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Surviving Mars, Piazzi Hotfix #2 has been delayed.
Apparently, Paradox and Abstraction have hit more bugs than expected.
Source: Paradox Forums, Surviving Mars thread: Hotfix #2 delay


Greetings Commanders!

Due to some last-minute issues discovered during the internal testing, we made the decision to postpone the release of Hotfix #2. We don’t foresee it to be a long delay and you can still expect the hotfix to come out this week.

Apologies for the prolonged wait, but we want to make sure that the next hotfix will only bring solutions to the already existing issues, and will not introduce any new ones instead.

We will share more updates on this with you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

~Surviving Mars team

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Changelog for Update Piazzi 1008033 (added 22 September 2021)

Galaxy updated (22 September 2021, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (22 September 2021, Windows)
Greetings Commanders,

Hotfix #2 is now available on PC! We’re working hard to bring it to the consoles as soon as possible - we’re currently aiming to release it to the remaining platforms, PlayStation and Xbox, tomorrow. Apologies for this!


Gameplay Improvements

- Remove the Micro-G Auto Extractor prefab from the default loadout for Asteroid Landers, so you don't accidentally include a prefab without having one.
- Visual improvement to the base of asteroids (mostly for photo mode).

Bug Fixes

- Fixed dome birth controls.
- Fixed the same anomaly event appearing multiple times.
- Fixed dust storms, cold waves, and meteor storms not triggering.
- Fixed the martian surface filling with water after connecting a lake to a water producer.
- Fixed asteroid landers sometimes not properly showing their status when returning from an asteroid at the very last second.
- Fixed drone control fix for broken food storages.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when landing an Asteroid Lander with drones on an Asteroid.
- Fixed a crash when Asteroid Landers departed with drones.
- Fixed not being able to order seeds from the earth for old saves without B&B.
- Fixed cold waves not vanishing after they end, in old saves.
- Fixed the “must include” filter for seniors.
- Fixed missing images for anomalies.
- Fixed smart complexes not receiving electricity after loading old saves.
- Fixed the "Winter is Coming" rule not being selectable in the game rules screen.
- Fixed the RC Safari's missing UI panel (the one showing visitors).
- Fixed lamps of the elevator floating in the air in some cases.
- Fixed incorrect ground texture after refabbing buildings within a Mega Dome.
- Fixed missing warning when launching a rocket back to earth while still unloading cargo
- Fixed sponsor-specific rovers' weight being counted twice for Lander/Elevator/Resupply cargo.
- Fixed the asteroid lander not loading more than one rover of each type.
- Fixed the asteroid hopping achievement unlocking after visiting 10 asteroids, instead of 11.
- Fixed wasp drones in colony always showing 0 in the resupply menu
- Fixed the camera zooming into the wrong sector in the underground.
- Fixed Philosophers Stones Mystery that couldn't be completed after destroying a stone.
- Fixed a crash related to the Inner Light Mystery on old save games.
- Fixed landing pads being unusable after canceling the construction of a rocket.
- Fixed an empty B&B tech tree showing for old saves.
- Fixed drones facing the wrong direction while gathering Metals or Exotic Minerals.
- Fixed the Fast Radio Burst turning several colonists into Geniuses.

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Known issues

- The crash related to food storages has been fixed for the majority of saves but can still occur occasionally, investigation is in progress.
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update Piazzi 1008107 (added 27 September 2021)

Galaxy updated (27 September 2021, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (27 September 2021, Windows)

- The in-game bug reporting tool has been removed in favour of an automatic system
- Playstation 4 and 5 now have Turkish translations

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the game crash after loading a save game with invalidated drones.
- Fixed the game crash when a player selects the Rock Formation object on an old retail save.
- Fixed missing Terraforming tech tree in the old saves.
- Fixed the "Advanced Martian Engines" tech adding 20 fuel to Cargo Rockets.
- Fixed the “Transport Optimization” tech not adding extra cargo space.
- Fixed the description of the "Banner" mentioning Mars while on an asteroid map.
- Fixed the Cave of Wonders description.
- Fixed the Lander rocket disappearing when the “Rough Touchdown” event occurs.
- Improved feedback when the Asteroid Lander requires maintenance.
- Fixed ramps being instantly built.
- Fixed the progress bar of “Required Waste Rock” not changing while flattening.
- Fixed the problem when a fired worker immediately returns to work.

