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Changelog for update 1.5.5 (added 05 July 2017):

Mac OS X version will follow shortly.

- Fixed damage bonus, resistance penetration and resistances to correctly appear in online charsheets
- Buffed Athamaton, also it can now speak! Enjoy your deaths
- Added support for visible talents, items and playerdoll images on online character sheets on
- Fixed joining chat channels on star in some rare cases, one of the reason for "server doesnt work: it did work you just didnt saw it
- Talents that generate resources state "FOO gain: X" instead of "FOO cost: -X"
- Improved data synchronization with the server to lighten load
- Fixed trying to capture a fearscaping npc while in the fearscape with a possessor
- Modding: Support for "hated_by_everybody" property
- Modding: DLCs/Addons defined resources should now correctly appear in the charsheets
- Modding: New resources parameter "switch_direction" to indicate the resource prefers to be lower
- Modding: New Actor:alterTalentCost method
- Modding: New static method Object:descCombat() to let addons pass a custom combat table and get a correct description
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Correction to the latest changelog.

The changelog posted by PaterAlf above is for update 1.5.4.

Changelog for Update 1.5.5 (added 05 July 2017):

- Mac OS X version will follow shortly.
- Fixed shops.
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Changelog for patch 1.5.6 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 24 April 2018):

- Added Discord Rich Presence support
- Aether Beam cast by NPCs will be visible
- Alchemist golem creation method is now global to the talents namespace (and thus can be modded)
- Can send talent links in the chat from the talent's right click menu or in the levelup dialog by pressing ctrl+l
- Chat names of devs and mods have the proper mention of the status
- Check on character creation for magic/antimagic combo with a warning
- Clarified online event option with three states, if you had changed the setting you need to reapply it
- Class icons for all classes!
- Disabled highscore on the main menu, nobody cared about that anyway
- Dreaming Horrors now have a custom tooltip regarding their awaken/dreaming state
- Exported necrotic aura and create minions data and functions to the global talents environment for easier modding
- Fix Infestation pools blotting out the sun
- Fixed Flames of Urh'Rok shader (and other similar ones) for ATI GPUs
- Fixed Fortress and Glass walls for corner cases
- Fixed randarts with very low ammo regen turns
- Fixed talent unlearning and item removal to correctly remove buffs they set like they already removed sustains
- Fixed the orb pedestals in the slime tunnels to be an actual requirement
- Invulnerable npcs are denoted as such in tooltips
- Made temporal fugue more resilient to reccursion (with regard to automated defence system of Embers of Rage)
- Melee retaliation powers on randarts are rarer and higher level
- Ogres and Shalore are not in Ziguranth patrols anymore
- Recall buff is now classified as "other"
- Remove pointless Pestilent Blight combat log entry
- Removed restriction on shimmers based on weapon/armour types; you can now shimmer a dagger to a staff or a plate armour to a robe!
- Replaced Rapid Shot with Aim for Bowman Thoughform to correctly match the weapon
- Revise Rot and Plague talent targeting and tactical tables
- Switched drem and dremling names to be more fitting
- Tighthened security around file access functions
- Addons: "In Combat" status is now computed by the game for all actors, always available as "actor.in_combat" and with callback "callbackOnCombat(state)" when status changes
- Addons: ActorTemporaryEffect support #hisher#
- Addons: Added "callbackOnTargeted"
- Addons: Added game:shakeScreen()
- Addons: Added loadIfNot to entities environment to only load said list if it has not yet been
- Addons: Added setTextFont and setAnswerFont functions to chats definition files to switch the fonts used.
- Addons: Chat:load hook exposes the chat file environment
- Addons: Damage shield supports on_absorb callback
- Addons: Fixed events generation in temporary zones
- Addons: Fixed resolvers.charm/charmt to be last resolvers to avoid problems with reapplying ego
- Addons: Items that can save life get notified if they do with "on_resurrect" field
- Addons: Levels can decide if they'll dynamically match stairs with "auto_zone_stair"
- Addons: New hooks "Chat:invoke", "CommandStaff:SentientOptions", "CommandStaff:SentientChat", "GameState:makeEventName" and "Winner"
- Addons: New Quest:isSuccess method
- Addons: New set of inventories parsing methods: findInAllWornInventories, findInAllWornInventoriesBy, findInAllWornInventoriesByObject, wornInventoryApplyAll
- Addons: New table.pairsRemove function
- Addons: NPCs can have a custom_tooltip method to add stuff to their tooltips, dynamically
- Addons: Temporary zone shifts can use "temporary_zone_shift_save_pos" to back back exactly where the entrance was
- Addons: Zone's generators using "zoneclass" can be a string instead of true to load a specific file


Changelog for patch 1.5.7 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 24 April 2018):

- Fixed error on changing level after a version upgrade. Stupid me sorry :/
- Fixed a bug with The Mouth spawns and some others
- Fixed time played in discord rich presence to correctly indicate hours instead of days
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.8 / GOG-20319 (Windows) / GOG-20342 (Linux) (added 27 April 2018):

- The flame of the candles in the blighted ruins now flicker
- Fixed Actor:cloneActor to support both add_mos and add_displays, in essence this fixes display bugs with talents that clone NPCs
- Disable Dreamscape on Dreaming Horrors to avoid weird bugs, until they can be fixed. But buff the horror to compensate
- Disable all connectivity will not disable steam anymore
- Fixed Plague tree, this includes the black screen level generation bug
Steam is getting the Forbidden Cults expansion tomorrow. I assume GOG will be not too far behind? ToME has been timely with GOG in the past.

