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Changelog for Patch 1.20 (added 23 May 2017):

Hi everyone!

First of all MANY THANKS for being a part of the early access for this game, I really appreciate it. If you don't already know, I'm a lone designer/programmer and feeling a bit overwhelmed with issues right now!. Anyway...

This update is 1.20 and it contains the following changes:

[version 1.20]
- [Bug] Achievements should now trigger immediately, rather than on the next run of the app.
- [GUI] Save games now store a small 256 pixel square snapshot instead of fullscreen (vastly speeds up save/load GUI).
- [Feature] Loans now take into account existing debt, plus charge higher rates if you have one or more existing loans taken out.
- [Bug] Fixed bug where the AI would stop noticing if your profit margin dropped below zero.
- [Balance] Universal features are no longer worthless, but only command 50% of their original market value.
- [Balance] A whole list of car features can now no longer ever be researched as universal by the AI.
- [Bug] Fixed a very rare and seemingly random crash bug.
- [Bug] Fixed bug where periodically the body style window on the slot details window could disappear and reappear.
- [Bug] Changed display method for the efficiency chart to prevent a rare crazy visual glitch
- [Feature] Complete overhaul of the way car designs are handled. Multiple car variants now supported, features set for each variant.

Now I KNOW some of you will be thinking WTF? about number 10, but this is in there because it was already 50% done when we went into EA so I couldn't patch the game without finishing it. I am aware that some people have crash bugs, and this is my #1 priority from tomorrow morning (I need sleep!).
i also think I may have fixed some of the crash bugs with this patch.
I am fully aware we need some serious tutorial love, and that the balance of the original release sucked! This release is MUCH better balanced.

Sorry if you experienced crashes and bad balance, this should help a bit, much more help on the way. Try out the new feature. Explanation coming soon...
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Changelog for Patch 1.21 (added 29 May 2017):

Hi all! We just patched the game again today. here are the changes:

1) [GUI] Research complete dialog now improved, more informative, more data.
2) [Bug] The letter 'c' when typing no longer triggers a debug window.
3) [Feature] You can now archive car model designs as long as you still have one design for each researched body style.
4) [Bug] Fixed bug where the scroll buttons on the vehicle design browser window didn't work correctly.
5) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when clicking a slot category then trying to place it on the map.
6) [Bug] Fixed issue where the unlock status of car body styles was not cleared when quitting a running game.
7) [GUI] Compact car thumbnail is now green.
8) [Feature] Compact car body style now needs to be researched and unlocked.
9) [GUI] Fit Wing Mirrors task now has a proper icon.
10) [GUI] The car design window now shows a live preview of the selected model with its selected options.
11) [Feature] You now cannot select mutually exclusive car model options (sunroof/panoramic, xenon/led etc).
12) [GUI] Changed name and icons for some tech tree items to improve usability.
13) [GUI] When placing slots, pallets are now drawn so its easier to recognise import and output slots.
15) [Feature] The value of the 'base car' now depends on the car body style.
16) [Bug] Fixed bug where right clicking to clear conveyor placement mode would also delete slots below the cursor.
17) [GUI] New tile pop-up notices show you when you have connected a conveyor belt in the wrong direction.
18) [Balance] Calculations for how high a car can be priced and how quickly it sells have been improved.
19) [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles may refill at different rates depending on game speed.
20) [Balance] Changes made to the way AI does research to improve game balance.
21) [GUI] Features on the design details window are now sorted alphabetically rather than seemingly randomly!
22) [Balance] Research speed slowed by 20%

I know we still have some balance issues, especially financially speaking. We do intend to get a system in place that models different markets for each car body style, along with markets at different price points, which will add some interesting decisions regarding pricing, and also make the game feel more realistic.
I'm also very well aware that some of the games mechanics need mroe iun the way of tutorial and explanation, especially the whole process of researching and unlocking upgrades. This patch improves that to an extent, but I know we need to go much further.
I hope you like the improvements made in this version.
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Changelog for Patch 1.22 (added 02 June 2017):

Hi everyone! We just released a patch for the game.

Please note that we have a pop-up notice on this one warning you that the build order for wheels HAS CHANGED. Lots of people said we had it wrong, so we changed it, but that will break your existing lines until you re-arrange them.

