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Update 1.0.5 (18/12/2020)

- Added load previous checkpoint to in-game escape menu
- Checkpoint designations are scenes, bills and decisions

User Interface
- Added military strength section to other country panels
- Added four different military strength levels
- Added allied relation type to other country panels

- Reduced starting economy by 1
- Improved election calculation and added bonuses to certain actions
- Improved conditions by adding new factors
- Made conditions more complex
- Added negative economic damages of canceling
- Added new economic damages to not controlling
- Increased the economic and public opinion damage of
- Added late-game economic damages to having uncontrollable debt
- Made more difficult
- Made economic bonus checks for combined decisions more complex
- Balanced bonuses
- Some balancing on
- Government budget losses for early taxes and trade choices are instantly changed
- Balanced conditions of the old public opinion related reports
- Increased cost of free public transportation bill
- Made slightly less likely and slightly more likely


- Added more hints about the
- Improved the flow and addressed some loopholes
- Added more feedback to military choices and added a final straw section to the
- Deivid gives more consistent advice on potential dangers and mentions certain optional events
- Iosef gives more logical advice to the player about the Rumburg situation
- Added a heroic moment with
- Added feedback about the to a scene
- Small addition to Turn 02 security overview about Rumburg
- Expanded flexibility with and
- Added some more content to the
- Added to the ending

- Added situation to the early game for feedback
- Added situations for
- Added new reports for election to give feedback on calculation parameters
- Added missing reports and news for
- Added news about the negative debt situation in turn 09
- Added news and reports about diplomatically alienating the AN and being alienated by AN
- Added more hints about the danger the military poses to the administration
- Added updates to different military strength variations of Sordland compared to other countries
- Improved some journal entry texts
- Improved consistency of military-related reports
- Fixed some misleading news and reports. Also one should not fall prey to their biased media!

Bug Fixes

- Fixed dozens of wrong triggers on news and reports
- Fixed several wrong situation triggers
- Fixed condition error on Iosef advice logic
- Fixed several wrong dialogue conditions
- Added missing conditions to some dialogues
- Fixed wrong Valken condition
- Fixed dozens of typos and text errors
- Fixed accidental time travel in Epilogue
- Fixed jailed minister working from jail
- Fixed missing Queen article
- Improved keyword linking and improved the selection
- Fixed wrong Lespia government type
- Fixed wrong condition responses in budget meeting
- Fixed some wrong journal entries
- Updated the description of some decisions to make narrative sense on optional paths
- Fixed narrative support error around minority rights
- Improved some journal entry text
- Fixed wrong situation variable name
- Sordland no longer can have two active Vice Presidents
- The Colonel won't smile without a reason

Update 1.0.6 (18 December 2020)

- Added object pooling for journal panel
- Front loaded initialisation of panel variables
- Improved turn initialisation performance

- Updated notification sound

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some rare broken conversation links in certain sub-branches
- Democrat achievement is slightly more attainable
- Fixed several reported typos throughout the game
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**1.1.0 (11/02/2021)**

* Added Summary screen
* Added Anton Customization screen
* Sordish political compass

* Added Election Debate scene
* Added New War Plans scene
* Expanded Political Overview scene
* Added a new decision for election
* Added news and reports for all the new scenes and some more
* Implemented 42 new Steam achievements

* Added Denis Stahler portrait
* Added backgrounds, hairstyles, accessories, attire and facial hair for Anton
* Added ACP and SSP symbols

* Updated music design across the game
* Added new Diplomacy track
* Added new Security track
* Added new Summary track
* Updated gavel sounds for Epilogue

