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come on, network-sdk and what else ?? these did not even exist back then .

this game has higher system-requirements than Rise of the Tomb-Raider or Alien Isolation .

Really someone should fix that, i cant get it to run anywhere and i refuse to install all kinds of sdks and shoot my system .

also the dosbox-version does not work because the screen seems to be too small, it locks then, also tried with linux dosbox, same results.
you are aware that games have software requirements, right? like windows, directx etc.. pretty sure that most, of not all your games use those, net framework and other ones included (you just aren't aware).

anyway, feel free to not install anything, and not play the game.
I got a mouse problem with the SSEE version. The mouse just don't work at all. With the clasic version all is good. And i have a pached version of SS1 that is almost like the SSEE version (portable 1.2.2) and there the mouse is working well. So what can i do to bring the mouse to work in my WIN10 x64 system?
if you mean the source port, resetting the controls to default usually fixes it. also are you aware that you actually have to turn mouselook on and off manually?
Yeah i know that i have to press E for switching between mouslook and normal look. I worked a lot around to get the mouse working in the pached version and i had the same problem with the portable version under 1.2.3 .... i found a way to make all working under portable version 1.2.2 but there the speed goes extreme down when playing over 800x640. So i believed i give the gog version a try. But like i said before, there is no mouse movement at all. It just dont work at all. I see the cross but i cant move it. Not in action mode and also not in mdf mode, but the position of the cousor moved one time when i press E but nothing more happend .... . I tried to reset in clasic and also in enhanced mode. Not working. I change popup cusor on and of and the other settings for mouse look. I change speed of the mous and all. Everything solo and also all at once. Not working. The cousor just is showing but not moveing. Only thing that works is the middle bouton for scrolling in the bind menue. Not in game not in menue at all
would try to reinstall the game completely (deleting any leftover files manually, especially the %APPDATA%\Nightdive Studios\System Shock EE\ folder).

tried on a different pc?
Will System Shock Enhanced Edition have achievement support?
SS1 EE source port? it already has them, I think? anyway, a big update is coming, my guess is that if they can be added, they will be added. unfortunately, I might add.
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voodoo47: SS1 EE source port? it already has them, I think? anyway, a big update is coming, my guess is that if they can be added, they will be added. unfortunately, I might add.
Only the Steam version has them.
If and update is coming there is a chance, but to be honest, I think they will never add achievements to the GOG version and I do not know why.

Nightdive also released Turok 2 here and we are still waiting for achievement support.

GOG should contact Nightdive to bring them up to date with all their games.
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I see - well, if achievements are what is most important, my suggestion would be to simply purchase the game on a platform where they are supported.