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I used the DXWnd solution in a batch file as follows. Works like a charm.

@echo off
start "" /MIN "D:\Games\DXWnd\dxwnd.exe"
"D:\Games\GOG\Robin Hood - The Legend of Sherwood\Game.exe"
taskkill /f /im dxwnd.exe

I configured DXWnd as in the previous posts.

I ran DXWnd as administrator the first time only, and after that I didn't need to run as admin again. I tried to run it the first time as non-admin and it crashed, but after running as admin once, all was OK.
ScottiePrimo's post worked!

Yet the game stutters with enemy line of sight. Any tips?
Yes indeed. Just read my previous post, where I mentioned a solution which seems likely to work for everyone.
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