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Project Hospital receives its first patch!
31. Oktober - Oxymoron Games
Hi all! First, big thanks to everybody playing the game and especially to all of you who reported issues. It's really appreciated, as we're trying to fix as many of them as soon as possible. Here are release notes for our first patch:

Patch 1 - Project Hospital 1.0.14263

- Attempted fix for controller input breaking camera controls
- Fixed a rare error occurring when exiting to menu
- Fixed automatic UI scale for 1440x900
- Fixed doctors stuck when switching doctor of a patient by hand
- Fixed characters forced to walk on grass in big sandbox
- Fixed controls stuck when closing hospital management card while naming the hospital
- Set music to always loop
- Small fixes in medical database and texts


Second patch is out with more fixes!
2. November - Oxymoron Games

Patch 2 - Project Hospital 1.0.14276

- Fixed an error in saved games preventing load (related to rooms)
- Fixed an error in saved games preventing load (related to objects outside of map)
- Fixed inconsistent highlighting of elevator placement
- Enabled elevator placement outside (automatically builds foundations below)
- Fixed popup for 'department not able to diagnose a patient' popping up when laboratory test are still running
- Small fixes in texts
- A Mac version built using Unity 2018 is available on beta branch, this should fix missing support for retina displays/resolutions


One more patch for the weekend!
2. November - Oxymoron Games

Patch 3 - Project Hospital 1.0.14303

- Fixed some values in options not saved (most importantly UI scale)
- Fixed one case of pathfinding stuck trying to use an inaccessible elevator
- Fixed a rare case of ambulances stuck in fastest time scale
- Fixed a rare case of patients stuck in a fired doctor's office
- Fixed technologists in lab on occasion stuck using sink forever
- Fixed a few min room sizes
- Fixed antidepressants not allowed to be prescribed for patients on observation
- Fixed MRI and CT allowed right next to a wall
- Fixed MRI price
- A few small changes to decrease difficulty in tutorial 3
- Small fixes in texts


Patch 4 is up!
5. November - Oxymoron Games

Patch 4 - Project Hospital 1.0.14331

- Feature: much improved highlighting of rooms with problems
- Feature: added warnings about department problems to main panel
- Fixed two cases of broken stretchers causing patients to get stuck waiting in bed
- Fixed radiologists sometimes ignoring patients for the rest of the day after taking a break
- Fixed an error causing patients to get stuck waiting for a fired doctor
- Fixed required room sizes of diagnostic units
- Fixed number of technologists not shown on the hospitalization panel in management mode
- Fixed collapse system not safe against deleting defibrillators
- Fixed a few symptom/diagnosis issues
- Fixed the (maybe not bug, but still annoying) problem with patients with planned urine sampling stuck at the doctor's waiting for a free toilet on the same floor :)
- Small fixes in texts
- Updated translations for the included languages (more are on the way, like Italian, Russian or Korean, big thanks to our hard working volunteer translators!)
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Project Hospital - Patch 5
9. November - Oxymoron Games

Hi all, once again big thanks to everybody who keeps reporting issues, it really helps! We seem to be on a good track when it comes to catching the most critical ones - and hopefully, starting with the next patch, we'll be able to start including more and more of the planned or requested improvements.

Patch 5 - Project Hospital 1.0.14398

- Upgraded engine to Unity 2018.2 to bring proper retina display support on Mac and hopefully fix a few crashes/green screen issues related to Unity
- Added automatic cancelling of procedures that a doctor can't prescribe when the player manually switches a patient's doctor
- Updated cost of radiology prefabs
- Improved efficiency of radiology waiting rooms in case there's one shared waiting room for the whole department
- Improved the 'couldn't sit' satisfaction modifier, it's not applied at the reception anymore
- Fixed one case of stuck paramedics
- Fixed characters sometimes stuck during defibrillation when there was only one available defibrillator
- Fixed one more rare case of broken stretchers blocking patient transfers
- Fixed elevators not working correctly if there was more than 16 of them
- Fixed examination list not immediately updated after switching a patient's department by hand
- Fixed a hidden error in patients waiting for player but with no finished procedures
- Fixed a hidden error when cancelling hospitalization on a patient walking to bed
- Fixed load button in main menu starting loading even with no map selected :)
- Fixed 'buy ambulance' objective sometimes requiring two ambulances to be placed
- Fixed nurses allowed to do free time activities but not fill their needs at departments with patients who require care
- Minor fixes in the UI (wrong tooltips, text truncation etc.)
- Minor fixes in texts (medical accuracy, missing information in a few tooltips)
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Project Hospital - Patch 6
15. November - Oxymoron Games

