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Changelog for Patch 1.52 (added 08 June 2018):

1) [GUI] Moved the car body design tech tree inside the main R&D screen to make it more obvious how to research new cars.
2) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when buying a placed-already blueprint for a supply stockpile or research facility (or other facility).
3) [Feature] Added slots that require research which produce vents, arches and bumpers.
4) [Balance] Door panels, exhausts and roofs now take slightly longer to produce and cost more to construct the slots. Added employees to make exhaust slot.
5) [Feature] The game now backs up the previous autosave before autosaving the game, to enable recovery should saving a game fail.
6) [GUI] Important status issues like no export room, no resources or no route for resources are now highlighted by flashing yellow/red strips on slot details windows.
7) [Translations] Updated a bunch of missing translations.
8) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when leaving details window for a car open a while after its been exported. (Window now auto-closes on export).
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where compact and other small body styles with 2 doors still used 4 servos for electric windows.
10) [Bug] Fixed main menu bug where achievement icons spilled out of the window on certain resolutions.
11) [Mods] Modding support added.
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Changelog for Patch 1.53 (added 27 June 2018):

1) [Feature] Added screenshot and new post-card mode screenshot buttons to the top of screen button GUI.
2) [SFX] Added a whole bunch of new sound effects in the factory.
3) [Bug] Extra text on the vehicle warning 'slot requirements not met' is now correctly displayed.
4) [Content] New scenario added for the giant map.
5) [GUI] Vehicle notices now have a mini-vehicle rendered next to the text to make it clear they are specific to that vehicle.
6) [GUI] Scenario objectives window now pops up whenever one of the objectives is met.
7) [GUI] Vehicles and slots now have different shaped icons for warnings and errors when zoomed out.
8) [Sounds] Improvements to the code for factory sounds that makes them much more positionally sensible.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles might not order items that were second or later on their list in certain specific circumstances.
10) [Balance] Increased purchase cost of research facilities of both types by 10%.
11) [Balance] Reduced the delay at a game start before AI competition arrives.
12) [GUI] Enhanced the 'waiting for resources' notice so that it now shows icons for what resources are missing.
13) [GUI] Save game dialog now defaults to a save name with date, time and company name in it.
14) [GUI] Prices screen on the finance window now shows current wage and power costs and wage pressure history over time.
15) [GUI] Fixed graphical bug where some modal tutorial windows would prevent scrolling but not zooming, resulting in graphical corruption on map.
16) [Content] New battery production slots and research!
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Changelog for Patch 1.54 (added 09 July 2018):

1) [Bug] Fixed bug where AI research could sometimes skip a rung in the research tree and not research the parent tech.
2) [GUI] Fixed flickering of tooltips on the slot details screen.
3) [Bug] Sound effects volume slider now works again!
4) [Content] New mission map: Detroit (216% bigger than previous largest map).
5) [GUI] Changed the 'New!' text so it no longer flashes but is drawn vertically on the slot selector instead, so it is less irritating.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes the backs of company logo signs were flipped.
7) [GUI] Research link button on the design studio details window now links directly to the car designs tab in research screen.
8) [GUI] Reorganised the research tree slightly with some more pre-requisites required for certain techs.
9) [Balance] Increased the research output of the research center, increased price of both research facilities, and increased research cost of some late game items.
10) [GUI] Added new floating notice that informs the player when resources are refunded from a stockpile if seemingly not needed any more.
11) [GUI] Hovering over a building zone 'unlock' icon now shows as a highlight the area that is contained within that zone.
12) [Bug] Fixed bug where in some circumstances cars would not sell.
13) [Bug] Fixed bug where custom map delete button was not working.
14) [GUI] Added icon to tech tree entries to indicate when they are already in the research queue.
15) [Feature] New discount scheme feature added to the showroom.
16) [Bug] Fixed bug where the 'defects' vehicle sign could be stuck at the export slot after exported car was sold.
17) [Bug] Fixed crash bug involving using commas in car design names. Commas can now longer be entered in the naming window for car designs.
18) [Optimisation] Reduced size of save game files.
19) [GUI] Slot picker mouseover now shows the number of each item that is created for manufacturing slots.
20) [Languages] Added community-provided Slovenian language translation.
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Changelog for Update 1.55 (added 18 July 2018):