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Known issues

- Incorrect value of Excess Waste Rock is displayed when Flatten in progress.
- The limit for colonists being allowed through the elevator is too low.
- Crash on certain Mac versions.
Source: Paradox Forum
Mondkalb: Please gog, make the patch available as single download.
I don't want to download all the gigabytes of the main installers again.
So much this.
I am not going to even consider updating until I am satisfied that all the introduced bugs have been dealt with, and I'm also confident that what the new version adds is worth the trouble.

And update pack that covers 249143 -> latest that can be applied without requiring a re-install would remove that reluctance.
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Changelog for Update Piazzi 1008298 (added 12 October 2021)

Galaxy updated (12 October 2021, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (12 October 2021, Windows & Linux | 14 October 2021, Mac)
Gameplay Improvements​

- Elevator colonist cap has been increased to 250
- New warning notifications when trying to launch a lander with colonists while not having a ‘habitat’ on the asteroid or when the habitat does not have enough resident slots

Bug Fixes​

- Fixed ‘no disasters’ rule not working
- Fixed ‘no terraforming’ rule not working
- Fixed disabling ‘no Below and Beyond content’ rule awarding ‘Space Explorers’ achievement
- Fixed a crash on starting a new game on macOS
- Fixed a crash when sending a planetary expedition that requires an RC vehicle
- Fixed a crash when a lander rocket returns to mars with cargo containing a transporter that carries resources
- Fixed a crash when requesting colonists from an asteroid
- Fixed a crash after the event ‘rough touchdown’ when drones unload the payload
- Fixed a rounding error on resources prevent the lander rocket from launching
- Fixed a Waste Rock value being incorrect during landscaping
- Fixed event anomalies spawning under resource deposits
- Fixed the amount of surface polymers being very high
- Fixed ‘The last War’ event preventing the loading of cargo onto asteroid landers
- Fixed not being able to send multiple drones through the elevator by right clicking
- Fixed the lander rocket request payload tooltip showing the ready status for prefabs that the player does not have
- Fixed the issue where the number of requested colonists gets reset to 0 in the lander rocket cargo menu
- Fixed where one drone gets transported through the elevator when assigning multiple drones to the elevator as drone controller
- Fixed maintenance getting stuck on certain buildings (fusion reactor and electronics factory)
- Fixed where drones were active in drone hub extender range while the extender wasn’t powered
- Fixed the effect ranges remaining visible after refabbing a building
- Fixed rovers leaving the lander rocket twice
- Fixed the issue where multiple capital cities could be built after terraforming (Old saves will continue to contain multiple capital cities, but the option to build more is now restricted)
- Fixed the RC explorer continuing to scan queued surface anomalies while the RC explorer has been transported to the underground
- Fixed incorrect landing angle of the supply pod on a landing pad
- Fixed the asteroid banner not working without the Space Race DLC
- Fixed the issue where landscape cursor does not show
- Fixed the colony being automatically renamed to ‘missing text’ in the planetary view
- Fixed the concrete extractor not being able to build underground at specific coordinates
- Fixed domes not being built underground because drones stop delivering resources
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update Merbold 1009413 (added 04 November 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (04 November 2021)
Below and Beyond: Content Update #1 - Patch Notes

Game version: 1009413

Main Focus:

In this first part, we focus on making it easier to explore and expand into the underground earlier on while also making the Asteroid Lander and Elevator easier to use. We also start making Below and Beyond content more beneficial for your main colony by introducing a few upgrades that cost Exotic Minerals.

