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As usual, the patch notes are erroneous in Galaxy. Here are the correct notes for today's patch:

System Shock Demo Patch 1.1 Notes
* The Biological Systems Monitor and Multimedia Reader no longer cast shadows
* Fixed main menu clicks causing player to attack
* Explosion damage has been halved for the demo
* Fixed Hacker throw rotation offset for Proximity Mines
* Fixed issues with loading into an elevator
* Fix for sound on Mobile Laser treads sometimes getting stuck being heard when the Mobile Laser has been destroyed
* EMP Grenade damage fixed
* New attack and improvements to the Mobile Laser
* Physics altered to make some items, including Grenades, less bouncy
* Fixed Cyborg Mantis height so it can fit through certain doors now
* Fixed Broken mix references in main game component
* Destroyable panels are now affected by EMP grenades
* Fixed swapping weapons at the same time as using a power station would prevent the 'use' montage from playing and leave the player permanently unequipped
* Improvements and bug fixes to Saving and Loading
* Under-the-hood changes to Repulsor Lifts
* Explosives can now destroy vending machine screens
* Fixed 1994 mutants falling through the floor
* Simple collision put on the Coins
* End Game Screen issues fixed
* Proximity Mines will no longer hover on Force Bridges and doors when their states are altered
* Sizes of Human Skulls are no longer tiny
* Fixed typos in several places
* Other small minor issues fixed