* Added more details to "convince Gloria" scene
* Added minor details to war lose and war win
* Added more feedback to emergency success and lose
* Made Lucian more dangerous
* Added clarification for investigation switch
* Improved VP character distinctions
* Corrected several conditions and improved flow for "convince Albin" scene
* Added nuance explaining the women's rights situation better
* Small content addition to Monica
* The assembly vote is slightly more difficult - this was intended to be hard
* The economic recovery should be slightly more difficult now
* New election calculation based on voter groups and more factors
* New war calculation based on alliances, previous choices and war choices
* General proofreading and editing on a dozen scenes
* Closed some small narrative gaps like congress cancellation during future war
* Gave limited vetoes new narrative support content
* Added ACP and SSP codex entries and updates
* Fixed 50+ typos and improved English consistency
* Music trigger logic was improved
* Dozens of more minor writing additions and improvements

**Bug fixes:**
* We fixed a couple of remaining broken links that were super rare but would have stopped player progression nonetheless
* Economy balancing was improved and is more in sync with the narrative
* Fixed issue that caused people with a good economy to fall to depression instead of stagnation due to high debt
* Fixed wrong impeachment variable for owning Sordland Today being mistaken with having a media deal with Marcel Koronti
* Fixed wrong gendarmerie check for war calculcation
* Impeachment endings triggers fixed
* Made Assembly triggering impeachment very very difficult
* Wrong conditions for trialling Tusk after he had fled the country were corrected
* Fixed misleading public opinion and war reports
* Fixed halfway cut gavel tapping sounds for Epilogue
* Fixed wrong Aschraf anniversary trigger for scene which resulted in both decision and scene appearing at the same time
* Fixed escape to menu crash during Epilogue to Credits transition
* Removed duplicate and unused news articles
* Other wrong database implementations on several news and reports were mended
* Tooltip hover being stuck was resolved
* Fixed wrong dialogue option with Franc related to propaganda
* Fixed wrong Oligarchs discontent trigger
* Fixed a dozen wrong policy and situation triggers
* Dozens of more bugfixes!

Many many thanks to the dozens of volunteer testers who helped us ensure you have a good experience with this patch. Hope you enjoy this major update as much as we enjoyed making it. Please drop a positive review if you liked Suzerain! Much love from from Torpor Games.
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1.1.1 (12/02/2021)

**Bug Fixes**

* Fixed wrong condition check for economic stagnation which could lead to depression
* Fixed rare broken link in election debate scene
* Fixed wrong relocation report
* Fixed wrong scandal news
* Fixed wrong choice of Nia mentioning Lileas in scene
* Fixed some typos and wording in codex articles
* Edited some Ciara responses about education
* Increased some Summary screen values
* Added commas to some Summary screen values
* Lowered economic protest trigger threshold
* Fixed Antel Rock codex entry typo
Thanks for keeping the changelog up to date. However, the offline download version is still 1.0.6.

Added 19.02.2021:
I got the information that Galaxy installs version 1.1.1. It looks like people not using Galaxy have become second class customers...
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Offline installer is version 1.1.1 now.
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Patch 1.1.3 (01/03/2021)


Added a more dynamic debt ceiling system
Up to -5 debt is allowed for stronger economies and -3 for weaker economies at the start of turn 09.
-9 Debt or higher at turn 09 start will automatically cause a debt crisis which can lock the player's economic progression
Added a debt crisis situation which has a negative influence on economic bonuses
Added dialogue feedback to the economy scene regarding extraordinary economically damaging events
Central Bank independence has influence on most negative economic damages in late game
Added additional checks to the Assembly to allow for popularity bonuses if all checks fail on certain assembly groups
Improved current government budget bonuses for election calculation
Added more economic bonus rewards for first and second projects with certain new combinations
Added more influence of Presidential Powers policies to the economy in general
Reduced Alcohol Tax economy damage
Added cheaper military industrial expansion (-2) for players who increased military funding
Added a tooltip for the cost of the relocation to rural areas
Pandemic severity can also be reduced through a combination of special policies
Added several new and clearer responses to piss off the AN that can lead the player to lose the chance to isolate Rumburg
Improved war economy balancing. Economy plays a bigger role in war now.
Added a potential assassination
Education has economic bonus influences on some additive economic investments
Increased the potential damage the Oligarch Withdrawal can cause but added dynamic modifiers to it
Added delayed economic bonus for passing Women's Liberation Act to Turn 10
Media bias reduces Assembly fail and Court fail opinion damages more
Added a potential budget bonus for a rare combination of economic choices at turn 06
Improved regional economy statuses and unlocked some optional reports regarding these
Slightly improved tax situations
Added total civilian death counts to summary in the post-war situation
Adjusted some numbers in the summary screen to reflect impact