- Elevator Grid resource transfer: The elevator now transfers excess power, water, and oxygen between the Martian Surface and Underground. This enables you to start expanding in the underground while relying on your production on the surface.
- Elevator Auto mode: You can now set a minimum amount of resources you want on the Surface and Underground. While the elevator is in auto mode it will automatically request resources when under this minimum. You can also still manually request resources.
* Requesting resources for the Elevator is now done on the side where you need the resources, instead of where you send them from. With arrows indicating from where to where the resources will be transported.
- Reworked cave-ins: Cave-ins no longer require a specific tech to clear, and blocked tunnels that required the landscaping tool are also removed. To still maintain an element of gradual exploration, we introduce the new Collapsed Tunnels which do still require the tech to be cleared.
* Increased room for exploration in the underground, greatly reduced the number of tunnels blocked while the new Collapsed tunnels are placed such that they lead to larger new areas to explore or extra anomalies to find. We also increased the number of anomalies in the underground.
- Exotic Minerals upgrades: We introduced a few upgrades to surface buildings that cost Exotic Minerals;
* Improved Photovoltaics; doubles power production for solar panels
* Exotic Mineral Treatment; greatly increases health and sanity recovery from Infirmaries (and Medical Posts if you have In-dome Building Pack).

Gameplay Improvements:

- Added clear warnings to the lander rocket for why it cannot depart yet, so you can take action.
- Added a "Depart Now" button to the Asteroid Lander, which allows you to launch the lander before the requested payload is loaded, as long as it has enough fuel.
- Disabled the “visit asteroid” button, if there is no Asteroid to go to.
- Removed the Micro-G Vehicles tech, RC Vehicles can now always be brought to Asteroids.
- Elevators can now recharge drones, just like drone hubs.
- Improve requested payload feedback on the elevator.
- Added 1 drone to terraforming initiative default loadout to fill out the cargo space.
- After map switching once, all switches afterwards have a fade instead of a loading screen, which shortens the loading times significantly.

Balance changes:

- Halved research costs for the Recon & Expansion tech tree.
- Reduced Exotic Minerals costs for underground domes.
- Added an anomaly close to elevators which gives some Exotic Minerals, to get you started.
- Rebalanced Drone Hub Extender to cost less Exotic Minerals.
- Increased success chance of Jumbo Cave events.
- Increased time players have on asteroids.
- Adjusted the tech tree order; moving Low-G Excavation Permits and Low-G Tunnel Supports down while moving Underground Dome Construction and Micro-G Mining up.

Bug Fixes:

- Asteroid Lander now gives correct feedback when requiring maintenance.
- Fixed an issue with lander rocket showing payload when landing, instead of requested payload.
- Fixed an issue with the elevator panel not removing colonists already transported to the other side.
- Fixed the lander info panel showing an incorrect status when there aren't enough prefabs.
- Fixed the lander showing an incorrect status after canceling the trip.
- Fixed the First Rainfall milestone not being achieved after reaching all requirements
- Fixed disasters running back to back.
- Fixed Lander rocket not taking off if RC Vehicles required for take-off are in the cargo of another rocket.
- Fixed Mirror Sphere mystery never-ending, the counter however remains on screen in existing saves.
- Fixed an issue with suffocating colonists continuing to suffocate when they get out of the Elevator.
- Fixed an issue with colonists suffocating while trying to reach micro-g habitat.
- Fixed an issue with drones needing several takes on a single cave-in to clear it.
- Fixed an issue with vehicle navigation when collapsed tunnels are cleared.
- Fixed Electrolyzer continuing to consume water when turned off.
- Fixed Drone Hub Extenders not receiving the extra range of 15 hexes.
- Fixed Drone Hub Extender active range not being redrawn immediately after researching the Signal Boosters.
- Fixed an issue with the “Unknown” status of drones and rovers while using the Elevator.
- Fixed empty tooltip and building panel of the Forestation plant when the language is set to Turkish.
- Fixed drones facing the wrong side while gathering Metals or Exotic Minerals.
- Fixed an issue with the lander rocket’s color being different before and after construction for some sponsors.
- Fixed an issue with colonists not occupying the last (14th) slot of the Micro-G Habitat.
- Fixed tooltip for the Micro-G Habitat colonist filter referring to a dome instead of habitat.
- Fixed the Jumbo Cave experiment pop-ups showing incorrect cost cuts.
- Fixed Cave-ins and Collapsed Tunnels not having a texture in the quick bar.