1) [Bug] The early-game QA slot now also detects defects during the visual inspection.
2) [Feature] Added new scenario style: Freeplay with all tech pre-researched.
3) [GUI] Added menu buttons to toggle slot/vehicle notices and conveyors on and off.
4) [Bug] Fixed crash on showroom screen with really large number of cars in showroom at high speed.
5) [Balance] Raised the construction cost of the design studio from $122,000 to $205,000.
6) [GUI] Added tooltips to readouts at top of efficiency screen.
7) [GUI] The tooltips for each vehicle in the showroom now show the hours in the showroom, plus viewcount is now total views, not just those leaving feedback.
8) [Design] The pricing model has now changed. The player sets the fixed price of a vehicle, and it never changes without them. Profit estimates per vehicle are now shown.
9) [Balance] Increased the price of imported climate control unit from $530 to $780
10) [Balance] Increased the price of camera component from $55 to $110.
11) [Balance] Increased price of imported airbag from $110 to $225
12) [Balance] Increased price of sodium azide from $220 to $440
13) [Balance] Increased price of alarm from $123 to to $199
14) [Balance] Increased price of chip from $68 to $99
15) [Balance] Increased price of leather from, $200 to $269
16) [Balance] Increased price of lightbulb from $8 to $21
17) [Balance] Increased price of satnav from $116 to $199
18) [Balance] Increased price of speaker from $62 to $105
19) [Balance] Increased market value of xenon lighting from $375 to $499
20) [Balance] Increased market value of led lighting from $429 to $559
21) [Balance] Increased market value of stop-start engine from $494 to $675
22) [Balance] Increased price of imported spoiler from $96 to $175
23) [Balance] Increased price of imported sensor from $50 to $70
24) [Balance] Increased price of imported servo from $41 to $55
25) [Balance] Increased time to manufacture servo from 2100 to 3900
26) [Balance] Increased time to manufacture sensor from 4500 to 6200
27) [Balance] Increased construction cost of sensor manufacture from $21,000 to $39,900
28) [Balance] Increased construction cost of servo manufacture from $28,000 to $46,500
29) [Bug] Fixed bug where selecting buy on a placed facility blueprint incurred no cost.
30) [Bug] Fixed potential crash bug with multiple car export slots at high speed.

Hope you like the changes. The pricing model tries to approximate sensible prices from older save games, so its very likely that when you first load in an old save game, you will need to do some price fiddling to start with.

This is the last update before I go away on a much needed holiday for 2 weeks soon, so there will be a slight pause in updates, but there will be a ton of cool stuff to do when I get back, especially as I should have some extra artwork content by then :D
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Changelog for Update 1.57 (added 10 August 2018):

1) [Bug] Vehicle design screen now correctly re-calculates the price and profit etc whenever an option is toggled.
2) [GUI] Supply stockpile window now greys out text and adds a new tooltip to show when import priorities are not researched.
3) [GUI] Improved car-price setting GUI.
4) [Bug] Fixed bug where AI research could stop updating.
5) [Bug] Fix for a faulty 'not connected to resource network' error when a slot needed a resource that was being produced by a connected and upgraded manufacturing slot.
6) [GUI] Percentages now shown in vehicle pricing screen plus gross profit highlighted.
7) [GUI] Notices informing you of resources not being connected now show the unconnected resource icons.
8) [GUI] Icon for computerised and expedited sales techs now show the export slot.
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Changelog for Update 1.58 (added 29 August 2018):

