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Thank you for this patch
I am totally astonished

I had a picture of my Samsung 34" with 3440X1440 pixels.yeah

i try to add it - only 33%
Just to give more feedback, the patch worked good in my Win 7 64 bit on my laptop with 1280 x 720 resolution. I though at first I didn't need the COLOUR fix, but really there was small glitches on the colours (e.g. red spots on grass), but the fix solved that.

As already noticed, there is the problem with the HUD, that expands vertically more than in the original game (but, in my case, it scales correclty horizontally). I don't know if it is easy or even possible to change that, but really it's not so bad. It is a matter of personal choice, playing the game this way or on the original 4:3 resolutions.

EDIT: changed the part of colour fixing and the HUD.
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DeadYorick: I'm starting to suspect this patch doesn't work with Windows 10.

I've installed the one from the dropbox link, I've set it to 1280x1024 in the menu, however when I start the game the graphics look garbled.
I just had the same problem on mine after trying to patch it, I run Windows 10 as well. Any update on your end? I know I'm sort of reviving a dead thread here, but I'd really love to play in my actual resolution with no black bars at either side taking up 2/3's of my screen.

has anyone fixed the issue with the hud panel? I run it under Win 10 and I am not able to find solution for the black part on the right side of hud panel.
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I have followed your easy instructions and seem to have an issue with the patcher. Pictures supplied.
My monitor is 1080p native not 1536x864..

windows 8.1
untitled7.png (242 Kb)
untitled1.jpg (257 Kb)
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I would try to use it with the help of dgVoodoo 2:
I got widescreen 2550x1440 to work on windows 10 64 bit. Be sure to disable your extra monitors before running the patch or it might not work.

I was, at first, having the game crash following the instructions previously posted:
[i]Download -

1. Copy with replacement all files from GOG to {PathToGame}\Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds\Game\ folder.
2. Double-click on SWGBWide_x1.exe -> patch will apply.
3. Run game from wide_battlegrounds_x1.exe and select 1280x1024 resolution in Options. [/i]

Running the patch ended with an error that stated:
'Didn't find interfac.drs reference at expected location. Wrong exe.'

And then afterwards, running the game would crash with an error prompt about unable initialize direct draw or something. To fix this I reinstalled the game, disable extra monitors first, and then followed the above instructions. After I selected 1280x1024, the game correctly displayed my primary monitor's maximum resolution of 2550x1440. I tested it on another monitor and it worked at 1920x1080
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so wich file/ link do I need to play it with win10 @ 1080p?
Thanks for this
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Link is dead :( can we get a re-up?
bustagomez: Link is dead :( can we get a re-up?
The widescreen patch is archived at the PC Gaming Wiki site.
If it helps, the Expanding Fronts mod has a built-in widescreen patcher:
I highly recommend it; it's not so much a mod as an unlicensed second expansion pack.
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RelicMaster: If it helps, the Expanding Fronts mod has a built-in widescreen patcher:
I highly recommend it; it's not so much a mod as an unlicensed second expansion pack.
Thank you, very much :D