Patch 6 - Project Hospital 1.0.14523

- Selecting ICU treatment automatically switches patient's department to ICU
- Doctors prescribe more treatments for symptoms causing discomfort
- Implemented new music track for events and critical situations
- Implemented immediate transport by the same ambulance when sending away patients who just arrived and are waiting for a free trauma center
- Simplified some steps in tutorial 3, fixed undesired collapses during the tutorial
- Improved a lot of text boxes and tooltips to better support localization and longer texts
- Removed unused message types from options
- Fixed main treatment for a diagnosis sometimes not applied for patients with wrong diagnosis
- Fixed looping sounds sometimes not paused with the game (for example when popups pause the game)
- Fixed hidden patients shown in patient's table with some filters
- Fixed shifts not shown for janitors in table of employees
- Fixed sofas stuck reserved when deleting doors while a character is already walking to the sofa
- Fixed a few specific errors causing characters getting stuck while deleting rooms during collapses or medicine and food delivery
- Fixed patients stuck when their room got deleted right when they were about to be released
- Fixed a couple more hidden errors

(Next week)
- More languages including Russian are expected to be included in next week's patch
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Project Hospital - Patch 7
23. November - Oxymoron Games

Patch 7 - Project Hospital 1.0.14611

- More translations are now included: Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
- Implemented moving of tables with equipment on top, [CTRL] can be used to pick up individual objects like before
- Added more info to reserved staff and staff performing examinations and treatments
- Added room name to status bar when hovering over rooms in management mode
- Split messages about patients waiting for examination/treatment into 'waiting for bed' and 'waiting for transport'
- Switched autosave to only alternate between two files
- Disabled reset of employee roles if their room/office got deleted
- Disabled display of daily schedule items related to hospitalization when there's only clinic
- Allowed staff without a workspace to go home after a while instead of spending the whole shift in common room
- Switched second half of tutorial 3 to a simplified version
- Fixed nurses and technologists not getting a specialization when leveling up
- Fixed janitors sometimes blocking equipment in exam rooms by leaving their carts right next to an object
- Fixed placement of objects allowed even if a required slot on a neighboring tile wasn't accessible (for example exam table and dialysis machine)
- Fixed a couple of specific cases of characters stuck (collapses, fired staff, deleted rooms)
- Fixed missing lab analyzer in general surgery unit prefab
- Fixed ICU not triggered correctly during collapse if the player has also prescribed it
- Fixed a few issues with examinations and treatments (vasolidators and bandage not available at the ICU, palpitations not discoverable at the ICU; treatments for injury to he chest, injury to the collarbone, mandibular injury)
- More minor UI/hidden error fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.14691 (added 7 December 2018):

* New translations: Italian and Chinese (Simplified)
* Increased manual UI scale range
* Implemented zoom in/out using numpad [+] and [-]
* Implemented run in background, added to options
* Added maximum number of floors to tweakables.xml
* Added zoom range to tweakables.xml
* Optimized update after placing items in building mode
* Fixed texture quality settings not saved
* Fixed a rare bug with decals button in building mode switching to ambulances
* Fixed tooltips displayed close to the right edge of the screen flickering in certain resolutions
* Fixed objects stuck reserved after scheduling treatments on patients with an examination already reserved
* Fixed patients stuck in a waiting room when all doctors in nearby offices are fired
* Fixed elevators broken by deleting their doors
* Fixed toilets outside of rooms considered usable
* Fixed PCs moved with tables leaving behind another workspace
* Fixed a couple of treatments not available everywhere where needed
* Fixed a rare error causing an infinite popup about ambiguous diagnosis
* Fixed patients from events sometimes assigned to a disabled insurance company
* Fixed manual selection of ICU allowed for patients without a diagnosis
* Fixed blood ignored by janitors in rooms only one tile wide
* Fixed cardiography unit prefab for Internal Medicine department
* Fixed a couple more internal errors
* Attempted a blind fix for broken portrait rendering on Mac
* Attempted a blind fix for a rare green screen in main menu
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Project Hospital - Patch 9
11. Dezember - Oxymoron Games

A quick patch mostly to quickly address the ambulance placement issue in a few scenarios that got introduced in patch 8.