1) [Tutorial] New tutorial popup for completing research of polished paintwork or aircon to make it clearer these are new slots.
2) [Bug] Fixed random crash bug in vehicle processing.
3) [Bug] Fixed long running bug where the warning/error icon on the vehicle design button was not always in synch with the designs to show missing features.
4) [Bug] Placing down car conveyor belts over the top of existing belts or slots now gives an appropriate refund for the cost of the existing slots to prevent double charging.
5) [Content] New researchable upgrade for export slots: Larger sales teams.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug with the display of some slot upgrade time reductions.
7) [Bug] Fixed bug where research and design studios researched differently at each game speed, also clarified true points generation per game minute.
8) [GUI] Holding down shift when clicking a resource import strategy button now applies that to every slot of the same type.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where zooming in to put a currently highlighted and window-connected slot offscreen, then scrolling the world resulted in the window-connection lines screwing up.
10) [Feature] Maintenance facility (researchable) can speed up breakdown repairs, plus new breakdown feature (optional) where production slots can stop working.
11) [GUI] Buyall option for upgrades no longer closes window behind it.
12) [Performance] Major framerate boost for massive maps.
13) [GUI] When zooming out, max zoom out now correctly limited so you can see the whole map and nothing else.
14) [GUI] The lists of upgrades and imports on a slot window are now sorted alphabetically instead of seemingly randomly.
15) [GUI] List of car features at the bottom of the showroom screen is also now sorted alphabetically.
16) [Bug] Smart Junctions can no longer break down. (They lack the UI to show progress on repair so this seemed fair).
17) [GUI] Camera zoom is now non-linear to improve usability (hopefully :D)
18) [Feature] Export slot can now be broken down into paperwork and shipping. All previous upgrades are now paperwork upgrades.

Feedback on the new maintenance stuff is very welcome. I'll be working on improving some minor usability things in the next few days, and also investigating some reported issues when it comes to headlights and resources being refunded and re-ordered. There should be new artwork arriving soon which will mean a bunch of new content to come over the next few weeks.
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Changelog for Update 1.59 (added 13 September 2018):

Hi, here are the latest updates:

[version 1.59]
1) [Balance] Budget cars can now never consider a sunroof to be common.
2) [GUI] Redesign of the showroom car details screen.
3) [GUI] Showroom vehicle icons now have a warning or error icon on them depending if they have defects/missing features (error) or uninstalled features (warning).
4) [GUI] New options added to options screen to toggle the 'no export room' and 'insufficient resources' notices on and off.
5) [GUI] Redesign of the income screen so it shows revenue breakdown as a pie chart by category and by body style
6) [Performance] Reduced size of save games.
7) [GFX] Added new animated battery cell production machine.
8) [Feature] New upgrade for paint-rooms: next-gen paint compressors.
9) [Balance] Make brakes now produces 2 at a time, takes slightly longer, and costs more to place, uses more power.
10) [Balance] Cost of valves doubled, cost of engine assembly +$200. Value of basic car $+200. Production time & power use of manufacture valves increased.
11) [Balance] Value of a stop-start powertrain increased by $500. Cost of component increased by $350.
12) [Balance] Touchscreen component cost increased by $300.
13) [Balance] Cost of wood increased by $200.
14) [Balance] Production time to make servos increased from 3,900 to 4,200.
15) [GUI] New category-based system for the car design window to make toggling between mutually-exclusive options much more obvious.
16) [Content] new researchable powertrain options (also manufacturable): Fast and Super Fast powertrains (ICE/electric variants)
17) [Balance] Loans are now capped at $5million and no loans are offered if bank balance is above $10million.
18) [Performance] Fixed a few memory leaks that could theoretically cause issues with really huge maps over long periods.
19) [Simulation] Car-production slots now re-stock their stockpiles assuming the next car will be the same model as the current one, which should reduce the amount of refunded resources ordered.

You can find the latest developer video blog, which talks about some of these changes here:

The upcoming changes in the next build are likely to include some UI improvements, along with the addition of extra wheel and front grille options. We are also experimenting with glossier rendering for the cars. Don't forget to vote on your priorities at the main menu, and thanks to everybody wwho reviews the game.
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Changelog for Update 1.60 (added 10 October 2018):

This is an update I've been looking forward to setting live, as it has a bunch of cool stuff in it :D here is the full list:

