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Nilth: Any help from GOG? Since this should be their work, you know.

Edit: I've asked for their help, let's see what they say. I'll ask for a refund, if nothing happens.

SirPrimalform please correct the link you have in the first page, thx ;)

PS: resizing in windowed mode doesn't let me go widescreen
You're not entitled to a refund just because a hack doesn't work on their version.
epmode: So has anyone made any progress here? I'd love to play this in a widescreen resolution.
I haven't looked at it since I originally did, and I'm unlikely to look at it again as I don't play the GOG version. I have no interest in buying the GOG version because it's the US version and not the original UK version.
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Yeah, I just switched over to RCT2 since that runs in 1280x800 without any hacks.
Wouldn't using a no cd exe at like or wherever else you can find these no cd fixes then applying this tweak work? It should right?
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The easiest way is just to enable GPU scaling on full screen and set the game to like 1024x768 or whatever res you like scaled.
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I was in despair looking for a fullwidescreen fix for this game. Then i've played in windowed mode, and realised how great it was even windowed. You just drag the game window and it just adjusts the viewport, no resizing/rescaling at all. Kinda made me admire the game even more, coming to think that any game nowdays something like this would take horrible seconds to do it. I've felt that even the gameplay was't affected by the windowed thing. Even more, I can even do other things while I play, just like Facebook "games" (with the obvious difference that, you know, this game is great, while Facebook games dont even are real games).

Bottomline: I suggest everyone trying to workaround the full widescreen problem to try to play the game in windowed mode, the biggest screen as possible. You wont be losing anything.
Crow550: The easiest way is just to enable GPU scaling on full screen and set the game to like 1024x768 or whatever res you like scaled.
Completely missing the point of this hack. The thing about this game is that you can see further if you run it at a higher resolution.
Personally, I prefer to play in 1280x720 so I can see all the details with a reasonable distance.

I guess there's no hack possible with the GoG version... :/
Zoidberg: Bump?

I guess there's no hack possible with the GoG version... :/
I can't really help, not owning the GOG version. There's no point in me buying it here as I still have a superior version on disc. Sorry!
I searched the web around trying to find something, got nothing to add here... Still no solution to GOG version...
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Huh, seems my horizontal window size is limited. It let's me scale freely until the 4:3 ratio of my screen height is hit.

Strange. Screenshot.
Bump? Is there any way to run GOG version of RTC in custom res?
I had a look at the CSG files, because I found out they had something to do with the games graphics (Google 'RCT csg1.dat').

CSG1.1 and CSG1.DAT are apparently exactly the same files, and I found a lot of strings in them similar to those on WSGF - 20 03 and 58 02 hex values close together. I tried to edit them to get a custom (widescreen) resolution, but still haven't had any luck. Is there anyone with a better understanding than me who could take a look at this? Please PM me if you want a text file with the string locations.
The custom resolution hack doesn't work because the EXE is packed using Neolite.

To unpack the RCT.EXE file:

1. Download a tool called RLdePacker v1.4, Google is your friend.

2. Extract the RLdePacker v1.4 tool.

3. Copy this file to your desktop or somewhere:
C:\Program Files\GOGcom\RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe\RCT.EXE

* NOTE: Install directory may be different than above, adjust accordingly.

4. Launch RLdePacker v1.4 and load into it the RCT.EXE file.

5. Leave all the RLdePacker v1.4 options as default and click UNPACK.

6. If it reports unpacking was successful, then you should have a new unpacked EXE file called unpacked.exe in the same directory as the original.

7. Rename the original RCT.EXE to RCT.BAK or delete it.

8. Rename the new unpacked.exe to RCT.EXE

9. Proceed with the following hacking steps for fullscreen resolutions (Maximum fullscreen resolution is 1280x1024):
www. wsgf .org/dr/rollercoaster-tycoon

10. For 1080p Windowed support, do not use the codes from the above link, instead replace the below hex which I found myself using a debugger:

0500007E07C745FC000500 --> 0780007E07C745FC000780

0400007E07C745F4000400 --> 0438007E07C745F4000438

This will change the maximum supported windowed resolution from 1280x1024 to 1920x1080 as per
the below table:
0500 HEX == 1280 DEC | 0780 HEX == 1920 DEC
0400 HEX == 1024 DEC | 0438 HEX == 1080 DEC

* NOTE: The Windowed Mode HEX codes you will find on the internet DO NOT WORK on this unpacked GOG version (Fullscreen HEX codes do work as they are identical in the GOG version).

** NOTE: RLdePacker v1.4 would not unpack the EXE on Windows 7 during my attempts, in the end I resorted to a Windows XP machine, but maybe Windows XP Compatibility mode on Windows 7 may work.

11. After following above guide and hex editing in the new resolution, copy the new RCT.EXE into the installation folder, in my case:
C:\Program Files\GOGcom\RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe\

Enjoy your new hacked display resolution.

P.S. Please don't ask me to send you the unpacked or pre-hacked EXE, all the information you need to do it yourself is above.

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It doesn't work for me, at least not on a Windows 7 PC - I don't have any alternatives to try it with here. I still haven't found a working copy of RLdepacker 1.4 without viruses, so I used version 1.5 instead. The program said it successfully unpacked the file with compatibility mode enabled, but when I tried to run the actual file - with the hack applied and without - , it gave me an error code.

RLdepacker seems to be pretty shady software, it's really difficult to find and most versions have lots of viruses in them. Are there any alternatives to unpack this Neolite protection?

On another note, it seems strange that while the normal DRM on the game is removed for the GOG release, there seems to be some newly added as well. Does anyone know what the function of this kind of protection is? I really don't see the point of it for a publisher.