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Is there any not dead link of the megapatch anywhere? Even a previous version? Every single megapatch link here is dead and I was able to find 0 mirror.
Thanks in advance!

[edit:]In the end I was able to find a link on the internet wayback machine. Sorry, I cannot post the link as this is my first post :(
The original website is really dead but the download link on mediafire is still up.
Post edited May 28, 2016 by damaki
Rezon87: Do i need only the Mega Patch 4 or the other mods include something exclusive? Because all links are dead.
The Mega Patch 4 mod is still available, here is the Mediafire link:

The Mega Patch 4 pretty much contains anything in previous Mega Patches, so no need for earlier versions... (I think anyway, will check my original release notes if I can find them).