1) [content] Cars now have a range of different wheel options to be researched upgraded and introduced: matte black, 5-point, turbine, high-tech and gold-plated!
2) [GUI] Certain mandatory included features like emissions checks no longer listed in car design or feature availability list.
3) [Bug] The resource imports tab for slots now also shows options for combination resources such as heated and folding wingmirrors, and crops their name to fit.
4) [GUI] Resources are now 'unlocked' over time by the research that requires them, to limit the huge list of resources otherwise shown during the early part of the game.
5) {Bug] Conveyor belts now don't get 'stuck' visually briefly after exiting the research screen.
6) [Content] New researchable upgrade and feature 'air suspension' which requires 'air suspension bag' resources.
7) [GUI] The research button will now flash green, instead of red, if there are un-researched design items, and no current design item being researched.
8) [Bug] Hang when running a large map on a PC with more than 8 available cores is now fixed, max cores set at 20 and never causes problems even above that.
9) [Performance] Increased responsiveness of load/save game dialog when a number of large save games exist.
10) [Balance] Breakdowns now do not start until later in the game.
11) [GUI] ESC key now brings up quit to main menu dialog.
12) [Feature] New auto-renew feature for marketing campaigns which can be toggled on or off form the marketing screen.
13) [Bug] Fixed Bug where cars stopped counting towards the min spec achievement.
14) [GUI] Added explanatory tooltip to the defects tab of the vehicle defects screen.
15) [Bug] Fixed issue where with some upgrade and powertrain combinations, redundant resources were ordered by certain slots.
16) [GUI] Redesigned the layout of the R&D screen, including a slightly compressed version for very small screen resolutions.
17) [Content] New chrome paint option in the vehicle design screen allows for a polished metal look to the cars.
18) [Balance] Defects do not start to appear now until 50 hours into the game.
19) [GUI] Design tech tree now has its own separate research queue.
20) [GUI] Holding shift when clicking an item in the research screen adds it to the queue (or researches it immediately if no other research is active).
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Changelog for Update 1.61 (added 30 October 2018):

Loads of cool stuff this time :D

1) [Feature] Loans can now be re-paid early, assuming you have the funds, at a penalty of 12 hours interest. This was widely requested, and I kept putting it off because I felt that it would lead to an unbalancing in the games difficulty, but actually now I've tested it for a while I think I've got it about right and am glad its in there.
2) [GFX] Conveyors use less obtrusive graphics
3) [GUI] New screen for market analysis to show breakdown of demand, production and sales. I find this new screen really helpful when playing the game towards the later stages when there is a lot to keep an eye on. I worry its not immediately obvious how it works, but I do think its a usability improvement for managing supply and demand.
4) [Content] New researchable upgrade & feature: large touchscreen.
To make it obvious some cars are tesla-level expensive, and some are more Ford Ka level... :D
5) [GUI] Vehicle design screen now hides categories entirely if there is only a single default option.
6) [Bug] Fixed design research queue bugs where you could adjust first and last items up and down, causing a crash.
7) [Bug] Fixed bug where the second-nearest import bay for each stockpile was sometimes calculated wrong, meaning inefficient routing. Also major route calculation speedup.
8) [Balance] Major increases in the cost and value of electric car batteries (large and small) and touchscreens.
9) [Balance] Increased the power draw and process time for making wheels.
10) [Content] New researchable feature: parking sensors. Now a pre-requisite before reversing camera. Fitted at bumpers. Amazing we went so far without these, as they are getting so common now. Also handy to be able to add a new feature without requiring yet another resource as 'sensor' is already in there. Plus it gives some much needed upgrades to the bumper slots.
11) [GUI] Revamp of the 'apply options' screen post-research, which adds price category indicators and selective coloring, and new buttons to apply a feature to a whole category at once. This makes things much quicker when you have 20+ designs, and you don't really want to make a more nuanced decision other than 'add this new widget to my expensive ranges'.
12) [GUI] Music and cruise control are now feature-categories, where the more expensive versions include the resources, value and features of the cheaper ones.
13) [Content] Self-driving! new researchable tech, new resources and feature category for high-end cars. This is very late-game stuff and requires quite a bit of research, but then you should have expended your factory enough to have a good dozen or two dozen research facilities at this point.
14) [Balance] Boosted the impact on marketing campaigns on showroom visits by 25% to increase total market size possible with current campaigns.
15) [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes the warning on the design screen about common or universal features missing would be skipped if the feature had a category.
16) [Bug] Fixed bug where changing the color of a car design could lead to duplicating the price slider GUI.
17) [Bug] Fixed bug where the correct price-category adjusted market value of a feature was not being displayed in a number of places.
18) [GUI] Double clicking a car in the showroom now launches the vehicle design screen for that car's design.
19) [Content] New researchable vehicle body style -> The small van.
20) [Bug] Fixed bug where the car renders in the showroom screen did not use the correct shader.
21) [Feature] Smart Junctions now have a new mode: Feature mode, where they filter cars left or right depending on if they have or do not have a selected feature.
22) [Bug] Fixed bug where the percentage progress on the research center pop-up window did not update in real time.
23) [Bug] Fixed crash bug launching research screen under certain circumstances.
24) [Bug] Fixed bug where tooltips for some conveyor belt resources were wrong.
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Changelog for Update 1.62 (added 19 November 2018):

