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It's awesome that I got SC3000 since the CD version is kinda funky with modern systems. I dig the real life cities and scenarios but I was wondering if there's more I can download somewhere. I know EA had some that was on their website, but that's obviously gone now. I tried searching, but I surprisingly came up empty-handed as there's quite a few SimCity fansites that are basically abandoned.

Anybody know where I can find some of this extra content?
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I've been doing quite a bit of research while trying to get SC3K Unlimited to run on Win7 x64 from it's original CD.

There are still a few sites that host custom content out there. I'm more interested in attaining all the official files Maxis released, but "custom content" could be included for a few of these websites.

Here's what I've found so far regarding updates and such:

Widescreen Patch

Enable Additional Music Tracks

There's an mp3 soundtrack linked in this post. I believe there's also a tool to convert WAV files to XA files which are used by SC3K. It would be possible to use an audio converter to convert the mp3 files to WAV format and then to XA for additional ('unreleased' hehe) tracks to use in-game.

Regarding Official and/or Custom Content:

Note: I'm not sure what is included in the GOG version of SC3KU, but I've read in various places that you may need to upgrade the BAT (Building Architect Tool) system to a Landmark

(Maxis Official) Landmarks Package

(For all things SimCity. Includes Maxis Official Files from the old Downloads Exchange! Requires registration to download)

Here's a log of the creation of CityBuilders. Might be useful to look at old posts or links left in people's signature areas.

SimCity 3000 Resource Center (A bit dated, but hosts some interesting files)

Here's the link (via The Wayback Machine, courtesy of to the official Maxis SimCity Exchange, though the files available for download are inaccessible due to the fact that you need to be a registered user in order to download any content there. But for old time's sake! (And for future [/past] reference)...*/

I'll come back and update this post if I find anything else out there.
CityBuilders is probably your best bet for any official or custom content.
Thanks for mentioning my site (, in addition to the links you have given in your post, I've been collaborating with Simtropolis (its a GOG affiliate), to revive SimCity 3000 on it.

The download section is split into two parts the official maxis updates that are on my site, the Simtropolis staff are still copying the files across and the custom content section, I know the site would welcome any SC3 players and creators.


Sorry it won't allow me to post links
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Link to the CityBuilders Website - is now dead, as life issues meant I closed the site down late year.

All the files and documentation were moved over to the Simtropolis site

Custom Content and cities are here:

Documents, etc are now in the Simtropolis Omnibus here:

Anything else that didn't fit anywhere else from my site went over to here:

as for the SimCity 3000 Resource Center which is here:

Its also hosted by the Simtropolis website unfortunately age is catching up with it and I have volunteered to copy over all the SimCity 3000 articles over to the Simtropolis Omnibus ... the Omnibus will be having a make-over at a later date in the meantime you can check this document to see if something has been copied over and were it is.

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