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Changelog for Update 1.1.17901 (14 January 2020):

Features & changes
- Implemented sorting in tables
- Enabled planning of examinations looking for medium hazard symptoms after a diagnosis gets confirmed only for medium and high certainty

- Fixed an error triggered when moving lab shelves/cabinets and CTs and MRIs
- Fixed composite object preview leaving behind ghostly attachments if a composite object gets deleted during move, fixed switching between building mode categories causing currently moved object to be deleted
- Fixed sorting in load game panel causing immediate load if the same file is on the first position both when sorted alphabetically and according to date
- Fixed a few French texts for object placement
- Fixed maximal zoom-out in building mode resulting in visible stripe on the side of the screen in certain resolutions
- Fixed early bird perk
- Fixed objects graphics not positioned correctly for coffee machine, diploma, whiteboard
- Fixed a typo in migraine symptom description id causing missing loc
- Hotfixed deleted characters in bookmarked character list causing a hidden error
- Fixed angiography panel not showing positioning hing for angiography screen (it only worked one way round)
- Fixed a few procedures not available at ICU or Emergency (gastroscopy, gonioscopy, cbc sampling)
- [CAMERA ROTATION] fixed object graphics not correctly updated when placing prefabs with rotated camera

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.1.17753 ⇒ 1.1.17901): 15 January 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.1.18580 (11 March 2020):

Features & changes
- Added surgery priority table
- Editable ambulance parking lot and drop-off zone
- Cloud save support
- Improved pathfinding (object selection using closest path distance, some optimizations)
- Added a few sound effects for ICU, surgeries, defibrillation, improved a few animations
- Clone tool in building mode for floors, walls and objects
- Added simplified sonography and cardiography units to radiology to work as an alternative to having the units at individual departments
- Allowed anesthesiologists from ICU to participate in surgeries at different departments
- Keyboard shortcuts in building mode for selecting individual objects on a single tile
- Implemented cleanup of examinations and treatments that can't be performed at a specific department when switching patients between departments
- Implemented resizable employee selector panel, fixed gaps between portraits when the list has been filtered by workspace
- Implemented waiting for receptionists at closest free 3x3 tile area (similar to patients overflowing from waiting rooms)
- Implemented alternating colors to highlight objects that are both reserved by someone and blocked or missing a required attachment
- Added a new notification for broken hospitalization when 'assist at surgery' role gets disabled for all doctors
- Added three new loading tips
- Added new label for doctors waiting for the next patient that's on his/her way (employee card says "Next patient is coming" instead of "Idle")
- Small loading time and save size improvements
- Updated Korean translation
- Capped event rewards
- Changed prestige bonus display in prestige tooltip to percentages

- Disabled "complicated diagnosis" popup when there's only one available examination left
- Fixed door graphics not updated when a door gets deleted
- Fixed employees not correctly showing reservation when performing first aid
- Fixed collapses not started when there's no hospitalization at emergency department
- Fixed patients sent away by closing a department still waiting for clinic doctors
- Fixed UI stuck after clicking a room in logistics with one of the cards with name panel open
- Fixed events available even without hospitalization at emergency department
- Fixed mod validation text in load panel stuck red after selecting files
- Fixed free building not allowing to build with negative bank balance
- Fixed costs shown as floating text with free building
- Fixed paying for prefab doors twice
- Fixed dragging over ui cancelling current action in building mode plus missing change from free building fix
- Fixed inconsistent behavior in building mode when switching wall tools
- Fixed random rotation of moved objects with attachments
- Fixed operating table not able to attach to anesthesiology machine on trauma center if the anesthesiology machine was placed first
- Fixed one half of stretchers causing objects placed next to it reporting they would block it
- Fixed character editor sometimes causing UI to get stuck when the name/age panels didn't get closed
- Fixed character editor sometimes generating characters with glasses even if not selected by the player
- Fixed schedule panel overlapping main panel when playing with modified UI scale
- Fixed moving stretchers not correctly lit
- Fixed spawned characters appearing in the table of controlled patients
- Fixed changing departments allowed in a few cases where it made no sense
- Fixed wrong animation assigned to 'speech listening' examination
- Hotfixed surgeons stuck reserved by hospitalized patients, possibly after changing roles
- Hotfixed stretchers stuck behind black ambulance - possibly only happening with old maps where the black ambulance got originally spawned at a position overlapping the stretcher spawn position
- Hotfixed lab specialists sometimes stuck at the last equipment they used after finishing tests for a hospitalized patient
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed ambulance lens flare positions