Chip research, Preventative Maintenance, Smart Junction varieties & more

Hi all! I just pushed build 1.62 out to everyone! here are the changes:

[version 1.62]

1) [Feature] All car colors are now unlocked in freeplay modes.
2) [GUI] ou can now click and drag around the Research screen in both axis with the left mouse button held down. You can also use middle mouse to do that annoying autoscroll thing too :D.
3) [Content] New feature (researchable): Active spoilers for sedan & sports cars. (powered spoilers requiring sensors and servos).
4) [Content] New upgrade: preventative maintenance. needs researching and can be carried out at each maintenance facility to reduce breakdown chance by 50% in inner radius, 25% in outer radius.
5) [Bug] Fixed visual anomaly where setting a car design colors to chrome, then removing that option could mean some cars changed color when zooming in or out.
6) [Bug] Fixed crash bug (assertion error) when deleting some resource importers.
7) [GUI] Clicking an un-researched upgrade at a slot now takes you automatically to the research screen to show where the research item is.
8) [GUI] Yellow and red warning icons now also show in car design screen on categories where an item (of greater value) in that category has become universal or common.
9) [GUI] Manufacturing slots now show an error message if the export stockpile is not connected, and they will not run until this is corrected.
10) [Bug] Fixed crash bug on some occasions when leaving the slot details window open for a long time on a manufacturing slot.
11) [GUI] Valve and Engine block manufacture now depend on the research of engine assembly manufacture.
12) [GUI] A whole bunch of windows that could not be dragged around can now be dragged. Also icons added to facility/slot details title bars.
13) [GUI] Upgrade strips on the slot details window now show icons for each upgrade instead of pointless cash icon.
14) [GUI] Some pie chart and other chart colors adjusted.
15) [Content] New researchable manufacturing facility and resource: Silicon and Chip manufacturing / Ai chip manufacturing. Adds new employee type.
16) [GUI] Game will no longer allow you to rename or name designs so two designs are exactly the same (caused chaos!).
17) [Bug] Fixed a bug where sometimes applying a tech on the post-research screen did not seem to work.
18) [Feature] Smart Junctions now have side and 3 exit variations. Art not final. New 'default' option simplifies assigning designs.
19) [Balance] When deleting a manufacturing slot you also now get a refund for the value of any stock in the export-stockpile for that slot.
20) [GUI] On the imports tab for slot windows, there are no longer misleading import strategy buttons for raw materials that cannot be made locally.
21) [Feature] Red and White leather seats can now be researched in the design studio and installed in the sedan and sports car.