New game only bug fixes:

- Fixed Alien Artifact Anomalies spawning underground in the Dredgers Mystery.
- Fixed an issue with Mystery3Counter notification triggered by Countdown Sphere Unknown Event being stuck.
- Fixed an issue with numbers going into the negative on countdown timers.
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update 1.3 Merbold 1010558 (added 07 December 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (07 December 2021)
Below & Beyond: Content Update #2 - Patch Notes

Version number: 1010558

Main Focus:

In this second part, we focus on making the underground and asteroids more beneficial for your main colony and build further upon the improvements of Merbold part 1.

- Buried Wonder Upgrades: each Buried Wonder has a new upgrade or building they unlock, which benefits your entire colony (Surface, Underground and Asteroids). The story of each Buried Wonder is also extended to include these upgrades.
* Players that already (partially) completed buried wonder events still get access to these.
- Rare Anomalies: These are special anomalies that can be found throughout the Underground which each give you a choice between multiple powerful rewards.
- New Breakthrough Techs: 6 new breakthrough techs have been added that can be found on the Surface, in the Underground and on Asteroids.
- 2 New Commander Profiles, The Spelunker and The Space Miner: The Spelunker gives easier access to the Underground and makes colonists regain Sanity while in the Underground instead of losing sanity. The Space Miner has an easier time getting to asteroids.

Gameplay Improvements:

- Edit both sides of the Cargo UI: In the elevator cargo UI, you can now set requests or minimums for both sides of the elevator in the same screen. You no longer first have to switch maps to configure the other side.
- The Cargo UI shows an explanation on how auto mode works for Asteroid Landers and the Elevator.
- Waste Rock can now be transported.
- Truly Universal Depot: The Universal Depot now includes the DLC resources, depending on which DLCs you have; Seeds if you have Green Planet and Exotic Minerals if you have Below & Beyond.
- Asteroid Landers now visibly take off when they automatically launch at the very last second when an Asteroid goes out of range.
- Changed the Recon & Expansion tech tree order; Underground Domes and the Recon Center are unlocked earlier, while the Drone Hub Extender is unlocked later.
- Rovers and drones loaded into the Lander Rocket drop any resources they were still carrying.
- Tunnels, Wonders and Food and Mystery depots can no longer be refabbed.
- Added an asteroid specific skin for the RC Dozer.

Balance Changes:


- Greatly increase resources found on Asteroids.
- 2 bars guarantees resources are present, 1 bar guarantees water, metals and exotic minerals.
- Added metals to C-type asteroids (1 bar).
- Reduced Recon Center Maintenance 4 > 1 Electronics.
- Increase the odds of a Recon Center finding an asteroid, especially while you have no asteroids.
- Decrease the odds of Recon discovery events, and each event can only occur once.
- Generic Discoveries from the Recon Center now reward research progress.
- Reduce Asteroid Lander price.
- Slightly Increase Asteroid Lander cargo capacity.
- Greatly increase the cargo module upgrade cargo bonus.
- Increase polymer in the default Asteroid Lander loadout.
- Highly increase resource extraction of the Micro-G Mining Station (with colonists).
- Reduce maintenance frequency for Micro-G buildings (auto, water, station, habitat) and Electrolyzer.
- Reduce power consumption of the Micro-G Auto Extractor, Micro-G Water Extractor, Electrolyzer and Micro-G Habitat.
- Increase residence space in the Micro-G Habitat.