As far as I can tell, there's no full campaign, so it's more like Ashes than Embers in that regard.
mothwentbad: As far as I can tell, there's no full campaign, so it's more like Ashes than Embers in that regard.
It's similar to Ashes of Urh'Rok in that regard. We are behind with the patches too, 1.5.9 went online some days ago. I really hope GOG is not gonna make us wait.
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.9 (added 16 May 2018):

- Altered lore popup window to accomodate big lore visuals better
- Shatur (and others) trees should be back to their full glory
- Fixed crash on birth screen when framebuffer video option is disabled
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 Forbidden Cults (added 21 May 2018):

- Change Demented starting zone to the middle of a corn field to avoid Angolwen despawning
- Clarify insanity description
- Drem Stone Wardens can now have benefit from Stone Fortress while the summon from From Below It Devours talent is alive.
- Fixed a bug where the Wyrmic Scourge Drake tree wouldn't properly unlock
- Fixed books shader on AMD GPUs
- Fixed Dissolved Face tooltip
- Fixed Drem confusion resistance
- Fixed Horrific Display target clearing
- Fixed Malyu dialog to gracefully handle classes that know talent trees that do not actually exist
- Fixed Shared Insanity tooltip
- Fixed tentacle tree event to not always spawn a bunch of them at once
- Fixed tentacle zones having leftover Fearscape Portal code
- Fixes characters with the Robe of the Worm permanently stuck (retroactive)
- Improve Light of Revelation
- Increased the level range of a certain Forbidden Tome a bit
- Reduced the damage of most npcs in The Maggot a little, and reduced the endboss infravision
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.10 / GOG-21011 (Windows) / GOG-21015 (Mac) / GOG-21016 (Linux) (added 25 May 2018):

- Zigur is now always present on the map but forbids entry to any magic user.
- Fix addons & DLCs auto updater
- Updated registration process for new players
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.10b (21 September 2018)

- Fixed an issue where certain classes and donator features were disabled when playing the game offline

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Changelog for Major Release 1.6.0 "A Late Delivery From Avalon" Added 2019-October-25

As is the custom, an abridged changelog can be found here.
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soon i hope
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Changelog for Patch 1.6.1 "Techno-Annihilation" (added 20 November 2019):