Here are the changes:

1) [Bug] Saving and loading no longer transforms all cars into sedans!
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where pallets would sometimes disappear from supply stockpiles and other stockpiles.
3) [Bug] Fixed bug wwhere speed buttons no longer highlighted to show current speed.
4) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when researching powerplant efficiency.
5) [GUI] Pop-up window now warns you whats changed if you delete a design currently being used by a production schedule.
6) [GUI] Better tooltips to show information on the tech tree.
7) [Tutorial] Some extra tutorial windows explaining game features have been added.
8) [GUI] Tooltips are more readable now (different color).
9) [GUI] Various minor GUI enhancements
10) [Realism] Changed fitting order to Brakes, Wheels, Tires as suggested by almost everyone!
11) [GUI] RollCage renamed to Body Shell.
12) [GUI] Fixed inconsistent naming of Engine Control Unit.
13) [Balance] Some late-stage technology is now slower to research.
14) [Bug] Fixes to potential crash bugs and issues with resource delivery.
15) [Feature] Added new researchable slot upgrade: Predictive Stock Control.
16) [Bug] Fixed major timing bug that affected the export of finished components from manufacturing slots.

Don't forget to vote on the priorities. We have new car body styles arranged, but they will take a while. I plan on taking a look at making a better financial model for the next patch.
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Changelog for patch 1.23 / (Windows) (added 12 June 2017):

- Hi, we just made a new build of Production Line available. This takes the game to build 1.23. here is a full change list:

1) [GUI] Research button now pulses red if there is currently no research set.
2) [GFX] Changes to sunroof visuals so they leave the roof edge in place.
3) [Feature] Reversing Camera and TACC upgrades both now require a new 'camera' component.
4) [Bug] Loans can now never be negative, nor offered unless company estimated worth is at least $100k.
5) [Feature] Cars are now sold and priced in four different price-categories, with corresponding GUI changes.
6) [Feature] New features tab on the finance screen shows information on how popular each feature is at each price category.
7) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when deleting a slot while its configure imports window is open.
8) [GUI] Save game dialog now has a close button.
9) [GUI] It is now no longer possible to keep the conveyor placement GUI active after you hit the bulldozer button.
10) [Balances] Changes to the research times and value of some items.
11) [Tutorial] Added some extra explanatory tutorial windows and highlights.
12) [Bug] Bad conveyor message now no longer shows incorrectly with production slots.
13) [Bug] Fixed crash bug if quitting to main menu when cars with multiple features were in the showroom, then starting a new game, and autosave happening.
14) [Bug] Resources are no longer consumed for upgrades that are not selected for the current vehicle.
15) [Feature] Added new car feature & researchable technology: Touchscreen Interface.
16) [Feature] Added multi-language support.[/list]

- The big changes here are the pricing model, where we now have price categories, and availability of research being different for each category, plus (in the long run) support for translations. At some point (hopefully tomorrow) I'll be doing a new steam guide explaining how the game will handle translated text, and its pretty simple to do, so hopefully if any members of the community are bilingual and able to help with translating the game, we can get support for other languages in there. It will probably make sense to have a separate forum for discussing language stuff too.

- Interested to know what people think about the price-category changes. This is only phase one of 'fixing' the sales model, as right now potential customers have no defined income and thus the sales demand for every category (and body style) is the same. that will change.
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Changelog for patch 1.24 / (Windows) (added 19 June 2017):

- Hi, not tons of new features, but some much needed bug fixes, here is the complete list:

- [Bug] Fixed bug where immediately after loading a game, existing cars in the showroom were invisible.
- [GUI] Added new option to only show GUI for resource importers when hovering mouse over them.
- [Translation] Added the resources file to the translation folder.
- [GUI] Research button no longer flashes if all research is complete.
- [GUI] Research complete dialog now shows competitors usage and has an 'apply to all' option for upgrades.
- [GUI] Visual changes to the car showroom screen.
- [GUI] Added new option to puase game on research-complete dialog.
- [Bug] Fixed bug where game would hang/crash if you increased the price to cross two price categories in certain situations.
- [Bug] Fixed crash bug if you were in the middle of placing a research facility when the research complete dialog launched.
- [GUI] SUV and Compact body-style research now have proper icons.
- [Bug] Fixed missing icons when research pop-ups notify you of new body styles being researched.
- [Balance] Improvements to the algorithm for customers evaluating car-purchase probabilities.
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Changelog for Patch 1.25 (added 26 June 2017):