Patch 9 - Project Hospital 1.0.14725

- Fixed regression bug preventing ambulances to be placed in certain levels
- Fixed cancelling of objects move would place the object back on incorrect floor
- Fixed a rare hidden error in events
- Optimized janitor behavior and room selection
Project Hospital - Patch 10
18. Dezember - Oxymoron Games

One more patch before the holidays! :)

Patch 10 - Project Hospital 1.0.14766

- New translations: Dutch and Japanese!
- Fixed info about running procedures not displayed for clinic doctors
- Fixed a hidden error preventing assigning employees between departments
- Fixed examination availability in patient's card sometimes not updated when switching departments
- Fixed anesthesiologists possibly sitting on a wrong stool in the OR if there are multiple stools
- Fixed a rare error during a couple of treatments
- Fixed a regression: doctors from on call room could be assigned to certain clinic patients
- Fixed a regression: prefab preview flickering since the update to Unity 2018
- Hotfixed objects stuck reserved by employees who are at home (on load and every hour)
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.14826 (added 09 January 2019):

* Fixed a regression: hidden error in doctors with no workspace causing patients of a specific department to keep waiting forever
* Fixed characters from events sometimes allowed to despawn over midnight while the event is still running
* Fixed ambulances sometimes stuck on despawned patients
* Fixed an error causing patients to get stuck when leaving an examination with technologists while they don't have a doctor
* Fixed doctors in rare cases stuck reserved by a patient who has already left
* Fixed a hidden error in case of switching doctor's skills during surgery
* Fixed nurses stuck with stretcher when their patient got despawned (race condition with paramedics?)
* Fixed nurse stuck in an animation when reserved right after delivering food
* Fixed exam tables with blocked stretcher access point not causing the room to be unusable
* Fixed wrong price evaluation when building walls over walls in nw-se direction
* Fixed a rare case of patients getting up from ambulance stretcher on arrival
* Fixed janitors leaving carts behind when their department gets closed
* Fixed patients not transported away from closed departments in a couple of specific cases (like waiting for a bed, still physically at another department)
* Fixed a couple of procedures not available in some situations (plasmapheresis, antidiarrheals)
* Fixed a few typos in texts
* Added another fallback pass to pathfinding - stuck patients will ignore access rights instead of getting completely stuck
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.0.14958 (added 25 January 2019):

* Updated all translations to the latest version from github
* Disabled locking of areas on above the ground floors (building above ambulance parking lot is now possible)
* Disabled 'good boss' perk for other occupations than doctors
* Implemented receptionist perks affecting patients
* Improved workload tracking for radiology rooms and examination units
* Allowed examinations that discover surgery complications to be planned in patient's card even when already done previously
* Allowed nurses with stretchers to ignore objects if they get stuck
* Fixed events not available in campaign levels
* Fixed janitors ignoring blood when cleaning areas of other departments
* Fixed patients on ICU sometimes re-transported to their own bed for examination
* Fixed moved objects in building mode disappearing when switching to different categories while already moving an object
* Fixed preview of attachment object stuck on when placing composite objects in case the previous object with attachment was deleted during move
* Fixed a rare case of nurses stuck going to stretcher
* Fixed changing of department possible when it shouldn't be allowed (in case player opened the department selection panel already, for example right before patient transport)
* Fixed dead and misdiagnosed patients counted only in department statistics, not overall hospital statistics
* Fixed various issues in the medical database (skill for ethanol doses, rooms for chelation therapy, bacteremia discovery, too hardcore collapse timers on cardiac arrest symptoms, unstable blood pressure moved to high hazard, a few treatments were not allowed on ICU, ...)
* Fixed a couple of cases of broken stretchers stuck in the scene
* Fixed a couple of hidden errors
* Fixed a few typos in tooltips
high rated

Patch 1.0.15215 (15 February 2019)

