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Changelog for Armstrong Update (added 16 May 2019):

New Features:
* New Mod Manager UI, enabling mods to be accessible on Xbox One and GOG/PDX PC versions

General Fixes:
* 5 Landscaping tools/buildings - Flatten terrain, create Ramp, Change Surface texture and construct Small Rock Formation or medium Rock Formation. They're available since start and do not require research. The Flatten and Ramp tools consume a lot of drone time and require or produce excess of Waste Rock. The Rock Formations are constructed with Waste Rock. The Change Surface tool consumes drone time and damages the local soil quality.
* 3 Special Projects - Capture Meteors, launch High-Speed Comm Satellite and Launch SETI Satellite. They become available when the first batch of Planetary Anomalies gets discovered (Sol 10-15) and do not require previous research. These three act as alternative sources of raw materials (Capture Meteors), sponsor research (HGS Satellite) and funding (SETI Satellite).
* 2 new buildings - Large Dumping Site and Rocket construction site. The significantly larger dumping site is because we're now producing and consuming far more Waste Rock. The construction of Rockets was added as an alternative to the buying of Rockets, which is not possible when you lack Funding. The Large Dumping Site is not locked via research, the Rocket requires Advanced Rocketry to be researched. (Advanced Rocketry is a vanilla tech that now enables the construction of Rockets, as well.)
* Self-sufficient dome - you can now place a Basic Dome with minimal life-support buildings. You only need to connect it to a power source. Once constructed, the structures will act as independent buildings. International Mars Mission has a free prefab of the self-sufficient dome.
* New event chains - 19 for the base game, 1 for modding purposes, 9 for Space Race DLC
* New research UI with vertical flow replaced the old research UI

Other fixes and improvements:
* Added order-queuing for Rovers
* Added multi-selection of units for mouse and keyboard and hybrid control schemes. You can use lasso or double-click over a unit type to mass-select nearby units of the same type
* More informative reasons for unavailable diplomacy options
* Fix for proper show/hide behaviour of hex ranges of domes for outside workplaces
* Build Menu: Rovers are moved to separate sub-categories
* Added conditions where colonists can change dome regardless of home availability in other domes
* Double click or Controller Button (X) on items in the build menu, which require known but non-researched techs now open the Research UI
* Trade rockets to rivals are not automated by default
* New Photo Mode effect added - Motion Blur

[PC VERSIONS ONLY] Modding-related fixes and improvements:
* Documented the Lua loading procedure, mod versions and dependencies, creating mods for DLCs and other minor documentation updates
* Added a filter for mods compatible with the game version
* Build menu subcategories are now pre-sets, which can be easily added with mods
* Added a set of mod items that add easily modifiable options to your mods
* Fixed 'copy from' field in building template mod items and mission logo mod items
* Unused tech field icon property removed
* Mod dependencies show if the mod they depend on is missing or incompatible (outdated)
* Added a sample story chain
* Improved mod upload - it provides status update, better UI flow, and feedback about report upload problems
* [PDX modding] Fix to enable auto-update of mods from PDX modding backend
* [PDX modding] Fix for re-uploading mods to PDX modding backend to keep their dependencies entered in the web interface
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Changelog for Cernan Update (added 29 May 2019):

Green Planet:
- Fixed several game freezes (reported by the community, related to RC transports in savegames, and Dozers)
- Fixed terraforming info showing in infopanels in savegames started without Green Planet
- Fixed Transport Optimization tech applying to RC Dozer
- Fixed Lakes to check local (actual) temperature to determine frozen state (not global temperature)
- Fixed terraforming buildings' Amplify upgrades to take into account Overcharge Amplifications breakthrough
- Fixed RC Transport interacting with Open Farm crops
- Fixed endless (toxic or water) rains
- Fixed Outdoor Farms harvest not being collected by Drones
- Added harvest information in tooltip of Open Farm
- Added check for breakthrough availability when terraforming is disabled

Space Race:
- Fixed flying Drones coming back to life after destruction
- Fixed flying Drones affected by explosions when too high
- Fixed Advanced Stirling Generator heat output in a cold area/during cold wave

