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discountbuyer: What does patch do?
This hotfix only adds back default key bindings.
Here the latest change log from the Steam Page:

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released a patch that updates Project Warlock to version With it, we try to solve some more specific issues that keep bugging (!?) our community for some time and were pretty hard either to replicate, identify their source, or fix.

List of changes in this patch:
The mouse wheel scroll is now bound to the next/previous weapon by default
Fixed issue with key bindings on AZERTY keyboards
Fixed tentacles bug during the Arctic boss fight
Fixed a bug with a missing Continue button after dying

We’re also working to resolve the screen resolution issue when launching the game for the first time. There should be an improvement with this patch but the issue is pretty hardware-specific. We try to cover the most popular configs and appreciate any help you can provide, so please let us know directly if you keep experiencing this bug.

We’re really grateful that you keep playing Project Warlock while we’re preparing to launch the sequel.

Keep on rockin’!
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒
Hardcore difficulty patch

This game update to version fixes the issue of the Continue button disappearing when you exited the game on the Hardcore difficulty level.

More updates coming soon.

Thank you for your continuous support for Project Warlock! Please leave a review if you enjoyed the game - it really helps us get more visibility.
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒
Graphical settings patch

Hey everyone!

We’ve patched the game to version

For new users, it should now entirely resolve the issue of screen resolution not detecting during the first launch.

If you ever experienced issues with graphical settings not saving between the main menu and gameplay or resetting between sessions, these issues should also be resolved.

Thank you for your continuous support for Project Warlock, leave a review if you like the game, and please consider checking out the sequel with our great bundle offer.
Thank you for keeping this game up to date.