1) [GUI] Added new mini progress bar for research under the research button on main screen.
2) [GUI] The showroom tooltips show number of customers who viewed each car.
3) [Performance] 8.1% faster now on the main factory screen, especially for large factories.
4) [Translation] Added current versions of crowdsourced Spanish & German language translations.
5) [Feature] 2 New researchable manufacturing upgrades: Rapid Panel Stamping and Advanced Glass Processing.
6) [GUI] Added new window under showroom button which shows the current market breakdown of sales and market share.
7) [Bug] Fixed issue where showroom car models could be the wrong size.
8) [Alpha] Added user-ratings to main menu.
9) [Balance] Changes to some numbers to reflect less customers, but more likely to purchase.
10) [GUI] Design screen now auto-pauses the game.
11) [Balance] Chips, sensors & servos are now 25% more expensive to buy, and correspondingly harder to make. Features adjusted accordingly.
12) [Balance] Engine block manufacture time reduced.
13) [Balance] Values of a number of features increased.
14) [Balance] Panoramic sunroof now requires more glass plus a servo motor.
15) [Balance] Bluetooth phone support now requires a chip.
16) [Balance] Leather interior now takes longer to research and much longer to fit, and is worth more.
17) [Balance] Competition now drives up wages. (not currently exposed to the player).
18) [Bug] Fixed some confusing and wrong reporting of income and profit on the finance summary screen.
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Changelog for Patch 1.26 (added 20 July 2017):

- 1) [Bug] Fixed issue where some rapid-processing slots seemed to trigger resource-needed when this was not true, and behaved differently if observed.
- 2) [Performance] Sped up frame rate when placing a new slot.
- 3) [Bug] Fixed issue where sun roof was universal and panoramic sunroof was not considered an acceptable substitute.
- 4) [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes certain slots would refuse to be placed and show as red even when they are placed correctly.
- 5) [Bug] Fixed bug where the designs of cars in the showroom may be scrambled during a save and load in some situations.
- 6) [Performance] An improved level of performance in very large factories.
- 7) [Performance] Major speedup opening the sales screen when there are vast numbers of cars in stock.
- 8) [GUI] Make Engine Block now sits under Make Engine Assembly in the slot menu.
- 9) [GUI] Red tooltips for resource items with special features now hidden if behind a window.
- 10) [Bug] Fixed timing bug where a resource importer always imported immediately after resuming the game.
- 11) [Bug} Where feasible a production slot now only uses a resource object with the correct set of upgrades (like stop start engine) rather than choosing randomly.

Changelog for Patch 1.27 (added 20 July 2017):

- added support for cloud saves to Production Line.
- 1) [Design] Touchscreen is now an upgrade for fit dashboard instead of fit electronics.
- 2) [Bug] Fixed bug where the AI would be very reluctant to research air conditioning or polished paintwork.
- 3) [Bug] Placing facilities and slots is now correctly recorded as a capital expenditure in expenses charts.
- 4) [Bug] Bubble next to car sales icon now expands to show numbers greater than 999 correctly.
- 5) [Bug] Fixed visual bug where scrolling in the sales showroom resulted in invisible cars.
- 6) [Balance] Research costs of some later-game research items have been increased.
- 7) [GUI] Various improvements to the style scheduler window.
- 8) [Feature] Marketing campaigns can now be launched to boost brand awareness, and thus visits to the showrooms.
- 9) [Bug] Fixed crash bug if the game autosaves within a minute of a manual save, the next time the save dialog was launched.
- 10) [Bug] Fixed bug in slot-picker where expand icon buttons (+/-) would not unlock when research triggered if slot picker was open.
- 11) [Bug] Fixed bug where the market screen doesnt show the correct market segment of cars until you have viewed them in the car design screen.
- 12) [Bug] Fixed bug where cars would have a red error message on them if the next slot was a really long conveyor journey away.
- 13) [GUI] The style scheduler at the start of the production line now lets you edit existing quantities of entries.
- 14) [Feature] Wingmirrors can now be manufactured, and also have folding and heated upgrades.
- 15) [Balance] Costs of wingmirrors and alloy wheels has gone up. Making alloy wheels requires more steel.Keyless entry worth more, requires 2 chips.
- 16) [Balance] Resource prices are now affected by demand from AI competitors.
- 17) [Balance] Crossing up to a new price category now produces a 'bump' in value which prevents pricing anomalies.
- 18) [Tutorial] New pop-up explains what to do when you have researched a new body style.
- 19) [Balance] Increased price of last robot upgrade so its less of a no-brainer upgrade. Also slight increase in power-draw.
- 20) [Feature] Offices (marketing and research) can now only be placed in office areas zoned on the map. Non office items cannot be placed there.
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Changelog for Patch 1.28 (added 01 August 2017):

