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Changelog for Update 1 (01 May 2020 / added 07 May 2020):

- Fixed crash at launch on some PCs due to Windows 8 compatibility settings
- Add messages in case of drivers not up to date
- Add messages in case of access denied for writing save data

Standalone installer updated (v04g-r10450 ⇒ v04g-r10487): 07 May 2020.
HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Update 1 (01 May 2020 / added 07 May 2020):

- Fixed crash at launch on some PCs due to Windows 8 compatibility settings
- Add messages in case of drivers not up to date
- Add messages in case of access denied for writing save data

Standalone installer updated (v04g-r10450 ⇒ v04g-r10487): 07 May 2020.
When will update 2 be? In Steam it already exists!
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88fighter: When will update 2 be? In Steam it already exists!
The only ones that know are the devs, and maybe GOG. I'm affiliated with none of them, just a regular user, so all I can suggest is to contact the devs via their official channels.
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Hi, new changelog

17 july PATCH :

- Fixed random crash occurring when playing with a keyboard.
- Improved save system to avoid save data corruption issues.
- Improved save data backup system and now allow to retrieve a former data if corruption occurs.

21 july HOTFIX :

- Fix incorrect "corrupted save data" message showing up in the latest version and preventing players from launching the game.
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Hi, new changelog from Steam :

Greetings everyone,

We will always be grateful to the community for sharing feedback since the game launched. Even when we don’t reply, we read your comments, your opinion, and feedback (no matter if it’s positive or negative) so everything counts.

Today we are glad to announce that your feedback helped us to bring more than eighty enhancements to the game. The patch notes will be quite long but worth taking some time to be read carefully.

Streets of Rage 4 balancing patch brings enhancements and several fixes to the game including

Online improvements: better fluidity and stability, less latency.
New online stats display options available on the HUD section.
Balancing improvements for all main characters.
Major gameplay improvements for all stages.
Various bug fixes.
Fixed rare random crashes.


Specials and star move can interrupt any hitstun state on ground
Specials can interrupt hit freeze
Faster jump start for SOR4 characters



Faster move speed
Better recovery on-air special
Added additional invincibility frames on grand upper start-up
Added grand upper on the ground (OTG) property
Grand upper travels farther
Added neutral special OTG property
Neutral special has less hit freeze
Pipe swing has a less recovery
Air special: all hits connect when OTG + ignore weight class
Denfsive cost lowered
Rescaled damage on grand upper
Forward special has a bigger hitbox
Buff charge kick wall damage
Infinite stun-lock on enemies are removed
Special pipe goes farther
Better recovery on combo
Better damage on normal combo and star move
Charge attack goes a little farther


Cherry can jump cancel after uppercut combo and grab uppercut
Added 2 frames stun on punches
Flying punch from combo is fully invincible
Cherry’s charged flying punch is invincible before hit
Full invulnerability during fall is removed
Special forward is faster
Damage Buff
Back throw works in corners
Pogo kick can hit OTG
Cherry damages are rescaled on normal combo
Infinite head stomping fixed
Cherry knee loop slightly nerfed


Floyd’s attack x3 infinite is removed
Neutral special life costs adjustment
Floyd can no longer reset his grab move counter by jumping
Special take less HP
Floyd has now a slower animation throwing a butcher knife like all SOR4 characters


Reduced vertical speed on juggle neutral special
Reduced vertical speed on juggle back attack
Blaze’s back attack has a high bounce
Jump cancel on combo kick 1st hit


Fixed Infinite loop
Added neutral special OTG property



Added invincibility on headbutt


Hitting behind with flip kick


Combo feels more like the original
Added body hit property to his last kick in combo as in original SOR1
Infinite fix


Fixed Star Move not recovering green health


Atomic drop recovery is now shorter and bigger AOE


Damage nerf on blitz


Infinite removed
Increased run speed (+10%)
Fixed Star Move not recovering green health
Punch range is better
Jab recovery is shorter


Blitz damage nerf
Fixed hitbox on Star Move



Bug fix Diva never going in phase 2.
Diva charge is slower.
No armor on kicks.
Electric area disappears faster.
Diva has longer preparation for snake bite.
Diva snake bite has less depth.