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: 1.1.17901 ⇒ 1.1.18580.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.19480 (23 April 2020):

Features & changes
- Internal medicine - updated diagnoses at internal medicine department, it will be now more challenging and more profitable (and more focused on pulmonary diseases)
- Internal medicine - removed surgical procedures, added new specialized room with unique equipment and new procedures
- Improved efficiency of Radiology by smarter examination planning by the AI doctors and by making the radiologists more patient at their workspace :)
- Implemented UNDO in building mode
- Implemented automatic taking away of ambulance patients when emergency is closed
- [MOD SUPPORT] Implemented check of procedures during load to catch files broken by uninstalled mods earlier (stable)
- [MOD SUPPORT] Hotfixed collapse symptoms that don't lead to a procedure causing stuck characters, probably broken in one of the mods (or a combination of mods) out in the wild
- [MOD SUPPORT] Implemented automatic return to menu with reporting of errors if the game fails to load a save (changed but still installed mods breaking diagnoses for example), added check for diagnoses to the main save game check
- [DOCTOR MODE] updated prices of doctor mode objects
- Improved automatic UI scale for main panel in 1280 x 800 resolution
- Implemented automatic cancellation of a few examinations when moving patient to ICU or trauma when there are faster alternatives available there (ECG, echo, USG)
- Increased extended employee limit to 600

- Fixed replacing of a room with the same type of room but from a different department
- Fixed rooms not always correctly marked as working after reopening closed departments
- Fixed incorrectly reserved sofa in the 'inefficient' campaign level
- Fixed missing head lamp in one of the examination animations
- Fixed using dynamite/foundations over parking lots
- Fixed events triggered right before midnight spawning patients stuck on impossible visit time
- Fixed treatments planned by the player when a patient is coming to radiology breaking the radiology examination and getting technologists stuck
- Fixed AI doctors sometimes unnecessarily planning two examinations both used to detect the same symptom (like USG and FAST)
- Fixed nurses showing their own portrait on the patient list in their employee card while performing patient checkup
- Fixed characters rotated during object use clipping through stuff, their orientation was used to determine whether they should be rendered in front or behind an object, using the object orientation instead
- Fixed moving of objects with attachments not checking attachment placement and if it allow objects above, this could lead to the attachment being lost
- Fixed event objective button causing insurance to open instead of event patients in some cases when loading first save after booting up the game
- Set font family for Russian on mac to normal for all texts, bold is not really bold in the default font and is hard to read
- Fixed CBC not available at the ICU
- Fixed un-reservation of patient's bed when they are transported away (when they were not in their room their bed got stuck)
- Implemented automatic cleanup of tmp files left among maps after unzipping
- Fixed hospitalized patients performing 'free time' activities too often even when waiting for an examination
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed stat lab and waiting room info panels showing at correct position only with default camera orientation
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed objects selected for delete left highlighted after rotating the camera view
- Fixed 'waiting for player' not popping up after transferring controlled patient with no planned procedures between departments
- Implemented automatic switching of active department when clicking surgery table button in patient card so the surgery table opens for patient's department
- Fixed disabled hiring for night shift when there's doctor assigned at day shift at the same workspace even if the day shift is not working completely
- Fixed characters sometimes getting stuck when trying to switch to his/her workplace trough assign workplace button
- Implemented reset of wrong diagnosis after an hour of blocking patient's doctor instead of returning to a waiting room

Included in hotfix from 24.03.2020
- Fixed dead characters with surgery priority set by the player blocking other surgeries
- Fixed cloud saves not always correctly deleted from server
- Fixed stuck characters caused by not selecting objects in a given room when on the same floor but when their path goes via the ground floor
- Fixed hospitalized and released patients coming back by ambulance after being treated and released when they still have some lab tests running at midnight