- Increased resource nodes in the underground.
- Increased the buried wonder research costs.
- Reduced maintenance costs of buried wonders.
- Changed maintenance costs of the Support Strut to Metals (instead of Exotic Minerals).
- Farms can no longer be built in the underground.
- Fungal Farms can now be built in the underground.
- Increased food production for Fungal Farm.
- Slightly increased Sanity benefit of Psych Studies.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed the lander rocket having the status “not enough full” even when the tank is full
- Fixed fuel filling the lander rocket resetting to 0 when editing the payload
- Fixed Micro-G mining buildings not taking resource grade into account
- Fixed MDS lasers not working if the player is on another map
- Fixed "Rocket can't land during dust storms" warning showing on Asteroids for Landers in orbit
- Fixed cargo rockets duplicating if they are sent on an expedition and the launch is cancelled
- Fixed cave-ins spawning on walls
- Fixed cave-ins spawning at the same angle so that the player sees the pattern
- Fixed cave-ins disappearing when cancelling the clear operation using the RC Dozer
- Fixed colonists having the wrong group label (martian/earth born) when transported to another map
- Fixed drones getting stuck on the Bottomless Pit after the Bottomless Pit Lab is salvaged
- Fixed freezing when the Underground Marsquake is occurring in the mid and late-game stage
- Fixed Colonist and Tourism top bar tooltip defining colonists as "stored"
- Fixed the bottom textures of a Dome remaining after prefabbing
- Fixed the Exotic Minerals icon not showing in the Production tab for the asteroid's extractors
- Fixed Underground Domes not changing color when changing building colors
- Fixed cave-ins falling on Buried Wonders and becoming unremovable
- Fixed the "Signs of Organic Matter" event becoming blocked if another Asteroid goes out of range
- Fixed colonists suffocating when a rocket returns from the Covert Ops (Space Race) and lands
- Fixed earthsick colonists losing their earthsick status from getting sent to another Asteroid
- Fixed uneven terrain blocking rovers in the underground
- Fixed Bottomless Pit: "The Pit: Experiment requirements" event checking only the nearest Dumping Site
- Fixed the RC Explorer and Elevator building appearing in different places in the Underground through the same Underground Entrance
- Fixed colonists/tourists occasionally teleporting away from the elevator when using auto mode causing colonists to suffocate.
- Fixed screen freeze when pressing the “tab” button while switching to another map
- Fixed the RC Explorer not being able to reach a specific Anomaly in a Underground map
- Fixed the bonus from the Stirling Generator Fault event not applying to the underground
- Fixed the Buried Wonder Log not being able to close for the second time if optional tasks were completed after the main ones
- Fixed the bottom rock asset emerging when a player makes a ramp over the Asteroid's pit in the donut shaped map
- Fixed elevator's Auto Mode duplicating the request of objects
- Fixed notifications from the recon center appearing in the underground map
- Fixed hunger game rule disabling food transport for the elevator and lander rockets
- Fixed the second anomaly in the Bottomless Pit event chain not reappearing if the requirements haven't been met
- Fixed the Astrogeologist commander profile extractor production bonus not applying to the Asteroid's extractors
- Fixed the elevator malfunction event being able to be bypassed by turning the elevator on or off or through a regular malfunction
- Fixed save screenshot missing in load game on Mac and Linux
- Fixed salvaging the bottomless Pit Research Center breaking the drones’ route
- Fixed asteroid extractors still extracting a large number of resources if the breakthrough Nona Refinement is researched
- Fixed a drone making one extra unnecessary move when repairing the elevator
- Fixed rovers and buildings researched with the Global Support Breakthrough not being added to the Cargo lists
- Fixed drones assigned to the malfunctioned elevator not being able to deliver resources while trying to repair the elevator.
- Fixed Lander rocket being able to take off during Dust storms when using the Depart Now
- Fixed requested Drones not departing with the Lander rocket if they were assigned to the a requested RC Commander
- Fixed drones assigned to the RC Commander being reassigned to the command centers from the surface map after being transported to the underground
- Fixed temporary anomalies appearing in unreachable places in the Underground with Mystery Metatron active
- Fixed the Lander rocket occasionally getting a 'waiting for maintenance' status after a request and but being able to return to Mars if the asteroid goes out of range

Known issues

- If the performance of the Recon Centre building is below 86, it does not contribute to the Recon Progress or help with Asteroid discoveries.
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update 1.3 Merbold 1010574 (added 10 December 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (10 December 2021)
Below & Beyond: Hotfix - Patch Notes

Hello Survivors!