Commissioner Stage 2:

Commissioner has longer charge punch time + lower dash grab hitbox.


Police attacks are easier to dodge.


Barbon kicks can hit another player after impact.


Smaller hitbox on palm moves.
Shiva double has a chance to align with the player (instead of being full random).

Commissioner Stage 7:

Fewer armor moves.

Riha & Beyo:

Beyo is a little faster.
No more armor moves for Beyo.
Armor finishes sooner for Riha's moves.
Less fire pond (lesser time and bigger cooldown).
Riha fire aoe moves are slower.


Throw aoe damage nerf.
Some AI fixes.
Can't combo the player anymore with 3 shoulder tackles.


Mr.Y is now harder to defeat
Elite Shadow reinforcements during the fight.

Mr. Y:

MrY stage 11 harder.
MrY stage 12 evades more.


Mr.Y and Ms.Y final fight lasts longer (before the robot appearance)
Some robot hitboxes are smaller.
Legs positions have changed.
Twin getting into the robot regains full life.
Additional damages on the robot.
Fixed a bug preventing Mr.Y from throwing grenades.
Spider robot now has the same attacks in phase 1 & 2.
Fix a bug with Ms.Y not grabbing in stage 12 last fight.


Nerfed Galsia weapon hitbox

Stage 9:

Apple added in the changing room.
Added a roasted chicken.

Stage 12:

Less green life at the beginning.
Fixed Pheasant and sparrow rising move.
Shorter electric vial time.
Reduced steam hazards hitbox.
Lots of enemies rising armor moves removed/nerfed.


Longer parry recovery time.
Massive punch is easier to dodge

Caramel and Candy:

Headbutt nerf: hitbox + hitbox depth nerf.
Lower hp.

DIAMOND / palettes:

Jump kick track less.
Slap is slower.


No armor.

Raven / palettes:

Slower kicks.
Slower knee while rising.
Turn towards the target when rising.

Taser Cop:

Slower start up.
Smaller hitbox height.
Less HP.

Bronze enemy is not armored anymore during his attack.
Donovan and palettes have a slower jab punch.
Lower nb of hits to destroy bikes : 3.

Big Ben / Gourmand:
Gourmand jump attack tracks less.
Gourmand doesn’t do 2 hits anymore with an air attack.
Armor removed on Big Ben fire attack.

Elite Cop:

Slower shield regeneration.
Slower attack.

Boss Rush:

Barbon clone bug fixed.

Signal R & D:
Faster walk speed before grab.


Deactivated special burst in Battle Mode
Enemies hurtbox while jumping on-screen is bigger.
You can pick up an item that is in the air if it is in your character height.
All characters can hit at point-blank.
You cannot charge a move while doing a charged move.
Forward specials are not triggered when pressing up or down.
Wall bounces increments the combo counter.
A character that is in « Body Hit » mode will collide more easily with other characters.
Nora palettes aren’t armored anymore.
Donovan can hold a hammer.
Gold reinforcements on stage 10 boss.
Stage 11 more score items on the plane.
Stage 12 ninja floor changed a little (removed spike ball, added Big Bens).
Faster transition on stage 1_2.
Donovan with a hammer on stage 3_1.
Boss Rush Mr.Y & Ms.Y robot trigger threshold as in Story Mode.
Bikes are now breakable in Stage 6.
Walking upward in front of Roo makes spawn 3 vials.
Score: combo bonuses don’t have a point limit now.
Better reinforcements spawn code preventing some reinforcements from spawning out of bounds.
Combo counters stay alive when hitting shields or guards.
Falling into holes breaks the combo.
Lowered Koobo control weapons number (2 flying at the same time).
Fixing Grenade throwers on roff throwing their grenades out of bounds.
Damage reduced on players when comboed by enemies.
Fixed a bug where you could infinite combo an enemy and refill his life.
Fixing pickup bug when several items overlap.
Weapons start flashing in red at 1/3 life (instead of 1/2).
Sledgehammer freeze reduced a bit.
Fixed input bug when canceling blitz by fwd special near a wall.
Fixed some scripting issues in the 5-2 bar fight.
Better reinforcements spawning.
Throwing knives do 36 damage instead of 35 preventing some weird 0hp enemy situations.
Some K-washi shield issues fixed.
Retro Shiva boss fight reworked.
Added 10 frames of stun after vault jump.
Pummel moves fix preventing some infinite.