Bug Fixes

Fixed a rare narrative discrepancy regarding a green economy bar resulting in depression
Fixed wrong trigger for Less Smoke Bill
Fixed overlapping short description text for industrial expansion decision
Fixed wrong database implementations for banning youth groups
Fixed empty space typo in Mixed Economy policy
Fixed wrongly triggering employment situations
Fixed wrong Alvarez petroleum mention in trade scene
Can't hype people to vote for a Lileas who is in jail anymore
Not possible to praise Koronti after betraying him
Fixed a semi-wrong condition check that resulted in anti-Bludish responses in the debate scene
Corrected wrong tax responses in the debate scene
Fixed some issues with the regional economies
Fixed some issues with the early game pandemic metrics
Fixed random Valgslandian army invasion report
Fixed Monetary inaction situation
Fixed Crocodile Tears achivement
Added more unified situations for media
Fixed rare odd setup situation in the conscription scene
Updated some economy and media checks to be more in sync with dynamic choices
Fixed wrong Insider Trading notifier in response
Fixed Mansoun Leke response at the Assembly scene to be more accurate to the calculation
Fixed trade sanction damages not working for cancellation of Agnolia, Lespia and Valgsland alliances
Fixed empty space in one of the summary values
Fixed Bill exploit
Fixed a rare broken link in late game Monica scene
Some other minor fixes and misc issues were resolved
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows]: v1.1.5 ⇒ 1.1.61.
Patch 1.1.6 Released!

Dear Citizens of Sordland,

Hope the summer has been treating you well. Got some good news, patch 1.1.6 is released! We have been tracking all the bugs for a few months and have fixed all reported issues.

Additionally, we have made some minor lore fixes as we spotted some inconsistencies related to our new secret project. There might be more of these in the future.

As always massive thank you to our dedicated community members who are posting bug reports on our Discord server. Always make sure to read the bug reporting guidelines!


Patch 1.1.61 (15/08/2021)

The patch applies on ongoing games.

• Increased starting economy by 1
• Slightly increased Autonomous zone Bludish opinion bonus
• Added stability check for war plan success

• Made an improvement pass to Kesaro in the debate scene
• In resignation scene Nia Morgna checks more conditions of the new constitution
• Added term summary checks to Lileas Discussion in turn 09 and made minor improvements
• Some changes on how crime situations are determined
• Improved how the Bludish situation was updated in turn 09

Lore updates
• Updated WHR codex entry
• Updated Lotherberg Group codex entry
• Updated a wrong date in the Wehlen Civil War codex entry
• Updated Frens Ricter codex entry
• Updated Walter Tusk codex entry
• Updated Walter Tusk related news entry
• Updated Greater Holsord Region entry to have correct adjacent regions
• Added image to Gendarmerie

