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Meharis: First off all: Thnx for the Update :)
Tate Mode now works.
But why there are no real Leaderboards is beyond me :(
Jet still runs waaayyy too fast :(
Implementation of using the gui with a jystick would be really cool, beause changing back to mouse to control the gui sucks.
games still stutter at some point, but it seems to have nothing to do with performance of the system, because the game stutters when there`s almost nothing going on and runs smooth when all hell breaks loose.
I have same issues with excessive speed and stuttering with all games.
I have an i5 2500K @ 4,2 GHz and two 570 GTX on SLI. Maybe it's a CPU/SLI speed issue?
Still, Raiden plays insanely fast like you're on loop 6 ot 7 (with the difference that all moves fast, not only projectiles). the others sometimes accelerate, sometimes stutters, sometimes runs at 60 fps. But it's a randomic thing...
Hope there will be another patch.
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Almost forgot: except for Raiden, the other games have sound broken. Music just doesn't play right: like the games stutters, accelerates, crackles and sometimes, disappears for a fraction of second.
The music does stutter occasionally when I leave "HD music" off.

Portrait mode still doesn't work. Setting the option in-game, or through the user config file still resets the option to landscape.
JudasIscariot: Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a new update for Raiden Legacy that will bump up your game to version 1.2. PC users need to download just the Universal update and Mac users will need to re-download the DMG file to get the latest version.
Raiden shows the main installer is now 2.1.0 and the update is 2.0.1. Is this a glitch?
Will there ever be another update? There are still not all issues fixed.
Bought this yesterdays due to the sale. I've been a fan of the genre for years. Excellent games all around but the emulation leaves much to be desired. For some reasons this seems to run better when I force Windows 95 (yes 95) compatibility, running this on a Windows 7 machine.

Still, having played the ports on Playstation (best port as far as I know), Genesis, SNES and PC-Engine, this one shows heavy stuttering - easly to identify by looking at the shadows, as these should flicker at a constant rate to simulate transparency-, oddly pitched sound effects, menu input delay etc.

I've tried to apply the "universal patch 2.0,1", but the game is a higher version than the patch. I always get a message that the patch can't find the game and that I need to reinstall. Doing this didn't help though.

Finally, a request:
GOG included the DOS version in the Earth 2140 package because the Windows version had some AI issues. This was an interesting workaround. Would it be possible to do something similar here and include MAME compatible roms?
Of course these roms are also on certain... sites, but. I'd like to have them from an official retailer like GOG.