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archive includes all changed files from US version to update any UK version (gog, original etc.) to a fully working copy (incl. sound etc.).

Again New Link (because rapidshare now is ripping off people more than ever)!!!
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Nice. Thanks!
All right. I am a bit of a noob. Which folder do these belong in? Thanks.
cbarbagallo: All right. I am a bit of a noob. Which folder do these belong in? Thanks.
unpack with 7z and move the files inside the "roth_us_files" folder to your game directory. just look where roth.exe is located on your disk and copy the files there. overwrite when prompted.
I don't own the gog-version so I can't be more specific. Sorry.
Another noob question. The GOG install actually has two folders with Roth.exe. Which one should I use? Thanks.
two folders? ok, maybe one emulates the cd. you can/should overwrite both, just to be sure.
Can't hurt.
I can't extract your file. I keep getting an error message from 7-zip "unsupported compression method".
use latest beta version of 7z .

7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:

7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:

I used version 9.23 alpha for compression (32-bit or 64-bit but should also work with 9.22
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Still no luck. This time, with either 9.22 or 9.23, I get a"file is broken" error message.

I appreciate your efforts, but I would suggest re-uploading with a non beta/alpha version.
I'm getting the same error (several corrupted files), so yes, re-uploading with a different version would be welcome. Anyway, thanks for bringing the files to us!
i re-downloaded the file and i have to admit it's broken. sorry. will fix that asap.
No problems. Thanks for your efforts.
new download link:

tested and should be working (you still need 9.2x 7-zip versions to unpack)
Nice one TrulloF! This appears to work great with the GOG version too, just make sure you copy the files from the Archive to both the \DATA and the \ROTH folders, overwriting everything.


EDIT: the \DATA and the \ROTH folders..(not \DATA\DATA) this post is not displaying correctly.
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