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for some reason evrytime i press the play button a warning symbol appeares next to it saying that launching the game has failed.
Please help.
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what system have you got?
i.e, Windows 10 I7 with 12G ram and Galaxy 1 install

also what antivirus
I have the sa,e problem, reinstling helps just for some time 2 or 3 days.

Sys Win 10 Intel Core i5 7400 and 16 GB of ram Gforce GT730
Not very helpful, but: same for me too. Starting the game with its .exe directly works, but not from the GOG launcher. I have Galaxy 1.2.67 by the way.
I get no error messages at all, the Play button just becomes grey one second then back to green.
Problem is: now I can't switch e.g. the game language which is only available in the launcher.
ok that is the current build of Galaxy 1... on the other hand Stellaris current build is now 2.6.2

two things to understand:
Paradox games do not show as working in Galaxy because Gog allows it

open Stellaris launcher = Galaxy will download the update... no matter what settings you have in Galaxy

that will cause the crash
update.jpg (135 Kb)
262.jpg (14 Kb)