Bug Fixes
• Fixed gamebreaking broken link in late briefing scene in turn 03
• Added a prevention check for a branch that could be re-triggered with reload checkpoint. It would unintentionally allow both main paths of reform to be enable which broke the game setup
• Fixed death date being the same as born date at 1958. Anton can't be reborn again
• Fixed wrong naming of Consulate as Embassy in city and country reports
• Added additional check to Lucian giving feedback about Marcel in the scandal
• Added additional conditions for Lucian's recommendation regarding the extension of emergency
• Fixed wrong debate feedback about passing Minority Rights Act by decree
• Added slight variation to Leaked Scandals in the situation of impeachment removal by reform
• Fixed wrong ACP article trigger when having SSP
• Prevented free paid education for Franc if the player had no personal wealth left
• Fixed potential wrong trigger related to Soll's Legacy achievement
• Fixed bugged Denis character tag in Debate scene
• Organized crime can be removed in other ways too now.
• Fixed wrong report regarding Koronti after bad things happen to him
• Reduced conservative vote support threshold estimate condition in turn 08
• Fixed repeat of sentence in Soll trial
• Economy feedback scene in mid game checks active economy to budget ratio in more detail
• Some fixes in Prologue regarding lore consistencies
• Fixed size codes that appeared in the summary screen
• Fixed Oligarchs leadership triggers with Marcel
• Updated Helji Island achievement description
• Nia Morgna should be slightly more consistent regarding the reforms
• Added missing alliance checks in certain parts of the Epilogue
• Fixed party ranking triggers on certain weird situations where party leadership is hampered
• Fixed wrong variable set on Bludish rights bill which caused war and wrong situation issues
• Fixed Thank you Serge and 638 ways to Kill Rayne achievement triggers on other endings
• Fixed potentially wrong condition for economic damages in turn 07
• Fixed wrong city names for Valgsland and Lespia trade scenes
• Fixed wrong debate condition regarding Denis accusing Anton of ending people's lives prematurely
• Fixed wrong checks regarding which trade talk was attended in the scandal content
• Tusk key figures update in Political Overview was synced with Codex update
• Leste status during Anrica speech was adjusted for Sollist players
• Fixed wrong trigger about Desollinisation in election speech
• Alvarez is referred to as Prime Minister everywhere
• Corrected several wrong Koronti Lead turn 09 scene checks
• Improved some wrong responses in the War Plans scene
• Fixed missing turn 05 variable check in turn 09 investigations scene
• Fixed Aid naming
• Fixed punctuation mistakes and other typos in a dozen newspaper articles
• Fixed typos in reports
• Fixed dozens of typos in the prologue and scenes

Known issues
• Lack of Assembly impeachment content

We are back in the office in Berlin and very excited about our upcoming projects! If you liked Suzerain drop a positive review and spread the word!

Much love from from Torpor Games.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows]: 1.1.61 ⇒ 1.1.7.

Patch 1.1.7 (03/09/2021)

The patch applies on ongoing games.

• Added Steam Rich Presence which displays in-game updates

• Adjusted tax change conditions
• Slight changes to mid-game crisis triggers
• Revised some war success conditions

Bug Fixes and Polishing
• Fixed a broken link in Turn 05 scandal scene
• Changed gender equality situation update to be more actual
• Fixed the resignation enthusiasm of Nia Morgna
• Minor lore fix in Wehlen Civil War entry
• Fixed a wrong Petr death fragment in retirement
• Fixed a wrong news trigger for women's rights laws passage
• Fixed a wrong Koronti ally comment condition in election speech
• Removed wrong title of a PM in newspaper
• Fixed several typos in codex, reports and news
• Fixed several typos in scenes

Known issues
• Lack of Assembly impeachment content

We are super excited to have shared our new platform launch for Suzerain. Take a look at our Discord or Twitter! If you liked Suzerain drop a positive review and spread the word.

Thank you for all your support.
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Patch 1.1.7 (21/09/2021)

GOG Achievements added.
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Patch 1.1.8 (12/30/2021)
Patch 1.1.8 (30/12/2021)

The patch applies to new games.