- Added new translations: Polish and Hungarian, made the language list in options scrollable
- Implemented skipping of procedures that have been waiting for a long time, added specific info about what a
procedure is waiting for
- Improved workload tracking, implemented room workload display as text, implemented workload tracking for labs
- Added a summary of workload shown after every shift
- Improved priorities of surgeries between patients
- Implemented smooth fadeout of patients on stretchers in elevators
- Implemented automatic hiding of objects when placing walls
- Implemented a notification about employees without any allowed roles
- Implemented specific handling and notifications about patients in broken beds (for example with a deleted
bedside cabinet)
- Implemented reset of roles and a switch of clothing style when assigning employees to workspaces in a different
type of room
- Implemented deleting saved games from the load game dialog
- Patient portraits are also shown on reserved operating tables in management
- Staff prefer staff-only rooms if available (like wc)
- Characters with stretchers strongly prefer indoor routes even when the route is longer
- Increased default staff limit to 250 (we'll need to update the recommended hardware requirements to match, but
no major change)
- Increased overall sound volume
- A few small UI improvements
- Fixed a regression: deletion of user-created prefabs wasn't working
- Fixed scrolling not working on certain touchpads
- Fixed bulldozing objects sometimes leaving one half behind
- Fixed interns allowed in on-call rooms
- Fixed patients not hidden when reserving an ambulance
- Fixed first treatment in treatment sequence shown in diagnosis table instead of main symptom treatment
- Fixed chief doctor UI incorrectly shown at radiology
- Fixed neurologist (technologist) not correctly shown in the management UI
- Fixed defibrillation sometimes running for too long
- Fixed certain characters not reacting immediately to being assigned to a different department
- Fixed first ambulance patients sometimes spawning one day too late
- Fixed patients in a deleted waiting room sometimes stuck standing up and sitting down for a while
- Fixed one more case of technologists in lab stuck
- Fixed re-setup of patients coming back after wrong diagnosis but by an ambulance
- Fixed floor material not automatically added to the floor above when adding foundations on ground floor of a
multi-floor building
- Fixed a bug in rendering when blood was turned off
- Fixed decals not accessible when building mode was activated for the first time by clicking rooms in
Fixed radiology examinations not planned to discover surgery complication symptoms
Fixed a couple of database issues (treatments at ICU etc.)

Patch 1.0.15420.1 (14 March 2019)

- Fixed a regression: staff not using objects in green/blue rooms when there's a designated staff-only area (this
was affecting water dispensers or washing hands)
- Fixed a regression: surgeries sometimes stuck reserved by a lower-priority patient
- Fixed objects allowed to be picked up from the areas outside of hospital property
- Fixed one case of procedure reservation state not correctly displayed for hospitalized patients
- Fixed doctors walking to wrong position if they started an examination while still in the examination room with
previous patient and the next patient was being delivered there
- Fixed a rare internal error after deleting rooms where a procedure was currently being performed
- Fixed a rare internal error after deleting beds while a nurse was performing the patient care procedure
- Fixed a rare internal error after deleting anesthesiology machine while a patient was on the way to trauma center
to be stabilized
- Fixed a rare case of medicine delivery stuck running the whole afternoon
- Fixed a rare case of patients stuck in 'being checked by a nurse' while the nurse has been freed already
- Fixed eye test patient animation (gloves were automatically added to all examination animations, but this one is
not played by a doctor)
- Fixed a couple of procedures not allowed in specific situations (liver medication on ICU, chest auscultation for
patients hospitalized at general surgery)
- Fixed 'couldn't wash hands' modifier reset too late
- Fixed objects assigned as night shift workspaces not allowed to be deleted in closed departments
- Increased time technologists spend idle at their desk before running to common room
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Changelog for Update 1.1.16207 (added 30 May 2019):

"First impressions" update
- Improved menus
- Loading tips
- Preview screenshots and more info about saved games
- Video background in main menu
- Custom UI scale now works also in main menu (title screen)

- New workspace panels in management
- Updated management interface with new shared rooms category
- New hiring UI with more categories (don't forget to click on individual workspaces to open hiring card!), indication of required specializations for all professions
- Department statistics with room workloads, prestige, patient details and procedure info
- Polished hospital statistics, added yesterday's statistics panel
- Tooltips for symptoms in table of diagnoses
- More keyboard shortcuts (departments mapped to 1-9, DEL for bulldozer tool, ...)
- Cleaned up buttons in tool panels in building mode
- Notifications have configurable colors
- A couple of new notifications on the main panel for trying to hire characters to a room they're not allowed
- More info about why an ambulance can't be placed (for example on an above-the ground floor, this was surprisingly easy to miss)
- Exam units show patient portraits when a procedure is running there
- Added info about required hospitalization to surgery tooltips
- (Plus a lot of small quality-of-life improvements in the UI)