Included in hotfix from 19.03.2020
- Fixed black ambulance stretcher positioning breaking the ambulance when unloading area is placed at the furthermost point
- Fixed lying free time actions like asking for books using nurses without patient care role
- Fixed missing bookcase in building mode catalogue for wards
- Fixed radiologists from wrong shift could be selected for usg when offloaded to radiology
- Fixed names for cardio and sono at radiology in all languages
- Fixed negative modifiers from critical needs not reset
- Fixed mandatory equipment set as recommended for cardio & sono at radiology
- Fixed scrubbing sink not tagged as normal sink and not used outside of ORs
- Fixed doctors sometimes stuck reserved with other doctor's patient - this could happen when multiple doctors are serving way past their shift and one of them gets released from doctor mode, then the doctor who belongs on the current shift will return and take back their patients - and if one of the patients is still around waiting for another player-controlled doctor, the patient could get stolen
- Fixed characters without workspace sent to 0, 0 after commuting to work, no workspace pop up pops up instead
- Fixed shortcuts from management to prefabs not working when clicking the icons
- Fixed 'exposed to weather' modifier applied to characters walking over planned rooms outside
- Improved arm/leg cast/orthosis cz description
- Hotfixed interview stuck on a deleted reserved object
- Hotfixed transports of patients on deleted stretchers
- [DOCTOR MODE] fixed doctor mode blinking red when some of the critical patients are only spawned

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.1.18580 ⇒ 1.2.19480): 24 April 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.19730 (07 May 2020):

- Enabled shortest path distance for selecting employees to tend to collapsed patients
- Enabled undo for 'add perimeter walls' button
- Enabled undo for moving rooms
- Implemented automatic panel UI scale rules for resolutions around 1680 x 1050 to fix overlapping icons

- Fixed a recently introduced performance issue related to memory allocations (causing frequent microstuttering)
- Fixed pharmacy and gift shop sometimes stuck reserved by a patient who has left
- Fixed training stuck if employee's trained skill gets removed by the player (possibly by assigning the employee to a different department)
- Fixed training script stuck with multiple projectors
- Fixed training - projector activity without a projector
- Fixed stuck training scripts still reserving chairs
- Fixed staff at pathology not filling needs because of patients with critical symptoms
- Hotfixed bucket carts stuck reserved after janitors pick another cart (probably after deleting their room)
- Hotfixed broken attachments on broken composite objects
- Fixed generation technologist without specialization in character editor
- Fixed compression wraps not starting for hospitalized patients at specialized departments
- Fixed ice wrap not allowed at internal medicine department
- Fixed peritoneal fluid analysis sampling not allowed at ICU
- Fixed incorrect cafeteria minimum size detection
- Fixed wrong observation and regular ward decal name
- Fixed diagnoses percentage showing different values in diagnosis table
- Fixed text overlap in department statistics panel
- Fixed a typo in cz, 'parto' instead of 'patro'
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed ambulance parking not correctly highlighted when placing foundations with rotated camera
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed undo misplacing objects when undoing a delete action with rotated camera

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: 1.2.19532 ⇒ 1.2.19730.
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Standalone installers updated 27 May 2020:
- Windows & Mac: 1.2.19730 ⇒ 1.2.19730h;
- Linux: 1.2.19730 ⇒ 1.2.195730h.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.20247 (04 June 2020):

- Implemented clinic and hospitalized roles for lab procedures (these previously only worked for radiologists/technologists in specialized units)
- Implemented doctors assigned by the player not automatically switched when balancing doctor's workload at the clinic
- Added confirmation window for sending patients home, not for dead patients
- Changed treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome to TRT_DOCTOR'S_RECOMMENDATIONS, changed also in proper sequence
- Switched default sorting of saved games to latest first following a survey we did on social media
- Added edge scrolling as an option, added tweakables for fine-tuning
- Updated internal medicine departments in sandbox and campaign levels (operating theatres replaced by special procedures units)
- Lowered the number of required doctors at internal medicine from 3 to 1
- [MOD SUPPORT] implemented moddable 'difficulty settings' tweakables for payments, collapse timers and 'always showing all diagnoses'
- [MOD SUPPORT] resized door texture to have twice as many slots

