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ThomasSchulz: Der "Raptor - Call of the Shadows 2010 Ed. +3 Trainer" läuft.
Einfach im Hintergrund laufen lassen.
F1 - +100.000 Points/Money
F2 - Unlimited Superbombs
F3 - Unlimited Shields
Thanks a lot for this, it worked for me:

I just unzipped the files into GOG's raptor folder and ran the trainer as the game ran, pushing F1, F2, or F3 as need be. (you can grab money - F1 - while in the supply station and not flying but the text showing how much money you have doesn't update until you move to the next item.)

I don't like cheating but I prefer to actually finish games.
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Harzzach: I know, i know ... but this version being a lot harder than the original (i am stuck in the second chapter with no money for shields or no money for better weapons), does anyone have working cheats? The old ones do not work.
Get the DOS version and if you have to, run it in DOS Box or QEMU. Start a new game, hit backspace then abort. Save the game.

The DOS save files work with the Mountain King Windows port. Hitting backspace one time takes all your money but gives you several Death Ray. Sell all but one to arm up and max out your shields. You won't have enough to get the auto track minigun or the automatic LASER turret, but you won't need those for quite a while.