- 1) [Gfx] Glossier rendering of cars.(optional)
- 2) [Features] Added bullbars as a feature, and support for style-specific features.
- 3) [Features] Added 4x4/AWD/Offroad body style.
- 4) [Feature] Car body styles now each have their own variable market share, rather than being equal.
- 5) [Bug] Fixed bug where you could place some office facilities so they stuck out of an office zone.
- 6) [Performance] Boost for routefinding speeds on larger factories.
- 7) [Balance] Sunroof & panoramic sunroof increased fitting/resource/production/feature costs.
- 8) [GUI] New icons on research screen for in-car music, aluminium body and voice recognition.
- 9) [Bug] Fixed a bug where the sales matrix and the charts reported wrong number of hourly sales for each model.
- 10) [Feature] Aluminium bodies now require new aluminium resource, more time and more expensive upgrade cost.
- 11) [Feature] In-car music now requires a speaker, and is worth more.
- 12) [Feature] Voice recognition now requires a microphone and is worth more.
- 13) [Feature] Stockpiles now only remove old(unused) components now if room is needed, as they may be needed for the next car.
- 14) [Feature] Edge scrolling on map can now be turned off under options.
- 15) [Bug] A bunch of bug fixes and improvements for the level editor.
- 16) [Tutorial] Added a tutorial pop-up the first time you place an office in a non office location or vice versa.
- 17) [Bug] Fixed bug where progress of individual slot tasks didn't seem to pause correctly when the game was paused.
- 18) [GUI] Improved the usefulness of the data shown in tooltips in the showroom screen.
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Changelog for Patch 1.29 (added 18 August 2017):

1) [Bug] Customers now reflect body-style market size correctly as well as the cost-band (which already worked).
2) [Feature] New layout for achievements, and 12 new achievements.
3) [Bug] Fixed issue where some car components were rendered wrongly when slightly zoomed out.
4) [Bug] Changed design screen so you can no longer select an upgrade (like climate control) dependent on an upgrade (like aircon) which was not selected. Old designs may still have this issue.
5) [Bug] Fixed issue where some of the smaller marketing boosts didn't have an effect on customer numbers in the correct fashion.
6) [Redesign] Changed the resource production and fitting system so that resources are now fully descriptive without those tooltips explaining extra features.
7) [Simulation] Changed the way slot stockpiles work so they only ever queue up 4 car loads of resources, as one measure to prevent blocking.
8) [GUI] Sales matrix entries now have a tooltip to show which of your car designs are in each category.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where the tooltips for cars in the showroom reported stock numbers for that body style, not specific design.
10) [GUI] Added a horizontal scrollbar to the top of the vehicle design browser to make it easier and clearer to navigate.
11) [Simulation] Improved the algorithm controlling the way resource stockpiles maintain stock.
12) [Translation] Added French Language.
13) [Feature] Added new research queue feature with GUI at top right of R&D screen.
14) [Feature] Premium music added as a new researchable feature.
15) [Feature] In-car music now requires a speaker component.
16) [GUI] Clicking the large image of the selected car in the showroom screen now opens the design browser at that car design.
17) [Balance] Adjusted frequency at which the AI calculates the appropriate level of competition.
18) [Bug} fixed some occasional issues where the pricing and the price category of some vehicles would seem to get out of synch.
19) [Performance] Fixed a memory leak that could cause slow performance on long games with big layouts.
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Changelog for Patch 1.30 (added 24 August 2017):