Project Laika:
- Added Encyclopedia entries for Ranch and Outside Ranch

Main Game:
- Fixed crash when constructing buildings at the map border
- Fixed several game freezes related to wisps (St Elmo's Fire Mystery)
- Fixed game freeze occurring when a Drone is destroyed while embarked on a Rover
- Fixed old savegames not applying current logic when accepting trade offers/converting Landing Pads
- Fixed savegames displaying Seeds as farm crops in games without Green Planet
- Fixed Drones unloading resources from Expedition Rocket when resources are loaded by RC Transport
- Fixed events effects continuing when the event is completed (broken Drones in "Drone Prototypes")
- Fixed display of tooltip in "Clear" button in Infopanel
- Fixed display of dome radius
- Fixed camera issue while zooming out during an ongoing marsquake
- Fixed Drone behaviour when changing priority during construction (building is no longer cancelled)
- Fixed resource allocation when destroying buildings
- Fixed scripting logic choosing invalid events from planetary anomalies
- Fixed colonists living in the nursery (it's time to grow up!)
- Fixed Rocket cargo display when returning from expedition
- Fixed Landing Pads becoming unusable after rocket construction
- Fixed Trade Rockets accepting wrong amount of resources in automated mode
- Fixed Large Dumping Site infopanel slider behaviour for desired amount of waste rock (controller-only)
- Fixed UI scale not allowing passenger selection when set to maximum
- Added hover and click sounds to main menu news feed
- Added separate spots and fixed orientation of drones when constructing Rockets
- Latitude and longitude coordinates are no longer translated to allow coordinates sharing in non-English versions of the game

- Added modding functionality for FX elements (sound, decal, light, colorization, particles)
- Added modding functionality for Animals & Vegetation
- Added Tech Field ModItem
- Added message to indicate if a detected scripting error is related to a mod
- Tables for Rival Colonies converted to global for easier modding
- Updated modding documentation

Art asset fixes for the following additional content:
- Green Planet
- Space Race
- Project Laika
- Digital Deluxe Edition
- Colony Design Set
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Changelog for Evans Update (added 10 October 2019):

We just deployed the Evans Update, which brings fixes for some of the reported issues for both Surviving Mars and Green Planet. It will also solve issues in Space Race and Project Laika.

Surviving Mars:

- Fixed an issue that caused colonists' suffocation when moving between domes. This issue was reported here.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the game to freeze when a drone is trying to create a stockpile at an invalid location.
- Fixed an issue that caused colonists to roam outside their domes when dehydrated.

Green Planet:

- Fixed an issue that causes the colonists to roam outside when dehydrated.

OSX Version:

- Fixed an issue that caused noticeable frame drops when displaying a lake. This issue was reported here.
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No Cernan to Evans patch?
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Changelog for Update Tito 1001514 (added 15 March 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (15 March 2021)

In-Dome Buildings Pack DLC available now.
“Tourism” free update

Changes to tourists

- Tourists have a new Satisfaction stat, which tracks how much each tourist is enjoying their holiday.
- Tourists no longer pay 10M funding upon arrival. Instead, they pay funds when departing from Mars based on how much they liked their holiday, shown in the Satisfaction stat, rated between 1 and 5 stars.
- Tourists now board any nearby rocket when they are looking to go home (instead of only boarding rockets that just landed).

New Feature: RC Safari

- The new RC Safari allows you to create sightseeing tours around your colony for tourists to enjoy.
- Set waypoints near domes, wonders, vistas, rock formations, and many other sights to increase the satisfaction bonus tourists get from the safari.
- Order the new RC Safari from earth, or complete the Rover Printing research to build these yourself.

New Tourist Buildings

- Hotel: Provide tourists a luxurious place to stay on Mars; spending the night increases their Satisfaction. Hotels can be built after completing the Smart Homes research.
- Low-G Amusement Park: Provide tourists with the best ways to experience the low gravity environment. Visiting tourists get an extra bonus to their Satisfaction.

Other changes

- Adjusted the deadlines for the Tourist Trap challenge, which now also gives 20 tourist applicants at the start.

“In-Dome Building Pack” CCP

- Smart Apartments: Apartments that provide the same luxuries as smart homes.
- Senior Residence: A lovely place for your senior residents to retire.
- Large Nursery: A larger version of the nursery, able to house more children.
- Medical Post: For when you need a smaller infirmary in the area.
- Hospital: A larger, more relaxing version of the infirmary. It also comes with the exclusive Remote Medic upgrade, which reduces the number of colonists required per shift.
- Security Post: A more compact version of the Security Station.
- TV Studio Workshop: A new workshop building which also generates funding.
- School Spire: Build the school as a spire building. It comes with the exclusive Superior Education upgrade, which has a small change to give the Genius trait.
- 2 new colony logos: Colonization Effort, Red Target
Please gog, make the patch available as single download.
I don't want to download all the gigabytes of the main installers again.
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Changelog until Update Tito 1001569 (added 24 March 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (24 March 2021)
Tourism update hotfix - patch notes

