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Loger13: Lost Art of Reading?
"Because in Galaxy updates uploded by developers itself."
"game from the site (and delta patches, when it ready by GOG team"

Easy mode:
Galaxy - developers.
Site - GOG team.

Download section of site shows me not 13GB, but 503MB patch.
There's no need to be condescending. If you had read the rest of the thread, you would realize that the GOG team did change one of the updates provided by the developers to have Galaxy download a couple hundred MB instead of 13GB. The GOG team did that for Galaxy, *not* the developers, so your "easy mode" is flawed.

Also, the download section patch doesn't work with the Galaxy version, which you would know if you had read previous posts in the thread.

Anyway, I just want someone from GOG to say something. They did participate in this thread earlier, but now there's nothing. Hello? Anyone from GOG?