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Hello all at the GOG community. I recently purchased Rayman Forever and was wondering if anyone had this issue. Other than the menu music, I don't have any music playing in my game. I checked the game files and there are some tracks there, but none of them ever play. This is not the same issue that other people were having where incorrect songs were playing. So far, there is just nothing (other than sound effects). If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
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Check this - and this -
Thank you for the reply. It appears the community in the first link are having the same issue as me. I made a post to find out if anyone ever solved the issue.

As for the second link, I tried adding the music files to the folder and nothing happened. I also tried deleting the original music files from the folder and leaving only the replaced ones and the game wouldn't start. Perhaps I'll need to try renaming the music tracks or something like that.