative fix for yeti's in EoR having fur sticking outside of their pants
   o Tune down a Boneyard and Corpse Explosion visuals
   o Update fixedart daggers to 50%str/50%dex dammod for knives
   o Update Seen by Arcane Eye to immediately reveal actors
   o Update targeting parameters for Kneecapper and Kill Shot
   o Update Yeek's Quickened to trigger if the damage would leave you at 30% life or less
   o Update many NPCs tiles
   o Update the face of most character dolls
   o Update translations
   o Upscale the size of many lore pictures

~=*= Ashes of Urh'Rok =*=~
   o Fix Diseased Body crashing in some corner cases
   o Fix Eternal Suffering to not appear on NPCs
   o Update translations

~=*= Embers of Rage =*=~
   o Add portraits for various chats
   o Exoskeleton is now displayed behind weapons
   o Fix Emergency Steam Purge wrong range
   o Fix Innovation + Mastery update interaction
   o Fix rounding problem with some steamtech/sawmaiming talents
   o Make Furnace Vent open only if it is fully charged
   o Mecharachnid shows artifact tiles when worn instead of generic ones
   o Summons will now avoid targeting amakthel body parts
   o Update translations
   o Upscale lore pictures
   o Yetis are 100% less prude

~=*= Forbidden Cults =*=~
   o Update Reality Fracture so rifts last for the full duration stated
   o Update translations

Have fun in Eyal!

# GOG Offline Installer Update (main game + all 3 DLCs): 1.7.3 (47224|47221) => 1.7.4 (48138|48137)
# arrived 28.-30.06.2021 on Lin|Win&Mac
Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.5 "Before the Storm" is released!
May 29, 2023
By darkgod - May 29, 2023

(see for full info)

This update fixes various things and most importantly provides new hooks and modding tools that are needed for Lost Land.

- Add support for "_nt" for string localizations that should be translated even thoguh the engine does not need to do it instantly
- Added BlightedSummoning:apply and BlightedSummoning:desc hooks to allow addons to change Blighted Summoning easily
- Adventurers and Wanderers start with the Shoot talent known.
- Alchemist's Drolems now have a basic moddable doll like the normal golem
- Allow tilemaps to load a raw ASCII string
- Allow Waters of Life to cleanse effects which could possibly reduce your heal mod to 0
- Character sheet now displays the actual race name instead of the internal id
- Chat files now support dynamic dialog entries
- Clarify Shattering Blow shield removal description.
- Clarify that only one shield is removed and chosen at random for Shattering Blow, Sunder Armour and Impale.
- Correct Vim tooltip. (Vim gain is 1 + 50% Wil times creature rank, not 1 + 30% Wil times half creature rank)
- Fix cursed aura bloating your savefile
- Fix Purging Trap to not bypass silence immunity.
- Fix so that premade characters now have a bonus zone correctly assigned
- Fixed a bug preventing audio settings from saving correctly
- Fixed copying characters links
- Fixed Destalas Scales doll tiles
- Fixed Rimebark's Grand Arrival cold resistance
- Fixed Stormshield rune's numbers
- Fixed underground mushrooms graphical error
- Fixes an error with Fearscape
- Garkul's Revenge correctly gives +20% damage against giant.
- High Peak levels 1 to 4 now use cavern generator (with varying size on each level) instead of just level 1
- Living lightning correctly works with Range Amplification Device
- Makes combat tables for items refer back to their source item, for addons.
- New hook "Chat:init"
- New hook "Wanderer:learntCategory"
- New moddable tile attachements: tail & behinds
- Prevent Fallen Sun Paladins from spending 2 category points on a single Fallen category
- Prevent Heroism lost life bonus from chaining infinitely.
- Split the artifact creation code from the lost merchant chat file and added a hook "LostMerchant:artifactList" for better moddability
- Swapped the orientation of some items images to be more consistent
- Update Aura of Undeath description to specify that the inherited damage increase is based on your highest damage increase.
- Update Call of the Ooze to check your number of total summons vs the limit allowed by Mitosis (Call of the Ooze's own limit is still checked in the action), so it can be used if you already have one or more oozes but do not have max summons or the max oozes allowed by mitosis.
- Update Vault to check for a shield only. The action only uses the shield, so we don't need to check for sling and ammo as well.
- Update Weapon of Light description to include the shield duration refresh.
- Various typos, as usual since I can't type correctly :)
Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.6 "Woops" is released!

June 30, 2023
By darkgod - June 30, 2023

(see for full info)

This is the update of shame!
I managed to induce a nasty nasty bug that broke the item's vault in 1.7.5. This is the fix for it so I can now finally go back to publish Lost Land test. I am sorry for the delay (and the nasty bug).
And to express my shame about the bug, I've gifted 2 bonus vault slots to every single player account that exists at this moment, whether they were affected or not.

- Fixed the Item's Vault bug that could upload broken items or not upload at all, or not download at all. It's wild.
- Updated the server to make sure this can't happen again even if I do an other dumb change