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SOR2 Axel:
Alternative star move always sends flying forward.
Faster walk speed.
Headbutt is now invincible.
Dragon Dash Blow does more damage.
Spinning Dragon Upper has less recovery.
Spinning Dragon Upper better wall bounce.
Dragon smash's last hit is invincible and has a better hitbox.
Spinning kick juggles better.
Dragon blow life cost reduced.
Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
Star move wall bounce only on the last hit.
Default offensive has better juggle properties.
Default star move has less recovery.
Alt defensive has more depth.
Alt Star move not being invincible to bottles and other star moves fixed.

SOR2 Blaze:
Back attack removed ground slam.
Blitz added one hit on the way up and slam the property to the last hit.
Blitz travels farther.
Blitz removed the wall bounce.
Alternate blitz better hitbox.
Alternate defensive special better hitbox and can hit multiple enemies.
Aerial grab added air control, damage rescaled, and bounces off enemies infinitely.
Kikou shou is faster and has an improved hitbox.
Slam throw slams opponent for real.
Alternate star move gives 2 seconds of invincibility.

SOR2 Max:
Throws do more damage.
Sliding tackle freeze time is reduced and slides farther.
Power chop damage increased and has less recovery.
Rolling grab is invincible during the rolling part.
Chokehold is now cancellable by special moves and blitz.
Spinning knuckle bomb has more depth.
Alternate defensive special does more damage, costs less HP but launches lower when it hits an airborne enemy.

SOR2 Skate:
Breakdance launches higher.
Back pummel reduced hit stop.
Back pummel can be interrupted by a jump.
Jump down attack can be followed up with a Jump kick.
Combo stuns more and does more damage.
Last combo hit launches closer to Skate.
Neutral grab attack launches closer to Skate.
Front pummel does more damage.
Charge attack does more damage.
Jab range increased.
Sommersault has better consistency in hitting both hits and improved hitboxes.
Cannonball does more damage and added air control.
Inline rush can be canceled sooner.
Vault throw launches farther, better wall bounce.
Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.

All SOR3 characters:
All SOR3 characters (except Roo) jump higher.

SOR3 Axel:
Charge attack does more damage.
Scissor Kicks better launch, improved hitbox, travels farther.
Improved recovery on Star moves.
Spinning body blow can hit off the ground, reworked juggle speed, added wall bounce.
Spinning body smash launches higher and closer to Axel, and does more damage.
Alternate Star move launches 3 projectiles with longer freeze and spawns a katana.
Dragon punch does more damage, improved hitbox and depth, and better launch properties.
Grab headbutt is invincible.
Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Blaze:
Chou reppa dan does more damage, improved launch, faster, added wall bounce.
Energy burst faster recovery and does more damage.
Alternative star move improved hitbox and launch properties.
Jumping kick is faster and has a better hitbox.
Alt blitz has less invincibility at the end.
Improved damage on default blitz and forward special.
Alternate forward special does more damage and ignores weight.
Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Skate:
Ground Roll blitz reworked - now it goes farther, oscillates, and hits only once.
Flying headbutt first hit relaunches higher and closer to Skate.
Spinning attack launches away from Skate, fixed wall bounce bug.
Skating fist fury hits multiple times and direction can be controlled, does more damage overall, and only has invincible frames for half the duration of the move.
Flash kick does more damage and launches higher.
Vault throw launches farther, does more damage, added wall bounce.
Better depth on dodge roll.

SOR3 Zan:
Alternate blitz improved travel distance and launch.
Alternative offensive special reworked and added air control.
Alternative defensive special now hits during energy ball spawn, Spawned Energy ball does more damage.
The jumping attack is faster and has a better hitbox.
Default blitz travels farther and has better recovery.

SOR3 Shiva:
Alternate Star move does more damage, the target is invincible during the move, and the last hitbox is bigger.
Alternate blitz does more damage, faster startup, and recovery, hitbox depth improved, launches higher, and can be done three times in a row by pressing the attack button.
Alternate neutral special launches higher and closer to Shiva, hitbox improved, does more damage, added air control.
Alternate forward special improved launch, does more damage.
Default forward special improved hitbox toward the back of the character.
Final crash does more damage.
Combo does more damage.
Default blitz less freeze and more invincibility.

SOR3 Roo:
Offensive special juggles better.
Alternate offensive special does more damage, bounces enemies, and can be canceled into an air version that has slight air control.
Default air special does more damage, added air control, bounces enemies, and better hit consistency.
Earthquake startup is faster, last hit launches higher.
Jab infinite nerfed.
Spawned Bruce has the same palette as Roo.
Roo's vault is no longer invincible.
Roo default offensive special wall bounce only on the last hit.
Default blitz and offensive special drag enemies.
Last pummel hit is invincible.
Alt-defensive has better active frames and hitbox depth.
Bruce spawn has more life and better invincibility on the hop.

Removed armor during wake-up.

Z and Z elite:
Master more weapons.

Cherry boss:
Star move starts up slower
Signal enemies now scream before their slide and throw.

Slight damage buff.

Survival buffs:
Glass cannon reduces defense by 60% instead of 100%.
Charged buffs are stronger.
Full of yourself is stronger.
Sharpen tool is stronger.
Allied Gold is stronger.
Allied Donovan masters more weapons.
Allied Galsia does the correct amount of damage with golden weapons.
Allied Cop has more life and his throw cannot be escaped.
Allied Mr. Y starts in an angry state and can juggle enemies with bullets.
Allied Stiletto attacks faster.
Allied Condor has more health, blocks less, and added wall bounce on hits.
Allied Sugar is armor during her headbutt preparation and has improved wall bounce.
Allied Steffie has a faster grenade throw rate (and the first grenade spawns instantly).
More healing pick-ups in survival mode at higher levels (so bloodthirst is not mandatory to reach high levels anymore).

Flames from fire buff are different from regular flames.
Elemental effects in survival are toned down.
Ball hazard reworked and re-tweaked always launches in the same direction as the ball's momentum.
Ball damage reduced for small hits.
Reduced Hole fall damage
Weapon throws are invincible and special cancelable.
Zan, Shiva 3&4, Roo can now activate bonus levels.
Improved Durian's hitbox
Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 2: Stage 4 full combo is easier.
Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 3: Stage 5 full combo is easier.
Shorter transition time going out of bonus stage 4: Stage 8 full combo is easier.
Smaller hitbox on fire and steam geyser.
Added hidden weapon in stage 6 tower first floor.
Big Chinese sword has more durability.
Dick enemy has less life.
Barney enemy has less life.
More heal pickup in Stage 3
Ruby has less life.
You need more scores to gain an extra life in mania plus.
Can follow up a special move by a neutral jump without frame loss.
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