Hope you like the new stuff. Advisers coming soon. As ever, all feedback is welcome, don't forget to vote on our priorities from the main menu, and if you really like the game, a review is always welcome and a tweet, Facebook or Reddit post is always super-welcome too!
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Changelog for Update 1.63 (added 09 December 2018):

Time for the roll out of a new update. Here is the list of changes in this build:

1) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when deleting a facility that is displaying a details window.
2) [GUI] Vehicle details window now shows the correct sale price of the vehicle when finished, assuming no components are missed and no defects found.
3) [Feature] A system of advisers give helpful pop-up window hints now during the game.
4) [Bug] Processing order of slots now regularly randomised to prevent bottlenecks happening where production lines converge.
5) [GUI] In R&D screen where an upgrade is applicable to multiple slots, its shown as researchable if only the easiest (highest in the hierarchy) slot has been unlocked.
6) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when going from main menu to new game then back to main menu then selecting mods.
7) [GUI] Main menu interface redesigned. Thanks to Perseco.
8) [Bug] Fixed crash bug under certain circumstances relating to large numbers of component manufacturing slots and multithreading.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where researching electric powertrain made the post-research GUI think you had locked the same upgrade twice.
10) [GUI] Support for new changelist update window on main menu.
11) [GUI] Update notification for non-steam builds also now shows nicer color-categorised and sorted list of changes.
12) [Bug] Fixed bug where on 1280x1024 res monitors some of the speed buttons could not always be clicked.
13) [Bug] Fixed bug where the selected features for smart junctions in feature mode were not properly saved and re-loaded.
14) [Balance] Rework is now researchable earlier and at lower cost.
15) [Bug] Fixed bug where some resources, like directional xenon lights, did not have resource importer strategy options.
16) [Feature] Custom maps are now embedded in save games, so you can edit custom maps and not have them wreck existing save games based on that map.
17) [Feature] New production manager GUI. The big changes are probably the new adviser popups and production manager although you will also notice changes to the layout of the main menu, and hopefully a bunch of small gui tweaks and improvements, plus a lot of fairly obscure bug fixes. Fix #4 is also quite significant I think as it will lead to fare better flow of cars where multiple lines converge.

Thanks to everyone who playtested some of these features in the unstable build as that was good feedback on the advisers, which are now less annoying!

All feedback and suggestions are most welcome!
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Changelog for Update 1.64 (added 24 December 2018):

- [Balance] Job creator achievement requires an extra 200 employees (now 1,200).
- [Balance] Production at scale achievement now requires 6,000 not 5,000.
- [Bug] Deleting a save game from the load game dialog now works.
- [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes you could not toggle off the advice on certain types of advice dialog.
- [GUI] Clicking the research icon on the top menu when it is flashing green (for no design research) now auto-switches to the design tab of the R&D screen.
- [GUI] When the research screen is launched to show a specific unresearched item, the screen now temporarily highlights that item to make finding it easier.
- [Content] New researchable upgrade for some slots: Liquid-Cooled Welding. (5% faster. All welding slots are 2.5% slower now before this upgrade).
- [Bug] Fixed occasional crash bug on some maps when switching to blueprint mode.
- [GUI] New rotate buttons now allow you to preview vehicle designs in all four directions.
- [Feature] New cosmetic placer on the slot menu lets you change the floor textures (drag place) or place down a few cosmetic items.
- [Bug] If you run out of money, and the only available loan will not cover the financial shortfall, it is not made available now.

The liquid cooled welding, rotatable previews and the new customisation options for factory floors etc are likely the most important changes in this build.
I've also started work on improvements to the usability of the level editor, which will be in the next patch at the start of next year.
Please let me know if this update causes problems or introduces any new bugs etc. Also thanks to everyone buying the game for your support over the last year, and many thanks to everyone who likes or tweets our developer blogs, and tell their friends about the game, its much appreciated!
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Changelog for Update 1.65 (added 11 January 2019):

Better Stats GUI, Raised platforms Map editor overhaul

1) [GUI] Some improvements to the interface for the map editor.
2) [GUI] Component efficiency window now displays a dash '-' for production in cases where there is no option to produce a resource locally.
3) [Feature] You can now click and drag to edit the wall graphics just like floor tiles in the cosmetic editing feature now.
4) [Balance] Tweaked difficulty slightly easier by adjusting a number of parameters, especially relating to competition and AI research.
5) [Bug] Fixed a few places in the GUI where resource icons like the paint-tin were drawn wrong.
6) [Bug] Fixed a bunch of z-order bugs that drew things weirdly in the factory.
7) [Bug] Fixed occasionally corrupt text on repay loan button.
8) [Bug] Fixed bug where load game screen is stil open if you use the load icons instead of double clicking.
9) [GUI] Changed market screen height so it never obscures the speed buttons.
10) [GUI] Changed production schedule UI so it never spills off the screen bottom on really low res monitors.
11) [Bug] Fixed bug where some robots would not animate at the right times.
12) [Feature] Cars now go up and down on platforms when getting wheels,tyres fitted etc.
13) [GUI] New stats window in the efficiency screen now shows more factory-wide data.