- New insurance company objectives and rewards (more varied and hopefully more fun, more challenging in the late game - for example performing surgeries, saving patients after collapses)
- New laboratories department shared between other departments (Hematology, Histology and Microbiology labs with some new equipment)
- Sharing more rooms, for example sharing common rooms between departments for free time and staff lunch
- Added maximum number of insurance companies contracted at once, balanced to send similar numbers of patients as the original insurance companies
- Smooth ranges of patient numbers sent by insurance companies according to prestige
- Random events
- Improved rules for making events available after unlocking, all departments are no more needed
- Added detection that patient's doctor doesn't have diagnostics role allowed
- Night clinic
- Patients leave after not being seen for too long, not only when clinic closes
- Implemented moving patients waiting at reception to a waiting room if shifts have changed and there's no receptionist
- Releasing patients from observation back to clinic if they're not at risk anymore, added a couple of notifications
- Receptionist is a proper employee role now
- Improved rules for which roles are available where (anesthesiology, reception)
- Staff limit can be increased to 400 in options (only attempt this if you have at least the recommended hardware)
- Staff counter on main panel blinks when trying to hire an employee and the employee limit has been reached
- Improved visual side of characters entering/exiting elevators (timing, fade in, fixed overlapping)
- Improved handling of priorities on Trauma and Observation
- Implemented specific detection of procedures not available to be prescribed at a certain department (not only when a specific doctor doesn't have the required skill)
- New notification for not enough stretchers to transport all patients at a department
- Idle characters without workspace now show it as their status in their card
- Updated tutorials and dependency tree visualization to match updated mechanics
- Disabled releasing patients during the night, they'll wait for the morning
- Implemented leveling up anesthesiology also by resuscitating collapsed patients
- If a patient dies, this counts in statistics of the department where their diagnosis belongs, not ICU where they usually end up after a collapse
- Disabled department change to radiology for nurses and doctors

- Rooms in management mode can be used as a planning tool (before constructing foundations)
- Move room tool (available under prefabs)
- Automatically hiding objects when building/deleting walls
- When placing a prefab that will add foundations underneath, the visualization is now consistent with using the foundations tool
- A new notification on the main panel for 'out of funds'
- More colors for doors

- Fixed planned procedures not cancelled if one of the reserved employees gets fired
- Fixed few issues with closing departments (for example janitors currently in a bathroom wouldn't return their carts)
- Fixed missing department state update when switching certain roles
- Fixed janitor's portraits sometimes incorrectly showing up in management mode in rooms they're cleaning
- Fixed broken layout of symptoms panel in patient's card in case there's more than 16 symptoms
- Fixed dirty environment satisfaction modifier applied to characters way too late
- Fixed portraits of patients shown above lab equipment rendered also on incorrect floors
- Fixed wrong floor type applied when destroying foundations on above-the-ground floors
- Fixed radiologist's too impatient behavior when idle
- Fixed patients going to their department's waiting room even if another department's lab is processing their sample
- Fixed patients without planned examinations slowing down waiting rooms by waiting for their original doctor
- Fixed table of employees stuck with wrong filter in a couple of cases
- Fixed lab procedures sometimes stuck in the 'sampling finished' state for hospitalized patients
- Fixed a couple of treatments not available at ICU
- Fixed bladder not kept reset for immobile HDU patients
- Fixed a couple of hidden errors in specific procedures
- Fixed collapse script sometimes selecting doctors according to incorrect hospitalization type
- Fixed tables errorong out on invalid data when opened while another save was being loaded
- Fixed url on the bug reporting button in main menu (was using the wrong top level domain after changes on forumotion's side)
- Fixed 'no workspace' notification popping up for fired employees
- Fixed automatic switch to new automatically created departments (this would affect old saves where the lab department gets automatically created)
- Fixed sinks allowed to be placed on bins but then immediately deleted
- Fixed popups blinking when pressing escape
- Fixed total satisfaction not recalculated when patients respawn for their second visit, fixed satisfaction not always updated when modifiers get reset
- Fixed reserved tiles allowed to be selected to be cleaned by janitors (so they don't wipe collapsed patients)
- Fixed examination availability not updated when AI switches (hospitalized) patient's department
- Fixed an error if a patient is sent away while the paramedic who originally brought them is still walking through the hospital
- Fixed rotation of multiple rooms in prefabs
- Fixed examination list in patient card not updated if a department that provides some of the procedures gets closed
- Fixed radiologists not showing patient and examination in their card when running examinations on clinic patients
- Fixed bladder/food scripts cancelled when cancelling planned treatments when patient is filling needs
- Fixed popups previously moved by the player appearing on top of ingame menu, fixed menu not opened by escape if a popup is active
high rated
Update 1.1.16229 (6 June 2019)

