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Thank you very much for this post, greatly appreciate it.
Sorry for the necrobump, but I've encountered an issue as the links being down. I'm trying to find a download to the SIM Broadway track, it's my favorite one and I was quite disappointed to see it wasn't in the GoG game. If Anyone can provide a Mega link with the track that will be most helpful, finding a download elsewhere has been a bit of a hassle.

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So since this thread is dead I thought I'd rip the audio from my old computer and put it here. It has all the missing tracks as well as the stereo versions to replace the mono versions and the ini file is updated. Just overwrite the sound files in your SC3KU directory with these ones. I needed to grab it from my old computer to put it on my new one anyways so I figred why not share? Someone should probably back this up or make a cut down version with only the necessary files.!IdMEBKSb!QG7ln345nvKC1UBd9kSFdg