- Fixed pharmacists incorrectly called pharmacologists :)
- Fixed neurology not available to be selected for technologists
- Fixing characters preferring indoor paths even when coming from the outside
- Fixed satisfaction modifiers like exposed to weather not reset for night shift staff
- Fixed room access rights not always correctly applied when selecting objects
- Fixed unplugged delete prefab button
- Fixed extending of rooms not allowed for rooms with overall limit like service office
- Fixed unnecessary undo snapshot created every frame when placing prefabs causing extra allocations causing stuttering
- Fixed ambulance parking showing red area when dragging foundations on floors above it
- Fixed drawing a room over a part of another room stealing all objects for the active department
- Fixed new colored floor lines not connecting to existing ones after load
- Fixed cost in one of the parts of angiography machine causing double refund
- Fixed only one visitors lounge used at each department
- Fixed dead patients still getting negative satisfaction modifiers when sent away
- Fixed dead patients shown forever in untreated patients table
- Fixed characters stuck/not going to common room when their room is destroyed
- Fixed level up message about janitors mentioning first specialization while it's not added (there's no skill to be selected without hospital services dlc)
- Fixed popup about no workspace not correctly popping up since undo was introduced
- Fixed supervisor not updating when switching character department, updated janitor chief selection
- Fixed rounding errors causing 1% skill lower level shown for characters after training
- Fixed three locked tiles left behind after moving parking
- Fixed one wrong animation set in the sequence for MIEP
- Fixed workshop scenarios disappearing after loading a game, returning to main menu and reopening new game dialog
- Fixed only one special procedures unit at internal medicine used, the first one was always selected regardless of whether it was free
- Fixed free technologists at radiology not selected for a patient if technologists at their department exist but are busy or only at another shift
- Fixed janitors getting their workspace reset when leaving a closed department
- Fixed tables ending out of bounds and displaying incorrect data when switching for example to a different department after scrolling down
- Fixed patients that still have critical symptoms considered treated if the diagnosis has been treated
- Fixed planned surgeries at ICU blocking night shift staff at a department that can't perform surgeries over night
- Fixed waiting rooms with more invalidity flags allowed to be selected as closest valid room to a unit, for example when both inaccessible and not on foundations
- Fixed overflowing text in some languages in popups
- Fixed an error when deleting giftshop with visitors still coming in
- Fixed office chairs allowed to be used as sofas
- Fixed positioning of a couple of decorative objects when placed on another objects
- Hotfixed beds left reserved by dead patients (seen once)
- Fixed bacteremia in campylobacteriosis - added exm and trt
- Fixed wrong lab test assigned to Campylobacteriosis
- Added general surgery spec & room tag for trt_bronchodilators
- Removed home treatment from asbestosis diagnosis
- Fixed wrong tag preventing trauma center from giving leg casts
- Removed treatment for hemoptysis (was nsaids), also removed nsaids from respective sequences
- Allowed urgent blood analysis at radiology cardio unit
- Fixed symptom stiffness in the neck - added neurology spec to prescribe list - it will be prescribed at neurology and executed at orthopaedy
- Set pulmonary hypertension due blood clots to require hospitalization
- Fixed a few typos in English texts
- Updated minimum number of nurses in nurses station description
- Updated character state description for dead patients (removed Dead, dead)
- Changed tutorial texts for character card to mention 8 last selected characters instead of 6
- Fixed size in waiting room prefab description
- Updated description for pleural effusion symptom
- Fixed non-localized level label in hiring card
- Disabled replacing special characters by underscores in naming panels in character card

Included in hotfix from 13.05.2020
- Fixed bulding a new floor after an undo-able action breaking rooms
- Fixed cleaning carts sometimes stuck not reserved but not deletable
- [Hospital Services] Fixed a couple of cases of characters or chairs stuck after training
- [Hospital Services] Fixed pharmacy or gift shop getting stuck after a few ingame days
- [Hospital Services] Fixed gift shop stuck if there isn't enough shelves
- [Hospital Services] Fixed only one gift shop vendor serving customers

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.2.19730h ⇒ 1.2.20247): 05 June 2020.
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Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.2.20247 ⇒ 1.2.20271): 08 June 2020 (no changelog).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.2.20271 ⇒ 1.2.20333): 12 June 2020 (no changelog).
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Changelog for Update 1.2.2066 (16 July 2020 / added 21 July 2020):

- Rolled back Unity version for Mac and Linux back to 2018.2.7f1 to hopefully fix a regression with text rendered in bold for certain languages, Windows version needs to stay on 2018.2.17f1 because of Citrix, but we'll also try to put a build with the previous version on a new branch (bold-text-fix).
- Implemented mod compatibility system
- Implemented re-roll of available doctors to ensure getting some interns for hire after getting the 'great interns' reward
- Implemented sending patients to hospitalization from waiting rooms
- Implemented prioritized selection of technologists in the same room if a patient has just finished an examination at radiology
- Blocked building foundations over parking road, allowed only certain surface types, fixed visualization not colored red
- Added ingame 10 min delay to lab procedures before they can be selected by technologists so equipment cabinets with samples can't get reserved by technologists between multiple samplings of one patient
- Increased maximum manual UI scale for 4k resolution by ~25%
- Allowed diagnosed patients to choose a new doctor when waiting (not always returning to the doctor who diagnosed them)
- Disabled counting of planned only rooms in department workload statistics and daily workload statistics
- Implemented opening of matching departments surgery table for ICU patients