- Fixed sandbox options not applied when playing a scenario
- Fixed radiologists available for hire always regenerated during load
- Fixed queue in a waiting room stuck on reserved info TV when deleting waiting rooms while patients are being called
- Fixed operating rooms from different department used when the one from patients department is free but on a different floor
- Fixed patients (rarely) released from observation with a reserved technologist
- Fixed lab delivery script (rarely) stuck on fired and later deleted technologists
- Fixed duplicate insurance company reward in "uninsured"
high rated
Project Hospital 1.1.16350 - Patch 16

- Enabled free building in tutorial levels as it was possible to run out of money when building recklessly
- Disabled shortcuts for switching departments in tutorials, it was possible to get stuck using these
- Disallowed placement of PCs on the wrong side of the second work desk
- Set all tables (patients, staff, symptoms) to only expand downwards
- Implemented floor rendering automatically taking in account extra floors, so tall workshop scenarios work in unmodded game
- Increased the maximum number of floating texts in the scene (sometimes XPs weren't shown for all characters in huge hospitals)
- Fixed USG and cardio technologist shown in management UI for night shift at a couple of departments that don't need them
- Fixed broken UI of the load game panel when opened before saving any games
- Fixed random events silently erroring out if there's no night shift at the clinic
- Fixed ambulances sometimes stuck with patient that's transported away but doesn't exist anymore
- Fixed check of patient's department failing when patient's room gets deleted
- Fixed skill points not awarded during angiography procedure
- Fixed a rare case of stuck events
- Fixed hospitalization locked in big hospital scenarios in sandbox
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Project Hospital 1.1.16587 - Patch 17 31. Juli um 12:57 Uhr - Oxymoron Games

Camera rotation
- Implemented camera rotation in normal game mode, building mode and management mode
- Updated all campaign and sandbox levels so they look the part from all camera angles :)

- Korean translation is now included in the game
- Updated translations to latest versions from github

- [CHANGE] Two surgery nurses are now required at each department to have more control over surgical teams
- [CHANGE] Implemented trauma stabilization role for nurses
- Implemented more even distribution of patients between clinic doctors (prioritized by room workload)
- Implemented free time and lunch for janitors, allowed janitors to have the hard working perk
- Implemented immediate switch of dress code colors when switching employee's department
- Implemented a rule that marks a room inaccessible for patients also if all tiles are inaccessible, not only if some of the equipment is
- Enabled releasing patients from trauma regardless of time of day
- Implemented a restriction so the hardworking perk can't be combined with the scholar perk
- Added chief doctors for employees on radiology and lab department to be taken from emergency
- Implemented bonus from studying also for technologists
- Implemented inaccessibility evaluation for blue rooms if accidentally marked in red
- Implemented cap of the number of reports that doctors write at the end of the day (max 10)
- Implemented a notification about inaccessible elevators
- Implemented a notification about patients who are about to leave the clinic
- Enabled level up notifications for all (not only bookmarked) characters

- [OPTIONS] Added daylight to building mode
- [OPTIONS] Implemented separate UI scale for main panel
- Added scrolling arrows to lists of examinations/treatments in patient card when there's more than one page (for players without a mouse wheel)
- Implemented sorting of save files by name or date
- Enabled all hospitalizations to be always listed in treatment list (was based on symptom hazard and somewhat restrictive)
- Implemented third state of transparency button: transparent objects; updated tooltip