We just released a small emergency hotfix which addresses a few issues found in the Content Update #2 for Below & Beyond DLC.

Patch notes

- Fixed expeditions rockets not loading colonists.
- Fixed the issue with waste rock not appearing the command center time line stats in existing save games.
- Fixed the disaster settings being reset (to defaults such as very low) when starting a new game with mods.

Let us know if you encounter any more issues by reporting them on the PDX forums. Thank you!
Source: Steam
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Changelog for Update 1.4 Merbold 1010784 (added 15 December 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (15 December 2021)
Below and Beyond Content Update Hotfix - Patch Notes

Game version: 1010784

Balance Changes

- Adjust the Fungal Farm to have higher food production in the underground and lower food production on the surface.
- Adjust recon center discovery rate; discovery frequency is now less extreme, with no more multiple events on the same sol or long periods without asteroids. This also fixes recon centers with a low recon per sol not contributing to discoveries.
- Reduce oxygen and water consumption for underground domes, to be more in line with surface domes.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed expeditions rockets not loading colonists (now on all platforms).
- Fixed waste rock not appearing in the command center timeline stats in existing save games (now on all platforms).
- Fixed multiple Drones not being able to be reassigned/moved with the suggested hotkeys on the controller.
- Fixed The War Tension in the "Last War" Mystery not changing.
- Fixed Power of Three: With S.H.E.P.I.D researched, Black Cubes can appear inside of the colony with active sensor towers.
- Fixed crash when Toxic rain starts.
- Fixed Cargo UI displaying prefabs that are not available.
- Fixed drones endlessly fixing an Elevator on Mars’ surface because the underground Elevator is shrouded in the rubble.
- Fixed the underground staying dark in Photo Mode.
- Fixed Lander Rockets' Auto Mode not being able to request Seeds and Waste Rock.
- Fixed resources being unloaded from the Elevator being subtracted and ignored from requests.
- Fixed Lander rockets losing drones while transporting them to an Asteroid if more than 20 drones were requested.
- Fixed dome passages appearing on the other map when switching maps during construction.
- Fixed drones trying to make their path to deposits through underground walls if the proper route was first blocked and then cleared.
- Fixed drones trying to get to the unreachable areas on Asteroids in order to gather resources.
- Fixed orphaned drones not being able to be transported via the Elevator's Cargo UI.
- Fixed the Asteroid Lander having an "Unknown launch issue" status when the destination is set, the fuel tank is full but resources are still being unloaded.
- Fixed the missing anomaly near the Underground Entrance on a particular map.
- Fixed underground anomalies spawning under stone formations.
- Fixed regular anomalies having technical text instead of the correct description in Turkish.
- Fixed an issue with the remaining time of Asteroids in the Planetary view having technical text in Spanish.

New game only bug fixes:

- Fixed Underground resource nodes spawning in tunnels; they now only spawn in rooms.
- Fixed no disasters appearing in some cases, though this can still occur on old saves and in specific edge cases.
Source: Steam
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Changelog for Update 1.4 Merbold 1010838 (added 08 February 2022)

Galaxy updated (08 February 2022, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (10 February 2022, Mac & Linux | 11 February 2022, Windows)
Release date: 2022-02-08

GOG: 1010838

Bug Fixes

- Fix the game becomes unresponsive when ordering unskilled colonists from the underground
- Fix no disasters when starting a new game with mods active (Fixed for save games)
- Fix Colonists working in the Sanatorium/School Spire have the "Not working in home dome" status
- Fix Recon discovery events are recurring while they should not
- Fix loaded cargo isn't shown in the Asteroid Lander payload tooltip on quick bar when it arrived on Asteroid
- Fix the Drone Hub and Hub Extenders active range is displayed after more than 2 hubs were converted into Prefabs at the same time
- Fix Lander rocket always defaults to auto mode on the Asteroid and user preference is always overridden
- Fix the Mystery Log cannot be dismissed on the Asteroid after completing the "Asteroid from outer space" mini-mystery
- Fix Fireworks are not displayed even if Show Fireworks option is enabled
- Fix the default cargo priority approving waste rock, causing issues with events
- Fix the menus being allowed to open on console while having the payload menu open

Known issues/ notes:

No disasters save game bugfix: In existing savegames that have the issue where disasters are not triggered, the disasters will be reset and treated as if a new game has started. This means that it will take the same amount of time for disasters to start occurring as if a new game was started with max disasters settings.
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update 1.5 Fuglesang 1011140 (added 28 April 2022)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (28 April 2022)

Martian Express, Revelation Radio Pack and Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack DLCs are available now.

