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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary does not support General MIDI, so I played it with MT-32 sound via Munt. For Judgment RItes, I'd heard that it does support General MIDI so I was going to play around with soundfonts instead. But I can't seem to get it working. Anyone know how to set this up?

I saw the thread about MT-32 support in Jugdment Rites, which will be my backup option, but was going to try some soundfonts first. I've changed the sound to the Roland configuration as described there, because the first post says this actually defaults to General MIDI. And while the sound certainly sounds different from the Soundblaster music, it does not change as I activate soundfonts in VirtualMIDISynth, and I'm not sure why.

Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Never mind! Turns out it was already working. I just got confused because I was trying to switch between soundfonts on the fly but I was doing it wrong. So, for anyone who wants to use a soundfont for the music in Judgment Rites, just set it up for Roland music and it will actually be general MIDI. If you want to have real Roland MT-32 sound through Munt, check the thread I linked above instead.

(for anyone curious, I'm still picking which soundfont I like best, but based on the first music track to play in the game, I'm leaning towards Chorium Rev A. I find my choice often changes for each game I play.)
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