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Is there any not dead link of the megapatch anywhere? Even a previous version? Every single megapatch link here is dead and I was able to find 0 mirror.
Thanks in advance!

[edit:]In the end I was able to find a link on the internet wayback machine. Sorry, I cannot post the link as this is my first post :(
The original website is really dead but the download link on mediafire is still up.
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Rezon87: Do i need only the Mega Patch 4 or the other mods include something exclusive? Because all links are dead.
The Mega Patch 4 mod is still available, here is the Mediafire link:

The Mega Patch 4 pretty much contains anything in previous Mega Patches, so no need for earlier versions... (I think anyway, will check my original release notes if I can find them).
can the author of the mods please contact GOG and ask the mto put the files on the bonuses and goodies section under the game as hotfixes please it will be convienient for everyone thanks