Bug Fixes and Polishing

Fixed a case in Leaked Scandals where impeachment content wasn't delivered as intended
Fixed some news and codex updates that wouldn't happen in Leaked Scandals scene
Reduced debt tolerance beyond -7 to avoid narrative mismatch where player fully recovered too late
Fıxed wrong response referring to ATO instead of CSP at the Kyrute intervıew
Fixed missing response of Nia Resignation in the single resignations path
Adjusted Nia resignation conditions slightly for better tolerance
Adjusted some summary screen values and made some fixes
Petr no longer introduces you at the Anrica rally after being resigned or dead
Fixed two wrong conditions leading to double responses in the Franc University choice scene
Changed conditions regarding Curtan Leste appeareance in Anrica Rally scene to avoid a rare case
Fixed a wrong news article misquoting Rayne from the first interview
Fixed wrong conditions assuming Petr was gone in the Final Supper scene
Improved Lileas reaction to relevations during her dinner scene
Improved some lore inconsistencies related to Camp Strongarm and Holsord
Acasia is now Arcasia in two scenes
Condition fix for Kibener so he is not mentioned in recruitment article if dead
Slight edit to create distinction for Walker's comment on the secretary spy scandal
Added missing condition for Iosefs comment on bad military equipment during Parade scene
Narbel codex entry typo littleto no no resources was fixed and the entry was improved
Fixed wrong situation description mentioning ATO for Contanan Military Support
Fixed a other few typos in codex, reports and news
Fixed some more typos in scenes

Known issues

Lack of Assembly impeachment content
Country Reports have small typo in Ministry of of Foreign Affairs at the second smaller line below
Queen Beatrice can lose dialogue text colour randomly displaying <=color=>
Hyperlinks randomly break and highlight articles or change codex article text

Thank you for all your support. You made our 2021 and we are very hyped to share more about our work in the upcoming year!
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac]: 1.1.8 ⇒ 1.1.9 .


Patch 1.1.9 (29/06/2022)

The patch applies to new games.

• Added minor content in the form of dialogue extensions, codex, report and news

Bug Fixes and Polishing
• Fixed an ending altering bug where a coup wouldn't trigger and instead player enters retirement wrongly causing content desync
• Fixed an issue with wrong construction variables being checked in game setup
• Updated description of Steam achievements regarding construction opening and frugal to reflect conditions better
• Fixed date issue in a historical codex article
• Fixed wrong appearance of Manoly
• Updated negative situation description for military unhappiness
• Added a slight content variation for a Stahler comment
• Fixed wrong address of PM of Lespia
• Improved conditions for Lileas comment on Rumburg war possibility when in alliance
• Fixed a few typos in codex, city details, reports and news
• Fixed some more typos in scenes

Known issues
• Lack of Assembly impeachment content
• Certain codex articles don't update such as parties, cities, armed forces
• Country reports user interface has small typo
• Queen Beatrice can lose dialogue text colour randomly displaying <=color=>
• Hyperlinks randomly break and highlight articles or change codex article text

As always you can send feedback and report bugs on our channels. Take a look at our Discord or Twitter! If you liked Suzerain drop a positive review and spread the word.

Suzerain Community Interest Survey

The Torpor Games team has been working hard on a new project, of which we hope to be able to share more news very soon.

Additionally, we are evaluating the potential for the future of our first game, Suzerain, and what our community would be comfortable with financially supporting our development work.

Please note that we are not working on additional content for Suzerain. The purpose of this survey is solely to help us gauge the interest of our community. Torpor Games reserves the right to act as we see fit regardless of the survey results.

Survey Link Here

Thank you for all your support.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.1.9 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.0.
Rewrite history: Suzerain 2.0 "Amendment" Update is HERE!

Dear citizens of Sordland,

We are thrilled to share with you the moment we've all been eagerly waiting for – the unveiling of the 2.0 "Amendment" update for Suzerain! This update marks a true rebirth for our beloved Suzerain, taking it to a new level. Experience fresh dialogues, impactful choices, and tangible consequences that shape your nation's destiny. Enhanced visuals, an interactive world map, and an immersive narrative await you.

