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For anyone wanting to use MT-32 with ST:JR note that the CD release had an issue with MT-32 detection upon game loading so that even if the game config was setup correctly to use MT-32 it would default to General Midi.

A couple of guys over at VOGONS contributed to a fix for this issue ( and many thanks yet again to them for this.
Well I am trying to change the sound options to Roland MT-32 but unlike 25th Anniversary this game doesn't have any launch options.
Thankfully the install.bat is still there, there's just no shortcut to use it. The normal Judgement Rites shortcut starts the game using the dosbox_stjr_single.conf

If you want to make it easy for yourself just open this file in any text editor and edit it to

mount c ..
imgmount d ..\STJR1.dat -t iso -fs iso
cd TREK2
# pictview title.png
# trekjr

the "#" makes it skip that lines. If you use the normal shortcut or start the game using galaxy it will launch the setup program. When you are finished you can remove the "#" and add one in front of "install.bat".

If you want a slightly fancier approach using a simple start menu you can edit your dosbox_stjr_single.con to look like this:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
@echo off
mount C ".."
ECHO º ---------------------------------------------- º
ECHO º Star Trek - Judgment Rites º
ECHO º ---------------------------------------------- º
ECHO º 1) Start game º
ECHO º 2) Start setup º
ECHO º ---------------------------------------------- º

choice /c12 /s what do you want to do? [1-2]: /n
if errorlevel 2 goto setup
if errorlevel 1 goto start

imgmount d ..\STJR1.dat -t iso -fs iso
cd trek2

imgmount d ..\STJR1.dat -t iso -fs iso
cd trek2
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Unfortunate I can't seem to make the game run with Roland MT-32, even when using the config lines you have written for us.

Either game starts up, shows the Interplay logo and does not continue, or the game just says it can't find any sound driver.
Hi thedutchgost,

This might solve your issue, though I believe the first link I gave had been updated with the fix.

I have the original CD collectors release so cant test this patch with the GOG version but dont see why it wouldnt work for both. If you cant get the original install working you could try manually changing the settings in TREK2.CFG. Settings that change when you select MT-32 instead of Soundblaster are (for me anyway):

"music=A002" (soundblaster) to "music=A004" (MT-32)


"setup=0,0,2,0,2,0,2,1" (soundblaster) to "setup=0,0,6,3,2,0,2,1" (MT-32)

along with "music_io=" needing to point to the interrupt address your MT-32 uses (330 seems to work best).

Over at I have helped someone else who was having issues with the game hanging after he had applied the patch files (posts 24, 26, 27, 30). It ended up working for him by just using the updated exe from the archive and not worrying about the patched "DATA" and "FED" files as these only fix a general midi issue which is not needed for the MT-32 fix and seem to cause an hanging problem with some versions.
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Hello Python1980

That seems to have fixed the problem.
I do admit that I have patched the files you have mentioned with the patch from the first post, so if the game starts to 'hang' I will know what is causing it.

I think this post should be made a sticky for future reference.
You can just edit trek2.cfg directly with notepad.

To enable MIDI (or at least it sounds like MIDI)



That should get it running. Make sure to save the file.