- Fixed some more leaks in Possessors
- Update damage display on talents to new stun damage penalty
- Also fix typo in Fire Dragon Shield description
- Fix Mark Prey bloating savefiles
- Fix a bug that could leave confusion effects permanent
- Remove Elemental Surge from Vor
- Remove Acidic Skin from Gorbat
- Fixed some zones not being able to generate randbosses
- Increase the minimum level on several antimagic egos
- New tiles for Stone Wall spell
- Rewrote/re-imagined the layout & tilesets & sizes of the four Prides. They should now be more interresting, smaller and way less laggy
New Gameplay option to display a warning and stop receiving key/mouse input for 2 seconds after loosing X% of max life in a turn (disabled by default)
- Increased the visibility of Agony effect to reduce tedium of checking target to see the debuff
- Changed Curse of Nightmares to not use hateful whispers as it provided anti-synergy with the efficient way of playing
Fix blighted summoning not working with some wild summons
- Swap blink and shatter afflictions for Ogre and Shalore
- Swap blink and shatter afflictions for shalore
- Nerf psychokinetic and grasping ego damage
- Fix stormbringer's ego giving massive movespeed bonuses
- Disruption Shield (and its Aegis effect) changed to a recharging absorb shield that once depleted continues to work (up to a point) by using mana
- Golem's three rush talents now have greater range and pass through friendlies
- Golem's Eye Beam is now always maximum range and does not hurt friendlies
- Circle of Sanctity correctly deals light damage
- Fixed Temporal Form auto-damage bonus not fully going away at the end
- Shadow Senses allows you to always see your own shadows, even when blinded
- Naturalistic and Corrosive gloves ego use the new wyrmic breaths instead of npcs ones
- Fixed reseting charms cooldown with Metaflow
- Fix learning/unlearning Solipcism on Adventurers
- Fixed exiting the fearscape in Tannen's quest after a save&reload
- Updated Dream Hammer weapon mastery
- Daneth's Neck Guard properly gives physical resist
- Fortress quest is given upon inserting the rod even if it was somehow missed
- Fixed Frenzied Focus when used by a NPC using TK-worn gem
- Sanity check Aether Avatar against addons
- Fixed a bug with Piercing Gaze
- Fixed an error on the MTX UI when the game's internal browser is not available
- Sudden Growth now can trigger effects affected by direct heals
- Greater Checkerboard vault has had a revolution! It now features a new sort of incredible new mechanical contraptions: doors!
- Decrease ring crafting costs for non-unique gems
- Remove critting from ego charms and nerf damage
- Increase cost and cooldown of breaths
- Reduce damage and penetration on Chromatic Fury
- Remove stat gain from Wyrmic Guile
- Fix Primal Infusion not removing effects
- Nerf Shadow Grasp damage
- Buff Flexible Combat to 50%
- Display randelites/randboss classes even outside of dev mode
- Improve Striking Stance damage bonus
- Restore exponential bonus to weapon damage
- Reduce the early randboss damage penalty
- Clarify Mirror Image description
- Warshout now checks mental resist instead of physical
- Yeek quickened racial activated at 70% life instead of the 30% advertised in its description
- Heroism now gives the bonus for missing life it says it does instead of only giving a bonus to stat contribution aspect
- Disabled escape AI from Spellblaze Crystal
- Removed 300% cost modifier on Gates of Morning shops; instead Slazish Fens items have a 20% sell value modifier to prevent celestials from starting with high tier items
- Updated Sun Paladin betray rewards to give augmented mobility talents instead of mobility talents
- Fixed Painful Agony getting people stuck with antimagic when eating antimagic people
- Fixed a bug preventing your from being prevented from respecing in combat ;)
- Gesture of Pain now procs "Talent on hit(mindpower)"
- Fixed recalling out of sublevel maps (like hidden vaults, event maps, ...)
- Reduced minimum level for randbosses to spawn to 8
- Fixed a bug preventing Fireflash from damaging the caster, even without Spellcraft
- The way out of the yeek islands now opens after the first zone done
- Reduced minimum level for rares to appear to 4
- Increased Dark Torrent range to 7
- Fixed saving in the Slumbering Caves
- When making a new character the game will check if there is the same addon installed twice and refuse to start (and it won't work anyway), clearly explaining why and how to remove one of them
- Fixed Divine Glyphs to not make the character explode in a glorious stream of errors. Also renamed Divine Glyphs to Empowered Glyphs. Divine does not really exist in Eyal
- Fixed a bug that allowed to spawn the Worm that Walks without spending a point in it
- Fixed Transcendent Electrokinesis interaction with Brain Storm
- Shatter Afflictions rune now goes on cooldown when cleaning only crosstier effects but a much much reduced one (-75%)
- Fixed hotkeys dispaying 0.5 cooldowns
- Fix Frenzy permanently reducing defense
- Briagh's Lair is actually shown on the map when Zemekkys tells you so
- Fixed Skin of the Many to work on whitehooves
- Adept prodigy now forces all known talents to update their passive effects (fixing notably Possessor's body storage count)
- All robes now provide a bit of resist all instead of defense and robe egos buffed a little
- New shimmer mirror feature: loading & saving whole shimmer outfits (save independently of savefiles so you can import them on other characters too)
- Auto-bugreports will now include the game version a character was MADE in

Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC, updated: 1.6.0 ⇒ 1.6.1.
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Changelog for Patch 1.6.3 "Oops !.. I Did It Again" (added 27 November 2019):

Tales of Maj'Eyal
- Fixed archery from exploding in a big ball of errors. Very sorry, much self whipping :/
- Changed the greater vault "32-chambers" to only require one exit and replaced diggable walls with doors
- Applied a global reduction to the need to escape for tactical AI. This means NPC should be much less likely to teleport away (they can still do)

Embers of Rage
- Fixed a bug with turrets upon reloading a savefile
- Fixed Seeker Warhead tooltip
- Fixed Tinker's Cave not appearing at birth for tinker classes in Age of Ascendancy campaign

Standalone installers updated 27 November 2019:

Tales of Maj'Eyal
- Windows and Mac: 1.6.1 ⇒ 1.6.3;
- Linux: 1.6.1x ⇒ 1.6.3x ⇒ 1.6.3

- Windows: 1.6.1 ⇒ 1.6.3x;
- Linux: 1.6.1x ⇒ 1.6.3x;
- Mac: 1.6.1 ⇒ 1.6.3.
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Changelog for Patch 1.6.4 "The Neverending Story" (added 02 December 2019):

Tales of Maj'Eyal
- Now that you've all enjoyed 32-chambers vault a lot, I will gracefully allow you to get the others back. Also, fixes the never-ending map generation bug
- Fix casting Freeze at a target in a wall freezing you instead
- Fixed Grappled tooltip
- Fix Meteoric Crash not applying highest dam to fire
- A few misc fixes & addons sanity prevention

Embers of Rage
- Arcane Amplification Drone now has a normal amount of HP but is invulnerable to any damage and inherits the caster's resists penetration to keep it useful later on
- Fixed a bug with Advanced Targeting System when no target exists

Standalone installers updated:

Tales of Maj'Eyal - Windows and Linux: 1.6.3 ⇒ 1.6.4.

DLC - Windows and Linux: 1.6.3x ⇒ 1.6.4.