Keep up with Streets of Rage 4 latest news on:

Join us on Discord:
Follow Streets of Rage 4 Official Instagram:
Streets of Rage 4 website:
Streets of Rage 4 Facebook:

Make sure to drop a follow to the development team on Twitter: @Dotemu, @Lizardcube, @Guard_Crush
So wait, is r10977 the balance patch, or do we still have to wait for an offline installer?

Why must GOG have its own goofy patch numbering system?
Any plans for multiplayer or anything?
MischiefMaker: So wait, is r10977 the balance patch, or do we still have to wait for an offline installer?

Why must GOG have its own goofy patch numbering system?
I don't think so because from what i can see on steam the game is actually in V05 not on V04. So update is available on Galaxy but not with offline installers...we have to wait as always. FYI the patch numering is the same on Steam
Pyromancer138: Any plans for multiplayer or anything?
At this time sad
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Thanks for posting the changelog pe7ouill3, much appreciated

Just installed it and wow, this patch has made the game a bazillion times more enjoyable to play!

The balance is more even now, rather than tiled heavily in favour of the enemy AI as it was originally, and the fixes to Axel have made him soooo much more pleasant to play!

Kudos to the devs tor listening to our concerns - Just being able to get out of stunlocks with neutral-A has made the game a zillion times less frustrating to play, and all the changes combine to make more aggressive play style of the original SoR games much more viable and fun, rather than the original release of sor4 where you'd spend more time running away or trying to get into a favourable position rather than attacking.

I've only played up to the commissioner so far but already the fact that he can no longer grab you out of any move like he could before has made him orders of magnitude less obnoxious to fight!

I can't wait to see how the rest of the game plays - This is more like how it should be!

For those of you SoR fans that were holding off buying this because of the gripes people like me were making, I can say now it's much better and enjoyable enough to be worthy of your coin!

I'm so happy that the devs have listened to the gripes and done something about them - Thank you so much Lizardcube, Guard Crush and Dotemu; You done good!
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Does anyone know what the patch_streets_of_rage_4_v05g-r10978_(39928)_to_v05g-r11096_(41328) patch does?
Cyker: Does anyone know what the patch_streets_of_rage_4_v05g-r10978_(39928)_to_v05g-r11096_(41328) patch does?

No, there is no informations on Steam, Devs website etc...
If i find any changelog i will tel you
Cyker: Does anyone know what the patch_streets_of_rage_4_v05g-r10978_(39928)_to_v05g-r11096_(41328) patch does?
pe7ouill3: Hello,

No, there is no informations on Steam, Devs website etc...
If i find any changelog i will tel you
Tnx ^__^
v07g-r13648 (GOG version, 13 December 2021)

(from Steam)

Greetings everyone,

Today, we would like to thank you all for your feedback and love since the launch of Mr. X Nightmare DLC last July. Thanks to you and your detailed feedback, our development team has been able to work on some game stability improvements.

We know you've been waiting for this stability patch for quite some time now. Today, our development team is happy to share it with you. Once again, thank you all for your help!

Here is the changelog, featuring the various fixes implemented to improve the game stability:

Fixed a rare crash in Survival, when an AI was able to take a bonus.
Fixed random crashes during loading times.
Fixed a crash in the training mode for Windows 8 users, or users using Windows 8 compatibility mode.
Fixed a crash at startup for users having accented characters in the app path.
Improved online multiplayer stability.
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powergod: v07g-r13648 (GOG version, 13 December 2021)
(from Steam)
Thank you!
v08g-r14424 (GOG version, 11 March 2023)

(from Steam)

Greetings awesome people from the Streets of Rage!

Long time no speak.
We hope that you're doing as well as we are.

