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Is there any information on when the latest version (available on steam) will be downloadable on gog?
Steam is at 1.2.2900 and GOG is at 1.2.2753. Its made it difficult to play with my friend who has the steam version with the multiplayer mod
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It's been over a month with no replies, I would be interested in knowing if anyone has any information either

Was updated on 19-02-2021.
''Updated'' in the sense that a few names were added in credits, nothing else.
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I was going to purchase here on GoG, but having heard about the late updates to this platform, I purchased on Steam instead, really enjoying it so far :)
Seriously? The GOG version is the latest version. The only addition from the ONLY update since that point is minor updates to names and languages.
Latest version is indeed on GOG, though the Linux version is still one behind. Not sure if that's the case elsewhere, but I'd really like to see the Linux version updated to the latest version if that is possible or relevant.