We've made the game more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whether you're a seasoned player or new to political games. This comprehensive overhaul refines the game narrative, improves quality, and elevates the audiovisual experience, making every moment in Suzerain even more memorable.

The Suzerain 2.0 "Amendment" update is the culmination of a year-long endeavor by the Torpor Games team to refine and expand upon the original game and is the first release in a long-term plan for expanding and supporting the game, including more free updates and a series of premium DLC campaigns, the first of which - Suzerain: Kingdom of Rizia - will launch in Q4 this year.

Last but not least, we want to introduce our latest special addition: the exclusive "Vulpitzer Award" item, now available for purchase!

It's important to note that this item is entirely optional and purely aesthetic. With the acquisition of the "Vulpitzer Award," you not only improve the decor of your president’s desk but also extend your invaluable support to Torpor Games in their endeavor to deliver more updates like this.

You can also discover our latest offering - the Supporter Edition, the Supporter Edition includes the game Suzerain and its Original Soundtrack, as well as the Vulpitzer Award cosmetic DLC.

[Please note that this latest update requires starting a new save to be played. The previous save system will no longer function due to the implementation of a new technical infrastructure. It's important to mention that the old version will not receive any further support or updates.]

The full changelog of additions in the 2.0 "Amendment" update is below:


Patch 2.0.0

This update only applies to new games and is deployed to the default branch.

① Features
---• New interface and user experience
---• Gamepad support with full verification for Steam Deck
---• Story selection screen and campaign system
---• Torpor mode (Ironman), can be disabled after the first completed playthrough
---• Manual save/load system
---• World map integration
---• Additional interactable objects on the desk
---• 15 new collectible story items, one supporting the dev's item
---• Story, country, and leader information panels
---• Projected economic growth graph
---• Dynamic event tokens, including operations on the map
---• Status effects for cities and countries
---• New sound effects for key story moments
---• New ambient room sounds and map music
---• UI scaling bar and new font options, including OpenDyslexic
---• Text animations for key moments and typewriter animation toggle
---• Reminder panel for constitutional changes
---• New notification system
---• New construction bar for infrastructure projects and progress updates
---• Analytics added for improving balancing and game design outcomes
---• Complete technical infrastructure overhaul allowing for faster and easier content development
---• Improved look-at mode
---• 11 new game achievements
---• Added news feature to the main menu

② Content
---• 12 new scenes
---• 9 new decisions
---• 6 new bills
---• New prologue lore content and choice
---• Modifications and additions to over 20 existing scenes
---• 40 new faction reports
---• 30 new country reports
---• Over 300 new news articles and city reports
---• Bludish amendment storyline, Bergia special zone storyline, Gasom, and Energy Protection Act storyline
---• Character content expansions: Ewald Alphonso, Tarquin Soll, Fetih Ejall, Gus Manger, Lucian Galade, Remus Holstron, and many more
---• Crisis events to highlight big issues that players missed when not reading narrative support like news, reports, situations
---• New additions to Monica Rayne-related content
---• New VAT presidential decree option
---• Revamped and expanded many news articles
---• Added reports about some successful synergies
---• Added unfriendly and hostile country relations
---• Added progressing status effects for trade and the border fortification
---• 20+ new codex entries and edits to dozens more
---• First-pass implementation of status effects feature content
---• Detailed demographics content for all cities and player countries with graphs
---• New Suzerain Universe lore outside of Sordland
---• Updates and corrections to existing Suzerain Universe lore
---• New historical lore about the 30s and 40s of Sordland from The Conformist
---• New Holsord-related lore from The Conformist
---• Added new autocrat path content with Young Sords involvement
---• Added USP obstruction path that causes late-game bills to be blocked or forced

③ Art
---• New table decorations
---• New country tokens
---• New city tokens
---• New event tokens
---• 16 new 3D collectibles
---• New world map
---• Two new character portraits
---• Epilogue silhouette images for all endings
---• Map overlays for visual changes
---• Interactable objects on the table open UI elements
---• Updated portrait holders for characters
---• Updated Sordland map with new sections
---• Higher quality codex art