1) [GUI] Upgrade all button on research complete dialog now has cost in tooltip.
2) [GUI] Research button tooltip now also displays the research queue items.
3) [GUI] You can now add items to the research queue that cannot currently be researched, due to predecessors not being researched yet.
4) [GUI] Manufacturing slots now show how many and what components they produce on the pop-up window.
5) [Bug] Manufacturing facilities now do not commence work if the number of free export slots is less than their output, if they have output > 1.
6) [Feature] Different body styles now have a different distribution of market share across each price category. So few budget sports cars etc.
7) [Content] Sports car body style, with new open top option.
8) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when opening the achievements dialog from the main menu before starting a game.
9) [Feature] Color picker on car design window assigns color(s) for each model. Some colors unlocked through the achievements system.
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Changelog for Patch 1.31 (added 06 September 2017):

1) [Bug] Fixed problem where features restricted to a body style, such as bullbars, could become essential for all body styles.
2) [Balance] Loan terms are now half the previous length.
3) [GUI] Production line placer now shows predicted cost on red background if too expensive, and cancels build to prevent you going bankrupt by accident.
4) [Bug] Fixed bug where cars could get stuck at aircon slot if it came after an un-upgraded fit accessories slot and before a fit dashboard slot.
5) [Bug] Fixed bug where vehicle design colors were not saved and loaded correctly.
6) [Performance] Various optimisations for super large factories with low end CPUs, or single/dual core CPUs.
7) [Bug] Fixed graphical glitch where stockpiles did not always remove old graphics in some circumstances.
8) [Bug] Fixed error where the efficiency screen showed car sales/hour instead of production.
9) [Feature] Car design facility can now be researched and placed, with its own separate tech tree GUI to unlock car body styles in parallel with normal research.
10) [GUI] Top strip interface now less overcrowded on small resolutions.
11) [GUI] Research facility pop-up dialog now formatted like the tech tree.
12) [GUI] Changing screen resolution now issues a warning dialog if ysou are mid-game.
13) [GUI] Cleaner design for the explanatory windows on the task picker, plus this now shows more data for some facilities.
14) [Tutorial] Added tutorial popup that explains car colors GUI.
15) [GUI] Finance graph now shown on the game over screen when you go bankrupt.
16) [GUI] Research complete screen now disables 'upgradeall' button if it would cause bankruptcy.
17) [GUI] Unlockable zones now have distinct icons to click and unlock, rather than the entire zone area.
18) [GUI] Market matrix now has better tooltips that give advice on production and pricing strategies.
19) [Bug] Locked car colors no longer assigned in random color cases.
20) [SFX] Added some more placeholder GUI sfx.
21) [GUI] The supply stockpile 'copy slot' GUI now also copies resource requirements for any unlocked upgrades available for that slot.
22) [GUI] Unlock zone dialog now shows total rent.
23) [GUI] The create button on the car design window now copies all the existing cars option settings.
24) [GUI] Research complete window now stays open until you have visited both car design (if appropriate) and research windows (if needed).
25) [GUI] Body style/production scheduler GUI on the slot details window is now much more obvious and appealing.
26) [GUI] Added stock levels and sales per hour stats to the car design window.
27) [Feature] Heated steering wheel.
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Changelog for patch 1.32 (added 27 September 2017):

1) [Balance] The load-balancing algorithm between resource importers has been tweaked to distribute imports more widely.
2) [Bug] Fixed issue where some combined resources (like heated & folding wingmirrors) did not get pre-stocked in the necessary quantities.
3) [Simulation] Changes to the way customers are simulated. They now have target budgets and can cross price & model boundaries and give better feedback. They also consider multiple potential cars.
4) [GUI] Some more resources have been nested under parents in the selection GUI for supply stockpiles.
5) [Bug] Fixed some bugs where the sliders on supply stockpiles could result in a lack of refunds, or phantom resource orders.
6) [GUI] Added day indicator to the in-game clock.
7) [GUI] Drop down lists now support scrollbars.
8) [Performance] Another speedup for pathfinding.
9) [Bug] Fixed it so a few tech upgrades that also applied to manufacturing slots still get the 'edit models' button on the research complete dialog.
10) [AI] AI competition levels now start earlier, and scale in.
11) [GUI] Finance screen now shows operating profit distinct from raw profit.
12) [Achievements] The High efficiency achievement trigger has been made higher.
13) [Tutorial] Some slots get temporarily greyed out during the tutorial now.
14) [GUI] Improvements to the usability of the resource conveyor placer.
15) [GUI] New GUI animations show difference between potential import and exit slots.
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Changelog for patch 1.33 (added 11 October 2017):