Today, we're pleased to deploy the long-awaited MAJOR update that brings:

- New co-op moves
- +300 in-game improvements
- Brand-new custom survival mode to the DLC (Mr. X Nightmare)

Major Update - R08 Changelog:

Added some destroyable to help to maintain the combo counter

Combo counter:
Added a half second to disappear
Stage transitions have a bonus time to not break the combo counter

Added Custom Survival Mode:
Players can tweak his/her survival experience with a variety of options.

Mania +:
Added Cursed arcades in Mania+ difficulty.
Added special reinforcements during boss battles.
Added One life.
The score to get an extra life is higher in the arcade mode.

Added coop attack:
Hold 'Pick up' and grab your partner to throw him.
Airborne player can press a special button to perform a unique attack.

All characters:
Lots of reduced hit stop
All charged attacks and normal combo last hits can hit multiple enemies after the first active frames even if an enemy is hit
Fixed a bug where some wall bounces could do no damage
Increased stun on air-down attacks
Throws will hit the other enemies close to the player with more consistency

Axel Stone (SOR4)
Air down attack has a slightly bigger hitbox.
Dragon crush has a bigger hitbox.
Dragon crush added air control.
Dragon crush travels farther.
Dragon crush launches higher.
Dragon crush leaves a fire area on the landing.
Dragon bites better recover.
Dragon bite life cost reduced.
Dragon bite damage increased.
Dragon bite has more active frames.
Dragon bite has less freeze.
Grand upper increased invincibility time.
Grand upper does more damage.
Grand upper hits can hit multiple enemies.
Dragon dive last hit improved hitbox.
Dragon dive can turn for the last hit.
Dragon dive has longer active frames.
Dragon dive has less freeze.
Dragon Upper has slight air control, a better hitbox, hits off the ground, recovery is invincible, and less freeze.
Dragon burst's tornado has a bigger hitbox.
Charge attack recovers faster.
Last combo kick recovers faster and the hitbox stays active longer after impact.
Default defensive special has more depth.

Blaze Fielding (SOR4):
Hienzan ignores weight.
Hienzan life cost reduced.
Rekkaken has 2 more invincible frames.
Rekkaken juggle properties reworked (fewer infinite).
Rekkaken does less damage.
Shin Hishousouzan ignores weight.
Shin Hishousouzan recovery time was reduced.
Shin Hishousouzan better hitbox and depth.
Shin Hishousouzan life cost was reduced.
Shin Hishousouzan hitstop time reduced.
Uraken Uchi damage buff.
Uraken Uchi longer active frames.
Uraken Uchi life cost reduced.
Uraken Uchi has better range and depth.
Shin kikoushou has better damage and depth.
Back attack hitbox extended upward.

Cherry Hunter (SOR4):
Soundcheck hits sooner
Special stage effects don't knock down on the first hit
Special stage effects first hit has a small ground bounce
Sommersault life cost reduced
Sommersault is now fully invincible
Sommersault has a deeper hitbox
Both blitzes can be canceled by air special
Cherry is now more vulnerable when on top of an enemy
Default air special does more damage
Alt air special damage rescaled (actual hit does more damage and fire pool does less damage)

Floyd Iraia (SOR4):
Walk speed increased.
Harder for enemies to escape Floyd's throws and throw combos.
jab range increased.
Combo damage increased.
Combo's last punch launches higher and farther with better wall-bounce, and better recovery.
Charge attack damage increased.
Charge attack launches higher and farther with better wall bounce.
Charge attack has armor properties.
Charge attack better recovery.
Power slide added hit on the way down.
Power slide launches higher and closer to Floyd.
Throw bounce higher.
Throw wall bounce damage increased.
Throw hits the enemy at close range.
Throws do more damage.
Double-throw launches closer to Floyd.
Double-throw has a larger hitbox.
Double-throw breaks armor and invincibility.
Grab special launches higher.
Grab third punch slams the enemy on the ground.
Gatling punch is not invincible if whiffed.
More damage on the star move-back hit.
Alt defensive do not heal with bloodthirst.
Default blitz has some invincibility at the beginning.