Game Version: 1001539

Bug fixes

- Fixed Windows 7 startup crash
- Fixed crash that often occurred on Mega Dome completion in existing save games.
- Fixed an issue where colonists suddenly committed suicide in large numbers.
- Fixed an issue where colonists stopped aging and tourists didn’t want to leave Mars after 5 sols.
- Fixed an issue where the Low-G Amusement Park awarded a lot more satisfaction than intended.
- Fixes Rocket naming issue
- Terra Tourism text change in English only (for now) to fit with the new tourism reward mechanic.

Known issues

- Windows 7 always starts in windowed mode
Source: Steam
Update Tito 1001551 (18 March 2021)

Hey Survivors, we have another small hotfix coming your way today.

Bug fixes

- Fixed Xbox One Paradox Account login
- Fixed tourist expedition exploit
- Fixed In-Dome building pack localization
- RC Safari visiting tweaked
- The RC Safari should show it has a maximum of 10 passengers
- Increasing the wait time before departing

Known issues

- Windows 7 always starts in windowed mode
- Rocket Naming does not stick on saves created before the hotfix. Renaming functions correctly with new games.
Tourism Update - Hotfix 3

Game Version: 1001569

Bug fixes

- Fixed dome filtering issue - colonists should now only live where they are allowed to
- Fixed Hotel issue - the door should no longer require Space Race DLC to let the colonists leave
- Fixed Safari sight bug - sights now work even if the player does not have the Green Planet DLC

Known issues

- Clicking the Tourist Overview button on a Rocket will cause a soft lock
- Existing Hotels will load with a graphical issue on pre-hotfix saves - Rebuilding the Hotel resolves the issue
Source: Steam
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Tourism update 4 (Small Hotfix)

Version: 1001586

* Fixed for In-Dome Buildings Pack DLC to apply Assistive Technology upgrades.
* Added a missing Upgrade in the TechPreset.
* Removed Rain Man story bit.
* Fixed tourism reward screen soft lock.
* Fixed upgrade name.

Source: Paradox Forum
Uhm, where is this update?
Maxvorstadt: Uhm, where is this update?
Unfortunately there is no small patch installer for this one. You have to download the full offline installer again and install it over the existing game.
That's always the same with gog.
Sometimes the patches show up later, but it takes time. Really, they should do something about it.
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Please developers, bring a patch for the latest version (1001586), I don`t want to download the whole game and all the DLCs again!
They added a Linux .sh file with the latest Windows build :D
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Changelog for Update Piazzi 1007783 (added 07 September 2021)

Galaxy updated (07 September 2021, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (07 September 2021, Windows | 08 September 2021, Linux)

Note: Mac offline installer is on version Piazzi 1007612 at the moment.

Below and Beyond DLC & Mars Lifestyle Radio DLC available now.
Below and Beyond​


- A new area to explore right beneath your colony. Uncovering what the Martian Underground has been hiding from us, perhaps we can even find something rivaling our wonders.
- Expand your colony into the Underground, providing shelter against the hazards from the surface and bringing you closer to richer deposits.
- Be careful, as there may be underground marsquakes that can lead to dangerous cave-ins.


- Venture to asteroids as they fly past Mars, giving you a limited window to visit them.
- Set up temporary mining outposts to extract as many rewards as you can from each asteroid.
- Bring back Exotic Minerals, a new resource exclusive to asteroids, to improve your colony on the Martian surface and its underground.
- Some asteroids may not be as they appear and have a mystery to solve while you are on them.

Recon & Expansion tech

- Unlock multiple specialized buildings, rockets, and upgrades in the underground and on asteroids.
- Gain benefits and upgrades for your entire colony.

Free Update​

New Building:

- Amphitheater - a new building to comfort your colonists and increase tourists' satisfaction.

UI Improvements:

- Construction Ranges - You can now hold CTRL (Y on Xbox and Triangle on Playstation) to see dust ranges of other buildings and other relevant ranges.
- Reorder tech queue - You can now easily adjust the order of techs within your research queue.
- Leak Icons - Cable and Pipe leaks now show icons above them so you can easily locate them.
- Cycle Grids - You can now cycle through different power grids and life support grids by clicking on power or oxygen and water in the top bar.
- Extended Resource info - We expanded the Top UI tooltips with more information per resource.