Hope you like these. I do plan to (at last!) start working on world events soon That will include stuff like regulatory changes affecting seatbelts & airbags, increased demand for electric & hybrid vehicles (or changes to resource prices due to global events) and so on...
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Changelog for Update 1.66 (added 28 January 2019):

Hi everyone. This new update marks us declaring that the game is now BETA. That means we are not planning any more major new features pre-release (although we are very likely to continue updating the game post-release).

This also means we will be shifting direction more towards bug fixes, tweaks and improvements to stuff like the tutorial.

** PLUS WE ARE PLANNING ON RAISING THE PRICE. (We cannot do this until 12th Feb, which is when it will go to $24.99). **

Here are the changes in the new version released today:
1) [Bug] Fixed some graphical glitches with overhead conveyors appearing behind things they were in front of, and vice versa.
2) [Feature] Added new 'world events' to the game which start in the late game and affect prices / demand / features etc.
3) [GUI] Research queue names are now cropped to elipsis (...) rather than word wrapped, which caused issues in German.
4) [Feature] cars now open their hood/bonnet (or trunk/boot for sports cars) to have engines worked on.
5) [Bug] Fixed some mixing or badly translated text in various locations.
6) [Bug] Doubled memory pool for routes to prevent this error: "Too many Path Objects requested!"
7) [Bug] You can no longer change the floor texture of floors 'outside' the factory zones.
8) [Content] Potential, unbuilt export slots now show a shuttered slot rather than just a gap.
9) [Content] New researchable 'type 2' resource importer speeds up resource importing by 20% (also stacks with general speed upgrade research).
10) [Bug] Fixed rare crash bug on launching the production manager screen.
11) [Content] Lots more wall texture options!
12) [Content] New wall-clocks for sales dept, world map for shipping department and animated CNC milling machine for engine block manufacture slot.

Hope you like these new changes. Don't forget to tell your friends who may be thinking of getting the game that the price goes up soon!
If you have any feedback on this update please let me know. Like I say, we are mostly looking to tweak, balance and improve the tutorial at this point.
Thanks to everyone who continue to support the game, it is much appreciated, this game would not be as good as it is without the supportive community here and on our website, reddit etc.
BTW our latest developer video blog is here:
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Changelog for Update 1.67 (added 12 February 2018):

Hi everyone! A quick update before we add swedish translation and translations for the new in-game playerguide. Hope you like these fixes and improvements to the game:

1) [Bug] Fixed building zone unlock costs all being zero.
2) [GUI] Conveyor placement now cancels if it would make the player bankrupt
3) [GUI] Changed R&D screen to ensure connections to items not currently on screen are still visible to avoid confusion.
4) [Feature] Added a new in-game player guide (F1 or ? button) to explain game to new players. Also launchable from the main menu.
5) [GUI] Some extra tutorial windows have been added to explain demolishing items and the canceling of the resource conveyor placement tool.
6) [Bug] Fixed display-only bug where the component cost of vehicles with some options (like red leather seats) was miscalculated on the car design screen.
7) [Feature] new icon at top right of a slots window allows you to reposition that slot at no cost.
8) [GUI] New button with a car icon on the features window lets you re-launch the post-research screen to assign features to designs.
9) [GFX] The rear window is now applied visually to the vehicle when the other windows are fitted now, instead of when the windscreen gets fitter.
10) [Feature] Camera controls can be remapped using a new option on the options screen.

Hope you like these changes. We have now raised the price to $24.99, as we get closer towards the release out of "in development". We also plan to add a few more remappable keys, and maybe improve some aspoects of the GUI before release, please vote on the priorities from within the game.

Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated!

BTW the latest developer video blog showing off some of these features can be found here: