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groze: Well, I'm installing it now, so I'm not aware of the possible bugs and glitches of this version, but I played Sanitarium for a lot of years, now, from my original CDs of the game and I never had any issue whatsoever. Granted, I don't have a computer with Win 7 or 8, but I never had any issue playing it on Win 98, 2000, XP and Vista. Once I have the GOG version installed I'll update this post, but I'm pretty confident the game will run smoothly.

Even if it has some bugs and glitches running on some machines, you guys shouldn't complain this harshly, because this truly is an underrated, overlooked piece of video gaming art and a lot of people may be put off by all of the posts complaining about some issues instead of talking about, I don't know?, how good this game is, perhaps?

EDIT: Ok, I've been playing it for an hour and a half, now, and encountered no bugs whatsoever. There's no color glitch, no crashing, nothing... I'm truly sorry for all you guys having trouble running the game, but I encountered no issue during this first hour with it... still as good as I remember it, running smoother than my boxed copy, with shorter loading times and better control sensitivity.
GOG recently updated their build to support the latest OSes. Maybe that helped.
Only it works perfectly the version
groze: [snip]
tfishell: GOG recently updated their build to support the latest OSes. Maybe that helped.
GOG updated the game a week or so after I bought it here and since it ran just fine I didn't really bother downloading the updated version.

It's always sad to have issues when you buy a game, especially because we paid for it (I can't play Interstate '76 properly, for instance, though that game was buggy from the get go, even before the GOG version), and I understand people complaining about it, but I honestly think it's a bit too much when they start raging and flaming GOG, saying things like "GOG shouldn't have even released the game in this state". Sanitarium is an awesome game, an adventure game unlike any other, and people should give it a go even if they have some minor issues, that's all I'm saying. The game crashing is no minor issue, I'm aware of that, and I'm sad people are having that problem, but the game is still great and let's not forget some of us out here are able to run it just fine. Also, I believe the update may have solved some of the problems people were having, but apparently the community is only vocal when things aren't working; it would be nice to have some feedback on how the update is addressing crashes and graphical bugs.