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Hey. The TSS version of the patch was indeed crashing server. Could you try the updated version?
BrumesWolf: My Swat4X dedicated server crashes upon connection as mentioned above. Does anyone know how to fix that?
bporgn: This fix does not work for hosting a SWAT 4x server using the GoG version. Whenever a player tries to connect the dedicated server crashes with this error:

Another user supposedly created a fix for this but they never added links to their thread.
BrumesWolf: Did you ever find a fix for this? i'm having the same problem
The user (bporgn) came to my thread 2 days after posting the issue here.

I made a fix back in March.

If anyone visits this thread, you can find my solution above.
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How to fix that the coop partner gets dropped from server each time the round ends?
Has to reconnect each time.

For example, both hit ready to start AGAIN, then it connects and loads, but i am alone in lobby soon after. While there is no other connection problem in a round. Only after a round / or at retry.