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I've started a new series of videos on my YouTube channel. The focus is on tweaking the DOSBox settings to improve how the game looks, sounds and plays.

Space Quest 1 and 2

Space Quest 3
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February 18 2015

Space Quest 4

- Correct aspect ratio
- Full screen image
- Comparing output modes
- CPU cycles
- Sample rate
- Munt Roland MT-32 emulator
- ScummVM
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February 22 2015

Space Quest 5

- Full screen image
- Correct aspect ratio
- Comparing output modes
- Tweaking cycle speed (Game ran too slow)
- Changing music to General MIDI
- VirtualMIDISynth
- Soundfonts
- Playing the game with ScummVM
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Great videos, mate! Looking forward to SQ6!

(hope you do the PQ and Larry games for folks too)

A lot of this is simple stuff for some of us, but for others its the difference between a fantastic and terrible game experience with this awesome classics! :)

I've posted a few questions on your videos, if you're still about and checking them, but one I'll ask here:

Any reason to use "machine=tandy" for AGI games that support 3-voice sound rather than using "tandy=on" and adding a "-t" to the command that starts the game? (that way you get Tandy sound but not Tandy graphics)?
thanks for the guides phil!