- [Hospital Services] Fixed waiting time still counting when buying medicine
- Fixed technologist easily stolen by another patient if their patient has more examinations scheduled that the can perform
- Fixed doors not placeable if a wall is right next to a locked area, for example next to the road
- Fixed receptionists performing triage only showing 'reserved' as status in their card
- Fixed patient waiting on a tile and department is switched, he does not find a chair on the next department
- Fixed patients from failed events sometimes deleted over midnight prematurely
- Fixed sliders needed to be clicked too far right to get the maximum value
- Fixed possible triggering of both needs scripts and getting called on the same frame
- Fixed distances between two points on the same floor but in disconnected areas not correctly counted in pathfinding
- Fixed doctors that are going to interview lying patients going to a random spot in the room unnecessarily
- Fixed wrong sound for deleting doors (and undo not allowed)
- Fixed ambulance parking allowed on above the ground floors
- Fixed switching main building categories not cancelling prefab move action
- Fixed patients that are both waiting for transport to a procedure and a collapse causing reservation text to flicker in their doctors card
- Fixed patients at trauma centers too eager to get covered
- Fixed characters walking through tables when there's no path clear of objects by setting higher path cost to blocking center objects than blocking wall-attached wall objects like eye test
- Fixed validation icon in management not showing for internal medicine
- Fixed patients with critcal symptoms not switched to other department when treatments cant be prescribed at their current one
- Fixed missing wc door in Challenge 2 level
- Fixed patients not transferred to their beds when returning for procedure back to their room, fixed patient not getting covered after some procedures
- Fixed patients threatening to leave even when already at the pharmacy
- Fixed wrong distance reported when selecting closest objects and the distances have already been pre-calculated
- Fixed an event being unlocked after previous resave (challenge 3)
- Disabled other actions for patients waiting to deliver a sample or get lab results and have no exm or trt planned
- Implemented automatic switch to next state for lab procedures that never got delivered to labs
- Hotfixed hidden but contracted insurance companies
- Disabled send home button for characters already on their way out
- Fixed interview after lunch teleporting doctors because of accessing use component with other object still reserved
- Fixed switching janitor's workspaces interrupting them during needs and free time without actually cancelling the script
- Fixed surgery table always showing surgery for the diagnosis even if the patient is waiting for another surgery of a symptom
- Hotfixed objects reserved by employees at home (also for janitors, was already in place for other professions)
- Fixed undo not correctly working for all prefab rooms

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.2.20333 ⇒ 1.2.20669): 21 July 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.21034 (18 August 2020):

- Finalized support for features coming in the Department of Infectious Diseases DLC
- Added specific state description in technologist's card for taking samples from a patient or giving back results
- Reduced the rate of how quickly dirt accumulates in the hospital, it's now also a tweakable

- Fixed some role buttons in employee card not working in a couple cases after switching specializations, for example surgery to anesthesiology
- Fixed popup with no treatment showing problem with main treatment of the diagnosis even if the problem is with a treatment of a critical side symptom
- Fixed a few cases of wrong bed reservation not correctly showing patient portraits above their beds
- Fixed unnecessary transport between trauma beds in collapse script
- Fixed internal medicine with missing outpatient staff not causing its icon on main panel to blink
- Fixed a few cases of lying patients clipping through stretchers or CT/MRI
- Fixed ambulances overshooting parking entrance at highest game speed and very low frame rates
- Fixed black screen shown instead of main menu after accidentally setting UI scale to less than the minimum value

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: 1.2.20669h1 ⇒ 1.2.21034.
New DLC added.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.21186 (27 August 2020 / added 31 August 2020):

- [DID] Changed outbreak popup heading to mention outbreak instead of 'daily news'
- [DID] The new chartboard object can now be used by doctors when doing differential diagnosis
- [DID] Switched biohazard areas marked by the player to work as accessible to patients to allow 'biohazard waiting rooms' etc.
- [DID] Implemented same rules for patients with only infectious possible diagnoses as for patients with an infectious final diagnosis
- [DID] Implemented triggering of outbreaks also by infectious patients at HDU outside of DID (not only at normal priority wards)
- Implemented showing of addons used in workshop scenarios in new game menu mostly to warn about possible compatibility problems
- Implemented lunch/needs scripts only in correctly tagged rooms, so for example toilets won't work in corridors (allowed a few exceptions we know from player's saves like toilets at wards)
- Improved epidemic outbreak En text
- Exhaustion (symptom) doesn't force patients to go to HDU anymore