④ Audio
---• Map music addition and neutral, tense variations
---• 20+ new sound effects for key moments
---• New main menu music
---• Ambient room audio
---• Sordish National Anthem verse sound added to a special moment
---• New Torpor sound logo
---• Added audio ducking

⑤ Design & Balancing
---• Government budget system overhaul with high (3), medium (2), and low (1) spending values
---• Changed starting government budget to 7
---• Economy system revamp with recovery options from crises and increased synergies
---• Re-balanced triggers of impeachment trial, war, and coup endings
---• The projected economic growth graph shows trends, not economic state
---• Updated certain ending flows about war, exile, and a few others to improve the narrative design
---• New tourism policy and situations
---• New energy policy and situations
---• New BFF policy and situations
---• New Bergia and Article 6&7 policy and situations
---• Changed Lucian's enemy condition
---• Slightly updated family relation balance
---• Updated regional economy balancing and changes
---• Increased threshold of late-game crisis disabling early, mid-game returns
---• Lowered trade war and market crash damages
---• New economy gain and loss changes, more early game opportunities to gain and lose
---• Improved crisis variable stats and allowed more gains if only a few late-game crises occurred
---• Increased difficulty of ATO and CSP factions join offer
---• Removed impeachment of President by Assembly due to lack of proper content
---• New election balancing and calculation additions based on new content
---• New ideological leaning balancing and improvements
---• USP obstruction path leads to disabling or enabling certain late-game bills
---• Added a few inter-regional economic synergy opportunities
---• The added impact of energy prices on some regional economies
---• New assembly and court vote calculation for new amendment content

⑥ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Over 300 typos and grammatical errors fixed
---• More than 200 bugs fixed
---• Optimization pass for lower-end devices
---• Improved several game flow errors that impacted balancing negatively
---• Improved situations and policies text descriptions
---• Extended and improved dozens of short and low-quality news articles and reports
---• More feedback about certain parts of the story with little feedback

Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Vectern sis da!

Check out our Twitter,
Discord and
our newsletter to get the latest breaking news for Suzerain and The Conformist.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 2.0_release_0.0 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.0.1.
Hotfix 2.0.2

Hello, dear community members.

The 2.0 update has launched with overwhelming success. We have been analyzing the feedback and looking at issues since the launch yesterday. Today, we are pushing our first hotfix for the update to tackle the critical issues we spotted.

Patch 2.0.2

The update is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to ongoing games.

⯈ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Added space bar function
---• Added drag function to right-click of mouse
---• Fixed a rare issue about exile that had no condition fallbacks
---• Fixed a very rare issue with the flow step system calculation that caused certain triggers to disappear
---• Fixed an incidental rare database issue
---• Fixed missing and broken false condition in turn 7 ministry Gus results meeting
---• Reduced economy integer for business taxation condition
---• Fixed a missing condition in the queen phone call scene
---• Fixed a few typos
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] 2.0_release_0.3 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.4.
Patch 2.0.4

Dear Suzerain Universe fans,

We are pushing our first minor update after our successful 2.0 launch.

Patch 2.0.4

The update is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to on-going games.

① Content and Balancing
---• Increased the difficulty of election win calculation
---• Updated Bludish opinion and unrest balancing slightly
---• Added more nuance to the new world lore with new articles and edits
---• Added Walker Plan and Arcasian Dream codex articles
---• Removed budget constraints on presidential decrees
---• Removed condition constraints on tax reform meeting
---• Made small improvements to the new scenes and their flow
---• Adjusted Paskal resignation condition

② Audio
---• Expanded and created more varied crowd sounds
---• Added new sound effects across the game
---• Improved existing sound effects implementation further