More Colony Control:

- Custom Colony Name - Change your colony's name to best fit your colony.
- Dome birth limit - Besides allowing and forbidding births, you can now also allow births as long as the dome still has available living space.
- Must include Filter - Colonist filters now have an option to include all colonists with a certain trait or specialization, even if they have undesired traits.

Balance Changes:

- Rebalanced the Door to Summer event.
- School Spire; reduced the odds of the genius trait being given.
- Smart Apartments; reduced resident slots and increased maintenance cost.
- Medical Post; reduced number of colonists that can use it per shift and increased service comfort.

Known issues


- Drones that are “busy” with transporting resources do not get added to the cargo of a Lander rocket when the asteroid moves out of range. This can occasionally cause a crash
- After salvaging an asteroid lander, its contents are dumped on the landing pad. Any drones and RCs part of the cargo can not be used
- Pin menu does not show incoming Asteroid Landers from Asteroids
- There is no warning about an unloaded cargo when launching a rocket back to Earth
- Drones occasionally try to get to the unreachable area on Asteroids in order to gather resources
- The camera is out of the map if the player clicks on the Astronomer's pin while s/he is in orbit (Dying Wish mystery)


- Even after clearing debris, the area is uneven and unbuildable
- Some cave-ins are unreachable and therefore cannot be cleared which prevents further exploration.
- Shuttles can fly ‘too high’ vertically in the Underground.

Platform specific:

- MAC: Many UI images don't show up in the Mac build
- Black squares are shown instead of B&B content icons on Epic build (Mac)
Source: Paradox Forum
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Changelog for Update Piazzi 1007874 (added 13 September 2021)

Galaxy updated (13 September 2021, Windows & Mac)
Offline Installer updated (13 September 2021, Windows | 15 September 2021, Mac & Linux)
Gameplay Improvements

- The lander rocket now loads items in increments of 1 instead of 5.
- Moved the cave-in clearing tech earlier in the tech tree, now appearing between position 5 and 8, instead of as the 13th tech.
- Change the order in the cargo screens, grouping buildings of the same type together.
- Rebalance rewards for recurring Recon Center discovery events.

Bug fixes

- Fixed colonists and drones getting stuck in food stockpiles. Attention: the fix requires the rebuilding of depots and food production buildings that display broken behaviour!
- Show the Lander Rocket immediately amongst the pinned items on Mars when it does its last second launch as an Asteroid goes out of range.
- Lander Rocket now properly loads all drones when launching at the last second as an asteroid goes out of range.
- Lander rocket now only starts loading drones, rovers, crew and prefabs if everything is available.
- The “died in orbit” trigger will activate only if the crew actually dies.
- Removed colonists that died in orbit.
- Cave-ins can be reached more easily by drones to clear.
- Fixed issue where elevator cargo could get lost if both sides of the elevator requested the same resource.
- Fixed issue where elevator cargo could not be updated after the initial request.
- Fixed vehicles cannot be transferred through the elevator using right-click.
- Ancient Artifact spawns the correct amount of drones.
- Auto explore of the RC Explorer no longer reveals hidden anomalies.
- Added missing icons for pinned surface passage and underground passage.
- Correctly updated pin dialog when transporting RCRover.
- Fixed incorrect game over condition when colonists died on Asteroids while there were still alive colonists on Mars or the Underground.
- Fixed issue where cables and pipes were created on the wrong map.
- Workshifts now properly update while on another map.
- Prevented refabbing landing and trade pads while they're in use.
- DLC buildings will be accessible on a new game after loading an old save.
- Fixed missing Passenger Rocket UI in the resupply menu on old retail save.
- Cheat panel improvements (available in creative mode only on Windows, Mac, Linux).

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Platform-specific fixes

- Fixed startup crash on certain Windows 7 installs.
- Removed the assert window on Linux.
- Disconnecting controller issue.

Known issues

- Dome births cannot be controlled.
- The game crashes when a lander rocket is departing with drones in cargo while the asteroid moves out of range.
- Youths, adults, and seniors occupy child-only buildings.
- Same anomaly events are found multiple times on the surface, breaking the game balance.
- There is no warning about an unloaded cargo when launching a rocket back to Earth.
- Crash related to Inner Light Mystery on old retail saves.
Source: Paradox Forum
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