The new DLCs are also available together in the All New In Bundle.
Welcome aboard, the new Content Creator Packs have arrived!

Calling all Survivors!

The day has arrived! The 3 new CCPs (Content Creator Packs) have finally arrived, and we're excited to welcome you aboard. The packs will be available separately, or in a "All New In" bundle! You'll be able to change how you play the game with the "Martian Express Pack" created by veteran modders Lucian "LukeH" Hada and Sylvain "Silva" Maupetit. The "Martian Express Pack" allows you to move your colonists and resources between stations facilitating access to far away domes and remote resource deposits. Other outside manned buildings will also be buildable near stations without needing a dome. You can also enjoy the 10 new terrestrial building skins included in "Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack" by modder Teerapat "Quad Rioters" Kitjawijit while you listen to the 16 new songs from the "Revelation Radio Pack".

Martian Express Pack created by veteran modders Lucian "LukeH" Hada and Sylvain "Silva" Maupetit include:

- Welcome commuters!

Build your stations anywhere on the map and help your colonists get to work and back. Click on the info panel to see their reason for traveling and make sure that everyone gets their seat. otherwise, they’ll have to wait for the next train - and be frustrated, nobody likes to miss the train.

- New tracks

Click and drag to create tracks that connect your stations. Tracks will be elevated allowing your rovers and drones to pass underneath together with power cables, while pipes can cross over them.

Same train, different cargo

Traveling on the red planet has never been safer (and efficient!). Trains will have 2 wagons to transport colonists and resources at the same time. Don't worry: they'll travel on the same track with no risk of collision. Build your trains in the stations, assign them to the connected tracks and watch them go.

The Martian Express pack will be available for a price of 6.99 USD / 6.99 EUR / 5.19 GBP.

Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack by modder Teerapat "Quad Rioters" Kitjawijit:

- 10 terrestrial building skins to give your colony some added flair.

The Future Contemporary Pack will be available for a price of 4.99 USD / 4.99 EURO / 3.99 GBP.

Revelation Radio:

- 16 new songs from 4 artists for approximately 70 minutes of music from the comfort of your own dome.

Revelation Radio will be available for a price of 3.99 USD / 3.99 EURO / 2.89 GBP.

So pack your bags on hop aboard a train on Mars, destination: everywhere from your dome to the Gale Crater! There will also be a free update to the basegame, see patch notes below:

Release date: 28-04-2022
Version: GOG: 1011140

Bug fixes:

- The Jumbo Cave Reinforcement cannot be built if a Dome was already built nearby
- Rovers and RC Dozers can clean cave-ins only from certain points
- Anomalies from events can spawn under a deposit
- Landscaping projects from Surface are displayed in the Underground if one of them is finished
- The salvage process for Storages does not resume after they have been emptied
- The Bottomless Pit Lab doesn't convert some resources into research points in the Normal workload
- Resources stored to be used for maintenance or to upgrade the Bottomless Pit can also be converted into Research points, causing maintenance and upgrading to be delayed
- The Drones don't get commands after being unpacked from Prefabs by Ancient Artifact
- The Asteroid Extractor tooltip doesn't show the available amount of rare metals and exotic minerals in the nodes on the Asteroid when trying to place an extractor
- The Mystery Log cannot be dismissed on the Asteroid after completing the "Asteroid from outer space" mini-mystery
- Prefabs not being correctly transported to the underground via the elevator

Feature change:

- Elevators can now also be built from the underground
Source: Paradox Forum