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All of the following information was based on a modern set up with a NVidia card running DirecX 11 and Windows 10 x64.

CD/DVD Release:
Please go to

GOG Release:

The game should run fine on the standard GOG installation, however if you want to improve visuals and other settings, here's a compilation of suggestions.

1 - Digital Manual
For some reason, GOG has stopped supplying us with basic contents, such as manuals.
It's a shame, but fortunally Replacement Docs have us covered:
The site is broken at the moment, hence the direct link.

2 - Enable the game's Max Settings
Go to:
x:\GOG Folder\STAR WARS Racer\data\config\current
Open video.cfg with Notepad++ or similar and change the settings to enable max settings:


3 - Set the game resolution:
If you have GOG Galaxy installed, go to game's page, More/Other/Video Settings

4 - Adjust the Roll command to your right stick
Go to x:\GOG Folder\STAR WARS Racer\data\config\current
Open on Notepad++ and change the last few lines to
that way the right stick will roll in a proper way, and not inverted.

5 - Enhanced Graphics
First, apply the game settings as in the tip number 2.
The game runs on DirectX 6.1, so we can emulate it using dgVoodoo.
At the moment, the most recent version the 2.55, download it at
Also download D3DRM.dll,, and
Unzip dgvoodooCpl.exe in x:\GOG Folder\STAR WARS Racer, alongside the contents of the MS folder (D3D8.dll, D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll).
NOTE: those DLL files go to the same folder as the game executable!
Go to the properties of the SWEP1RCR.EXE and go to the compatibility tab, disable everything (if it's grayed out, click on Change Settings for All Users).
dgVoodoo requires the same user level to function.
These are the settings I use with dgvoodooCpl.exe:
General: Keep window aspect ration ON. If you fancy ScanLines, choose Scaling Mode to: Stretched, 4:3 Aspect Ratio (CRT-Like)
Texturing: Force Anisotropic (use the maximum your graphics card can)
Resolution: Use your display resolution if you're not sure of what you're doing, but you can force arbritary resolutions, like "3840x2160,60" to enable 4K resolution at 60Hz.
Behaviour: Application Controlled Fullscreen/Windowed State Unchecked
Miscellanneous: Force VSync On, Apply Phong Shadding when possible
Antialising: Set the maximum your graphics card can
Click apply and run your game from the installation folder, the dgVoodoo wrapper will load automatically. For some reason, the game crashes if you load from GOG Galaxy, but runs perfectly fine from the installation folder.

Q: Does it support Split MultiScreen?
A: No, only on consoles you can play with 2 players simultaneously. However, LAN play should be emulated in the GOG release and enabled for up to 8 players, no NPCs - I haven't tested it yet.

Q: Does it support dual analog stick?
A: No, only the Nintendo 64 has that function implemented.

Q: Does it work with XBox 360 controllers?
A: Yes, I've tested with a wireless one and a DualShock 3 emulating XInput. Just make sure to connect/pair the controller before the game starts, then enable joystick in the options menu (in-game).

Q: How to run in windowed mode?
A: Use dgvoodoo for that. In General, choose Windowed, then go to DirectX and disable Application Controlled Fullscreen/Windowed State.
Please note that doing that will break the mouse function in-game.

Q: What's with the Green/Blue skybox?
A: I believe that's some driver issue, the only way I found to fix it was loading dgVoodoo.

Q: The game is stretched when I try to run in 4:3 resolutions.
A: If you own an NVidia card, go to the NVidia Control Panel/Adjust Desktop Size and Position/Aspect Ratio/Override the Scalling Mode Set by Games and Programs

Can You Help Me?
Q: How to make the FMVs keep the original aspect ration when running the game in widescreen?
Q: Are there any especifics for an AMD card?
Q: Is there any way to emulate the force feedback presented in DInput controllers in XInput controllers?
Q: Is there any way to use dgVoodoo and load the game from GOG Galaxy?
Q: How to hide the mouse cursor and keep the in-game cursos when using dgVoodoo?
Q: Is the GOG version based on the 1.0 or 1.1 releases?

References and relevant links:
geekgamer: Q: Is there any way to use dgVoodoo and load the game from GOG Galaxy?
Q: How to hide the mouse cursor and keep the in-game cursos when using dgVoodoo?
Launching the game from Galaxy works fine with dgVoodoo for me.
There's a fix for the mouse cursor in the the vogons thread you linked to.

Edit: The manual is included in the GOG release. It's listed under "Goodies".
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Thanks for sharing these details, I tried it and everything works great. I also tried the double cursor fix patch from the linked vogons thread, as teleguy pointed out, and I can confirm that works as well.

I also am unable to launch the game through GOG Galaxy once I setup dgVoodoo. Not sure if there's a specific setting or anything that allows that to happen since teleguy claimed he got it working, but I'm seeing the same results as the OP here where you have to launch the game directly from its shortcut. Not a huge problem I suppose.

Thanks again for sharing the details!
Nice guide there. I'll be sure to try some of that out later. That RX inverted axis was a pain so it's great that there's a solution. :)

Q: Is there any way to emulate the force feedback presented in DInput controllers in XInput controllers?

The only way I know to do this is to use a program called XInput Plus. This translates DirectInput calls to XInput and vice versa, so acts as a go-between allowing you to use an XInput controller like the 360 controller with old DirectInput games so that you can get the trigger axis split, change the thumbstick range from circular to square, remap the controls, as well as translate the Force Feedback instructions into XInput Rumble.

However, I've not been able to get XInput Plus to work with this game (I was trying to use it to fix the right thumbstick inverted axis which is one of the issues you usually get when you use an XInput controller with a DirectInput game). I get the audible beep when the game starts up so I know that the XInput settings were read, but once I'm in the game menus it is clear that no remappings have taken effect.