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It says I don't have enough disk space. My PC lists having over 30GB free. I'm trying from the Galaxy client.
Paratech2008: It says I don't have enough disk space. My PC lists having over 30GB free. I'm trying from the Galaxy client.
This might help:

If the problem persists, and you wish to have your games downloaded now, you have three other options besides installing with Galaxy:
1) Downloading the installation files with Galaxy. Installation files use a different delivery method, and are usually smaller than the files downloaded during "installation". To do this, find the game in your Library in GOG Galaxy, and click MORE -> DOWNLOAD EXTRAS, then click the appropriate Game Installer file.
2) Using the GOG Downloader. You can find it here: . Once downloaded and installed, please find your game on in your library, and click MORE -> GOG DOWNLOADER LINKS.
3) Downloading with your browser - this isn't very recommended, as it offers no pausing/resuming, and no error protection.After using these methods, you will have to locate the installer files and launch the installation manually.



To change the downloads folder, click the gear (cog) icon in the lower-left corner of the main window. Folder options are found at the bottom of the Settings window.
By default, Galaxy will install games into your current GOG Games folder, and will download into a sub-folder created within. You can choose completely different download folders by checking the "Manage all folders manually" option.

If there was a download in progress while you were changing the folder, unfortunately the game will keep downloading to the previous one.
To make sure that the game is downloaded to the changed folder, you need to cancel the download first, and then start it again.
To do this, select the currently downloaded game, and click on MORE -> ABORT.

When you choose to install the game again, it will be downloaded to the new folder.



To scan for games which you have already installed, click the + (plus) button in the upper-right corner of the main window, and select "SCAN AND IMPORT FOLDERS". Select your base GOG Games folder and see what appears on your games list.The automatic scanning will only work on games which come from relatively recent installers. If it doesn't work for some titles, perhaps you downloaded and installed these long ago.
In such cases, the only solutions are to download again through GOG Galaxy, or import the games individually. To do this, find a game in your Library, click it, and then use this option:
More -> Manage -> Import Folder
This will make Galaxy attempt to use the existing files no matter what, even if the game couldn't be found automatically.For games which are available in bundles (like the Might and Magic 6-pack), in the case of some older installers you will have to import each of its constituent "sub"games in turn.
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