- [DID] Enabled object reservation in blue rooms overridden by a biohazard zone by the player, was causing examinations not starting at ICU and isolation not accepting patients
- Fixed patient's bed clipping through exam tables when lying there
- Fixed technologists only earning skill points when giving results to patients (so not when running tests for hospitalized patients), added a new tweakable
- Fixed patients triggering reception examination while the receptionists were still walking back to reception, causing weird behavior
- Fixed problem with game load when an already deleted character is still in history (list of portraits in character card)
- Fixed a rare case of patients activating a collapse symptom when already on their way to a doctor at the clinic, causing a confusing popup about unavailable treatment
- Fixed a rare case of patient stuck trying to start a wrong hospitalization after selecting a different one in their card
- Fixed switching to game mode or management by clicking the main buttons not cancelling object or area move action in building mode
- Fixed green send home icon sometimes still shown for collapsing patients
- Fixed unnecessary cleanup of all planned procedures when switching to controlled doctor and the patient is already controlled (so the procedures were already planned by the player most likely)
- Fixed events unlocked in some sandbox levels
- Fixed a few En texts in Cz translation (regression in patch 30)
- Fixed broken formatting causing a weird text with xml tags shown for the broken room message in Potruguese
- (Everybody's favorite category) [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed tiles cleaned by janitors not immediately updated in other camera orientation than the default one

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.2.21034 ⇒ 1.2.21186): 31 August 2020.
Any news about the upcoming patch for fixing Gog's news system? I've just discovered the latest DLC has been released here, and I'm only 12 days late. No forum thread that I know of, no front page slot, nada. And yet we do get a fuckton of "X games to play when Y" features. Talk about priorities...

There's a wide space between a week-long fanfare and a stealthy release. I'd be Oxymoron Games, I'd be pissed at Gog.
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Changelog for Update 1.2.21550 (13 October 2020):

Hi everybody, while we're fine-tuning the upcoming Traumatology DLC, we're still working on fixes and improvements, so here's the latest collection.

Big thanks especially for the new and improved community translations!

- Implemented code support for traumatology features
- [MOD SUPPORT] Maximum number of floors can be now set up to 12 and high numbers won't cause graphical artifacts
- [MOD SUPPORT] Added support for prefab rooms in departments added in mods
- Updated Italian and Polish community translations
- Added Swedish community translations for base game, doctor mode and hospital services
- Disabled counting of critical patients that are currently going through a treatment procedure as critical at their department to allow staff to fill their needs in the meantime
- Fixed palette for walls and floors in building mode not hidden for floor and wall types that don't support different colors
- Implemented automatic resizing of floor catalogue in building mode according to resolution
- Implemented cancelling of clinic only examinations (well, basic visual test) when hospitalizing patients
- Fixed anesthesiologists not counted in hiring card for internal medicine and infectious diseases department
- Fixed neurological testing examination not available for patients that can't talk
- Fixed patients allowed to be manually assigned to lab department
- Fixed event patients never allowed at normal hospitalization, always sent to HDU
- Fixed sometimes confusing 'long wait for treatment' popups right before the treatment starts
- Fixed food income counted twice in budget and causing sums in budget panel not adding up
- Fixed [Shift] not selecting center objects when using the delete tool
- Fixed 'forbidden action' sound played when coloring floors
- Fixed clone tool keyboard shortcuts working outside of building mode
- Fixed door placement deleting existing doors even if the new door is not allowed to be placed
- Fixed highlighting of area covered by a prefab not matching validation text on main panel
- Fixed ambulances not blocking other ambulance placement on their parking spot after load
- Hotfixed popup about paramedics with no workspace popping up after replacing rooms over ambulance drop off zone (where they're standing although hidden)
- [HOSPITAL SERVICES] Fixed patient satisfaction shown in statistics at pathology
- [HOSPITAL SERVICES] Fixed missing localization text when a patient is dead, without hospital services dlc installed
- [HOSPITAL SERVICES] Fixed a rare case of training not started because of a hidden error
- [INFECTIOUS DISEASES] Added more variety to diagnoses from events, not mostly rabies

- Windows & Linux standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: 1.2.21186 ⇒ 1.2.21550;
- Mac not updated yet.