- Fixed 'unlock all departments' not applied when playing custom scenarios
- Fixed event notification not popping up after declining random event
- Fixed normal bed on ICU only needing live support
- Fixed a hidden error when deleting an event message
- Fixed elevator foundations only placed on the ground floor
- Fixed broken doors in elevators (saved with old versions of the game) breaking bulldozer tool
- Fixed a rare case of two doctors stuck waiting for each other to finish commuting
- Fixed a hidden error in patients without a doctor with both exm and trt planed, going to a radiologist
- Fixed patients leaving the hospital from the loo with no payment
- Fixed employee selection (employee list activated via the button on the side) for a workspace in an office that's already taken
- Fixed janitors selecting inaccessible dirty tiles (a rare but possible situation) and getting stuck
- Fixed global script manager not reset on exit to menu (scripts could survive until some global events get fired in the next map)
- Fixed elevator selection not taking in account elevator accessibility on destination floor when staring on the ground floor
- Fixed bed panels in logistics not sorted from back to front
- Fixed stroke not detectable on emergency
- Fixed popup about finished hospitalization popping up forever on observation if a patient has some procedures planned
- Fixed doctors stuck reserved by deleted patients (after moving rooms, the doctors were reserved for a collapsed patient)
- Fixed missing validation of patient accessibility after placing rooms
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.1.16717 (26 November 2019)

- Doctor Mode DLC added
- Implemented better support for DLCs
- Implemented automatic takeover of all patients which can be enabled for individual departments (new icon in management!)
- Implemented three levels of notifications: popup/log/completely off
- Implemented specific tooltips for hospitalization room statistics in departments statistics in hospital management card (different for emergency, ICU and specialized departments)
- More variety in character portraits
- Disabled payments for ambulances that have been disabled the whole day
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed lights not working correctly for objects in a few specific cases
- [CAMERA ROTATION] Fixed bulldozer tool leaving behind one tile of the far side of walls (not visible until rotating the view)
- Fixed employees sometimes showing no info about what they're reserved for
- Fixed nurses sometimes stuck reserved forever
- Fixed inconsistency in foundation edge price (it was possible to save a bit by building the edge first)
- Fixed diagnosis in patient tooltip not showing 'none' if a patient has no diagnosis yet
- Fixed overlap between select skill panel and statistics segment in doctor card
- Fixed a few cases of overflowing texts in the UI

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Update 1.1.17007 (26 November 2019):

- added a specific rule for setting automatic UI scale in 1440 x 900 resolution
- optimized GC memory access in a few game systems (should improve occassional micro-stuttering)
- fixed positions of elevators not saved correctly for different camera directions so elevators on new floors could appear in wrong positions
- fixed newly created prefabs starting with different orientation than expected when playing with a rotated camera
- fixed collapsed patients on the floor not positioned correctly when playing with a rotated camera
- fixed doctor's reservation incorrectly reset when a doctor from a clinic resuscitates a collapsed hospitalized patient
- fixed 'writing reports' stuck active while the doctor is already going home
- fixed a popup about janitor workspaces incorrectly popping up at radiology
- fixed blood sometimes still rendered even if a stretcher was placed on top of it (which should clean the tile)
- fixed mod data not correctly loaded when overriding certain original values in the database (like the list of rooms in examinations)
- fixed broken ambulance parking in one community scenario by disabling required access to parking marker objects

Standalone installers updated: 1.1.17383 ⇒ 1.1.17617

EDIT: Changelogs are hopelessly outdated.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

- Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.1.17617 ⇒ 1.1.17642): 28 & 29 November 2019.
- Standalone Windows and Mac installers, and those of its DLC updated (1.1.17642 ⇒ 1.1.17661): 03 December 2019.

EDIT2: Linux standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (1.1.17642 ⇒ 1.1.17661):
06 December 2019.

Changelog for Update 1.1.17661 (03 December 2019):

- Fixed a hidden error that was causing weird behavior or stuck characters in a few different cases
- Fixed missing examinations that uncover surgery complications in the unfiltered list of examinations (when playing with hidden diagnostic hints)
- Fixed patients not automatically taken over after reception triage when the department is set to assign patients to the player automatically
- Fixed patients sometimes not automatically taken over after being brought in in an ambulance when emergency is set to assign patients to the player automatically
- Fixed a few treatments that would get stuck when performed at emergency with an ICU-qualified doctor
- Fixed active department switching when typing age in character editor (when not using numpad to enter the age)
- Fixed wrong tooltip for employee occupations in character editor
- Fixed text overflow in hardcore difficulty panel in doctor mode
- Fixed a couple of typos and one missing LOC text
- Fixed moving beds possibly causing a false detection of a finished room in Tutorial 3 and blocking progress through the level
- Fixed staff ignoring WCs/food from other departments if it's not marked staff only
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