1) [GUI] The current object under the cursor that will be deleted with a right click, is now highlighted in red.
2) [GUI] You can now place down a slot directly on top of an existing conveyor facing the right way.
3) [SFX] New Sound effects for various things. Ambient sounds scale, slot placement sounds depend on size. Conveyor & car sounds.
4) [GUI] You can now drag a conveyor through an existing slot without the conveyor trying to path around it.
5) [Balance] Changes to the way customers evaluate car values, and more customers at very low prices.
6) [Graphics] Design studio now has dedicated design employees using yo-yos :D.
7) [Simulation] Customers now giove you feedback if a car lacks enough features and is below spec for their needs.
8) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when placing research in some circumstances.
9) [Tutorial] Various tutorial UI improvements.
10) [Bug] Fixed bug where resource importers next to car conveyor belts could give incorrect wrong direction errors.
11) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when starting second game mid-game then clicking on research.
12) [Graphics] Fixed some Z-order anomalies that resulted in overlapping graphics on some slots.
13) [Balance] Adjusted competitiveness of AI.
14) [Balance] Rent of locked factory lots now rises and falls based on level of competition.
15) [Graphics] Drying slots now have single large fans instead of four mini ones. They also animate :D.
16) [Feature] Game Over screen now cannot be closed by ESC, and offers 'crisis' loan if some are available.
17) [GUI] Factory slot windows now have an 'upgrade all' button, plus green tick icon if currently installed.
18) [GUI] Improvements to fonts resulting in better text rendering in lots of places.
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Changelog for Patch 1.34 (added 17 October 2017):

1) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when dragging production line route placer off the map.
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where queued research could disappear and be untriggerable if requirements not met.
3) [GUI] Various usability improvements to the research queue and R&D screen.
4) [SFX] Factory sounds now controlled by SFX volume, and muted during research.
5) [Bug] Fixed bug where after reloading the same games, some cars were invisible at certain zoom levels.
6) [Tutorial] Hint now given if player has not done any research after producing 10 cars.
7) [Graphics] Added a bunch more machine animations for the metalpresses.
8) [Feature] Pickup truck is a new body style option!
9) [Simulation] Sports Cars, Compacts & pickups now require half as many seats.
10) [Bug] Fixed bug where wingmirror painted layers were not painted the right color.
11) [Balance] Adjustments to AI competition and component price variation.
12) [Bug] Fixed bug preventing dragging scrollbars vertically.
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Changelog for Patch 1.35 (added 23 October 2017):

1) [Bug] Fixed bug where a clearer better route would not be immediately prioritized over an inferior one when routing resources.
2) [GUI] Expanded the selection box for the +/- expand buttons on the slot picker.
3) [GUI] Copy from slot GUI for supply stockpile is larger and now sorted by name.
4) [SFX] Smoother volume changes for factory conveyor & resource belt sounds.
5) [GUI] Fixed tooltip Z-order bug on research queue in R&D screen.
6) [GUI] Research complete dialog now shows current item being researched (if any), and button text is more relevant.
7) [GUI] Added a small right-click confirm window with timer for deleting slots, which can be turned off under options.
8) [Gfx] Drying fans now look different, and some slots have white parts-boxes.
9) [Simulation] The effects of brand-awareness marketing campaigns now linger for a while after a campaign ends, and slowly decay.
10) [Balance] 20% reduction in the base number of customers that visit a showroom/hour without any marketing.
11) [Performance] Optimisation to the way some GUI elements are drawn.
12) [Bug] Fixed rare crash bug relating to resources that screwed up some save games.
13) [GFX] Welding robots are now red. other robots emit less sparks.
14) [GUI] vehicle details window reduced in size so it does not show invalid values relating to quality & brand.