---• Implemented cycling shortcuts for report, token information and token interaction panels
---• Added negative UI scaling for a smaller interface scale
---• Removed status effect screen notifications on tokens
---• Implemented arrow key navigation for conversations and prologue/epilogue
---• Implemented past reports (archive) functionality for Journal Panel
---• Reduced pie chart font sizes to show more details

④ Visuals & Optimization
---• Updated old report panel header assets
---• V-Sync will be turned on by default
---• Conducted an optimization pass to improve frame rates across the board
---• Reduced the visual quality of the low option drastically for lower-end users
---• Added SSAO option for lower-end devices
---• Shader optimizations for rendering collection item inspection and outlines

⑤ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Broken condition fix for getting wrong game ending after family scene
---• Corrected some population stats
---• Adjusted Wehlen war and Bergia condition slightly
---• Fixed missing resignation condition check for Nia
---• Close button at center no longer triggers map scrolling
---• Fixed the possibility of making no change on a panel issue for some
---• Added check for a Monica dialogue to handle no youth org affiliation
---• Pushed a fix for corrupted saves that blocked new games from being started
---• Fixed too fast skips or clicks skipping the decree panel selection
---• Made an attempted fix for Steam Cloud issues
---• Fixed broken condition leading to wrong feedback from Alphonso
---• Improved certain lore word usage consistencies
---• Fixed some inconsistencies in feedback regarding the trade tariffs
---• Fixed chess reverse context issues on one branch
---• Fixed wrong condition in Alvarez talk leading to blocking of trade due to EPA
---• Fix for Hawker custody question if Hawker is killed
---• Fixed two achievement triggers
---• Fixed issues with three collectibles
---• Improved how certain new story variables are set so they can be checked better
---• Fixed a few reports with wrong content
---• Added some more narrative-build up for some scenes
---• Fixed a few news related issues
---• Dozens of typos and other misc issues resolved
Standalone installer updated:
[Mac] 1.1.9 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.3
[windows] 2.0_release_0.0.1 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.3
Hotfix 2.0.3

Dear community members,

We are pushing our second hotfix for the update to tackle the new critical issues we spotted. Please use our Discord bug reporting system and send your files for us to get to issues better and quicker!

Hotfix Patch 2.0.3

The update is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to on-going games.

⯈ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Increased sound effects volume slightly
---• Updated Nia Morgna resignation triggers
---• Fixed an issue related to turn 9 emergency call situation not appearing
---• Fixed the reverse compass positioning issue for certain conditions
---• Fixed and added a few missing sounds
---• Fixed a rare sub-branch about EPA reversal that would not unlock achievement and design integers
---• Fixed typos regarding dastnurity
---• Fixed a few news related issues
---• Fixed wrong character appearing as white box
---• Fixed wrong lighter trigger
---• Fixed wrong background image in Prologue
---• Potential resolution and screen issue fix
---• Some other misc typos and fixes
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Mac] 2.0_release_0.4 ⇒ 2.0_release_0.5
Hotfix 2.0.5

The update is deployed to the default branch. The database changes only apply to new games, and code fixes apply to on-going games.

⯈ Content and Balancing
---• Updated Immediate BFF Threat triggers
---• Added more Alphonso Gasom deal bonus points and clearer negative path deal rejection
---• Improved Gasom late scene links to workers benefits and added more flexibility

⯈ Bug Fixes and Polish
---• Fixed a missing branch unlock for Serge Pocket Watch collectible
---• Added some additional conditions for human rights situation update
---• Fixed wrong conditions for exile leave now ending now bypasses election speech correctly
---• Added some missing censorship conditions to debate and congress scenes
---• Attempted fix for BFF Dam achievement trigger
---• Fixed duplicate condition error for Bergia Zone newspaper
---• Fixed wrong appearances in debate scene with condition corrections
---• Improved wording of some situations
---• Fixed some wrong conditions for a few epilogue endings regarding Monica
---• Fixed several misc scene issues and typos