Adam Hunter (SOR4):
Fixed a bug where you could do an air special with no life cost.
Alternate star move last hitbox is taller.
Last combo kick now has body-hit properties.
Specials cost reduced.
Added jump cancel after combo 3rd hit.
Extended combo 3rd hit hitbox toward body.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't perform special forward while grabbing from behind.
Added wall bounce damage on Howl Fang's 2nd hit.
Split fang ignores weight.
Split fang wall bounces higher.
Sword upper recovers faster.
Sword upper has less freeze.
Blitz hits OTG.
Blitz has a bigger hitbox.
Default air special is invincible and has a lower hitbox.
Default air special costs less.
Alt offensive special last hit has more depth.
Alt defensive more active frames, depth, and can hit multiple enemies.
Throws lower.
Charge attack has more depth.

Estel Aguirre (SOR4):
Combo damage increased.
Combo adjusted so it doesn't loop into itself.
Combo third punch pushes less and stuns more.
Combo 5th hit wall damage increased.
Charge attack cannot be linked with itself.
Charge attack damage buffed.
Charge attack can be canceled by a special move.
Back attack damage increased.
Boot mark damage increased.
Flying scythe damage increased.
Sucker punch damage increased.
Added FX to flying scythe.
Neutral jump attack better hitbox.
Grab neutral attack damage increased, better wall bounce, better recovery, longer active frames, and bigger hitbox.
Flashbang bigger hitbox, longer stun, and more active frames.
Air Flashbang stun duration increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
Fire grenade has a larger hitbox, launches higher, and added wall bounce.
Air Fire grenade damage increased, life cost decreased, added slight air control.
Surgical strike better hitbox, better juggle, spawned knife last longer.
Police tackle invincibility/duration increased and damage increased.
Police tackle aoe punch is the same for both few hits and several hits variation.
Player Estel's police call has blue cross airs.
Heel kick has more range.
Default blitz has less freeze.
Police call longer invincibility.
Alt air special does more damage.

Shiva (SOR4):
Final crash is faster, does more damage, and has less recovery, launch properties reworked.
Flying kick does less damage, has less invincibility, and has more recovery.
Spirit Palm has less invincibility and more recovery.
Back attack can be followed by a launching kick.
Air Senretsu ken has more recovery on the ground.
Alternate defensive special now launch standing enemies and has better OTG launch.
Shiva clone special moves do not heal with bloodthirst (Clone star move still does).
Default air down special has a larger and higher hitbox, and launches higher.

Max Thunder (SOR4):
Fixed the last hit of combo hitting twice, now has a proper ground slam.
Charge attack bigger hitbox.
Back attack infinite juggle fixed.
Vortex vacuum costs more health and vacuums less.
Spinning knuckle bomb lasts longer (additional hits), travels farther, and is more juggle-friendly.
Air thunder strike strikes 3 times in a line.
Default air special has better air control and a better hitbox.
Max Iron will end is more noticeable.
Max has 20% damage and speed increase under Iron Will star move.
Body Slam has better air control and recovery.
Clothes line has body hit.
Power slide, Spinning Knuckle Bomb, Thunder Tackle less hit stop.
Rolling grab deals low damage on its path, less invincibility.

All SOR1 characters:
Added many wall bounces.
Invincibility lasts longer after a cop attack.
Cop attack hits the full screen.
Cop attack damage increased.
Adjusted move properties for more combos.
Faster jump start.
Added Charge attack.
Charge attacks have short invincibility.
Last combo hit and charge attack hitbox remains active after hitting so it can hit multiple enemies during active frames.

SOR1 Adam:
Pummel elbow bounces enemy.
Alternative star move launches higher, bounces the enemy, and does more damage.
Back attack improved invincibility and hitbox.
Combo's last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.

SOR1 Blaze:
Back attack added body hit properties.
Back attack improved hitbox.
Alternative star moves better hitbox.
Jump kick is faster.

Combo's last hit and Charge attack better hitbox.
Air attack improved hitbox.
Air attack slams on the ground.
Charged attack slams on the ground.
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